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Twitter users shocked to learn that the Titanic disaster actually happened.

You can feel the dumb.
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I saw some of those tweets too. So, so depressing.
My faith in humanity just went down a notch....
I have to believe that at least some of those (probably most) are jokes...
Let's just hope that these are the kind of people who don't vote. Or procreate. Or much of anything else.
What's up with today's educational system?
Most must be joking about not knowing it was a real ship and disaster.
Is it a little impolite to screen-capture other's post and reproduce like this?
My sense of a shared humanity just took a hit.
Today I learned that people are dumb after they learn about something.
I can feel the dumb all right. I can feel it suffocating what little faith in humanity I didn't even know I had.
lolwut?! The Titanic was teh real?!
Yes. The dumb is palpable. Is it because people are stupid or ignorant? Are these personal failings or educational failings?
Heh, we are all learning something everyday. :)
I read the article and somehow I felt dumber because of it... Talk about IQ vacuums. You stand around them too long and you get stupid.
This is the biggest deal made out of nothing that I've seen in a very long time. It's a handful of people on the internet posting a funny revelation they had and suddenly everyone want's to jump off a cliff over it.
I think Mr. Luoma learned something new today — about a big ship.
What happen in twitter stay in twitter.
Meh, with time almost all things fade into obscurity short of major cataclysmic events, and even then.
But how do we know it's real. Maybe these punksters are right? Hell, we don't even know if 9/11 was real. And that was on TV.
Humans are a species that has forgotten its origins. This is natural. I suppose I am dumb for not believing the stories the ancients tell of star people coming from the sky's to mate with our women. It's documented (in stone no less). It must be fact.
it's sad really, I love history and used to do history papers for fun. I knew the titanic story when I was 12 and used to read all I could that was related to it.
I'm a big history buff, so--yeah, this is disappointing. But, in the big scheme of things--most of our students are way behind in math and science--some can't even spell correctly. As much as I love history--this is probably the least of our worries.
+Graeme Caldwell Naah, I just hate when things are blown out of proportion for the sake of stroking one's own ego. So a bunch of kids learned about something and are surprised at the revelation and this is evidence of the decline of our civilization? Really?

People learn things all the time, some just not in the same order as others, it's not that big a deal.
+J.P. Wing * sigh * Oh, I think you know, deep down inside, that it's the latter. It's just a bit hard to swallow, isn't it?
Lol, now they probably think that the love story in the film actually happened as well.
My 9 year old has been fascinated about the Titanic and its sinking since he was about 7!
Maybe they're just young, I don't recall knowing much about the titanic until I read a book about the discovery of the titanic in the school library...when I was 7....nevermind
If the users are on twitter, I doubt they are under 10-12 and should know about the Titanic. Or they may be from a country other then the US and the UK.
well somebody doesn't pay attention!!
who doesnt know that the titanic is real!?
Can we -1 the people who did not know? :)
I'm guessing the "dumb" have been around forever except now they have a voice thanks to twitter.
Truly does say something for our present educational system. Does anyone else feel just the tiniest bit uneasy about all this???
Yes, you can also feel the derp. This is shocking. How the hell did people not know this.
wow!!! in this day and age, some still think it's just a movie??? holly hell! take 5$ and let go of FB and Twitter a little! smh
+Carl Luoma I'd be inclined to agree with that. Look at that guy on Jeopardy; he was on for weeks and weeks and weeks--all the facts he knew! A pretty informed kind of guy, I'd say. Then he blew it on one question that, frankly--was pretty common knowledge. Go figure.
The smartphone generation is decidedly not all that smart. We're doomed if these chuckleheads are the future.
These folk are our future, worried? I am!
I am as well! it is scary to think that they are indeed our future...
They are not our future. Our future people are not posting these kind of stuff on twitter, they're probably studying by now...
oh, that is so sad. not unbelievable, just sad.
Alas, this is what you get among people who measure "history" in months, rather than years, decades or (lord forbid!) centuries. This is a generation that is doomed to repeat many failures of history....
Don't they have "The Time Tunnel" reruns? it was on the pilot episode. That's why Douglas is dressed that way.
I'm pretty stupid but these people make me look like Albert Einstein!!!! How do you not know that the Titanic was real? LMAO
Ha haha! ROTFLMFA That's hilarious!
I hope they know that the Di Caprio/Winslet love story was in fact made up.... ;-/
Where in the world has the education of those people gone?!! Seriously, its like saying what's 2x2? or 4+4? when you're above the age of 6 or 7. I knew thousands of people have low poor quality education levels because they don't want to go to school, or don't care about their education, but seriously didn't know it was this bad!! Come on people!!
Yes, Charlotte. It's really f***ing bad.
tbh, simply knowing that titanic was an actual ship hasn't got much to do with smarts. about the age issue: look at the number of 40+ people who think that the earth is 6000 years old.

