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Israelis and Iranians love each other on Facebook.

An Israeli couple has initiated an end-un around belligerent political leaders by posting messages about love and peace toward Iran. The post caused a torrent of similar such messages from other Israelis about Iran, and from Iranians about Israelis.

One Iranian poster wrote: "We also love you. Your words are reaching us despite the censorship. The Iranian people, apart from the regime, do not hold a grudge nor animosity against anyone, especially not the Israelis… We never saw Israelis as our enemies. As such, the regime cannot gain public support for war."

The couple has also set up a blog:
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The issue is plainly about the Arab world having the nuclear card and using it to reclaim sovereignty of their oil from us westerners. It's nothing to do with Israel, and is not narrowly about Iran either.
As this goes to show, social platforms again illustrate an overshadowed message that people, regardless of nationality, seek a more peaceful world. On the flipside, it also highlights how governments continue to seek out their own national interests, regardless of the people's desire, even in the event that it creates catastrophic conflicts and tensions everywhere.

It's refreshing to see this form of humanity rise above political interests and the negative spin pressed upon the people.
I believe everyone feels natural rather to meet with others around like one big family, much rather than killing them. Only politics make that impossible very often.
years ago i was on a us army exercise in the ukraine with a lot of other nationalities. the greeks and the turks seemed to be best friends and always hanging out together
Unfortunately, these may possibly be the same people asked by their respective governments to fight each other's battles against one another... +Alen Teplitsky that's an interesting combo (Greeks and Turks) together. Validates my point that if a conflict of interest occurred, stories would be told of how friendships made across nationalities (i.e. "enemy lines") would be torn apart in battle against one another.
it's so true...
90% of people i know in Iran feel the same and the other 10 just hate Israel's government.
Yeah, I know. Sorry about the simplification. However I still see Iranian nukes as claiming sovereignty of "that area in the middle east with the oil" rather than Iran nationally. How do you see it?
Yes, unfortunately the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan served to shift the balance of power in the Middle East (by removing the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, two of Iran's biggest enemies in the region), emboldening the regime in Iran but also making it feel threatened enough to pursue a nuclear option. It's also a way for the regime to gain support from a distrustful public; they're provoking their enemies to start a conflict at a time when unemployment in Iran is skyrocketing and the Iranian people are fed up with the fundamentalist mullahs. But yes, there is also some truth in that regimes in the Middle East are weary of Western intervention.
It is always the power hungry and greedy bureaucrats who instigate/start/expand strife and discord. Left to the PEOPLE, we would have a much more peaceful Planet. Extremists on all sides are the reason for all the problems, FREEDOM on the Internet is able to expose the TRUTH. Constant communication between the PEOPLES of the Planet can and will bring about future peaceful initiatives. Always support and continue to DEMAND a Free and Open Internet.
Beautiful initiative. Sincerely, an Israeli citizen.
Sometime ordinary people out do the political leaders
People are good and helpful, it's the governments that cause the problems and are corrupt. I've ridden all around and I've come to the conclusion people do not want to fight or go to war, only governments do!
do u really think they r telling the truth?????
Pavlos, let's just keep in mind that their leader had called to the destruction of Israel several times while they are developing a nuclear bomb. So the gesture of these two Israelis and the Iranian reply is heart warming - but reality is different. Israel would not be able to live with a constant threat of a nuclear bomb, actually - the entire west won't be able to live with that. Just think on what can happen if this gets to the wrong hand, terrorists for example.... (just think about 911 and make it nuclear...). Its not only that, the entire west will be tied from operating against regimes that are violating human rights or other countries rights (Syria for example). For Israel - this is unacceptable, we are surrounded by enemies, if these enemies will get the Iranian protection - it could be the beginning of the end for us. As an Israeli - I can share with you that the atmosphere in Israel is hard, most of us are willing to pay a price for preventing the Iranians from getting a nuclear bomb, sad as it might be - this is reality. PS - i'm totally for those gestures, and i only wish that peace can come from the people.
Y- Fi
Its not true
Thank you ~ you made my morning with this !
Adv Solorider, I so wish it were as you say ...but unfortunately SOME of the people do, too (just turn on AM "talk radio" some night).
Gilad Ben Shimon, I am not necessarily here to defend Ahmadinejad or any "leader", but it is well known that his supposed call-for-the-destruction-of-Israel was a mistranslation.

