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Laptop stickers are stupid.

I'm setting up a Samsung Windows laptop for my son, and, as I have done dozens of times before, I'm spending 10 or 15 minutes removing the stickers that Microsoft and Intel require their OEM partners to blight their hardware with.

These stickers are stupid.

Samsung and other companies actually design and build some really good-looking hardware. But then these garish, ugly, sloppily applied, visually annoying stickers are right there destroying the aesthetic of the hardware, and killing the out-of-box experience.

I know, it's a small thing. But it's also a symbolic thing.

As a consumer, the stickers tell me that the coalition of companies that contributed to the product are incapable of working together even on small details to improve my user experience. It tells me they have no respect for their own product. It tells me they don't appreciate aesthetics. It tells me they're stupid.

The strangest thing about it is that the stupidity exists solely to tell me exactly who is so stupid.

OK, so Intel: You're stupid. And Microsoft: You're stupid. It says so, right there on my laptop.

Apple is trying to take over the market in large measure through aesthetically pleasing hardware and great out-of-box experience, and you're too stupid to even do the simplest and cheapest thing imaginable to compete in these areas.


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i used to love these back in the day. even considered buying them for when i used to build my own computers
It's like graphics on cars...adds a little horsepower per each one.
I couldn't agree more. I do the same on my new devices. I hate these stickers.
but without the stickers, it would not be an "ENHANCED EXPERIENCE" :P
Taking off the "lenovo enhanced experience" too?
I think about that when I buy a car and they slap their dealer name etc on my license plate frame or worse seal an embossed logo on my car. They need to pay me to advertise..haha
Sticker-hater here too. Who in the world wants ads all over their laptop? Apple has that one right...
The best way to avoid Windows laptop stickers is to buy laptops that have never had Windows. ;-)

Doesn't apply here, I realize...
Ever since I got my CR48, I think that blank and unbranded is the hottest thing ever.
+Isaac Taylor I got this picture from somebody else. I took mine off before I got mad enough to write this post.
Except that Apple provides you with those giant logo stickers for you to apply to everything imaginable.

hate shake
A small can of label remover spray makes it a 1min job to get rid of them. All the cans I've bought seem to smell of oranges too!
+Stephanie Straw But those are just in the pile of junk you're going to throw away anyway. They don't require you to apply chemicals and elbow grease to get rid of them.
+Mike Elgan I've never given these stickers a moment's thought, but now cant' stop noticing them! They're gone!
I've always hated these stickers, especially when some of them aren't that easy to cleanly remove
I agree, but its called branding. What I wonder is why you would would 10 or 15 minutes you can never get back to remove them :)
hahah! i never take out the stikers on my laptop... in fact i´ve put on some more X) it looks fine, for me...
I do think the same those sticers are just garbage.
I don't mind the Windows / AMD / Intel ones, I hate the ones that display specs or otherwise stupid information in a giant, obtrusive manner more.
Why don't they just display their logos briefly during the boot up sequence like Macs do with the the Apple logo? Some Nvidia graphics cards already do this.
Indeed. Cracks me up that so many people leave them on for the life of the system.
But what does your son think of the stickers? If he's like my son (age 11), he gets a kick out of them, and eventually adds more. His notebooks and desktop PCs end up looking like the old style well-traveled suitcases. Only with destinations in Minecraft instead of Georgia.
Amen. I debadged my car, have an unbranded Galaxy Nexus phone, and use Goo-Gone to get rid of computer stickers. Pay me if you want me to advertise for you!
Many users I have seen never remove the sticker as if it will void some sort of warranty.
Do they still place those Microsoft Windows serial numbers at the bottom as well?
I see no reason to remove the stickers, as a computer tech., they sometimes come in handy............knowing what type of machine you are going to deal with.
I still have the original 5 stickers that came with the laptop i am using, not counting those placed below.
I do even make sure i do not remove them cause i do make reference to it, say, i forget the model of my graphic card
I've always hated those stickers too! Even before Mac was so far ahead of the pack with their industrial design, I asked "Why cant a computer look good too?"
Especially like the "Enhanced Experience". I have a lenovo and I can safely say... if my experience is 'enhanced', I would sure hate to see the basic plan.
Agreed! Something I've noticed over the years is that a lot of less tech-savvy(?) people never remove these stickers. I don't know whether it's because they think they might be important, don't realise you can remove them, or think leaving them there will help the resale value!
I always left the stickers on since I felt that Windows machines don't have much to do with aesthetics anyway :P
+Lucas Nicodemus i am very much aware of dxdiag...........try it with a machine that is having issues with booting or a machine running linux for that matter
The bloody things leave glue spots if you try to remove them. I totally agree with the post.
If you need a 'Windows 7' sticker on your laptop to tell you what you're using, you're probably using it wrong. (unless you Linux the sucker)

And how fast does the 'Intel inside'/AMD equipped sticker machine run when it's full 'O bloatware.
yep, agree on that. If nothing else (though I doubt this is possible on a widescale) they should have an option to get personalized stickers, with the windows 7, intel and all that stuff in there (but smaller).

It might actually endear them to customers, and for online orders at least it could potentially be done.
I agree, why can't they on the plastic wrap around the device or something else, having them adhered right to the machine makes no sense.
Correct they're ugly but 10-15 mins?
A laptop is a tool, not a fashion statement. Who cares about stickers?

