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How to share your Google+ stream's RSS feed.

+Robert Scoble says people are always asking him for an RSS feed to subscribe to. Because of that, he's thinking of going back to blogging on his old-and-busted blog instead of continuing to blog on the new hotness (Google+), as well as Facebook. 

But that doesn't make any sense. Anyone can get the RSS feed for Google+ and share it with people.

That's what I do. Here's my Google+ stream's RSS feed URL:

I share it with people on my profile's About page, in case they want it. 

The best way to do this is to go to Pluss ( ) and register your feed. They'll give you an RSS URL, which will work with almost any RSS reader. There are other services that do this as well.

However, to work with every reader, you can also do what I do, which is to "launder" the feed at Feedburner. Set up an account, put in your Pluss-generated URL and it tells you your Feedburner one: ( )

Once you have the URL, you can hand this out to everybody, and they get your public Google+ posts in their reader like any other feed. 

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+Shaker Cherukuri More work that posting on a blog in addition to social networks? Gimme a break, man. It takes three minutes -- you set it and forget it and then until the end of time you enjoy the extreme convenience of blogging only in one easy place. 
Aren't they going to pull the plug on Feedburner anyway? This seems to go against the theory behind your diet, +Mike Elgan . Isn't the point of this to limit everything to G+ for the sake of simplicity? 
Describing one's blog as "Old and busted" hits pretty close to home for me.
Why not have people follow you here on Google+ instead? If we're going to evangelize G+ we might as well go all the way, don't you think?
+Peter G McDermott It's possible. But I'm sure there are other ways to do this. This is just the one that I happened upon. 
There are not too much fans of me, but let's give it a try. It'll surely help to keep track on selected people's content without messing up with turning on notifications.
+Dad's Pixels That's fine, too. But why not set up an RSS feed for people who prefer that. It's easy to do, and once you have that feed you can do other things with it, too, such as publish a newsletter. 
+Dad's Pixels The point is not to evangelize Google+, but to have the best experience for both blogger and reader. 
+Peter G McDermott No, this has always been a central point of the diet -- you can focus on one stream, and use automated tools (this is one of them) to publish your stuff everywhere. 
Does that car have back wheels? O.o
Yeah, +Dad's Pixels I'm with you. Mike, I think you are right about a lot of things but RSS is dying a slow and painful death. You saying that you are retrofitting your Google+ profile to include a link to a duct taped fix for a feature that was never originally included is like a failing restaurant chef saying he keeps his shitty menu because his most loyal customers love it, thereby ignoring the people he could entice by overhauling it and attracting new customers.

All I am saying is that if Google+ is the new way to share content and encourage interaction then leave it to that.