i hear there are even people around the world who are monolingual despite finishing school! some even think europe is a country! see, dumb has been around forever! :)

No, really... That's pretty funny. All of a sudden I'm glad I don't use Twitter. Must make people dumb.
how the hell did they not know.....WOW ppl are dum....don't tell them the sun is real they may look at it hahaha twitter ppl need to go back to school!!!!!!
Decades of a completely failed public school system takes it's toll.
i mean really they didnt think it was really with all the history about it!!!!
They are the reason you get points on a test just for correctly writing your name on the name line
lol, i think those people are kidding or not real.
Peoples' english is crap...perhaps they need to learn the language before spouting about the history of an old ship.
O Good God!!!
Just slapped my face so hard, it hurts :/
Okay, who is going to break the news to these ppl about the movie Pearl Harbor?
is it worse that they didn't know or that they are telling the world they didn't know? lol
excuse my ignorance, but in the USA, schools teach about the Titanic? and why? I am not sure what the releavnce about a comercial naval failure. Quite different that teaching about Magallanes, columbus, things that actually changed the world, that had a real impact in our culture, with historical relevance.
I'm sure is the new generation and is probably because their parent's didn't tell them.
First I thought I had signed up to The Onion when I saw this. Then I realised that it's for real. Then I came back to my idea that we need to put in place a license to reproduce (go on hippies, scream - you'd never have a chance to get it)

Let's make a multi million dollar movie abour the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - with a bit of luck we'll only remember Arnie and his MG.

in the words of Cartman, "I hate you guys so very, very much"
Titanic and naval don't belong in the same sentence.
Now men know who is a "fun date"
Thank you twitter
titanic is real omg thaught it waz a movie
+Rafael Luna that's the real tragedy here. In America, pop culture is far more important than historical events that actually matter. I'm sure the majority of people commenting in this thread about how stupid these kids are, would fail a standard high school history test, but would kick butt in a game of Trivial Pursuit.
lol.....they are dumb as the captain of the ship
Really!! How could someone using Twitter not know about Titanic! I assume people on twitter are, at the least, school educated.
it was a traject accident and very sad. also i hate to say this but maya the titaniac is real and the part of rose and jack is fake
On the other end of the spectrum are the people who are convinced it is a documentary and everything in the movie actually happened exactly that way.
"Apollo 13 was real?...No way...Tom Hanks landed on the moon!"
I remember when the movie first came out, 15 years ago, and the .. heated discussions ... on Usenet where the phrase "the boat sinks" was considered to be a spoiler, and many argued that the movie was based on a book, so it couldn't be about a real ship.
i swear i would punch the first person who walked up to me and said that!!!!!! i knew that the titanic was real when i first saw the movie.... when i was 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What generation are these kids? They are lacking in every way possible.
I'd give that one a pass, in English , naval means warship or having to do with the navy, but i can see a stumble if you were trying to translate merchant marine or merchant navy into English from another language
Just spend some time in the public schools, you'll be shocked what the generations we'll be leaving behind to run things don't know...
This so tragic, to think that we have the internet where EVERYTHING is available ... and people still just don't use it for educating themselves.
Someone needs to fool those kids into believing that Terminator was real as well.
Wow!!! I didn't think people could be this ignorant. This was only one of the biggest catstrophes ever.
Don't blame it on the teacher +Jason Holbrook It's just that some people live in a world where they aren't aware of a lot of things.
Gulp! Are these the same people that went nuts when Android users could use Instagram? It must be lovely on the planet from which they originated.
so sad. This is just one example of the failure of our educational system.
My first reaction was to laugh...then my reaction was just stunned silence as the weight of that hit me.

In some ways we are so technologically advanced it is amazing...and in other ways some are just regressing into a common sense lacking stupor.
Its ok people, the world will end in a few months.
What is so surprising about this? I am willing to bet there are literally BILLIONS of people around the world that have never even heard of the Titanic tragedy.
hehe can just imagine the looks on their faces
And we wonder why the world is the way it is. Thicker than a whale omlette!
How could it have been real if DiCaprio who supposedly died there was in Inception later? You can check on imdb. Hah!
Damn funny, but I agree with +Abhijit Dhakne. These few dumbasses aren't a reflection on a whole generation or the entire public school system.