Oh, right. Apple fans.
Never mind.
I don´t care about stickers or how a laptop looks I only care about how it works
I love this!
Step 1: remove from box
Step 2: remove protective material
Step 3: remove informational product stickers
Step 4: fresh Install of your choice of OS
I heartily agree. Its a total waste of time to put them on there. Drop them in the box. Maybe it'll turn into free advertising for them like Apple does with their device stickers, maybe.
I could deal with the stickers if they would stop installing useless bloatware.
In case of Apple the same Intel doesn't forces them.
and i'm loviing apple :) just a little icon from a fruit with the light.. who cares about stickers..
Apple sure don't allow them!
+Frank Cuenca Some people care; some people don't care. But it's stupid to piss off the people who care.
I like stickers - i plan on putting hello kitty stickers over them ;)
+Mike Elgan "People who care" about a couple stickers on a laptop don't buy these laptops anyway. They stand in line overnight to pay too much for the newest under-powered Apple product.
I tear them off my laptop too, whenever I get a new one.

It's funny. I just rebuild my desktop, and when I opened the box with the processor in it one of the first things I saw was the sticker that AMD wanted me to put on my computer declaring that I was using a Phenom II processor. I though to myself, "How stupid it this? I want my computer to look good, not be an advertisement. If someone wants to know what I'm using, they can ask me!"
What the "Windows 7" sticker really means is that the machine has passed Windows Hardware Logo (used to be WHQL) testing. There are hundreds of requirements a PC must meet in order to legally fly the sticker, and it's a big deal for OEM manufacturers to be able to meet the requirements.
+Mike Elgan I am just expressing my opinion (like you did in your post), why are you pissed off? Maybe there are people who like stickers, so in that case, are you pissing them off?
Even when I add/remove parts from my computer I don't even bother with the case badges. I mean, seriously... it's like they don't even try to conform to one another. That, and I already know what's in the damn thing. Plus, I have a pretty sweet looking case at the moment (NZXT Phantom) and I don't want to muck it up with stickers. Laptops are pretty bad as well. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that with my Chromebook (if you discount the fact that Acer put the Chrome badge on slightly crooked, lol).
<---raises hand - I like stickers and I'm not pissed off =D
+Edwin Cobb I just open up the PC and look at the internals. Oh, look. Everything is labeled there.

Laptops are easier. Punch in the unique serial number in their respective website and it will list the details of that specific laptop. Stickers are not needed.
even worse is the crud that accumulates along the edges after a while!
First world problems indeed!
+Edwin Cobb Then, considering the time I took in picking out all the parts, and then assembling them inside the case, I'm a moron.
+Ron Enderland isn't that glowing apple on the top of the laptop "sticker" enough? Gosh you can see that in outer space almost LOL - just sayin'
+Mike Elgan - The stickers are not for you, they are for the thief that steals your laptop, so he/she knows what they're getting.

All kidding aside, I agree with you - pretty pointless, like you don't know what your system comes with. We don't need the "ads" on our own purchases.
+Leonardo Alonzo that is not true with every pc manufacturer, and where do you find this info......on stickers?
why go through the pain of taking the pc apart just to get a serial number?
Again what if the owner is not connected to the internet at that time and needs a quick lookup?
+Mike Elgan i love the way my 'droid dings over and over at me because your posts are so wikked awesome that everyone is commenting on them!
As a tech these stickers can come in handy when working on customer units there information in those stickers. I can tell if the computer had been roll back on OS systems let say from Vista to XP. Maybe why drivers are not working. Before you open the hood to your computer it nice to know what you got software/hardware. It saves you time.
I want one that says: "Enhanced by OEM Crapware"
I'd also like to point out that most Windows laptops, including my son's new Samsung, display a very conspicuous splash screen when they boot saying Samsung, Intel Inside and Microsoft Windows. Every. Single. Time. The stickers are completely unnecessary.
+David Ugarte Good plan, but you're actually putting money in MS's pocket doing it like that. OTOH, buying a Linux-preload will thumb your nose at Mr. BLAMMER.
Those are the tame stickers. Some laptops, especially those bought in stores, come with huge stickers that cover up half the laptop screaming about it's features. Funnily enough...some people never remove these and I end up seeing them when they bring me their laptops to fix a problem. That's the mark of someone who doesn't use their laptop on a regular basis. I don't see those kinds of stickers on the laptops of the commuters I travel with ever day on the train.
Exactly. Why don't "they" just put the sticker, or just their logos, in the box, in the product manual, or those countless leaflets, booklets and things that go in the box with the computer?

If there is value in informing the buyer of those things (big IF), why does it have to be on the product itself?

And, wrt the picture you post, are users really experiencing the "enhanced experience" that Lenovo PCs bring?
I just love how the glue still annoys you 2 years after you removed the sticker =P
Somehow I can't manage to get too worked up over laptop stickers. Then again I'm not in the Apple "aesthetics first" psychographic. To me a computer is a tool, not a fashion accessory.
To remove that annoying adhesive use plain clear packing tape,a dollar at dollar stores, and just hit it time and time again with the sticky side. Eventually all the old sticky is gone. Typically only one tv show of time and no damage.

*Over 100 comments* about a minor sticker nuissance. Albeit, I don't discourage anyone from voicing their opinion, no matter how minor the issue. We all came here to internet.