All of the outside resharing and distribution defeats your argument IMHO. 
Give +Mike Elgan a just one alternative...the best is G+ followers but some people may prefer RSS...thanks Mike!
(I mean no hard feelings by saying this, either. I am just trying to challenge you to go the whole way with your experiment.) 
I was under the impression no one used RSS feeds anymore. 
+Sergio Santos The whole point of a revolution is to challenge the status quo. If you agree with everything Mike says without challenging it, how can you be certain it is the best way to go?
+Peter G McDermott That's a perfectly legit point of view, Peter. I'm offering it as an alternative to leaving Google+ just to get an RSS feed, which is what Scoble is thinking about doing. 
The problem with wanting everyone to follow you on Google+ is that you expect all your potential audience to join G+. Do you really want to make your audience do all the work? The idea is to make it easy for your followers. OTOH, if you set up a feed from G+, does that mean everything you post goes to RSS? Not sure I'd want everything I post here to go into the feed. :-) 
+Mike Keller You don't have to join Google+ to see a public Google+ post. It's just another page on the Internet. 
You and +Robert Scoble are apples to oranges though. From my understanding, Scoble's social presence is his entire value to his employer, Rackspace. You, on the other hand, don't need to rely entirely on your personal brand as you are paid to write for many other outlets on the Web. Is that fair to say? (Again, none of this is hostile, I am just trying to get a better understanding.) 
+Peter G McDermott Either way, in both cases, and in the case of Peter McDermott, we are our brands. What makes sense is maximizing readers and engagement, and you need to be on social networks to do that. 
+Mike Elgan yeah, but my point is that you have to point your non-Google+ followers to your G+ posts. Theyre not going to find them without being led (or searching). That's the point of RSS.
This is awesome!!!
Just now I'm writing a blog post about using blogger and google+ as complimentary blogging platforms and the fact that one can give out the RSS for Google+ feed as well as the blog feed is the cherry on top.
This is perfect!! Thank you so much for this.
+Mike Keller Or you can just create a circle filled with non-users' email addresses and send it via email. Or you can use your RSS feed to create an email newsletter. Or you can use one of the many services for creating a regular-looking blog out of your feed. There are a million ways to do this. The important thing is to live inside Google+ yourself, and have one stream and one conversation for each post. 
I use to have instant upload from my phone to my  google + account and for some reason its there a way to get it back or set it up somehow..I'm lost can i get a respond pls!!
I hate to say this, +Mike Elgan , but that was a damn fine rebuttal. The only differencethe between the three of us is that I only wish my digital brand was tied to my livelihood. Maybe I can keep watching and emulating and hope to learn a few things from you two.

Post on my friend. Good discussion. 
I use an rss feed with recipes. Works great. 
.. going through yet another service, be it Feedburner or whatever else, adds yet another abstraction to something that is already built-in to e.g. Wordpress. Also, speaking for myself obviously, I can only handle X number of people's streams, in which case I might as well just go to their page to see what's new and interact... simple enough  ;-)
I had seen your post about blogging exclusively here on G+ but I guess I don't find it easy staying away from blogger for too long. However, it did get me thinking about the possibility of blogging some things here.

So, I have started with reviews on movies and series I watch on Netflix and plan to expand into other topics in the coming weeks.

I'm trying out this out for the moment and I think it is very likely that I will end up blogging many things permanently here on Google+
It's funny that it took the death of Google Reader for me to fully embrace RSS. Good idea.
Thanks, Mike. I had forgotten that I set up a feed for my G+ stream a long time ago, but probably never got around to actually sharing it. One cool thing about a Feedburner feed is that you can generate a sub-by-email link, for your less tech-savvy relatives. 
You, Mr Elgan, are the most interesting man in the world. Great tip, thanks.
If tools enable Mike or any other person to be able to access what is being said on Google+ then surely that is A Good Thing, yes? The exclusivity is still there, and the tools push the content to other mediums only so people who want to read it have to come here to do that. 
(Give people tools and watch them whine about all the work...)
+Mike Elgan I'm up for trying it all of August as a challenge as you mentioned in an earlier post. My blog isn't anywhere near as interactive as here. I did try back in May/June time but fell away with personal commitments.

I'm going to continue my content (tech/guitar and recording) here for the month and see what happens. 
G+ should produce an RSS/Atom feed. It's beyond understanding that it doesn't. Please star the request here. A single file PHP script which serves public posts to a Google Plus account as an Atom feed. is a good way of taking public G+ posts (direct or via RSS) and auto-cross posting to Facebook and Twitter.

There's a couple of wordpress importers. eg
+Julian Bond After telling everybody that "nobody uses RSS anymore", that would make them look pretty silly, wouldn't it. Now excuse me while I switch over to Tiny Tiny RSS for my news...
+Scot Stevenson You want consistency???!?

It used to be that new Google APIs would output in both JSON and Atom. They both have their uses. Increasingly though it's only in JSON. This annoys me. ;) Mainly because Atom is a better and more consistent transfer format whereas JSON tends to need to be specifically coded for on the input side. Now there's a case for a schema for consistently coding Atom into JSON but despite several attempts over the years, none of them have gained traction.
Why export an RSS feed? Most likely you want to "Feedly" it.

