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I'm no clothes horse but I vote dumb.
I like it but my friend doesn't. Good question.
Looks dirty in a clean way... [raises eyebrow]
it looks like he's gettin a boner over some shit at a back
The way pants are being worn or shall I say unworn, this shirt is a welcome sight.
A little too much Tetris for the designer perhaps?
Nice shirt, just not worth the money.
interesting, creative and something new to my sight, but I do not get that kind of shirt
They obviously tried to do something unique and new but that's not my style.
With out the strips maybe.? I like the spilled paint ideal tho .
looks like the printer ran out of toner...
I like it, it depends on the way you see it, you either see the white or the blue.
if the pattern would've been red, then it could've been a bit cooler...!
it would look cool in a techno club, but i prefer if it was inverted
+Austin lager Gay? "Gay" as in .... what? ...Or is just a disparaging remark meant to propagate ignorant bigotry?
It's a cool shirt, would be too self conscious to wear it.
It's not dumb, just ugly and dated.
nah - looks odd. Same pattern, darker / more contrast in colors could have made it look better.
nothing is to cool or too dumb if you wear it with confidence and a bit of style..and owning it as your style would be the coolest...
Such designs must be used in sports.
It looks very interesting to me. Although it may not look good on me, it would be great when on the right individual.
That you had to ask the question sorry, shouldn't be so rude to complete strangers. The SHIRT is dumb....heh, heh, heh.
Should have the lines be longer, then it could be kinda cool...
it is not very sunny,,a bit hospital,
It's a novel design, but I prefer not to wear clothes that stand out like that.
in spain people who uses the top button without a tie is called dumb
Let's just say that I wouldn't pay money for it, nor would I consider wearing it if it had been given to me as a present...
To a women awesome!!! To a guy - NO WAY!!!
it looks like they ran out of blue thread half way in -_-
Can it qualify as both? I think it is cool but it will be dumb in a month or so...
The shirt is very unusual but I guess some people can get use to change!
too special to ware
Lame gimmick. Should have been scrapped at the drawing board.
not my favorite, sorry.
Maybe if it wasn't a dress shirt.
That is just terrible. But I'm sure someone out there wishes he had 5 of them in different colors. 
I'm a custom tailor by profession. In my opinion, what truly sucks about this shirt is its fitting - just look at the billowy sleeves (had this been a proper fit, it may have actually looked a bit better, but only slightly). The shirt by itself is actually quite stylish. The problem is that it does not go well with this particular gentleman's face and complexion - the shirt unnecessarily draws attention AWAY from his face (Key: A man should always dress so the attention is drawn TOWARDS his face!). A male with a bronze/tan/dark complexion can rock this shirt with much more ease. More at:
The split between the blue and white is too 50/50 Maybe if the striped ended closer to the hem? but as-is it seems off balance to me.
Its all about how it is worn... He is wearing like someone would kill him if he wont and put on right upto the last button. A dumb shirt would look cool if worn properly...
It reminds me of 1990s line dancing style of country western shirts.
I'd rather have the suit that martin short wore when he played jack frost in the escape clause
it looks distracting.
Shirt looks cool. Guy looks douche.
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