But, I wish more people got this pumped up about the things that count.
+Mike Elgan, this lack of aesthetic sense extends painfully to mobile, where Google has to force manufacturers to remove their logos from the front of Nexus devices in order to present a clean face to the user. It hurts even more when you see both the carrier's logo and the manufacturer's tucked awkwardly somewhere in the front of the device.
At the same time, the sticker on the bottom with the machine serial number (and perhaps windows serial#) will be so fragile it'll quickly be worn away to nothing.
i don't see how this is a big deal. I kinda like the Intel and Windows stickers. You like the way Apple does things, everybody else is wrong, we get it :-)
You can't take Apple's "sticker" off. No choice there.
Maybe because knowing the hardware of the pc your using is actually important.
your mom is retarded!!! :) i will find out where you live and kill you in your sleep. :)
Felt sorry for the Windows-Sticker on my thinkpad - replaced it with a Ubuntu one ;-)
After a few months of use the edges of those stickers become very good at snagging arm hair. That is when I start associating the Intel and Windows logos with pain. I doubt their marketing departments really want the companies associated with the words ugly and painful.
I spotted he beautifull black finish in the picture before I even saw the Lenovo Enhanced Experience sticker. What do you have, something from 2010? T500 maybe? T400s ?
It's a branding thing but I agree it's not he smartest or nicest looking way to brand a company.
I agree. Those stickers with the hardware specs are also an eye sore, but they can be pretty useful...
How many people will remove their stickers after reading this post?

P.S. Me too
So it's a matter of preference or fashion, big deal. That said, yep, I hate 'em, too. HATE 'EM.
Apple used to provide stickers separately... went straight into the trash can!
Leave the stickers and remove (read as replace) the OS? :)
I made a couple of PC's and sold them on they eBay with a sticker on the inside saying made with love and care
Without stickers and spec sheets, how will I know what I am really getting?
Agreed. I dislike the stickers. And I remove them also. Those with useful info get stuck to a paper and placed in the file of relevant data for the device.
Apple is not without fault, either. They embed a, just as ugly, white plastic Apple logo on the outside of the laptop monitor and illuminate it with the monitor back-lighting. And you can't take that one off either. Only option there is to cover it up with some other, hopefully less obnoxious, sticker.
"OK, so Intel: You're stupid. And Microsoft: You're stupid. It says so, right there on my laptop. " XD +1 Thanks for that!
get LINUX sticker or freeBSD and be 3LIT3 xD
Suvin V
yup i removed them too
Well stated, Mike. I would never allow a car dealership to put a sticker on my car. Why would I want a sticker on my computing product? Sticker removal is something that I do for my customers regularly.

How can we change this annoyance?
Never happen on an Apple
I can imagine a retailer saying "the damn thing sells better with these stickers, so don't tell me they don't work". But outside of the display unit case, these stickers are annoying. BTW "goo gone" stuff works the best on the sticky residue.
easy way for me to spot the laptops with ssd at work, thanks stickers!
Actually, I think the question is stupid. Stickers? Really? Let's seriously take a look, shall we?

Hmmm...a 15" laptop with an Intel i7 and Windows 7 OS runs about $1200. A comparable Apple laptop costs $2000+. So, those stickers actually are causing a DEPRECIATION in in a way, Intel and Microsoft are looking out for your best interests because the placement of their stickers makes the cost of the laptops cheaper. And on the other hand, Apple does not destroy the asthetics of their computers, thus allowing the laptop to retain its value...hence why Apple products cost more. it stupid that companies (i.e., Microsoft and Intel) force manufacturers to place those logos (i.e., stickers) on a laptop? If it ends up saving you money, then I'd say it's not stupid at all. After all, it's like being an owner of a NASCAR vehicle...companies like Intel and Microsoft are "sponsors" which donate money to keep the cost of maintaining your race car low. So too are they doing the same here...their logo stickers keep the cost of laptops low. Thus, in my book, the stickers are not stupid.

Now, the REAL question is this: Just how annoyed does one get when Microsoft and Intel (and other manufacturers) insist that companies put their company's logo on these laptops? I won't say it's beyond belief, though it really is. And that's the bottom's not so much that putting stickers on a laptop is stupid, but that it's annoying.
i dont see why a little sticker in the corner would bother anyone
its a sticker so everyone knows who made the product so if its good then others can buy it.
I just bought a new motherboard and CPU for my desktop setup. The motherboard came with a sticker and the CPU came with a sticker. I suppose they want me to put those somewhere so that I remember what brands I put inside the case...
+Wang Long oh why Wang. Deess are the stickers you put on my nipples wast night when we make steamy time
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Actually Apple is the Elite here, While I can Get a Notebook PC here for 40,000 Pesos, a MacBook with the Same Specifications would cost around 130,000 Pesos :) It's not worth the experience sometimes when I can do the same things, even more perhaps.
+Wang Long wang you so silly. we make great steamy time in da baffroom at your momma's house
+Zander Brigman: Or just the one with the windows license on it. Not that I've seen a shop care unless they need to re-install the same version of Windows that came on it in the first place.
They are not stickers. They are warning stickers.
Bob B
I wished I owned a "stupid" Multi Billion $ Company for people to bitch about lol
I would prefer them on the underside tbh ......
sometimes it its helpful to know what's inside before you boot it up but put the damn stickers on the bottom!
I agree! When I buy a computer with Intel Inside, I know that, because that is what selected. And if someone asks me, I'll tell them. In any case, most people don't care. They don't even know what they are buying, and they don't even understand it, other than price. Most people select the cheapest, not by price performance ratio.
I know where they can out their stickers and its not on the case
I like this sticks, and when i buy some product help me to know what processor, operating system and technology use :P