Most everybody has FaceBook as well. I am typically offering a FaceBook stream via +Friends+Me which is dead easy. That's how I handle it, I would love to have them offer an RSS feed as well.

G+, FB, RSS streams, in my order of preference, offer complimentary info and none of them is going away too quickly, so I am keeping all of them.
+Michael McGimpsey I hope you're reading this in an App, because I don't think Elgan should pander to those who still rely on HTML. They are behind the times. /s

Seriously, dude. That's an argument?

Mind you, Google (and others) are now guilty of introducing mobile-app-only functions that get left out of the desktop html version. Like, say, location.
+Julian Bond Google has just killed Google Reader (and tried to kill RSS feeds with it.)

After being very annoyed that they did, I am glad now.
There are others who want to take care of it. 
Well.. It is obvious that Google wants to be with everyone all the time. The best way to get that done, is to be on your mobile devices.

Do you think Google+ blog would outrank my personal WordPress blog?
Is there anyone who figured out how to get the embedded videos from your Google+ posts embedded in your RSS feed? I tried several services like Pluss but at best I get just a still. Any advice would be welcome.

Btw RSS seems to be more alive and kicking than ever since Google anounced the death of their reader. Google saved RSS by killing it imo.
Thanks, Mike, for this plumbing lesson. RSS feeds and email channels keep me thinking in a 2G world where I can't really see the G+ flow rush past me in a live stream.
+Tomas Haley-Ohrt I think the humor escaped you WRT the car.  Don't you see it's been graffiti'd?  That is, someone is "communicating" at the expense of some poor slob's paint job.  Get it?  Communication....blogging....RSS?  Get it now??  ;-)
Speaking of #GooglePlus  feeds, have you noticed lately it always has at least "1 new" but when you click it you get an error?
+Adam Overmiller Scobleizer is an anagram for outlier. It's a Vonnegut thing in that Scoble stands on the edge of things that many of us cannot see from the centre.
+A.V. Flox Let me be clear that I was not whining but challenging an idea. Last time I checked, that was a healthy behavior that leads to deeper understanding. (Just on the off chance your comment was targeted at me.) 
+David Frosdick That would be extremely helpful to know. However, my WordPress is monetized and obviously my G+ is not, so I imagine that would upset a lot of bloggers if it were ever to happen. 
Do people usually do this?? Your talking about the RSS feed and more technical things. It's funny i see comments, such I want that car, and one commentator saying does it have back wheels. These guys are really annoying but funny !!! They kind off add salsa to the tortillas, as I would put it. I think this makes the topic rather more interesting and I like your humor guys !!!! 
+Scot Stevenson I don't think they ever said that. I think they killed Reader to focus on algorithmically relevant (OK, now I'm just making phrases up....) content discovery engines like Google+.

Not only should Google add an RSS output feature as standard, they should also build RSS reading into G+.  
+Mike Elgan I agree fully on the RSS integration. I don't know why Google killed Reader without integrating RSS into G+...that seemed like a no brainer to me.
Thanks for the tip +Mike Elgan since I only post on G+ and I don't have a blog/website, this is great! Thanks again :)
I use Feedly alot now and might start doing this. I wonder if there is a way to post G+ entries in Wordpress automatically? I'd use that often if I don't end up switching just to G+.
Thanks, Mike. Very helpful. 
I think if I was able to share my g+ public posts to Blogger as I can my Blogger posts to g+ it would make things a lot easier. 
Personally, I think it's brilliant and have already created the feed. 

I've been thinking of giving my readers a way to stay ahead of the marketing news I regularly share, but didn't know how - this fits the bill.

By the way, +Mike Elgan  (not sure if anyone asked it  above) , what are your thoughts on Feedburner potentially disappearing in the future? MIght not be a great move to keep building your subscribers' base through them.
Who knew +Mike Elgan? I have been looking for something like this forever. Not sure I totally understand it, but I'll figure it out in the doing of it. Thank you.

