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My wife made these this morning

My wife invented what she calls "cookie cakes" years ago. They taste like a cross between a scone, a cookie and a cupcake. They're not super sweet, and they're incredibly healthy and delicious.

Anyway, she doesn't make them very often because I literally cannot stop myself from gobbling them down, but she made a batch this morning. These are peach. Wow. So good.
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Those look DE-LISH!!!!!!!!
can she put down the recipe :)
I love to try new things
You cant post something that looks so good and no recipe
Those look really good - when will Google Plus let me reach into the screen and try one of these out....
Recipe please!! These look scrumptious. I love that they're a healthy[ish] treat, too.
Maybe you should share the recipe? :)
Um, recipe please? They look amazing.
hold on, you can't post this picture with rave reviews without the recipe!
Recipe?!?!?! Looking for a healthy way to suppress my sweet tooth.
Are you still working on the cook book?
One from the new camera? What lens did you settle on?
Comment thread blew up for a sec. 20+ comments in < 15 sec. Crazy
Are they still healthy in large quantities? :)
I have to agree with everyone else, you can't post something like this and say how amazing they are and then not give us the recipe! It's torture! :)
You are one lucky man!
Did you know that cookies started off as tests of oven temperatures before baking a cake? A little drop of batter was put into the oven to make sure all was good. Usless knowledge cluttering my brain.
Let's ask Google what the rules are about posting yummy photos of food and no recipe!
They look amazzzzing! I'm now hungry! :) Give your wife kisses because she deserves them. :D
Looks like the new camera is working out OK.
Definitely need the recipe for those. Looks like something I'd love to make for the boys.
Dae McD
Looks yummy.Since they are healthy, that means she wants to keep you around :)
Hahaha you posted your wife's delicious looking cookies at 9:28 and within minutes had 52 comments. I think people love to eat. :)
Damn, now I want some cookies.
+Mike Elgan There's a crowd swell of interest in getting the recipe! Those look fabulous.
These look delicious! Would she consider sharing the recipe?
Sound of fork on the table ... Recipe! Recipe! Recipe! Recipe!
can you pipe some into the stream OMG they look so good
@Gray, yes, we are sugar hype to death.
I'll try to extract a recipe from my wife. She's probably going to want to publish said recipe in a future cookbook, so I'll do what I can... :)
Yes, this is the new camera (LOVE IT!!) but with the mediocre lens that came with the "kit." I'm still working on lenses, and will probably buy two really good ones in the next month or two. 
Also: They're not very sweet; nearly all the sweetness comes from the peaches. 
Showing cookies without a recipe is like asking a trivia question without knowing the answer. So Frustrating!
Yeah teasing us without sharing a recipe...that's just wrong. If you want share the recipe, can we at least order some so we can enjoy them too. :)
i thought food porn was reserved for the new FB. (and where the heck is the recipe??)
I'm sure they taste delicious, but you don't seem to know much about "incredibly healthy" food. Having fruits and/or grains in it doesn't make it automatically healthy food. This misbelief basically got us where we are now: most people are overweight (978-1-907797002). Anyway, the recipe please!
Health is a net effect of nutrition, exercise, environment, emotions, etc. No one component is "healthy".
+Mike Elgan.... sounds likes it's time for your wife to host a G+ Cooking Hangout and maybe make us of the new broadcasting feature. ;-)
Yum! Like everyone else, I want the recipe so I can enjoy them, too! And the kit lens generally takes good food photos, this being no exception (o:
LOL! I cannot believe you had the nerve to post this pic along with your description without offering the recipe? How about the ability to "circle" around to your wife - we'll just ask her for it! lol ;)
A la "Free: The Future of a Radical Price" by Chris Anderson - give the recipe away, get a fan base, then bring out the book.
Come on open source the recipe
Very sad; saw the photo and your description, was ready to hit the kitchen, pre-heat the oven and make a batch, but then, no recipe :-0 Food tease!
Tell your wife to release the recipe with one secret ingredient missing. This will allow her to keep the true recipe secret for a future cookbook.
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