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It's time to decriminalize nature and legalize food.

A dairy farmer in Wisconsin is facing two and a half years in prison for selling raw milk. 

Even the charge is legally false. The "buyers" of the milk were actually part of a "buyer's club" who bought shares in the cows. 

But let's be honest: The dairy farmer's crime was offering people an alternative to the massive and politically powerful US dairy industry. 

The problem with raw milk production is that it cannot be industrialized. So it's not a product that giant companies can produce at scale. Therefore, they want it to be unsafe and illegal and they press government to make sure that happens. 

How dangerous is raw milk? Between 1998 and 2011 there have been two fatalities nationwide. That's being used to justify the jailing of a farmer who sells raw milk to people who know the so-called risks and choose to buy and drink it anyway. 

Meanwhile, Harvard researchers say that 25,000 US deaths each year are linked to sodas and other "sugary drinks." 

Two deaths in 13 years = prison for selling a dangerous beverage. 

25,000 deaths each year = massive subsidy from the government to encourage lower prices and higher consumption. 

Raw milk is controversial and people aren't going to agree about it. But that's not what this is about. This is about whether corporations should be able to criminalize food -- any food -- because they don't want competition.

And it's about whether the government for any reason should ban food that people want to eat, weather it's trans fats and Big Gulp sodas in New York (illegal), raw almonds in California (illegal) or raw milk anywhere. 

I think the health food people and the junk food people should unite to end food fascism and legalize all food. 

Don't you agree? 

Hey, US government: The queen of England drinks raw milk. Maybe next time she's on a good will tour of the United States she should be bagged, tagged and shipped off to Guantanamo for her crimes against bovinity!
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pio dal cin
+Mike Elgan  I could not agree with you more. I drank raw milk since I was 5 years old. I'm 57 now and never had a problem with it. I still love it and always will.
this has got to be a joke surely....I thought the UK was bad cause you have to put a label on raw milk to say not suitable for pregnant women and young children. 
In Italy they experimented with automatic dispenser for raw milk in public area's. What I heard it was a reasonable succes. Of course they have far better taste than Americans.
Eric O
Wouldn't a raw milk dispenser just be a cow standing around?  Just make sure you're not trying to milk a bull.
+Mike Elgan for the record, this has nothing to do with "the US government." This is a state-by-state issue (I know this because there's a farm in my town that sells raw milk and it's perfectly legal here in Massachusetts.)
+Marc Roelofs The milk dispensers in Italy are very common and useful. They are placed usually outside the farm, in the courtyard where the milk is produced. I use it very often as my daughter (11 years) only likes the taste of That milk. I love it as well. The only requirement is that (by law now) the milk has to be boiled before consumption. I drink it freely, even without boiling it and never had a problem in over fifty years
Isn't the data a bit off here? "Between 1998 and 2011 there have been two fatalities nationwide"  Wouldn't the fatalities be exponentially higher if raw milk were legal?
If the buyers are aware of the possible risk(s) then what is the problem?

Following the same reasoning then every alcohol and tobacco company should have been shut down by now, not to mention all the companies who produce harmful foods.
+Darryl Griffith Of course they would be higher. The number of people who die from contaminated food (chicken, beef, pork, pasteurized milk, eggs, produce, etc.) is around 3,000 per year in the US.

So exactly why is raw milk singled out? 

The obvious reason is that whomever has a lobby gets laws that favor their businesses. 

What should happen is that raw milk should be legalized and the USDA should do its job, setting up requirements for raw milk production (as in the UK) and enforce those requirements. 

Right now, it's almost a black market with no standards, testing or inspection, and that's how the dairy industry likes it -- as dangerous as possible. 
I had no idea it was illegal to sell raw milk. I grew up in a farming area so have had plenty of products straight from the source. I can tell you for sure the taste and quality is always better and there's absolutely no reason to restrict it.
+Joshua Guillory IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO SELL RAW MILK EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S. This is a state-by-state issue and it is legal in a number of states, from liberal states like Vermont and Massachusetts to conservative states like Utah and Mississippi. Wisconsin happens to be one of the states where it is illegal.
Meanwhile, corporations conducting genetic engineering are granted patents such that the herd, the flock, the seed isn't even owned by the farm or ranch.. making it a crime to propagate a single seed or sire a single offspring without a permit from the patent holder.. while I can appreciate the need to monetize the investment in research, I can't help but think we need to find a simpler way.
Go Vegan non-GMO, problem solved.
I have no idea if raw milk is safe or not. But saying that there have only been 2 deaths could lead one to infer that it is a very effective law! A more usual stat would be the number of raw milk related deaths in a country where it is legal to sell it. 
Yo +Mike Elgan !  On the dot man!
So basically fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar and so on can be sold by the megaton. No sweat!
Not even to talk about genetically altered produce!
What the hell is wrong with our society??? 
+Firas Hermez Exactly Firas!
There's people base-jumping and shark-diving and jumping out of a bl*dy RED - BULL -  nearly - satellite out there! But *PLEASE, PLEASE  do NOT touch that glass of raw milk or you WILL bear the consequences!
Worldwide Anarchy is due! Urgently!
I wish more cows in the US lived in pastures, ate grass and looked as happy and healthy as this one does. Nice post.
There is a UK case in the past few days similar to this. Our food standards agency has dropped the case, as long as the farmer agrees not to sell the raw milk on non-farm premises
I think my neighbors should treat their cows a bit better, there's about 27 of them on one big hill. A few just had calves a couple weeks ago, haven't seen them for a week, hopefully being protected by the farmer, but with the cows eating up a lot of the grass, the erosion makes the hill get smaller and smaller every year........poor cows need a bigger home, I know the farmer wouldn't live there, so why are the cows?
Speaking about industrial food: There is a wonderful spanish documentary called Homo Toxicus that demonstrated all the population who eat that industrial food have got at least high levels of two toxic substances in the body. The industrial milk was analysed and it has a lot of toxic elements (cadmium, aluminium, pesticide or/and antibiotics residues, dioxines, etc) In fact, milk is one of the most contaminated industrial food
the government should just give us honest answers about what they think is good or bad for us and then let us decide what we want to do with our own bodies....if someone wants to drink raw cow milk which is said to have many health benefits lost in pasteurization then why is the government even involved. 
Anyway is funny to see a country where you can buy an AK-47 but not raw milk!!
Great post Mike!

