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Bartz is fired over the phone. She announces via iPad. Finally Yahoo seems to understand mobile.
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Is yahoo even worth talking about?
But will they still understand in the morning. Retention is the trick.
Or as +Andy Borowitz just put it ... "The CEO of Yahoo just resigned. I had never heard of her so I Googled her."
Oh yeah, PS ... if you don't already have +Andy Borowitz in your "Funniest People On the Planet" circle, you are missing out. Go add him now, you won't regret it.
IMO Yahoo is now for sale. Looks like an AOL purchase to me...
But we tell our kids not to break-up via text.
Sounds like the sort of hijinx we'd expect from the HP executive suite! I guess nobody has a monopoly on tackiness.
Paraphrased from the film "Total Recall", when the cops wanted to ignore their sergeant's radio call: "...Didn't get that last message... The signal... breaking up... solar flares"
Long time haven't use my yahoo mail 
Could she have kept her job if she were in a cellular "dead spot" where there's no coverage? Maybe that's why AT&T Wireless is so popular -- job security!
Personally I think they should of had the decency to at least Skype (or Huddle).
Well, a bit better than how most radio people find out they've been fired. Their door entry cards don't work anymore. Surprise!
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