It's time to decriminalize nature and legalize food.

A dairy farmer in Wisconsin is facing two and a half years in prison for selling raw milk. 

Even the charge is legally false. The "buyers" of the milk were actually part of a "buyer's club" who bought shares in the cows. 

But let's be honest: The dairy farmer's crime was offering people an alternative to the massive and politically powerful US dairy industry. 

The problem with raw milk production is that it cannot be industrialized. So it's not a product that giant companies can produce at scale. Therefore, they want it to be unsafe and illegal and they press government to make sure that happens. 

How dangerous is raw milk? Between 1998 and 2011 there have been two fatalities nationwide. That's being used to justify the jailing of a farmer who sells raw milk to people who know the so-called risks and choose to buy and drink it anyway. 

Meanwhile, Harvard researchers say that 25,000 US deaths each year are linked to sodas and other "sugary drinks." 

Two deaths in 13 years = prison for selling a dangerous beverage. 

25,000 deaths each year = massive subsidy from the government to encourage lower prices and higher consumption. 

Raw milk is controversial and people aren't going to agree about it. But that's not what this is about. This is about whether corporations should be able to criminalize food -- any food -- because they don't want competition.

And it's about whether the government for any reason should ban food that people want to eat, weather it's trans fats and Big Gulp sodas in New York (illegal), raw almonds in California (illegal) or raw milk anywhere. 

I think the health food people and the junk food people should unite to end food fascism and legalize all food. 

Don't you agree? 

Hey, US government: The queen of England drinks raw milk. Maybe next time she's on a good will tour of the United States she should be bagged, tagged and shipped off to Guantanamo for her crimes against bovinity!
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