Cow's milk is not sterile and you can get very sick from it. Raw milk carries a greater risk of bacterial contamination than pasteurized milk.
However, people should have the right to drink raw milk if they like it but people need to know the risk of drinking raw milk. And if you're producers of raw milk or any food containing unpasteurized raw milk you better make sure that you follow the guidelines and safety rules (HACCP). 

"The risk of getting sick from drinking raw milk is greater for infants and young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems, such as people with cancer, an organ transplant, or HIV/AIDS, than it is for healthy school-aged children and adults. But, it is important to remember that healthy people of any age can get very sick or even die if they drink raw milk contaminated with harmful germs."

#foodsafety   #rawmilk   #publichealth  
We are drinking colored powder called milk if you keep it outside the fridge won't get spoiled, because it is full of artificial preservatives, this is not right, not fair what they do to pressure farmers , disappointed to see this
My grandma was from a little village and she just boiled it, but I remember the milk directly from the udder as one of the most delicious things of my childhood (my grandma didn't allow me but a child can be very persuasive). Industrial milk is pure white water in comparison. And for this and other reasons I don't use to drink or eat milk products
Agreed. And in related news...76 year old Indiana farmer loses supreme court case to Monsanto for violating patent on weed-killer resistant soybean seeds. Seemingly no end to the food madness...
+pio dal cin my parents used to get raw mild for us, and boil it, never drank raw milk, but the organic milk is full of vitamins, and thats organic, what we drink is colored powder. 
+pio dal cin it is organic, and it has vitamins, I personally drank it boiled always but certainly grew up on fresh boiled  milk from farmers. It is very unfair to put pressure on farmers this way and not ethical at all. 
+daniela calota
All this is a clear message to the small producers at all levels by corporations: We buy your milk at the price we decide, to transform it and sale it at the price we want
+Robin Puddicombe yes I agree legally, the question is why is raw milk banned and made illegal? guns are legal, this is hilariously heartbreaking  in a very ironic
+daniela calota
One analogy: I can not imagine a law that punishes to have sex without a condom and this is for sure more dangerous and risky than raw milk :P
Can we just go ahead and fire everyone in Washington and start over? It's pretty obvious they are all crooks and none of them are doing their jobs. Voting them out one at a time is never going to work. 
Sorry Mike but ... first world problems mate.  Trying to ' un-hygiene ' food products is almost unbearable given the crappy food standards in much of the world.
Pasteurization is a easy process and prevents illness. There are plenty of small diaries that sell pasteurized milk. This is about selling potentially unsafe milk because a farmer doesn't want the added expense.

Does this sound familiar? A country has continued outbreaks bird flu because safe food policies can't be enforced. Or a country is forced to slaughter thousands of cows because their farmers practiced unhealthy feeding practices.

Glass houses and stones.
+John Back here is an experiment we all could try organic raw milk versus commercialized milk, we are not mummies to preserve our bodies with artificial preservatives but living organic beings:) 
I would seek a retrial basing my claim on an incompetent lawyer.
I can't have frrrrrrrrrt! raw milk. I'm FRARP! lactose fzzzzeeeeeeeeeee intolerant. pop pop pop

Someone open a window, will 'ya?
John Back
A gentle reminder: "between 1912 and 1937 some 65,000 people died of tuberculosis contracted from consuming milk in England and Wales alone.[14] Developed countries adopted pasteurization of milk in order to prevent such disease and loss of life, and as a result milk is now widely considered to be one of the safest foods." (wiki - Pasteurization)
+John Back yes John I agree, but we are in times where we know that milk needs to be distilled, it is commune sense, boil it, pasteurized it, don't ban it and certainly colored water with artificial preservatives is not good for your child, I do say it for myself I am thinking about the kids and their vitamins, that's where I don't see ethics in these decisions. 
+daniela calota I'd like to point out that very soon pasteurized milk will be obsolete. 

Bottles will be able to change color when its content is pasteurized. When such bottles exist, there will be no need to pasteurized (a process that destroys the enzyme you need to digest milk, as well as calcium, vitamin D and probiotics). 
+Mike Elgan as long as the nutritional value remains, nevertheless unless organic milk purchased, there are not many nutritional values in the commercialized milk, not to mentioned the scandals related to GMOs.  there is a health  risk factor in drinking raw milk, if not boiled or distilled properly. My insight is that organic is always the way, unfortunately it is still not affordable for everyone, but when it is about children 's health, I would prioritize it, a baby is fed with milk naturally the first year of birth, there is something about milk and child's development closely related:) 
+Ryan Cefalu "Fire everyone in Washington?" I'm not sure what that fixes when it's more the hiring process and voters/interviewers that create the problem.