No for experts, but for normal user is great :)
Wow nice rant... I'm not a sticker hated... My laptop has a +Fedora Project and a #Linux badge, and I keep them there to ward off the evil M$ and Apple spirits LOL
While I agree that the stickers are annoying, the only market Apple controls right now is the tablet market. Android already has more than doubled iOS's market share in smart phones, and it would take OSX another 75 years at its current growth rate to overtake Windows.
Buy business class laptops.. they don't come with stickers... at least mine didn't ;)
Kinda like over-badged cars and trucks.
Would rather lose some of the aesthetics if it means more performance at a lower price.... Got to admit though, not quite sure why that Lenovo sticker ever needed to exist...
Sounds cool, add me to your circle and we can share tech articles!
You can always build your own, get the stickers, and not put them on. Sounds like a first world problem... On the other hand, it seems like the manufacturers would have an extra $2.00 option to strip these along with the adware software off your computer before you receive it.
One of the many things I enjoy about the Microsoft store is all this crap isn't on the machines sold in the store. Nor is all the bloatware that's on OEM machines nowadays.
I have to agree with the statement about stickers... they are pointless. They serve no purpose after I've already got the device other than to get in my way. It's like selling me something I've already paid for. Perhaps it's to sell the product to friends or to remind me that this awesome thing came from "company X"
All being said, I've never liked how apple designs... I know other people shoot hot sticky wads all over the place about the beauty and splendour that is an apple product, but not this guy. I find the UX to be boring, soft and expensive. I've been fond of Gnome, KDE and Enlightenment.
Whoa, can tell someone is really mad. But damn agree with you when I'm still on Microsoft-type laptop.

Not anymore now, Apple gave a separated sticker : )

Good luck mate. 
at least you can take the stickers off a windows can never take the gay apple off a mac
Really? You're going on a rant about....laptop stickers. If they bother you so much, you can just take them's not really a big deal. And who cares? It's a STICKER.
So glad this post isn't about the tons of bloatware installed in them. That could be an eternal rant
Dude your a fuckin bitch. Quit wining and grow some balls. Its a sticker not AIDS. Now AIDS is stupid.
They r nt sooo stupid as u mentioned above ... stickers r nt alwys luking too bad ...
+James Beaudry Big deal or not he's a customer, one who's managed to garner the up-votes of a number of people with this screed. People who are also dissatisfied with those 'just a stickers' and that's precisely why those companies should be listening to this.
It's like buying a car that comes with bumper stickers pre-applied. Yea, sure, you can always take them off, but why would they be there in the first place? Ugly.
Thank you so much +Stephanie Straw - you hit the nail on the head. So much hipster hate over stickers, yet when you look around, there are so many other causes that deserve this kind of attention.
It's like buying a new car and having stickers or emblems for the dealer on it, or those stupid child safety warning on the visors.
The crapware I have to spend 20 minutes uninstalling is far more offensive...
Apple doesn't need stickers, you are encased within their cube ecosystem.
Not saying it's nesc bad.
I recently discovered that Apple includes stickers of their logo in the box of their iphones. Now that is stupid
hell, i think the companies' logos are freaking stupid; cars, laptops, tvs, etc. they're not paying me to advertise their shit and i take them off whenever possible.
i even have energy star sticker on mine... they are really hard to remove
Ok how is that any different then the big glowing or black apple on mac's products, atleast you can remove the stickers
And yet, having working in tech support for quite a while, I can tell you that if those stickers are missing, there will be customers who will call, email or write letters complaining and wanting replacements +Mike Elgan
as someone who built their own pc, i wish my i7 had come with a sticker for my tower because that part of the computer matters more to me than the stuff companies like lenovo puts into it.
You buy a Mac because you like to pay three times as much for the same thing.
Agreed. Why didn't you buy a Mac?
Yeah, I'm guilty of this. It don't really bother me to leave them there. What's the big deal?
+Edwin Cobb There are other ways to figure out what's in your laptop / desktop. "dmidecode", for example.
to me It's like buying a car with sticker logos on it
Worse that that is if you need to do a reinstall and they put the windows key under that battery, so you need to take the battery out and turn it over, then copy the key.
I dunno... methinks this is much ado about nothing.
They can harvest bacteria at the edge of the sticker themselves. Use one long enough and the edges get dirty.