After all I never knew Godzilla and King Kong were real when I was a kid either.
who dosent know about it it was real but it was really sad kids 5/ up know about it but its not there fault its the shcools gess im 11 and i know about it and i know it was real
Let's hope that they will not make a newer Heidelberg zeppelin movie
Unfortunately there are people out there that believe the Lord of the Rings is real and the Holocaust is not. Never underestimate the Human capacity for stupidity. Every day I think I've seen the dumbest thing mankind can do... and every day I am proven wrong.
I think the Earth just started spinning backwards.
just another example of why not to post anything proving how stupid you are on social media
OMG! WTF is wrong these dumbasses!
They probably still thinking Earth is flat !!! OMG
Good laugh from the dumb masses that make up twitter
Tis true. But there's the other end of the spectrum where we have people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, so there's always hope.
ignorance is not stupidity
raise your kids to give them a sense of wonder, not a sense of materialism and we'll start to fix this problem... otherwise they're all fucked.
wow thats soo sad. how old is that movie??
thats vary shocking.......everybody know Titanic disaster actually happend.
lol stupis woman. btw was titanic really real?
Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. - George Carlin
Dear america, this should prove that every now and then we should put down our phones, turn off our computers/ videogames and read a fucking book! I mean seriously. In fact u can read them on ur phone or tablet/computer nowadays. Jeez.
Yeah! Sad, very sad. Think someone should also let them know that WW2 wasn't just staged for a John Wayne movie too?
Sad so many skipped history class, but they all made it for gay classes.
Goes to show how terrible the education system has gotten
That is pitiful--I am afraid it is only going to get worse. One thing they will know how to do is pose for a picture. Won't be able to read or write but they have got the posing down pat!!
Paul T
muahaha, what a fail
+Carl Luoma Wow. The longer this thread gets, the more I'm inclined to agree with you. Especially with the "stroking one's own ego" part. LOL.
* facepalm *
Don't tell them about the moon thing..
im shocked i can't "like" your comment. bwahaha
What?????? Was it really real????? OMG, mind blown....
But seriously, people... these are probably 8 year olds twitting with no parental guidance...
I thought Titanic was a new type of burger at Wendy's.
I am at least 5 years younger than these people and I learned of the Titanic when I was about "our horrible generation"
What on earth is wrong with some people... If your well off enough to have a twitter account (as in your not in a 3rd world hell) then how can this be possible.. Schools ? Parents ? History Channel ? Common Sense ? And to think one of these people might end up in high paid jobs or even doctors cause daddy had enough to put them through private school and collage. . . History is super important!!!
Dave C.
So sad. I bet a lot of the readers here don't even know a single member of the US Supreme Court or who the Vice President of the US is.
The smart people are only on Google+...
I never saw the movie. . . . I learned from a history book. Same reason i didnt watch the Disney version of Pocahontus. I was afraid it wouldnt be historically accurate or in concordance with records. . . No wonder my generation is so at a loss. 
Imagine how much fiction people take for facts. Not just children, I am talking adults, "educated" adults. That presents more of a problem in our everyday lives.
yep does make me feel smarter!!! wayyyy smarter...chuckles!!! such ppl exist in real!!!
For all the computers and smartphones the kids have to educate themselves, it does not surprise me a bit that nobody is actually learning anything. Between text messages, phones ringing, you-tube videos, what kid wants to spend time to sit and actually read in long paragraphs more than a 140 characters at a clip. We have brought this culture of ignorance on ourselves.
serious? it scares me this is our future
Oh man good thing there are no dumbasses on this site... Oh, wait.
Truly unbelievable...but, why should I be surprised...our education in this country is severely lacking.
Thats just sad that they dont poke their heads up to see reality
I still like a book in my hands! I can open it up anytime and put it down anytime. Feels so good. Reading is the gateway to knowledge.
Pearl Harbor was real too? WWII???
that's just sad, those people are s=even more stupid than me
Holy shit.. That's absolutely absurd! Technology is amazing in the fact that every historical fact is all over the internet making it as easy as downloading an APP to tell you facts to make sure you are not the most uneducated child in the class. Ridiculous..
did they eat paint chips when they were kids?
No, it couldn't be! Titanic was a real ship?! It's not just a movie?
Idiocracy seems close than ever.....
Dear lord, that is bleak. Say hello to the future of America
f***ing wow im 14 and i know the titanic was real
We may be taught HISTORY in school ... but not all teachers are smart enough to cover historical disasters of that magnitude ... jus sayin ...
INSANE! Do they teach real history anymore?
Never saw the movie Rilee M? You been living under a rock the last 15 years,you sound as dumb as them.Back to the point im trying to make.United States education system is not working,so our kids pay the price and shows like jersey shore,
I am not dumb. If i were, i would have never posted on this post bc i would be blushing from embarrassment. For your info, that movie was not my era. . . I am not that old. Lol. . . 
50 years down the line people will forget even the movie... let alone the whole giant titanic. :)
I do not watch most telivision shows either. I have never watched a single American Idol show, nor a Dancing with the Stars show. I prefer real literature and sound fact. Fora high schooler living in this day and age i must say that i thank my lucky stars i am home schooled. . . 
Do they at least know that babies come from storks? That's important.
16 and and a hore mtv vh1 these programs are sending the wrong messages to the our kids,and sence like the 80s adults are not raseing there kids at all lazy.
The movie is 15 years old. At this point, if you're aware of the movie Titanic, you should know the ship was real as well, and that it sank.
Titanic was an inside job. Ron Paul 2012.
With the Flat Earth Society, those who deny the Holocaust, the ones who think the moon landing was staged and the Birthers? This doesn't surprise me at all.
The Titanic? You mean the most boring movie ever made lol (other than Open Water)
Boooooo. This is lame. Calling these kids dumb is like driving your car off a cliff and then calling it a cheap piece of crap for blowing up. These kids don't have the benefit of a good education, obviously, and are the product of the media generation. Besides, what's dumb about assuming something you saw in a movie was fiction?
Did you run home and google william wallace after you watched braveheart to learn all the historical discrepancies in that film? No, you didn't.
If I saw some lame-ass movie about a boat sinking (and didn't already know that it was historical) I for sure wouldn't invest time in researching it.
Again, booooooo on you elitist jerkfaces.
I cant believe theyre re-realising it in 3D. . . 
OMG! It's hard to believe that some people didn't know it was real! They have computers to do searches on, it's history, they brought up items from the wreck and everything! There's even some people still alive that were on that ship.These must be people who don't question much in life or didn't get proper schooling. I'm not going to call them "dumb" but "scholarly" they're not.
Amen about ppl not knowing about the holocaust. . . I still meet ppl like that today. . . I merely try to lovingly tell them my family's history. . . 
I am reminded of a quote from Spaceballs. " you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb." I, too, am at a loss for words. How can a person who wasn't born last week...okay, in the last five to eight years...not know that actually happened?
before anybody talks shit on the our genneration maby you should do your home work and talk about what the real problems are
Actually, the last living person from the Titanic died May 31, 2009. But still, I don't understand how people don't know it's real. Maybe someone should also tell them that Jack and Rose aren't real.
Guys, Star Wars is real. It happened a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
+colin woolston I disagree. It is the ignorant and uninformed who should be booed and mocked. Lack of a basic education is something to be embarrassed about, whether you could help it or not.
The saddest part is that they are so completely unaware of their ignorance. . . . They don't know what they don't know
Everyone is born ignorant. I am sure there are plenty of things those people know that I do not.