When a voting pattern gets so entrenched as to become part of your identity (do you say "I vote A or B, or do you say I am A or B) that's a tough thing to inject change into.  If Obama couldn't, I can't imagine who could.
+Craig Bowers I agree, I am sure there are good people at Washington as well, we don't know their battles, my worry is for this man spending two years in jail for selling milk when those who sell illegal guns are not banned, it is just not right, firing is not solution, seeing a problem and fix it is, for the sake of the children and their future, in both cases :) 
The quality of cow milk depends on many things. Where the cow live? What the cow eat? Industrial milk comes mainly from industrial cows. As result we have to suffer "mad cows" and other dangerous diseases due to their feeding, massification, medication, etc...Is this the price to pay for "safe" food? Then the cure is worse than the disease
+daniela calota That's my point: If raw milk isn't contaminated, it's not only 100% safe, it's also vastly healthier than pasteurized milk. Pasteurization exists in order to industrialize milk (produce it in vast quantities in a dirty environment). 

The "risk" of raw milk is a one in a million chance. Sensor bottles will eliminate that risk. If the bottle is blue, it's bad and you don't drink it. 
+Mike Elgan i agree Mike, takes the doctor away, and people won't spend their life saving on medication, round and round we go otherwise. 
Guess that's true.  There's a puritan monastic order of cows that live up in the hills of Mission, BC.  I recall after tasting a cold glass, "Holy cow, that's some great milk".  And the cheese they make from it...  Swiss I think.  Also holy.
Raw milk as a much higher concentration of ionic calcium, making it more available for absorption in the body. You will find that people who were raised on raw milk will grow up to have stronger bones, and especially teeth. Not only that, but it has a much higher overall #sustainability  because of the energy required to boil (pasteurize) mass quantities of milk is not needed when its real and fresh.
Helz yeah. I like my milk with melamine. Now "the man" says I can't have it anymore. I think they even executed the guy who was selling that.

That wasn't US though. But I bet it's banned there too. Bureaucracy gone mad. 
+Mike Elgan
It seems pasteurization doesn't eliminate heavy metals and other toxics in the milk coming from our industrial way of life. Drink that milk can be safe only in the short-term
To smoke is very safe too. I don't know someone who dies due to a "bad" cigarette. You die slowly smoking and eating and drinking industrial food
I agree this farmer should not go to jail but I admit I have a hard time mustering outrage over this. Its really all the same exploitation of sentient beings for personal gain. 

Imagine how horrified we would be if aliens came to earth and started milking human woman? 

End animal slavery now!  ;)
Told him to stop stealing my milk? So i called the cops!
Wisconsin, blessed are the cheese makers.
What no big corporations as overseers but im so used to that?
Though never imbibed raw milk but i try to get it organic as much as i can
Unless u grow ur own stuff damn hard to circumvent gmo products etc just shop smart and if you can build a garden
+David Washington and we wonder why kids are bullying other kids in schools:), because they learn from their parents, when we discuss people and not idea for well being, conversation is practically wasted. Hope parents can chose organic for the sake of the children. Peace :) That's disrespectful to women, you do have a mother, respect her:)
Raw milk is legal in several states and in California we have Organic Pasteurs and Claralle marketing commercially. I've been drinking raw milk, and raw goat milk since. My cancer diagnosis six years ago. Step one is to get your state to make legal. It can be an industry. BTW, you forgot to mention the 100,000 people who die annually from adverse reactions to FDA approve drugs.
The industrial revolution started it all lol
We used to get fresh raw milk when I was a kid.
Don't let your cows eat raw onions!  Unless you like the taste of onions in your frosted flakes!
In addition to this story, is the one where dairy producers want to add "aspartame," to dairy products.  But they want this addition to remain under public radar.  That means, aspartame will be added to milk, butter, cheese, sour cream and more, without being listed on the ingredients label.  See this below...
+Craig Bowers , you're right about that. We could start over from scratch and be right back where we are now. The problem is the that the system is broken, and wasn't designed to be applied to governing 300 million people. Instead of representing our interests, they represent the interests of the corporations giving them the most money. This farmer facing two years is a good example of that. The problem that needs to be fixed is how do we get our government to start looking out for its citizens instead of what company will be padding their pockets. 
so wrong. I wish I had access to non-pasteurized milk 
Since when does our government care about statistics. It's totally irrelevant how many people were injured or died. We don't care about common sense arguments. Our government tells us what we need and what we can have.