It don't particularly bother me they exist, but they bother me where they put them. This information should reside in the same place all the other technical information resides.. On the ass-end of the of the Laptop along with the Serial Number and MAC addresses etc.
Your stupid Mike elegan not Microsoft , don't you know when your calling Microsoft stupid your calling one of the richest man in the world stupid and your the one who's probably jealous of him because your a fail in life
15 minutes to remove stickers? Really? How spoiled are we Americans when we feel the need to write two paragraphs about how hard life is because we have to pull stickers off of a computer. Get a life.....
Just branding, those are labels, like on everything else, is a human thingy, some love brands, logos, and want to see specs up front and all the bling-bling, we all know about the fashion current to wear a hat (or other clothing) with the store label/tag attached...Most of the phones have the provider printed on it (not removable), your snickers, jeans, most electronics and so on...99% of the trunk/back logos on the cars are technically stickers to, and on most you find codes and specs, but I do not see to many removed, and frankly how many people know what F450 stand for on a Ferrari logo or SLK 350 on a Merceds ? It tells what's inside...some specs, just like the intel logo, and it is removable ...After all a laptop should be a tool, so one should know what that tool is capable to do upfront...and there's where the sticker is coming to help. Honestly it takes less than a minute to remove those (chemically) without damaging the case, peel and wipe with mild fat solvents, the glue residue goes away in a second with house hold chemicals, like camp fuel (Coleman), or barbecue lighting fluid.
i think this whole thing is stupid the post and all the comments
+sebastian whittaker All manufacturers put their logo pretty brightly on the machine somewhere, don't they? Dell, IBM, Acer, Sony... These stickers are stupid, but they're a fact of life. You find them on lots of products, days, not just computers. They tout the benefits, of the product, the components inside, the software installed, etc. The thing that seems silly to me is that I have already bought the product. It's annoying enough unpacking electronics when each and every piece is individually wrapped, down to the prongs on the plug. But then I have to spend 15 minutes removing sticky stuff from my new internet ready TV. First the propaganda that's telling me why I should buy what I already bought, then the protective covering.
+Leonardo Alonzo that is not true with every pc manufacturer, and where do you find this info......on stickers?
why go through the pain of taking the pc apart just to get a serial number?
Again what if the owner is not connected to the internet at that time and needs a quick lookup?
I like the stickers, I go to best buy and take stickers off their computers to put on my laptop.
It used to take hours to get the gold "Japan" sticker off of cameras. Almost had to use sandpaper.
In some markets, more stickers are (oddly) desirable. I pulled mine off while waiting for my laptop to boot the first time.
Wow. Talk about first world problems. You can remove them in about the same time it takes to read this rant.
The box told me what the specs are, why do I need a sticker telling me the same thing?
I can remove tha t easily
this is the WORST pic i've seen on here
Yup. A cheap fix that would remove an annoyance about their product.

So cheap it'd probably save them money
That's the first thing I do too ... I only give a crap about that Intel chip when I'm deciding to buy and the micro$oft sticker ... Winblows is a constant reminder of that (Unless I wipe it and install Linux, in which case the sticker is wrong).
yeah, apple only puts an ugly bright logo on the back of their laptop displays ^^ however its designed to inform youre using an apple product, its just branding, i dont buy products that are magic or beautiful, i but products that work, then again, its just another opinion
These stickers are there to show off, to the other people arouse you that how much money you have spent!
I put them on urinals at work. :)
Fred C
good idea!
...Seriously? #firstworldproblems are "killing the out-of-the-box experience," now?
Tip: peal off the sticker and repeadidly put the sticky side of the sticker on the glue that's on the laptop. It takes about 15 secs per sticker. But indeed, stickers on hardware is bad :-)
I hate the stickers too, wish they just left them off/separate in the box. Apple has this one right.
I love them. Peel them off and stick them on stupid hardware like refrigerators, staplers, toasters etc. Hey, my toilet flush runs Windows 7!
Fau Sta
Hmmm. you have abused the word "stupid" in the post. anyway my problem had to do with the bloatware on new laptops. it takes too much time getting them uninstalled and i just get so so pissed.
/me peels stickers off of laptop while reading...
My Energy Star sticker is now unintelligible.
Be may void their wonderful warranty service. LOL
Dude what are you talking about? The stickers are awesome! That's the computer's way of bragging about it's skillz dawg!
Not gonna lie, I like the stickers. Love them, even. The feeling is like buying brand name cereal over generic cereal. Doesn't taste any better, but it's there.
stickers? oh, i thought they were just colorful inserts that i can put on my car bumper. :P
I hate these too. Imagine if Apple started doing it, Jobs would be spinning out of his grave
I put a Hello Kitty sticker in place of mine
Intel's sticker is attractively designed but at the best it should be on the bottom of the computer. The other two shouldn't even be there.
Thx for the insignificant whine? :)
+Mike Elgan your post makes me glad of two things: that this year was my first laptop purchase (and therefore sticker tape parade) since 2006, and that my primary system is an ASUS Transformer Prime, so NO DAMN STICKERS TO PEEL OFF BUT ASUS!
As one who works in a "big box" electronics store I can tell you this. That sticker tells us that you have a LEGAL copy of windows on that machine. Unless you provide us with the disks and/or registration number, we are obligated by contract with Microsoft for remove that OS.

