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Robert Downey Jr. is starting to look like Tom Jones.
::lesigh:: Gotta LOVE Iron Man!!!
Feel bad for the guy playing "the Hulk"
I still have to see Thor so because of this post I am Redbox to see if any are around... :)
I dont care if Iron Man is the fav and most successful of the franchise, Captain America needs to be in front.
Anyone else think that both Cap and the Hulk look proportionately outta whack?

Hulk looks to be about 2.5 stories tall, and cap looks like he's standing at about 8'.
Great poster but honestly Cap should be in the front
That poster is one Spider-Man short of being incredibly awesome!
So they finally got the "sexy pose" from the only female character off of it?
It was so blatant before, lol.
Why did they push Captain America to the back??
+Brian Gonzales ....Based on the movies I guess you have a point but Cap would still find a way
+Brian Gonzales True, but are any of them really necessary with Thor? After seeing Thor, my thought was "Do we need anyone else to protect our planet"? (and here comes my education)
That's me in the, not the bald guy, behind him. Back behind that spikey thing, to the right...
Rakenmi This poster very interesting for special effects
Is it a mistake to have high hopes for this movie, i really can't wait.
This has the potential for EPIC success or EPIC failure. I'm hoping for the first myself.

Why couldn't spiderman be in the avengers?
awesome but the movie suck bueces iron man he shold not be captin hes the last avenger so it shoud be captin america
Oh thank gods, Black Widow's pose is more decent and comfortable-looking.
Are you serious?? Did you ever read Civil War?? Iron Man had his ass handed to him repeatedly.
Jon Dye
y can't it never come out, and have never existed in the first place?

these movies are ruining comic book heroes.
downy jr another freakin rock star from mars
This is one movie i can not wait to see.
I know the term Photoshop Fail gets tossed around a lot, but it's certainly applicable here. Still, I think the movie itself will be fantastic.
I wanna see the Justice league.....
Wish the cap wasnt so far in the background. Even on the poster there are too many characters fighting for space doesnt bode well for the movie.
eagerly waiting for the avengers.
i cant wait til it hits theaters and make millions
This poster is terrible.
Is it just me or is Scarlett Johansson's pelvis facing the wrong way in this presumably Marvel approved poster?
Woot!! Secretary... cancel all appointments for May 4th....
So ... wheres Pym and Wasp?

Still - got to be a good flick, it's got the Hulk in it :D
(No - no one mention that film - that was not the hulk! Nortons one was much better)
AHHHHH!!!! cant WAIT till it comes out!! The Avengers are awsome!! Love them!
Niiiice. 50% of my household is (are?) looking forward to this movie. (That would be me and my comicgeek roomie Bobby. The other 50% is mildly interested. BTW, I loved the Captain America movie. but then Cap has always been one of my favorite characters.)
Looks promising. I smell 'franchi$e'...
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