I've said for a long time that the government should educate first and enforce last. 
Problem is that people in US take milk, meat, poultry and eggs for granted. Animals are used for food only with no respect for life at all. We are being punished for this by way of genetically disease as well as high rise in cancer and high blood pressure. When we regain the respect for animals that have died for our consumption, maybe we'll live better and healthier 
look at her eyes she stressed no more milk to take out!!!awwwww  this is someone's great idea and I am passing it over, I would start the petition but I live in Canada, it is better we start solving the problem than discussing the problem, I am to sign this petition 100 % :) 
My family had a dairy farm when I was a kid. I drank raw milk every day for years. It's wonderful.
Humans are not even meant to drink milk after their first year or two of life. Drink almond milk!
Ive drank milk went I was a little boy right from the cow an they is nothing wrong with me  , stop feeding the Animals junk an let live of the land an we will all be healther!! because if you eat deer meat you fell better after your done..
I have interviewed over 35 farms in my local region in the past year. Out of all those farms, only one farmer was GMO. The others all practice organically and sell our communities REAL food. Yet - they still cannot legally sell raw milk or goat cheese. I have been fortunate to know my farmers and know where my food comes from. It is so different to eat real food over food like substances injected with hormones. We all need to stand up for our farmers and for the rights of our families to have real food and learn how to eat again.
I hope someone takes the initiative to create a petition,  a concerned citizen, I will sign it and I am sure many will 100 % support :)
There is nothing wrong with drinking raw milk.  I live in Wisconsin and had drank raw milk straight from our bulk tank for 20 years with no problems whatsoever.  The only reason i quit is that my parents quit milking cows.  In fact after I quit drinking raw milk I have actually been sick more often then I ever was during my years of drinking it raw.  
I've worked on a dairy farm.... I'll pass:'( ... yuck!!!!
This is a crime. Era/drink what you want, know what you're doing.
I'm not a huge fan of raw milk, I'm just too used to homogenization, but I don't see any good reason for it to be illegal. Reading about the raids and prosecution of Amish farmers is, to say the least, surreal. My state, Arkansas legalized the sake of raw milk this year.
Wow, I cannot even begin to understand this school of thought. Why don't they learn from their African counter part. In Africa, the kids thrive on drinking milk straight off the cow's udder. If raw milk was bad, then it should not be responsible for the massive lives of the under 5 children it has saved in Africa. To make it more interesting, the United States funds projects like give a heifer who primary and cardinal goal is to provide a basic protein nutrition to a home with children under 5. Surplus is vended on carts in milk churns and sold per liter, a hug plastic mug being the yardstick of a liter to them. Am trying to see where death comes in here because this milk is not even refrigerated as it is being sold or moved door to door. All I see is children surviving protein energy malnutrition in their most critical time of growth. With all the refrigeration technology we have in the United States, you would think this should be a breeze. Bottom line, we have failed to make technology and modernization work in our favor. Take a good look at our food industry, the more the technology and breakthroughs on food production, the more substandard food we provide on the market and according to us, we call it development. Yeah, we are developing in terms of increasing our cancers and obesity levels, digging deep in our pockets for health care, it's a cycle that keeps coming around because a few selfish individuals want to profit at the expense of many. And they don't care how they do it, even if it costs millions of lives, they will still do it!!!!
I grew up drinking raw milk, ate my cereal with straight cream on it, and some of the cream got to be butter. Good stuff
So where did milk come from before Big Dairy? Raw milk obviously! In India villagers still see processed milk with suspicion because they think raw milk is just fine.
As a dairy farmer in Wisconsin I can say the law is B.S. I've drank raw milk all my life as has my kids from the time they were getting off formula. As a farmer we try our damndest to produce the best product we can. The problem becomes some dairies don't have the quality so they push for laws to prevent those of us with excellent quality from bypassing the middleman so to speak and selling to consumers direct because that shrinks the open market for their milk to be forced into the system. If we could sell to consumers right from the tank WE could make more money instead of the milk plants. True, raw milk is better because some of the "goodies" in it are not cooked out as it goes through the pasterization process. I am 40yrs.old and have never gotten sick on our milk, neither has any of our 3 kids, or any of my brother and sisters as we all grew up. The government should stick their nose into something worthwhile like the national debt or crime instead of pick on us. More people get sick from alcohol or soda than would ever get sick from raw milk.
Oh, but the tv says we deserve it. All the damn preservatives but in stuff today will eventually kill a person. But, good news is, there is a pill to cure that. Side effects include brain hemorrage.........
Your asking the wrong question. Why are we the only species that drinks milk from another species? 
Everything they can't produce is bad...?! Next thing - breast feeding will be condemned illegal, since they can't make money out of it:)
fresh milk is the best for sure but like everything else some paid for polician will mess it up..... or some unscrupulouse shit  for brains dairymen will poison us.....ill take my chance with the farmer before washington
Greg K.
The expression on the cow's face. "You lookin' at ME?!!"
Drinking raw milk is regarded as potentially dangerous as raw milk may contain bacteria such as salmonella and e-coli which can cause food poisoning.

In the U.K. You will be prosecuted for endangering public health if you sell untreated,raw milk as it is against the Food Hygiene Regulations designed to protect consumer health.

:'( cute cow...................... 
Raw milk is risky to drink.
It must be pasteurized to kill bacteria.
Raw milk has a short shelf life compared to pasteurized milk,making raw milk more susceptible to rapid bacterial growth contamination.

Raw almonds can be dangerous because they contain small amounts of cyanide.

Controlling super sized fast foods & sugary drinks (big gulp,etc) is an obesity issue.

Just sayin'

We used to get raw milk every morning delivered to the door in Scotland.
+Jay Steele Everything is risky. Milk does not have to be pasteurized to kill bacteria. Believe it or not, mankind made it through hundreds of years without it. 

Side node: Raw milk / cheese made from raw milk tastes noticeably different and a lot of people prefer this. 

