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All the social networks have been hacked recently... except Google+.

First, we learned that Eastern European gangs hacked both Facebook and Twitter (as well as Apple). Allegedly. 

Now, Mashable is reporting that Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter (again) have reported to users that their user data may have been compromised after a hack attack at Zendesk, which provides customer support for all three services. 

That means all the major social networks have been hacked recently... except this one.
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Thanks, Mike... knocks on wood :D
hehehehehe.... I knew I chose well...
Guess they leaving the best for last. Stay strong. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
rudy s
"that's because no one is on G+!!!!" - most every other "social media journalist."
I like that picture. Like opening a command prompt and typing a few basic commands and suddenly everyone who doesn't know any better immediately thinks "zomg hakkor!".
"All your social networks are belong to us."
Expect us.   ;-)
unlikely since Google doesn't outsource customer support- its called a weak link attack. Google maintains a higher standard of security.
Eddie N
You can't BS a BS artist. Similarly, you can't hack for private info when the social network you're on already has it :)

(knocks wood, throws salt over shoulder, crosses himself, sprays holy water around his PC)
Sounds more like a surface area thing, but what is with MFC 4.2 ...?
Nobody is hack proof, but google certainly has both an impressive defense system and impressive detection systems to mitigate the risk and reduce the impact as much as possible.

Then they reward those who find exploits, instead of arrest them.
Google takes very good care of us, users (and our info.) 
You're cherry picking data. The ZenDesk issue "hacked" those other sites because they share info. They weren't compromised directly.

On the flip side, Google+ isn't a standalone system, so a compromise would likely be to the core Google accounts we use. Like Gmail. Many Gmail passwords were compromised in 2012, which Google took seriously enough to force a password reset on. Wouldn't anyone with those accounts also have access to their Google+ info? By that measure, Google+ was "hacked" months ago.

This whole discussion is a bit silly, as Google does have good security practices, and none of this is spilling tons of private info online, but you're painting a incomplete picture off of headlines instead of facts.
Im sure Facebook has great security as well- but you can't secure what you don't own.. ironic isn't it.
There is being hacked and being Hacked. 

being hacked, as in the hack to the "Facebook" recently, really had nothing to do with facebook user data. As the hacked  device was a facebook employees computer, from what I've heard (

being Hacked, is when an attack is directed at a server machine or a device connected to a server where it can get root access and get at any data the server has. This is a Hack.

I know you are aware of all this, but I do agree with +Jeff Jarvis, it really is not a big story when no Facebook user data was even close to being exposed.

In fact the point of the story should be that it is a hack directed at mostly software developers, as I understand it.

have a great day and keep up the great posts, thanks
Don't get cocky.....there's no such thing as 100% secure!
It appears that the best way to crack peoples computers is to infect websites they visit. So it only makes sense to crack the most used websites. Especially with all these java vulnerabilities floating around the web is wide open. I like it, it's fun, makes me think of how the 'wild west' was! Lol
Maybe Google is the master mind behind the other hacks....
Or maybe Google is just more technologically advanced; that or they don't really provide customer support for any of their products and rely on their users to answer other user's questions?
Probably because Google cut it's teeth fighting the glorious chinese red-army hackers, won, and  told them to go stuff it.  If those guys can't crack big G, no one else stands a chance.
Turn on two step authentication just in case. ;)
Nate S
Just to be clear, they hacked Zen desk a third party and accessed the data that way. In other words we should applaud google for keeping their processes in house, and ridicule Zendesk for not keeping their security tighter...
Being hacked is usually a case of popularity rather than security.  It could just mean that Google+ isn't even on the hackers' radar yet.
It's because I'm here and I showed 'em my war face!
Prior to the country of Georgia being invaded by Russia's military, they were hit with a cyber attack shutting down a lot of their government websites and crippling communications.  Georgia moved their sites in the interim to Google's Blogger and stayed stable.
Its a good lesson for the tech savvy an intellectual growth  the hackers. Do hackers demand legalization ? I think they will.
+Mike Elgan So let me get this right. Is Facebook saying that all the comments on Facebook which are weird and strange are the results of some Eastern European hackers? Or is there some other explanation for this?
Man, what's with that random screenshot
Mike C
Yup...Smithsonian's (Jan 2013) article on Jason Lanier has lots of merit. 
Yea not flawless system, but Google´s is better than these that got hacked for sure.
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