Give em a break.
OMW........................................ and ppl wonder y we homeschool??
+Christina Christianson Now you're just going to complicate things. The boat sank, but the diamond part wasn't real?

I actually think it was all staged to just sell more life boats. Blame the Capitalists!!
Welp looks like we learned that Twitter helps us more than ever
Eh. . . Not if the girls are homeschooled like myself. . . Lol
I don't like the movie any ways its too long and i find it boring
There are so many of them too! facepalm
+Kevin Burger I see your out trolling again! Dam how is it that your everywhere at once? I think that you think that you are superior to everyone else, maybe you are the antichrist or something? LOL! Just joking Burger King!
i didn't expect to find stupid people on the internet, it's really unprecedented, i'm baffled, what comes next?
lol!! hilarious... on a more serious note, though, they're probably just very young, that's why!
what the heck. cuz if teens are so sucked into their computers that is not only the teen's falt but their parents cuz they won't slap their kid out of it ! 
The amount of information I was exposed to when I was younger was a whole lot less than what the average young person/ young adult receives today...but all of it was relevant and not trivial.
justin bieber's fans
+Hamilton Kulchetscki The story of the Titanic isn't really that irrelevant. The ship the experts declared unsinkable that sank on its maiden voyage. It's a nice lesson on questioning what you know. And while there are more important things to learn in school, this is a prime example of why those things aren't being learned. To know that the Titanic was a real ship, all that is required of a student is to listen to the words that come out of the teacher's mouth. If they don't know that, how are we to teach them algebra, etc?
+Kevin Burger I'm assuming you're trolling, or being ironic... If not, dude, seriously get a clue. This country has one of the lowest rated public education system in the world. You think that's the kids fault? Nah. You're trolling. You'd have to be.