That being said I'm gonna have some nice Appenzeller raw milk cheese now. Yum.
Stories like this are stupid, either remove all government nanny laws, or stop whining. I remember last time there was ecoli in non pasturized drinks everyone freaked like the gov was not doing enough
The beer you buy is also pasteurized so that any active yeast is killed off before it reaches the consumer.
Yeast is the bacteria that consumes the sugars in the brew & is converted into alcohol.
What happens when you drink unpasteurized beer? Well it won't kill you but
will give you a very upset stomach.
I know this from personal experience because I worked for a brewery years ago & learned the hard way.
Another way companies are able to get to regulate the light lobbying and persuading out government...
What a joke! Now selling milk has the same result as selling drugs. What is the world coming too. 
I'm 18 and from Wisconsin and feel this is an especially sad story coming from the old dairy state.  I very much like "cream" when I can get ahold of it otherwise the closest we have is Vitamin D milk, bleh.
America is the only country that allows our food to best poisoned and pumped into our society! Why? History will tell you..this is the land of the blacks and ignorant prisoners of othet countries smerica let pass thru ellis island after 2million skilled black slaves got free. British or the rest of the world dgaf about Americans unless ur rich and the be rich and conscious to what's really going on you wouldn't be living in America in the first place!!
+Frank Rehse "Made it through" doesn't necessarily mean humans made it through healthy.  I'm sure tens of thousands died from bacteria and stomach viruses back in the day.  There is 7 billion people on the earth with multi-millions drinking milk.  There's no way we can churn out that much milk without some cow poo sloshing into the milk and an entire vat of milk becoming contaminated.  Pasteurization is the less of two evils.... well actually just not drinking ANY milk is your best bet.
Time for the public to storm the court and vividly ask that judge when are they up for re-election to knock him/her out of the bench. 
I was raised on a dairy goat farm & our family only drank raw goats milk,I remember the first time someone gave me a glass of pasteurized cow milk,I thought to myself why are people drinking white water.
And to the monsters of Cleveland... I say set him free and let him face the people's justice. Bwahahah
The popular perception in most of the so called "third world" is that raw milk is any day far better than processed milk where most people are still drinking it as preferred choice. So this story does come across as cruel joke to the world outside american continent. 
Frank Rehse- I believe cheeses are more stable than raw milk because of the aging process cheese is made to go through.
is the issue about legislating pasteurisation? fine i you want to ignore louie pasteur and the presence of germs, but the consumer needs to make that decision and many wouldn't know the difference or what raw milk actually means. 

for all the tinfoil hat wearing 'big diary' crazies there needs to be a check for 'small bastard business folk making a germ-riddled buck'. 

i mean, what about the children?
i can't raise my eyebrow but i can definitely raise my ear .....
We use to buy milk before it was pasteurized straight from the farmers and brought our own 1 gallon jugs 
They had better lock up all those farmers in the European Union who make raw (unpasteurised) milk into cheese. Just lunacy.
In The united states America every thing from forming , dairy and for matter anything and every thing. In India most of the milk sold is over 80% is sold raw milk and wonder its good. Every body uses it even millions are demanding it.
me from India and in our country most of d population is dependent on raw milk and its normal for us n all r good n fine in health.
Leo T
Worldwide anarchy? +Edwin Spiessens sounds like he's been drinking Mad Cow milk...
The report says that the 25,000 deaths a year have been linked to soda. could say the a more than that can be linked to milk as well. Milk can be a common denominator in millions of deaths each yeah. Just saying...the pendulum swings both ways. 
Great post. Whenever you're a small producer it's amazing how easy you manage to offend someone....
I dont drink.milk, cow milk is for calves 
Dont drink soda either, just stick to water, green tea and wine 
Raw milk from a family farm is produced under all the same quality standards as the milk/cheese you get in the store. When I helped on my dad's dairy farm as a kid, we had to adhere to rigorous hygiene standards and control the quality and temperature of the milk constantly. Each batch of milk was tested for several environmental and biological contaminants, as well as for the presence of administered hormones and antibiotics. If it failed the tests, it had to be destroyed or disposed of. And if certain parameters were outside of a certain range, it would receive a lower grade and could only be used for cheese or butter.

Sure, raw milk can be dangerous if it's of a low quality. But if you know and trust the source, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

It's too bad that small dairy farms became so unprofitable in the 90's. Nearly every family-owned dairy farm I knew of as a child closed up years ago, including my family's. I can't even find raw milk anymore, and the "milk" you buy in the store is so diluted and stripped of all the good stuff I can barely enjoy it. 
That's ridiculous. He is selling a more natural product that is probably a lot better for us than most of the crap the supermarkets sells us everyday.
waw .nice 1 job about selling raw milk ..for better agro business work. weldone boss....
This is a result of Monsanto running the FDA. 
James G
So people can choose to smoke and drink as much alcohol as they like but whatever you do don't touch that highly toxic raw milk. Free-dumb
even the cow here seems to wonder what all the fuss is about  !
Look at what was done to lard for the last 100 years. Unhealthy right? Wrong. Margerine is healthy right? Wrong. It's poison. Propaganda via proctor & gamble.
The "System" has been awarded the power to delegate legislation because we gave it to them in trust long ago. They have abused their power to represent the people by making decisions for power play and ultimately the mighty dollar. Now we find ourselves fighting to take back what is simply better for all of us.. It's a long haul but with perseverance and sheer numbers of people who want what is righteous, we may make a dent in getting back what is rightfully ours.
Right now, I've drinking my healthy colombian coffee without milk. I don't want to ruin this excellent coffee
You can't compare absolute numbers of raw milk related deaths to sugary drink deaths considering how few people drink raw milk (<1% of all milk in 1998 (

Example: There was only 1 death from shark attacks in the US in 2012. That doesn't mean it's safe to swim around them; more likely the vast majority of people aren't ever near them.