So think before you start removing things that you don't know what they do.
Well said sir!! I also find stickers put on by the laptop users are also annoying. I get that it's the owner's way of showing their taste/individuality/etc. It just takes away from the aesthetic beauty of the hardware. Idk, that's just my opinion.
So, you 'have' to spend a few minutes scraping them off? So what? Be glad you can afford a laptop and have the physical ability to scrape them off. This rant about something so non-essential is far more stupid than the stickers. Scrape them off for crying out loud, and stop whining.
completely untrue laptop stickers are epic!!!!!
my pc has 2 stickers, windows 7 and an AMD X4 processor sticker
sticker makes a product look ugly some r nice
I disagree... I like me stickers.
Bananas, oranges, avocados... can't you see how this "seal of approval" is important????????? :-) Try to stick a sticker of the Intel Core in a banana. Androids will love that banana!
Someone way up above mentioned debadged cars. I think that looks stupid - personally. To each their own. I don't mind the stickers. If I forget, I can quickly look over and remind myself that my Lenovo is a Core i5 system. I suppose we could have giant, gaudy, LED lit Windows Logos on the back lids of our Windows laptops - but would you make it so that the logo was upside down or right side up when the lid was open? That is the real question... I think that this is more relevant as an analogy to the car DEALER stickers that they put on cars. I don't like those. If you want to put a license plate frame with your name on it on the car you sell, that is fine - but don't but a decal on my trunk that says Bill Panazio Librero Dodge and Jeep. I make them take those off when I buy a car.
I don't mind the stickers.its just stickers....
Some 'apples' may not have stickers but they're usually the type that come at a premium that us PC/Linux users can't afford. I don't mind peeling the brand stickers off my granny smiths, golden delicious and braeburns! ;)
never thought that way.. you got a point Mike Elgan.
I've got one Intel and one Microsoft sticker and I've kept them because I tought it's part of the laptop's image. If it hadn't them from factory, I wouldn't have needed them.
i know but the apple stickers are good
I use Goop to remove labels from all sorts things. Never thought of my laptop, tho. I never accept a car with the dealer logo. They have to remove it it get me a car without one
I moved them to the bottom of my laptop - as kind of an identifier.
Remove the stickers if you don't like them, I do.
Were it not for those stupid ugly stickers, would you be buying it in the first place?
stickers are like "1.9TDI" or "GTi" stickers in cars: are only for people that wants that everyone looks at their stuff saying "OMG! what a car/laptop/etc"...
+Ángel Linares García Agreed. Take the 560 SEL tag off of the back of my 560 SEL and it's still a 5.6 Litre 300 hp v8 monster. No need to announce it. It just is what it is.
dont worry about the sticker. Worry about the bloatware they put on the hard drive, that slows it down. Or you could pay for a signature PC with no unwanted software for more money, or pay Microsoft $99 to remove it.
wow, core i7?
But nobody cares enough about what's inside your laptop enough to want to see stickers saying "Intel inside." Unless it's a Mac, of course. Then everybody wants to know so they can make fun of you.
i put an OBEY giant sticker on mine
I used to keep the Win95 stickers and put them on new hardware. Lame, I know.
I didn't care about them until now....... and now I MUST remove them. I see it on the corner of my eye all the time.......m
Apple is so pleasing, they just slap the logo right on the front of the computer!
You know, I never paid much attention to the stickers on my laptops before. Hmmm, and now that you've pointed it out..... I still don't care. I don't carry it around to make an artistic or stylistic statement, I carry it to perform a function when I need it to.

You say those companies are "stupid" for doing it: most reasonable people would agree that it's smart to do that. Google the word "marketing" sometime.

But that's just me.
OMG i have the same stickers on my machine!!! that really weirded me out man.
Maxx D
I just ordered a Dell Latitude E6420. It had two ugly stickers (Microsoft and Intel) that came off easily, but was surprisingly free of any sort of bloatware. Usually I wipe the system and reinstall Windows clean but, in this case, I didn't have to.

The garbage that the carriers and OEMs install on Android phones is just the same -- bloatware that makes the phone slow, unstable, and crappy. I wiped my Captivate and put on a clean AOSP Android build and it was like I got a brand new phone.

Still, the post is spot on, and it's a small part of the overall experience that has given Apple such a tremendous advantage on both fronts.
I recently 'steampunked' my computer and getting those hellish stickers off the case was the most agonizing thing. Not only that they decided to put my Windows Key ON a sticker ON the case and so I had to take a picture of it before I completely annihilated the sticker trying to take it off. Morons and their labels.
Back when manufacturers were making cookie cutter desktops and laptops, it was necessary so we would know what hardware was inside. Blame it on Intel Inside.
I've got a levono .no stickers .making me laugh people making such a fuss ?????? Sad
The stickers are there to tell you that the new computer you bought needs its OS installed from scratch, because its equally full of #crapware installed before you bought it.
I saw this kid the other day driving a beat up Honda Civic with a billion stickers on it. He thought he was ridin' clean, but he was actually ridin' dirty.
Man you think the same way I do when I do
Agreed, especially since none of my personal computers run Windows anyway
If its so important to you buy a mac and stop qqing, how'd this even make it to explore...
Except most of the stickers are pretty much useless, and as my Latin American culture likes to leave everything, including the cheap plastic that clearly says "remove before use." They scum up the laptop. Plus it would be usefull to know the important things, like what Generation of the CPU, what LGA? What type of RAM? These thing are always a bother to figure out, but would be nice if the stickers actually had some good technical info. But since we live in the real world and users who buy the laptops don't care, I'm all for getting rid of them too. But how else are manufacturers supposed to make money? Are these stickers advertisements?
Wouldn't tick me off if it was actually aligned. 
free advertising just like the sticker on the back of your car
Wow! This thread has really gotten traction! I'm currently an Americorps volunteer in rural West Virginia for a terribly cash strapped organization. I've been running a online cultural exchange program in the schools here using bare bones technology and it's been a real pain in the --- trying to make due! Suddenly what seemed like a funny thread seems ridiculous to me. Who cares about stickers? We so desperately need a new computer in the office at the Birthplace! 12 iPads, laptops, or any other brand portable computing devices would allow us to offer the most amazing educational programs whenever we wanted, without having to compete for the one set belonging to one of the schools we work with. I could care less what's affixed to it. Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Sun, Google, and anyone else who wants can load it up like a NASCAR drivers jumpsuit, as long as I can pull 'em off the monitor to see the screen! Truthfully, I never even bother to remove the stickers on my own equipment. But now that I think about it, they're advertising, aren't they? Those companies owe me money. I'll let it all go if they just buy some technology for the kids I teach!
A comment I hardly hear now, but actually, yes, I did like these stickers back in the day. And my friend parodies this now on his iPhone case.
Now if you bought a max, problem solved.. until your son accidently drops it or spills juice on it... Thats where the problem comes and peeling the stickers off was probably a good idea. Thats experience.
I actually hate how my phantom PC case doesn't have stickers
I totally agree, Mike. The first thing I do when I buy a new laptop is remove the stickers.
You know who doesn't plaster those on their laptops?