That said, I don't get the battle between Either Or, re: Mr. +Robert Scoble. I firmly believe people need both - their own private identity over which they have total creative and artistic control (of the style, the look, the vibe, the Zeitgeist), and G+, FB or whichever other medium their hearts, brains and spirits fancy. Our diets are varied, why shouldn't our SM palate be. Our diets of everything else are too - friends, movies, books, clothes, sports. One or the other does not work for me as an individual.
+Giselle Minoli If I remember correctly, +Chris Brogan was dealing with this when deciding whether or not to publish is professional content from a page and his more "off the cuff" content from his personal account.
+Giselle Minoli +Peter G McDermott I tend to think brainy people are brainy, by which I mean they overthink all this. 

I have ideas I want to put out there, and I want people to have conversations about those ideas. 

What else is there? 
+Mike Elgan Nothing, exactly what you just said. Your comment is a giant circular reference...

Edit: Mission successful on this post.
I'm sure you are correct +Peter G McDermott. +Chris Brogan seems to deal with every single issue sooner or later. Although, I don't know that I would distinguish so much professional and "off the cuff," but rather, I see a personal website as being more of a gallery, a museum, a showcase of one's own aesthetic choosing, which is not subject to the vicissitudes of anything or anyone other than the writer. I do think serious creators have their own "gallery" going on, whether downtown or uptown...or in the country it matters not!
Truly I would starve without conversation +Mike Elgan. All the good wine in the world wouldn't make up for the lack of it. (Hmmm...maybe you would disagree with me about that specific reference...)
+Giselle Minoli Don't get me started about wine right now. I'm in Florence enjoying a nice bottle of local wine with Mrs. Elgan in our tiny studio, and live opera from the center of the city is pouring through the neighborhood. Somehow it makes the wine taste even better. ; ) 
Now THAT sounds nice MIke.
There are no words to describe how much I envy you at this moment +Mike Elgan. I had tickets to see Robert Begnini's version of The Divine Comedy in Florence several years ago, which was completely rained out. I spent the entire evening walking through the streets of Florence with a friend, under umbrellas, that gentle rain coming down, ducking in and out of bars, eating Gelato, crossing over the Ponte Vecchio, walking all the way over to the Palace at the Boboli Gardens and back. I was really sorry to have missed Begnini's Comedia, which I understand is genius, particularly since it is not available on a CD that is translatable to American technology (I tried at Feltronelli and it was 200 Euro. I couldn't believe it!). But I surely don't regret that walk. Hello +Amira Elgan! Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.
+Mike Elgan Thanks for the tip, and it only took 90 seconds, and that included taking a few sips of coffee. 
+Mike Elgan I see you're posting on Facebook too. Is that automated, or just copy-paste?  I ask because it's not maintaining my Wordpress blog that's causing me the most repetitive mental fatigue, it's FB. I've come extremely close to euthanizing my FB account several times. 
+Kyle Kimberlin My facebook posts are nearly all automated using Friends+Me. Automating is the best solution (better than just vanishing there) because some friends will still click through to your G+ posts and conversations. 
+Ar Grover I've been using the services free for more than a year without consequence. 
Two other alternatives, if you run your own wordpress blog and would like to keep the data on your servers, or simply backup your entire G+ posts: (It costs a bit for no-adware but is very nice because it synchronizes comments too and identifies titles if they are the first bolded line in the post). (This plugin is free and without advertisment, and works reliably but doesn't synchronize comments).
Thanks, Mike. I approach this issue as a reader of literally thousands of blogs. I keep the RSS and Atom feed URLs of several thousand blogs in a MySQL database. When I want to read about, say, autism or real estate values in Austin, Texas, I simply filter the database and pull relevant posts into a single stream. If more bloggers turn to Google+, my reading would be limited to a handful of blogs, which strikes me as very 20th century.
Completely stupid that Google doesn’t yet offer this. So much for being against walled gardens, Google.
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