Raw milk has significant health risks. That is fact.

If your point is about the legal aspects of this case, then I'd be more likely to pay attention if you left out the misleading data.
So what happened to boiling the shit out of raw milk to kill germs? Or are people stupid enough to drink raw milk as it is?
In India, boiling milk till it runs over the pot is a sign of prosperity, and the practice is done to commemorate harvest festivals, or during the prayer ceremony for a housewarming. And even though we've had pasteurized milk available for more than 50 years, people still continue to boil the milk thoroughly before drinking it.
This country has way too many idiotic laws, brought about by people with a bug up their butt over some triviality and who has the ear of some politician who is all too happy to help because it means more $$ in his/her pocket. 
I have just 1 question - what does the Dairy Industry think people drank back in the 1800's and earlier?
+Matthew Schultz Raw milk can be dangerous you are right. But so is crossing the street. Seriously, how did we ever evolve? The case against this farmer was probably drummed up by the State milk marketing board. We have a case here in Ontario, of a farmer named Schmidt who like the the farmer in this story started a "club". Look it up. The parallels are scary.
where i come from we do it all the tyme.pity poor fellah that he has to go thru all that torment just becoz of feeding some wanting guys.
Raw milk tastes so much better than the stuff you can buy ib a grocery store. I grew up drinking it. We bought raw milk from a farmer we knew. We knew the farmer ran a clean operation, so we could trust the milk he sold.
Meg L
Not only can we buy raw milk from the farmer down the road, if we come at milking time we can even choose which cow we want our milk from! My favourite is Simone, a Jersey cow who produces the creamiest, most delicious milk which contains 20% more calcium and 18% more protein than a Holstein's milk. Lucky us.
This post is idiotic.  Lets assume raw milk is safe but as +Mike Elgan pointed out not able to be industrialize.  Great now only the elite few who are close to a milk source can have milk now.

From wikipedia: as urban densities increased and supply chains lengthened to the distance from country to city, the often days-old raw milk began being recognised as a source of disease.

We need industrialized milk!  I agree, there probably shouldn't be a law preventing it but please don't start drinking raw milk if your source is not very close to you.  These laws were enacted because long ago many people died from milk.

Instead of the idiotic corporate conspiracy post, why not a post on technology that makes raw milk safe and viable?  And what are the benefits and risks of raw milk?  And how do I consume it safely?
There is nothing wrong with FRESH MILK. I was raised on a dairy farm and the milk is by far nicer than the watered down substitute that we get in the shops, and yes I have made it to 56. For goodness sake enough with these rules.
and   i  thought   the   USA was   a  free  country                  the  corporations    rule   
Mike, eyes are beginning to open and that is just what the American Government doesn't want.   Or should I say the 1%.   
I love raw milk and hope these laws change.
WOW, when I was growing up, we drank raw milk all the time. In fact, even before that, my parents, grand parents and even farther back than that...drank raw milk.  Who knew we could have died from it?  So dumb.  It's all about the money and control.  
Sino malaki suso pa gatas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep i am 57 and when visiting a freind in DePere, wisconsin on their dairy farm thats what i drank! Isnt it supper whole milk? What about the cats who were rt there waiting for the cows to b milked so they culd have some? I liked it before being pasteurized.and dont they experiment on mice before us?
Commercialisaton of life will lead to unnatural death....
Most of the posts here are in favor of raw milk. We should find a way to use social media as a true voting tool. Google+ voting. We get updates on issues and in real time we vote w our smartphone. We should move in this direction.
Yes, sorry to say, it is all about controlling us. These evil one's want us to believe their lies are the truth. The best milk I remember drinking was at a camp as a child. Not sure if it was raw, but my memory continues to taste the richness of the milk. I no longer drink milk today, because of all the harmful additives.
In the Indian city of Kolhapur, they have a concept of "Doodh Katta" (Milk Corner). Its a century-old concept. What happens at a Doodh Katta is that a farmer milch the cow and sells the raw milk. Yes, no pasteurization, no boiling, RAW milk.
Last checked, people of Kolhapur are living a healthy life.  
I can't explain my anger over this....HOW ABOUT EVERYONE STOPS ARGUING ABOUT GUNS AND SAME SEX MARRIAGE AND FIGHT WHAT REALLY WRONG!...I mean, SERIOUSLY, if people had the same motivation and enthusiasm over our actual problems we might actually get something done. 
Grew up on it, never bothered me.
Love the idea of Google+ voting! Thus is an idea whose time has come. Let's get on with it. In this country if its healthy and good for you its expensive and hard to get. People who live paycheck to paycheck, on social security or are in any way financially marginalized must eat the cheap controlled garbage the vast corporations want them to eat. I am one of them and it is incredibly difficult to afford
decent food.
Absolutely.  Production foods, and the Agra Industrialists behind the hormone/chemical/genetically engineered poison they produce are part of the Healthcare crisis - maybe the largest part.  I stopped drinking milk, eating sugar and cut way back on production food consumption and the asthma I've had for 15 years disappeared.  I have not used an inhaler nor had a Prednisone injection in 3 years since changing those 3 components of my diet.  Miracle?  Nope.  Science.  Good food in good health out.  Spread the word!
Thank God they haven't made laws against raw fruits and veges....yet
It's really sad that our government officials don't think they have bigger fish to fry than going after a small dairy farmer for selling raw milk to willing consumers. There's obviously a market nationwide for this product, and it shouldn't be regulated by big business or political lobbies. It should fall under the same guidelines as the local farmers' markets that pop up all over the place, allowing people to buy locally grown/raised products which keep $$ local and keep credibility in the food supply. It really IS that simple!
That unfair ......
Raw is the best milk..... That u can drink.....
It original and it have no side effect at all because natural wth people drinks from the ancient times
so how much of our money did they waste doing this?
+Mike Elgan "The problem with raw milk production is that it cannot be industrialized. So it's not a product that giant companies can produce at scale"
Really? wow, could you elaborate on that part? isn't pasteurized an refined milk raw milk first?
In my little part of the world, which is a little country called Guyana in South America. I can go just around the corner to a farmer and buy cows milk. I grew up on cows' milk with no problems. I can call our neighborhood farmer and order two whole chickens and he will kill, clean and package it for me to pick up about 1 to 2 hours later, or if I wish I can go there and chat with him whilst he is preparing it for me. The thing is, I know what I am getting, I am getting COW'S MILK and CHICKEN or DUCK the same with eggs. There are no additives, no hormones. No one separating my milk into cream and water and fat and then putting it together again and telling me it is natural. 2% is not natural. I cannot go to my farmer and say give me milk from the 2% cow.
This is an example of the overreach of government, telling us what we can and cannot put in our own bodies.  I understand the function of the FDA: so that you can go into a store and not have to worry about if the meat your buying is half rotten and plenty of other examples.  FDA approval is important.  However, I don't think it should be mandatory, and that the only requirement of non-fda approved foods and drugs should be a warning that they are not FDA approved.

