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What do you think of Microsoft's vision for the future?
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Philosophy of the company will decide I think. - IMHO.
Where is their fancy Minority Report table from a couple years ago now being used productively? Anywhere?
wonderful but It's sound for me like the post of chinese government....fAKE
It's cool and yet scary at the same time. I mean being connected that much means very little privacy. I guess the more advanced our civilization gets the smaller our world becomes.
I think it will not be long
welcome, the future is now ;)
A depressing world with people talking to cards in different sizes? Not so sure I like it.
Straight out of the Iron Man films:D
Wait - isn't this how Johannesburg looks, today!?
When she's sitting in her hotel room looking at the "brochure", how does she know whether to scroll right-to-left or up-or-down? ["Because she read the script..." is not an answer.]
Very depressing and sad music.. Oh wait, did Microsoft just die ?
Ever notice how neat everybody is in the everybody makes their beds and there are no power outlets on the walls... LOL just sayin
Boring... I was waiting for BSOD to pop up
It's fun to see a version of the future by an organization with people who think about what it will be like. And useful, too. This always helps us get there a bit faster. It's also interesting, my sense is we are not that far away, technically, but a long way away in terms of the whole system working as presented. And, yes, sadly, no flying cars. . .
as long as Robocop is protecting us, I'm fine with it.

It's probably an open question whether technology will focus us or ADD becomes the new normal.
How long before you get a display that thin in the market?
I think a lot of this will become mainstream. Apple brought us products that people didn't know they needed, with amazing user interfaces that are simplistic in use. Google brings us software that expands our thoughts and reach. Microsoft can vision it, question is can they bring it all to the market. If Microsoft can turn themselves into a revolutionary company like they once were they can pull this off. But it needs to be sleek easy to use and needs to 'Just Work'.
If we can manage to reform patent law and there's a focus on open standards: MAYBE. If things continue the way they are, you won't be able to unlock your device because company A is at war with company B over the gesture to do it...
Wow, a beautiful vision for the future. Shared and +1'd
I wonder about the overage charges on her data plan she is getting.
Animations for animations sake, not designed to enhance the experience... yeah, seems like microsoft.
Security will be the biggest issue. Although the masses are perfectly willing to give up a lot of personal data without even thinking about it.
I've seen some of these future videos before but they are beautiful. I think MS can nail how the future computer will work quite well with being able to move a bar chart to the desktop and doodle with a pen on it and the fact that the kitchen isn't 100% automatic is a beautiful vision I believe.
+David Hartley agreed. I view it as a fair trade-off tough and I'm happy to give away my personal data (boring) for the sake of the content, interactivity and social aspects we get for free. As long as there's always the opt-out option available!
Microsoft's vision is very Apple. And why did that poor woman have to physically travel away from her family? She was making a presentation, which everyone else was doing digitally.
I do have to agree with the other people's comments about Microsoft's past failures. I also understand even people at Microsoft can dream big. I think my only real question is, where is the next Steve Job's to make this happen because we all know there isn't anyone at Microsoft or Apple who can make this happen?
thank goodness they have blueberry pie in the future.
I preferred a Mad Max future
Everything seems to be touch interaction... Seems like yesterday's tech with fancy interfaces... Nothing seems to be voice, eyes or even thought interacted... That seems to be the logical step forward to me.
There's no poor people in this future?
Why is everything so white in the future? >.<
a bit like all the os's you see on tv that have no connection with reality.... it is showing that they are really out of ideas...
Nikki N
If microsoft makes this technology I hope for no blue screens. Lol. its an awesome concept for sure. :) 
Some rambling thoughts off the top of my head...

Interfaces must be intuitive. The tech. needs to just work. The new tech. must actually provide productivity gains and not just be shiny and new. This means the general consumer needs to have a good understanding of what it does and does not do. There will be a small set of folks that will be able to figure it out for themselves, but the rest will need some hand-holding. Basically, beware of introducing something 'before its time', otherwise it won't be accepted by the general population
hasn't seen a BSOD since the late 90s and has a good laugh at the "it just works" crowd
I also wondered why no voice controls. Maybe because they'd have to pay the actors more for speaking parts. I'm just glad they've finally gotten the paper off the desks. A future without printers will be nice. I've been working toward a paperless office since I got my first PC in 1995.
+Kyle Kimberlin, Microsoft (or whomever) will have to have a voice interface that recognizes the American Southern accent.... <voice = experience>So far, no dice!</voice>
So MS vision is the future where everybody and his dog will have to own at least 4-5 MS gadgets which will probably only work with other MS gadgets... typical MS :)
Found it a little jarring to still see a keyboard in use in this vision. I would imagine much more of the interaction soon will be make better use of our eyes and voice than clumsy finger plunking.
I thought it was fun and cool to watch the video. It reminded me of a post I read yesterday at

'Back in 1986, Apple CEO John Sculley had a conversation with Apple Fellow Alan Kay, the revolutionary American computer scientist who coined the phrase “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”'

later ...

'The idea was to embrace the adage that great ideas take twenty years from first inspiration to be ready for the consumer market, so the video imagines an Apple computer in 2009.

Except it’s not a computer. The Knowledge Navigator is actually an iPad.'
irish d
if MS stops trolling, the future they imagine might actually happen.
+Aaron VanDevender, the "You Will" ads blow my mind how accurate they were, considering how much of a stretch they must have seemed 17 years ago.
At least I hope i'll still be able to use my noisy gasoline motorcycle...
The only thing I like about the video is that she's at Johannesburg international. :P
We are on the right track as we speak look at where we were just a few years ago with Cell phones. Now everyone is connected,it will just be a matter of time before the advent of newer Tech changes the world.
Innovation is the key and I think not only Companies like MS, Google and Apple will lead the way but the Tech giants like Intel and AMD will make this all happen.
+Doug Tyrrell , yeah, no spreadsheet - I doubt that! And I wonder: how on earth do they plan to produce such powerpoint, if they can't get to the Apple level for now, and they have huge experience with it...?

But I like the fridge :D
"Someone please, stop showing me concept videos with fancy but in reality unintuitive and ridiculous user interface actions on completely transparent glass as an entire device and actually make fully-transparent screens as an entire device feesable"
Interesting, but I think most of this is needs a number of technology leaps that week keep making steps toward, but they are not quite there.
yo creo que la mayorìa de estas tecnologias , ya estàn siendo usadas
I think all these are not imaginative enough, and also not original at all. They envision the future by expanding on what is existing right now, the future moves faster than this.
Looks like lots of energy-intensive cross-platform computing. Hope all those shiny UIs aren't running on coal.
its this really happend and you are showing us, or its what you want to do and you created graphics. but so amazing. so sleek. felt like future in terminator. excellent innovation.
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