Apple doesn't plaster those on their MacBooks.
Yeah, it's annoying but not all people care about company logos. I do personally like Apple logo the best.
Nav H.
I wonder how you feel about ads on every web site.
Every laptop I've owned has been slightly scratched by me when removing the stickers.
Okay, for those who think these stickers are that important, let the manufactures put then under the notebook computer, together with the Microsoft Windows product key. If you want to look at these stickers, you can turn the computer over. I've been in the computer industry well before notebook computers were even thought of. And believe me, asks most people what they have on the notebook computer, they will tell you, they have no idea. They don't even realize they can look at the stickers on the keyboard area. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying everyone, I'm saying most people. Again, why would it only be important to know what is in the computer after you have bought it? I would want to know this when I make a decision at purchase time. In any case, you can check under computer properties in Windows for this information. Another great idea would be for the manufacturer to supply the stickers in a little plastic sleeve together with the notebook computer, and leave it up to each person to stick them on themselves. That would solve this problem.
Maybe if they didn't put the most impossible to remove glue. Then I wouldn't mind. 
Apple doesn't need to. They already have their logo on everything. One of the benefits of vertical integration.
Apple using "aesthetically pleasing hardware"...... A YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!
It's even more stupid when you get a new laptop for work that has a Windows 7 sticker on it and yet it's running XP.
Technically the stickers are not going on the product the sticker is telling you about. But they can work together - the hp envy series (and similar) have all that stuff painted on the back where you don't have to look at it.
I don't really mind the stickers but it does bug me that they can't manage to get them on straight. Peeling them off and throwing them away feels wrong to me though, it's part of the branding of what you've paid for. I'm not a label wearer on my clothes at all but lots of people are, would you buy a labelled item of clothing and pick the label off that? I just thought that showing people the labels was all part of consumerism.
I always put pretty stickers over the stickers!! :/
I did computer repair for 4 years. It's amazing how many customers I had that actively tried to save the stickers on their laptops. Going as far as putting clear tape over them so they don't come off.
The 90s called, and they want their laptop stickers back!
Usually the first thing when I get a new notebook: Removing the ridiculous +Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 sticker.
So am I the only one who looks at the stickers on my laptop and thinks "oh look there's some stickers on my laptop" and then.... no more?
The only useful sticker on there is the one telling us about the processor. Yeah the rest are lame.
These stickers are so pointless! They collect dirt and look horrendous.
I don't agree with this post. I really don't mind the stickers. I leave them on. To each his own; And the Apple comparison... oh boy... here we go again.
I can live with the stickers, they can be peeled off. What I hate worse is the companies logo a part of the lid of the laptop so everytime I open the thing, everyone can see who built my laptop like I'm a billboard. What made things worse is now more and more of them glow, to grab even more attention...
laptop stickers are totally gay in some cases but most of the time I don't mind the stickers at all
apple users seem to cover theirs in stickers.
Your son should setup his own computer.
I have said it before, and I agree with you now: brand dilution and value confusion are just plain dumb
+Edwin Cobb: have you ever taken time to look at PCI_ID&VENDOR_ID. Under Linux is save me a lot of time still I wonder why there is no clear centralized listing of that information even for other OS than Linux.

Anyway having a logo/sticker on a system is not for the user but for the branding. I have a system at home that wish I could peel out the branding still it isn't sticker. The company even originally had an internal on who is the audience target of the branding : last time I check it wasn't the user.
Yeah the sad th&#0;ng is my gf gave me a dirty look when i attemped to remove the ones on her laptop.....but my self made desktop has a killer bobba fett sticker on it
Furthermore, you already know what specs, etc your computer has. You don't need a sticker to remind you that you're using Windows or that your laptop has a webcam.
I've always ripped them off immediately as soon as I see them on any device I own.
If you pay Microsoft $99 to make your PC a Signature PC, will they peel these and remove the residue?
One of the things I like about Apple products is that they are very clean out of the box - no clutter like annoying stickers.
Bummer that the Windows 7 sticker is still on mine now that I use (Ubuntu) Linux.
I always take the stickers off of the computer (including the awful Windows serial number on the bottom - especially when I automatically install Linux when I first turn it on the first time, but keep the manufacturer's serial number). The only thing that should be on a computer is one silk-screened manufacturer's name and that's it. The brand name is the only important thing. You can see the frustration on the user's face if it is a bad product (or even de-face the logo) or the smiling user's face if they are satisfied with the product. The stickers are not only on computers, they are on every single electronic product and miscellaneous products. To this very day, I still do not know what I am watching on TV because of the blasted sticker on the screen (the sticker adhered too well in some places and I can't return it because it is not in its original condition). It's on my microwave oven (again, unable to take it off), so I don't know if I overcooked my food and find out later when I smell something burning. I know my coffee maker makes coffee...that's why I bought it. Nope, I am happy to look at manuals and read up on the technical specs, do research in order to make informed decisions...not after I bought the product.
it's like wearing a jersey of your favorite sports team, you are the laptop and the jersey would be the sticker.
As a person who has worked as a technician on computers, I actually appreciate the stickers. It can potentially tell you a lot about what you need to know without even turning the computer on. Or if you are on the phone with someone who is clueless, you can ask "what does it say on the front of your computer?"