Will people get sick, and possible die, from consuming non-fda approved products?  Probably.  But that is part of the risk that we have to take in order to have a truly free society.  There are always risks, but the rewards justify them, I believe.
+Mike Elgan , unfortunately, this is another example of corporations power to control government.
I would add the example of Monsanto suing farmers because Monsanto seeds contaminated the farmer heirlooms seeds.
With enough time, we will end up eating a single variety of each grain, a single source of meat, a single type of milk, etc.

Maybe the 70's movie Soylent Green is becoming true:  
I don't want milk to finish I love milk. I would rate this advert million stars.:-) :-) 
Franco Gorgonio
I go to Cuba 3 months in the fall, return to Canada for Christmas and then return to Cuba for another 3 months, that adds up to 6 months a year.  I have friends thats bring me millk ,I boill it , I have 2 full glasses every morning and thats all I need until lunch time. In Canada this is also against the law. In Cuba I buy fresh eggs, in Canada it is against the law. I buyed fresh Ontario lamb especially grain fed for me, that against the law. I am 75 yrs , My mother die at 87, my father at 97.
And by the way , I make a little hole on one side of the egg and another on the othe side and I drink the egg but I know that they are from the same day.  I think that the biggest problem and desease on animals are caused by the quantity of animals they keep. Production line.. .. Gime a breake . This is all political for manopoly.
That cow is looking straight at me, what does she want?
it seems to say "got milk"
Aren't people allowed to shoot and then eat venison? That is a meat which is NOT FDA approved, but also not illegal. You clean it, cook it, and eat it at your own risk. And while you can't buy it in your local market, it's often served at "game dinners" restaurants sell out! There are many local hunters who will sell you packages of venison if they know you (and for which I'm extremely grateful, as I'm not a hunter, but do enjoy the fruits of the season)! It seems rather sad that this kind of transaction must be treated as a kind of back-door deal; those who have should be able to sell to those who want-the very foundation of our society, no? But like the raw milk, it's not regulated by the USDA/FDA, so it's not sanctioned. Both seem equally ridiculous to me~
What's next? Going to jail for drinking "raw" water?
Love it don't see that every day
Who gives a fuck about the human 
keep the farm goin
little farmers rule
I understand some may not like the idea of drinking raw milk. However, why can't we live in a society of "to each his own?" I drank raw milk from our cow and several other farmer's cows all my growing up years, and I'm fine!!! AND, there is nothing better than thick, sweet cream that has risen to the top of raw milk ladled over the top of freshly picked, plump, ripe raspberries!!! The best things in life are fresh not processed.
The administration, the corporations, the almighty "$"! Never mind what's good for us, its all about the money. Oh and the picture of the holstein cow,I believe that's where we get our chocolate milk from. 
+Jeff Wolf I'm just imagining a monument to capitalism. Carnegie to the left, Ford to the right and Pasteur proudly in the center ;)
I'm 42 and have drank raw milk since I was a child, and I'm still kicking. There are actually places here in Maine where you can buy raw milk in stores.
For centurys humans didn't have the knowledge we have now and the drank raw cow milk, goat milk, etc... so why put a man in jail for something so stupid. If a man wants raw milk and wants to buy by god let it happen. Everyone has the right to get what they damn well please as long as they got the money for it. Leave the farmers alone they strugle every day to make a living..
This is interesting and I always thought that drinking raw milk was good!
Mz B58
Wait a minute... How much time will the cows do?  They were the "manufacturers" of this criminal milk product.  I'm just sayin'.
Fuck the government what happen to us living in a country?
you don,t drink milk you drink coloured water because they take the goodness out
+Mike Elgan My 2 cents: I live in the country with friends that have fresh cow milk daily. I would NOT trade that for store bought, ever. It is so much healthier for you when it is fresh.     
Okay, I'm iffy because you spelled whether as weather. It's probably your phone, still. All food legalization is a state thing. Unfortunately the government doesn't believe in the people being able to be responsible for themselves. The line of self preservation has been completely obliterated. It's like smoking, if I want to do something harmful to myself I should completely be allowed to. If I want to drink raw milk, eat raw food, chug soda and eat trans fat, let me. I am supporting the industries that provide these products, helping people earn money to support themselves and pay the government. We're living in an era that is close to 1984 as we can get. Keep the people ignorant and fat so they don't realize what's actually happening and the people who have power can keep it. The world stays the same, and the power mongers keep everything they want and continue to live in luxury. I thought that this is the land of the free. Its starting to become illegal to do anything that we are humanly allowed to. When did food enter the same category as murder? I'm sure that the numbers are different, though they're probably still as petty and probably exaggerated. Did anyone consider that the deaths might be due to severe allergies or due to the way that the individual, or the individual seller might have been taking care of the milk. That its just a scare tactic so the competing company doesn't loose business because it's paying a huge chunk of the states pay check? Health concerns are no longer about the concern of people. It's sad the world we live in now. 
If anyone gets sick (because their body is not used to raw milk) it makes the whole industry look bad. 
Kane M
If I were to let my conspiracy bone loose, I would say it goes to a bigger scheme. Yes the simple answer is lobbyist with money get the congressional votes, but that's too easy and just not exciting enough for me. How I see it is, the dollar, the world's global currency and our tool for empire, is failing as it is pinned to oil as its value and oil is losing out to emerging technologies and global warming, not to mention that its value is less than 1% its original value due to printing. This is running the risk of nations dumping the dollar for another currency which would destroy the worlds economy and all that goes with that.

