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One work of art sums up the entire modern art world.

The piece is by Jan Christensen.
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I should have taken a screenshot +Mike Elgan , it originally came up as the Image censored image.
'I don't appreciate it' is my stance on modern art.
I think the picture got cut-off... below the fold there it says.. "If you have to ask how much."
Art,studying and making beautiful things.
"You can make this at home, with a Sharpie marker, and a .98 cent white tile from Home Depot".
neither will you ever understand it ;)
All it takes is one expensively dressed, well manicured individual to stand in front of it and say:

"the elegance of the brush strokes, the beauty of each curve, the thought and care and love taken with each application of just the perfect amount of paint... it evokes such emotion, it speaks to the turmoil and tragedy within each of us... within society as a whole... it's a masterpiece!!!"

And presto. Someone will write a big check for it.
But I can easily copy it with a little black watercolor paint. (at least this particular one)
Very good. I'm a 'fine artist' and u don't have to work very hard for this. Bet it sold for a fortune. +Stuart Duncan is so right
Its also philosophical and saying "Can you afford not to?"
Actually, what's beautiful about this is that not its simplicity, but rather its message it conveys through the piece's self-referantial nature. Imagine an art-lover/buyer seeing this, and buying it for the spite of the message, s/he not only buys the art, but rather (and arguably even more prominently) buys the message itself, relaying it to the visitors of his/her collection or to his/her house.

Then, the subtext suddenly reveals itself: ''I CAN and did afford this''

Now it's not the artist's but the collector's show-off... :))
24.50 for the Canvas, 6.75 for a tube of paint, 1.99 for a cheap brush (running out of pocket cash)... yes I could afford it.
It's not modern... it's contemporary -_-'
apparently the artist couldn't afford the paint either
Dude! Stop judging me! Gotta give us a price first! And why the bloody hell would I buy a piece of canvas that says "YOU CAN'T AFFORD THIS" ! Thats like a paradox. If you think about it. In depth.
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