How to share your Google+ stream's RSS feed.

+Robert Scoble says people are always asking him for an RSS feed to subscribe to. Because of that, he's thinking of going back to blogging on his old-and-busted blog instead of continuing to blog on the new hotness (Google+), as well as Facebook. 

But that doesn't make any sense. Anyone can get the RSS feed for Google+ and share it with people.

That's what I do. Here's my Google+ stream's RSS feed URL:

I share it with people on my profile's About page, in case they want it. 

The best way to do this is to go to Pluss ( ) and register your feed. They'll give you an RSS URL, which will work with almost any RSS reader. There are other services that do this as well.

However, to work with every reader, you can also do what I do, which is to "launder" the feed at Feedburner. Set up an account, put in your Pluss-generated URL and it tells you your Feedburner one: ( )

Once you have the URL, you can hand this out to everybody, and they get your public Google+ posts in their reader like any other feed. 

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