To the rest of the folks that are all "I can't believe they wouldn't go look this up..." See my original post. If I were a kid and saw this lame movie about a boat sinking I wouldn't go look it up. The moral of the story is "don't put faith in technology when your life is on the line." That's bloody common sense, k? who cares if they knew it was real or not. it carries no consequence whatsoever.
Hamilton - "your language spell...well ,on that aproach americans really fail" lets try that again... "your language, spell correctly. On that approach Americans really fail"...but good way to make a point about Americans not knowing how to spell well.....
+colin woolston No, I'm not trolling, I'm serious. Everyone in this country will have the tools available to them to gain a basic level of education at some point in their life. The only time it's too late to learn is when you're dead. Until then, people should be embarrassed to not have a basic education, so they have a reason to go out and get it.
Is this really the future of our world? I have no idea what to say here, maybe I should have gone into education but I followed the adage of those that Those that can't... teach. Please tell me that you know Banana Republic is not a real country.
OMFG!!!! i feel pretty dumb now, this is still shocking. lol }=(
S Yen
I'd rather have people not know something in a movie really happened than believe something was real because they saw it in a movie.

The latter is significantly more terrifying and much more difficult to correct.
Of course there won't be any byproducts of cuts in education funding...doh
I think if you don't know some history events it doesn't make you dumb, because knowledge of history is not directly proportional to intelligence. I also think common sense is not very common too :)
Seriously..? Get some much needed education.
Are people REALLY that stupid.
That one chick's wtf really nicely sums it up.
I'm scared for the future of America. I wasn't, but now I am. What do they teach in Social Studies today?
WHAT! I have known that sinse i was 8!!
+Zeeshan Faisal Very true, but I'm pretty sure that they touch on the Titanic in school in the US. For people to not know that the Titanic was a real ship is an indication that they weren't paying attention in school, which is troubling.

Granted, it's really hard to tell based on a random sampling of tweets whether these people were serious or joking.
I can feel the stupid.
Ow, ow ow... it hurts. Make it stop!
HAHAHAHAHA Yikes. Yikes to tha max.
Apollo 13 was real too....Not to mention the roman empire and the crusades and a whole bunch of other stuff in movies.
I suppose nowadays if its not on a certain social site its not important!!
What are they teaching people in our schools today???
ladies and gentleman.... welcome to America.
that is the most sadest thing ive heard
Omg! How can u not know the Titanic actually sunk? History class pls. Or just watch Discovery Channel!
And I'm just going to ask all of you "Wtf, that's so dumb!" and you " Omg, you are so stupid" and the other " Haha, you're all fools" responders to answer 10 questions. Respond to all of them without looking at up and I'll admit you have a point. If you can't, admit I'm right when I say 1)Obviously, not everyone learns everything in the same order., 2) Those same people you insist on calling stupid could call you stupid for not knowing certain things that they know. and 3)Omg, haha, you all are so stupid!!!! (Sorry, the last one was out of spite.) So, first question: What is the population count of England?
But all bet all those people know the names of all the Kardashians...sad but true...
Thanks everyone, you've spoilt the end of the film now :-/
S Reyna
This is happening all over the globe,by the way.
Its as if the world's average intelligence went down a notch with each tweet.
This is surprising to many of you? Ask someone under 25 a geographical question. Tweet that.
History is an abstraction for many.
+Alex Bynum - ignorance is not stupidity. i think that could be said a hundred times in this thread and a lot of people here, esp the very same patting themselves really hard on the back, wouldn't get that.
Another exercise in fun is asking people what the capital of Texas is. Even many Texans get that one wrong.
are you guys serious you have never known about the titanic being real
Never mind the ignorance, feel the qualifications.
It's hard to be surprised any more. Sadly.
even my cousin knew that and she's 9
We don't even teach our children to make change any more, the cash registers tell them all they need to know. Sometimes all they have to do is stand there.
We are all to blame.
Knowing about the Titanic doesn't make you that smart
Somehow posted before finishing.
I think this titanic thing is the least of our worries.
+Tarla Morris England or the United Kingdom? The population of the UK is like 60-65 million. England, no idea, but I'd guess 30-35 million.
These people can't possibly be serious, see what happens when you don't read....For shame.
Thank God now they know...
Better late then never :P
don't they teach history anymore?
all girls who grew up with reality tv saying these reactions. Why is this not surprising?
There are different kinds of idiots, this i'll put under the sub-species of the idiot that invented the word "DUH!"
It's a film? I thought it was a documentary..
That is what happens when you take an actual event put in a movie with a fictional love story in the mix.
I knew about the titanic since I was in the kindi years. this is just sad that they haven't... -_-''
ummmm, EPIC FAIL. probably just thought the movie happened hahaa however im really not surprised because we havnt learned ANYTHING about the titanic in school at all
If it didn't happen on reality TV or get reported on E!, it never happened.
I'm amazed! It was only a major historical catastrophe!!!
thats crazy !!!!!!!!!!! of course the titanic is real !!!!!!!!!!!! but i will let ppl think what they want to
o so young of coarse the Titanic was Real
I knew it happend. it came on discovery channel... xD
(Sound of my hand slapping myself HARD on my forehead!)

