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I'm a digital nomad (and so are you)!

I'm a digital nomad. I use the Internet and mobile technology to do work that has no connection to or requirement for any specific location.

But that definition the term "digital nomad" is obsolete and misleading. In fact, the overwhelming probability is that you're a digital nomad, too. Here's why.
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Aye I'm no' mad, I'd neva use a laptop sitting on a pier. Laptops dannae like wate' much. ;-)
Great article, Mike, with some great resource links.

AirBNB is one of my favorite travel sites. There are some great deals. Last summer, I found a bed and breakfast in the heart of Rome for $40 a night, with a generous breakfast and in a great neighborhood blocks away from Villa Borghese. This was during a weekend in May when 1 million+ pilgrims were descending on the city for the beatification of John Paul II. Finding a place to stay doesn't have to be expensive.
Great article Mike. I think you’ll find we have way more free wifi in Europe than in the US. At least that has been my own experience. Bon Voyage! You will love Greece, one of my favourite spots. 
I believe the advent of smart mobile devices moves us all into this category.  The ability to create content that then uploads when a networks is available is key.  In that same sense, content refresh for off-line viewing when connectivity isn't constant is critical also.
Interesting... p.s. +Mike Elgan sp you said voice cancellation, not noise cancellation... Interesting read!
this beautiful to collect between sex, reeding technology  and nature in the same picture thank u
That'd be great. If only there was a way to fight fires remotely.
I want to have all the friends here for the person (s). who wants?
I like the rustic look and the water side dock setting! But hanging the legs over the dock while preoccupied? I sure would hate to see a gator or hungry boa snatch her legs while she is in a focused chat! Is anyone nearby to help if that happens?
Was sitting at my desk when I saw this , got tired of sitting at desk , picked up iPad , went to the couch, slumped down and continued reading.
What can she do sitting there? Worst. Place. For Work. Ever. One hand has to hold the laptop at all times!! This is folly! She needs to find a Starbucks!! x
The answer is "Moderation". We shouldn't do anything to extremes.
If I were there, I couldn't take my eyes from this fabulous scene!<3<3<3
Belle Vue panoramique lac forêt et le calme c'est l'endroit idéal pour prendre le moral et le soulage
The kind ofrece life than +Mike Elgan is taking on, requires the knowdelage, expertise and the reputation of a entire life of work in a field, one that recognizes him not just as an expert, but as the right expert. I think than you Mike, deserve it, but some people hasn't the qualities and other just don't dream with it. In my case, it's the first case. My field don't allow this kind of job and I lack ofrece the skills forma that leap. I wish you luck, but mainly success in this new way of life, and than this might produce a really cool "How-To" to overhaul the life of people. Cheers.
Most "knowledge workers" could at least theoretically work from anywhere, but yet it seems that they cluster at least as much as industrial factory workers did in the past - often into places with very expensive real-estate. There seem to be something about the buzz in the street, casual encounters, old-fashioned in-person social networking. Don't know if the rise of new social media in the last few years would have changed that.
I wish I was, and hopefully someday will be, but half of my job involves physically testing equipment.
Zhao Lu
beauty! --ful
I spend most of my working day in an office but I would love to be in that environment earning my wage :)
Wonderful photo - that was our dream for long time, 33 years ago and later
I'm just looking at the cute girl, that's all.
Beautiful style, Lovely! can i sit with you?
around der iz great inspiration, do it and do well
nice mix the real nature with digital era.
use of every thing is bad and good
How do you even see what's on screen in such a brightly lit environment?
Uh, is that a Mac close to water? Only a nomad could be so... carefree... what if that laptop slips?
Ony Nny
Nice place 4 chillout
Nothing wrong with checking emails when out at the countryside
...where there are outlets to recharge the laptop, iPhone, iPad and everything else we carry around as "nomads" 
@Angela, simple solution, she has two long hair terriers back at her bungalow she rubs together to create electricity.
...excuse me, her hand made Country Club.
da na da na dant dant dant dant dant dant dant dant daaaaaaaaaaaaa sea monster or salsa shark
looks pretty !! only if the water was more clear :/
there could be crocodiles but there is also a sea monster and posible salsa shark
Ony Nny
I'm normal.not r nomads but no.......mad hehe
dylan griffin -- Probably was a job that got cut short!
Great article! You and your wife are extremely fortunate to be living your dream. 
Ony Nny
Hai Jayne ...
Who could sit on a laptop at a place like that?..that's made for fishing kids in tire rafts you kidding me..?
"My home is where my laptop is (as well as free power and wifi)."
I agree Amir-people are so focused on technology nobody can see the beauty-pick up a book sweet heart-not a a kindle or a nook-a really book, you remember the ones with pages.
horrible forma de no ver lo maravilloso de la vida y la naturaleza muy mal esta pic guacalaaaa  
I'll bet it is a fake laptop from Ikea that floats... That way it doesn't matter that she can't even read the screen.
Using laptop outside its just fashion it's quit funny when u can sit in side your study room and u feel more comfortable 
dont know much bou anything else but the girl is very beautiful....
Who cares? I only care the beautiful in your picture.
Wish I were there
+Mike Elgan good article, but it leaves me hungry for more information. how does your day look like? how many articles do you write a week? do you have an additional source of income besides technology articles ?
larkon ko her cheez sexy kun lagti hai?
I don't care who you are, that's a beautiful picture.
it's a pretty picture, but if you're so hard pressed to get work done that you've got a thousand dollar laptop  on the dock like that, you're probably not all that relaxed or serene.  and all i'd worry about was dropping it into the water.
I will visit you with my bike (gasoline is fixed expense). I would invite you to my place, but I know you would not dare to come.
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