The reason Monsanto and Agribusiness gets the rubber stamp no regulation treatment is because the next currency in the works will be tied to food and water instead of oil. If a handful of corporations primarily owned by a handful of elite control the worlds food supply through patents, rights, and overbearing regulation of alternative methods, it will serve as the greatest commodity to back a currency as every individual requires it... and true world domination begins.

If nothing else, would make a great storyline...
a billion indians buy and consume raw milk,  their population rises at an increased rate every day
It all boils down to greed once again.
Gosh...he'll no! It's clear that when you are sitting on something people want, automatically you become their enemy!
just show me where to buy raw (I would call it Fresh milk) and I'll ditch  milk from market
thats crazy, lmao milk almonds and big gulps are illegal, i get the big gulps but what exactly kills you in milk?
Gehri thi raat lekin hum khoye nahi,
Dard bahot tha dil mein par hum roye nahi,
Koi nahi humara jo puche humse,
Jag rahe ho kisi ke liye ya soye hi nahi..
I do not drink any milk, but I believe that we should, as free people make our own choices.
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milk is one of the healt dreank......... that is natural dreank....
Something many of you do not realize is that the federal govt doesn't pay for the FDA . Your tax $ do not pay their budget. The businesses whose products are being tested and approved approved actually pay for the testing and approval. HELLO! Can you say extreme conflict of interest. Oh yeah, I'm sure they are looking out for our health.
So does it mean that law is against nature?
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Having been raised on a hobby farm with cows that I raised for 4H and sold the milk to a creamy to make cheese except for the milk we drank raw I can see how people would only drink processed milk you know after they kill anything healthy in it. So no one can sue them if they get sick from someone not handling it in a clean and safe manner like how the milk companys used to leave it at the doorstep to freeze an push the caps off, or overheat from the sun BUT gee we got this neat thing called refrigerators. SO let's not live in the Dark Ages and force the greedy SOB to rectify the laws so the milk we drink will have the healthy bacteria our bodies need to keep us and our children strong and healthy. So write or call your state Representative and tell them to stop playing politics with our children's health. 
I am from India and have been drinking raw milk duly boiled for the last 47 years without any issue. By default too this is healthier than the colas and sodas which will fund USA and its political campaigns. So sad..
blue sky,green glassland,and cute milk cow...I like to live this kind of place... smelling fresh air...
I realy feel sorry for the farmer.  I cant and will never understand why RAW MILK is so badly criticized.  We grew up on a farm. Only used raw milk. Granny lived up to 104 years. She made our own butter, buttermilk and cream.Sometimes for a treat she cooked us some ""biess". Our children eldest sister is 70 and youngest 50 still alive and very very healthy.My opinion is its all politics around money. If the containers is sterilized,everything very clean and cows healthy, nothing can go wrong. NO MILK ON THE MARKET can compare with RAW MILKT.This is only politics around money...I miss my raw milk. The farmer his wife and ten children also seems very healthy.
I only drink raw milk here in Ontario (I'm a dairy farmer).  It is even worse here because of the Milk Act, making it illegal to sell raw milk to anyone other than the government (DFO/OMMB).
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