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Hah, and I just literally started using Instagram and was musing about why they haven't been acquired yet and if they were going to be acquired ever.
Now that it is part of Facebook, it is time to move away from it?
If I'm remembering my numbers Facebook were already the largest repository of personal photos on the web. This puts them way ahead of Flickr now.
I am happy for the founders, wow!
Oh well. It was nice while it lasted!
I still dont understand why you want to make a good picture look like a vintage polaroid!
Another service that will go down the drain, so sad.
/agree... un-installed
Ok. I've got to delete my instagram account.
And to think, I just recently fell in love with that App and social network when it launched on Android. I've been a huge fan the past week. I hope this doesn't change in the future.

The PR said it won't...but in a year, things may be different.
My guess would be that they'll work to tighten the Facebook integration so you can see the Facebook photos on Instagram and use the Facebook social graph.

At least that's what I would do.
Instagram is probably selling out just in time.
google+ should've acq-hired them. can't wait to see all the tilt/shift blurred stay-at-home mom pics.
Good lord! $200 million for Draw Something. $1billion for a photo sharing app. If a really big bubble pops in the forest and no VCs or angel investors are around to hear it, does it make a sound?
A shame if you ask cynical old me! Wonder if they can resist the urge to "improve" it in some way?
they should hell how am i suppose to take pictures of myself facebook is just like twitter trying to use instagrams
2 words come to mind bubble and bursting. Strap yourself in boys and girls this ones gonna be rough
So does this mean no more Android. Don't really care I use Lightbox for android much better then Instagram
Terrible news. We just got the Android app and BOOM! in comes Facebook to ruin it. I don't like Facebook. -_-
30 Milion users. $1 Billion acquisition cost --->> $33.33 per user = way overpriced. Most of the 30 Million users were already facebook users. This was a dumb move. Most people sharing on instagram were sharing the same photos on facebook and twitter anyway. Facebook and Twitter sharing was part of the app. Also, FB just bought an app for a cool 1 Billion $. Can we say #bubble ?
Monopoly social network buys upstart social network? I wonder if there's the slightest possibility of antitrust review. My guess is no (does DOJ even know what Instagram is?), but the deal price is way over the line for HSR review.
Do you know if Instagram will change at all
Does this mean all my fb photos will be limited to a square crop now? :))
It's all about Facebook improving their stock price for the initial offering.
People shouting "account deleted!": what exactly are you protesting? This is an incredible payday for some really talented developers!
1b billion Cash + stock....
Only a matter of time until having a FB account is mandatory to use The evil genius Zuckerberg strikes again. Im glad I left FB a long time ago.
Yes, saw the news Tweet. Cash and stock!!
Hopefully they won't mess up with Instagram privacy policy and not make Facebook as the only way to login to Instagram
I call it a bubble ... way too expensive ...
Google+ scares Facebook enough to get Facebook to make such a move.
just installed instagram on my galaxy note a couple of days ago. It's not as good as pixlr-o-matic...
Will Google buy Pinterest and integrate the Photos (Picasa) features with Pinterest?
THIS SUCK. -1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instagram is for iphone
Facebook bought Gowalla and Gowalla is shut down. I wonder how will this effect Instagram?
#Google+ already has the same basic photo editing as #Instagram on the desktop version of G+; all Google needs is to take that and put it on the mobile version.
You mispelled something in that headline. "Facebook is buying a Sepia filter for 1 billion dollars"
After waiting for so long for instagram to make it to the android platform, they get bought out by facebook? No thanks. Just deleted my account permanently. I guess if I want to do the photo blogging thing it'll have to be with picplz, lightbox, or mytubo.
Just use Blogger, and scour Goodwill for actual cameras. I found 3 Polaroids at a local shop. ;)
It makes sense for Facebook to buy Instagram. The growth potential and the added features to Facebook make perfect sense.
RAAARGH!!!! Outrageous!!!! I'm deleting Instagram now!!! Just like I did with Facebook when they rolled out the timeline.

Oh wait. I didn't actually. Okay, forget what I said.
i loveeeee instagram! i don't really like Facebook
How many more times am I going to see this story posted? It's polluting my entire stream. Instagram's nothing more than overrated hype.
Instagram is all hype.nothing but scrap.truly it sucks
what facebook is so stupid though and instagram is so much better
+Mike Elgan The best comment I read about this today : "1 Billion $? They could have just downloaded it"
Facebook is going on a spending spree before they get that IPO money? I guess that have to beef up Facebook's value someway...
it helps me get to talk to my fam SWAG
well looks like i'm quitting instagram already
I once again resubmit my suggestion to be able to block key words/phrases from showing up in my stream. This time: 'Facebook instagram'

...Go to Google Search and type instagram. Lots of infol
Zhen Li
we need iPad version
this is like the 100000th instagram thing ive seen............
Wow...what doesn't Facebook have?!?
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