(Followed by shaking my head)
The Titanic was once real believe it or not. Where have you all been during your history lessons?
Some of those might be just joking.
.Depending on the many stories about Titanic, I concluded some facts that The Captain and the crews were the most responsible for the disaster. The second fact is the Passengers are badly educated and there were so much differentiation between the peoples on board before and after disaster. Third fact is the owner was very much proud of his ship and never remembers that there is a god who can surprise him. I can say it was the bad face of Britain in using the seas although they used to have good technology. Why the British peoples never forget about Titanic? Because they were a strong reason in making that disaster happened. We have in such away the same story in Iraq happened more than 1300 years ago. This is why the Sheeah keep blaming themselves forever and crying Hussain. \\ Dr. Rabie \\ UAE\\
ALIEN VIRUS: has been infused into US water reserves! WARNING!
It's incredible how often young, stupid and American go together especially given how brilliant some young Americans are.
I need to go take a shower now to wash this off me. ^_^
You think that's bad? You should see my "friends" (douchebags who spam me with requests for useless things)... On second thoughts don't, their arrogance and lack of intelligence will melt your brain
Don't mistake knowledge for intelligence.

There are likely hundreds of thousands of boats that have sank, and some of that information has been presented in school here and there. For most people, it is actually not all that relevant to anything they will encounter in their lives.

But watching a well done movie and trying to enjoy life, that is often relevant to me.
Well for a few hours or maybe few days #Twitter will be their worst nightmare? one of them just close her Twitter account=>@jasaxx
omg I only now just found out... Twitter was real? #wtf How I am just now finding this out! snarky grin
Well. The way things are taught (or lack of) to the younger people I am not surprised plus if you ask them name 1 of the major countries in the axis or allies of WWII a lot would not know :-(
Wow! I was taught about the titanic in 2nd grade. Ignorance at its finest
all female?
This is why I have lost a good majority of the faith I once had for our race...
OMFG these ppl have got to get a life, like seriously not knowing the most tragic event was real a
Wait, this isn't an Onion article? WTF! Sarcasm intended
sad I hope there was a school on that boat...
...because she needed to go on it
If you read their names, you can tell they're still in kindergarden..
How depressing.... and that's our future talking.... looks like our future just struck an iceberg.
You did not know, because you did not ask. Start asking questions.It's how we broaden our minds. The bible says we have not because we ask not. There are no dumb questions only dumb people who think there are.
Anil Das
Maybe, you are all going to hate me for this, but...

Either way, I don't see why it is such a big deal. The world has had many much greater disasters since that day.

P.S. The movie sucked.


Re: the twitter thing itself, we need to realize that when there are millions of people involved, it is easy to find a few stupid people. This should not be considered a reflection on the whole group, or even anything unusual. In other words, this is a non-story.
and dicaprio REALLY died. read a book dammit
Why dont you let it to those who think its a big deal....l
who said knowledge is the greatest treasure? (Not atleast for these guys)..... but yeah they seem to very familiar with "ignorance being bliss"
Дети "Pepsi", что взять с собой? Они считают, что в живых троллей, но не знают историю своих предков.
Дети "пепси", что с них взять? Они верят в живых троллей, но не знают истории своих предков.
OMG i knew that when i was FIVE!!!
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