Also, I appreciate the humor in having a PC that says "Made for Windows 7" but then running FreeBSD or Linux on it.
I agree with other tech heads in thus thread. The stickers tell a lot without even turning the computer on. I'm the computer guy in my group of friends and they all ask me questions if a certain computer program can run on their set up. I would ask, what the specs are and they have no clue. Thank god for the stickers.
I call it "Sticker Spam" and laugh at how many people actually leave them on for years +Mike Elgan
Then it's a gooey mess to remove!
Thank god the retailers never got in on it too (best buy, amazon, the shack)
+Placido Buniao Really? As a tech, what valuable information are you getting from "Windows 7", "Intel Core i7", and "Lenovo Enhanced Experience" stickers?

The stickers are ugly and manufacturers have to jump through hoops to get permission to alter the stickers like Asus did on their Zenbook (the stickers are all gray). They should at least be allowed to put the stickers on the bottom beside the Windows license sticker, IMHO.
Hahaha that's a good example of #firstworldproblems... who the f*ck cares about stickers?!? They're just f*cking stickers!!! Stop whining...
Really? If this is among the biggest problems you have, I seriously seriously envy your life.

Have a teaspoon of cement and harden up! :)
+Mark Harrison Nobody wants to hear about my "biggest problems." I write about technology and culture for a living, and tend to blog (here on Google+) about, among other things, the mistakes of major consumer electronics and mobile computing companies.

Yes, stickers are a minor issue. But it's their sheer stupidity and the degree to which they are unnecessary that makes it worthy of mention.
Well I hate these stickers too. But I'm still ok to have these sticker, as long as it's not too sticky and easy to remove though... I usually remove them all after unboxing.
Viet La
Why it took you 10 minutes to remove the sticker?
+Mike Elgan Sorry. I think this is a case of two peoples separated by a common language. In Australia, this would not have raised a ripple. We are so similar I sometimes forget the differences.

Re-reading what I wrote I can see why you might have misunderstood my light-hearted attempt at humor.


The only reason why Apple are selling more laptops is because they don't have these stickers!
Well, I like stickers, as long as they're neat and pretty, so, I don't usually remove the stickers fm my machine :P
I've never understood why so many people leave those stickers on their electronics. Even on the edges of monitors and on their laptops after they are all scuffed and dirty. Maybe it's a hold over from the old pillow tag warnings?
The ultrabook Intel stickers are actually good, they're of the same color as the laptop itself so it doesn't distract too much from the design.

But yeah, I agree, laptop stickers are stupid.
my girlfriend got angry when I tried to take the stickers of her laptopl :/
she likes them.
As a Linux user it annoys me as not only do I have to remove the stickers but I'm also paying for software I'll never boot let alone use
Agree with this even more, cause you're not getting the damn laptops/computers offered to you, neither the software they come with, you're paying everything in the retail price and you should be getting the stickers (yes, you should) but not applied to the case, if they want to offer these, make it an offer not an obligation.
+Edwin Cobb if you need the stickers to know what kind of machine you're dealing with, than you're not a computer/support techician. you're just some curious dude (no bad thing here), but if you're a computer tech you should know better than stickers. ;)
PS: i did not remove the nvidia Gfx card sticker and Intel processor sticker, cause they are of low profile, and of some kind of metal alloy/foil.. so whatever. these don't look bad anyway :)
+Rui Palmeira I totally disagree. Do check my previous post on this issue. I know a lot of ways in getting the information that i need on a pc even without an Os installed or even with a locked bios which does not always provide all the info that you want sometimes. viewing the Specs from a sticker makes things very easier for everyone. Down here everyone that i know still have their sticker intact ever since they bought the pc.
To be very honest those who take them off do tend to have very bad specs compared to that of their buddies.
Try checking the specs on a machine running linux or a windows os having boot issues and with the stickers removed.
This spec checking comes vital in determining a lot of thing and if you are a tech guy then you should know better....cause it will be important even in the choice of Os. A lot of machine does come pre-installed with windows 7 which to a real tech guy will not be the right thing to do sometimes looking at the underlying specs on the sheet, the company is only trying to sell what is knows others are interested in and not what really matters.
Need very detailed info............will give one if you need.
I have had situations whereby the machine stickers where removed. Finding drivers became an issue............the story goes on. A real tech guy will know what i mean.
I hate the stickers because when they start to peel they're really annoying as the edges curl up and rub on your wrists.
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