What he actually said (in 2006) was: "The regime in Israel will be wiped from the pages of time." The regime. NOT the country, NOT the people. Quite a bit less menacing and a lot more philosophical, eh ?
Let me know if you'd like documentation of that, because I'll gladly provide it.
To be fair, it was not Israel or the USA which made the error; it was the mistake of a Farsi translator. But Israel and the west have been running with it ever since then.
We love you too, but politicians do different. Iranian People love peace, you and all other people over the world.
Bad government is no excuse for killing innocent Children,Women and Men.
Israel is the kindest people you could ever met.You just have to hate,if you killed every Isrealite you would turn on Christians then when your done with them it would be Hindus and after you've killed every other religion or beliefs that you don't agree with your Islamic Killing Hate Machine would turn on each other.
jeese the point of this whole thing is stop following our leaders´propaganda, who´d have us killing each other and then meet together to hvvea drink and laugh at us all. not cool, lighten up
ChrissaLisse, just google for "Iran wipe Israel" and see how many times since then he repeated his say. Now, stop for a minute and think what would you feel as an individual if someone that is working on the development of a nuclear bomb would say this (or even imply this) on your country. Don't get me wrong - we DON'T want war - the contrary is true - we want PEACE more than anyone, but if reality forces us to it than we have no choice. We have a lot to loose, our economy is stable and flourishing , for most of us war is what we see on TV - just like you, and we just don't deal with it on our day to day lives. If there is any possibility to avoid war - no one in Israel would choose another path, trust me on this. We had 8 years of rockets on our civilians before we took serious military actions, no country would tolerate this for 1 day. Israel is an open society - and there is an open debate on this, some think we should attack while others think we should wait and see before we take any action. But we all agree that a nuclear Iran mixed with the regime's hatter toward Israel would have a devastating chemical reaction.
Social networking proved itself to be able to trigger serious changes that would have never happened without it - if we can do the same for bring peace between the nations - count me in!
Wake up,they don't want peace and you are fools if you think so.they will be smiling at you while they kill you and your boys and take your little girls as there slaves.And with ignorant people like you they will succeed! 
+Pavlos Papageorgiou the ones most nervous about the Iranian bomb is not the Israelis (they alaready have their own), but the Saudis. Think back to the 1500s in Europe - the hugh and cry was against the muslims, but the real enemy was the Protestant/Catholic next door. Or for a more current example look at Pakistan.
Not all Americans are mindless anti-Semites my Gilad,some of us see the long devils for what they are Most of all I stand for Jesus and his loving ways,but some makes it hard.I pray for the Safety of Israel.If the Muslim properganda works,the unthinkable nazi-Terror will be killing Hebrews and American Christians by the hundreds of millions instead of Millions.If you don't see that,you don't want to see it. 
I know what you are Ossia you can talk that peace all you want.Im not believing your lies.
Who said anything about nukes.I think we do a good enough job killing each other with regular weapons.
Why,because I won't band with you to kill all the Israelis 
When people reach out to each other in furtherance of peace, it should be encouraged. From these small steps, great and peaceful things can grow.
How many Israelis you see blowing up church's or trains or flying planes in to buildings,none.this is how the holocaust stared just pick up a history book!
When people won't agree with your genocidal tactics,their is something wrong with them.Thats what bully's do when they know their wrong and can't intelligently argue their point,they resort to belittling and name calling.
+Daniel D Sizemore Me thinks you are a closet Jew or Muslim, Moses was all about smiting the enemy and my god is more poerful than yours. Jesus was all "turn the other cheek" and "love thy neighbor" - try rereading the books.
B Ossia
+Daniel D Sizemore I dont have time to waste for your irrational mind regardless of your failure to see both sides of the equation in case you're fairly look for the truth. Terrorism is condemned and cannot be justified but if youre looking for its roots and reasons you have to dig into the double standards the world consider when it comes to the conflicts between Palestine and Israel. All these hatred acts and fundamental extremism stem from that irrational biased pro-Isreali acts taken by the USA. Almost the same unjustifiable acts done by Nazi's toward the jews are done by Israelis on Palestinians. Why?! Both should be condemned. Iranians have no grudge or hatred toward people of Israel. They are no part of the problem either. This is the double standards causing the troubles not Iranians. The same Israel holds over 200 nuclear warheads and would refuse to abide by the UN Atomic agencies protocols but the same time Iran should not be allowed to enrich uranium while the same UN protocols reserves this right as a legitimate act for the members including Iran. I am not standing for the Iranian regime but this is the same true story they tell the people over there and challenge their judgement! That's the way they sound to be fair and Israeli unfair. Israel also justifies and define a new concept in terrorism you may name as good terrorism when it assassinates scientists overseas: Again, You must see both sides of the same story to judge otherwise each side already assumes it owns the truth. This post was to be about something peaceful but people like you just reflects the same biased mindset which causes a constant fake crisis in the region. Again, I have no time to write back and forth here. It doesn't need a genius to grasp whats going on and what the problem is.
I think the "Self Taught" affirmation for his education explains it all.
Phi2:10That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
11And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Your Going Find out one day Who God Is!
B Ossia
+Paul Hermann I didnt mean to defeat the purpose behind this post. It is a beautiful thing but when some one just attacks you telling you out of no where how he doesnt believe your so called lies(!), What should you do? If I say nothing it seems more like as if he is right when manipulating a blind accusation while not even knowing who he is talking about. I tried to be as conservative as possible. It was an objective comment and has no subjective intention to target a person or a state/country. We some times have to face the naked truth which makes the words a bit bitter but it holds no hate on any one or anything. it is and objective debate. Wish all Israelis the best. People are people.
+Gilad Ben-Shimon We in the west lived for years under M.A.D. with Russia. What exactly do you mean. by "Israel wouldn't be able to live if Iran had nuclear weapons"? I thought Israel had nuclear capability as well?
I wish both countries well, but God help us all if the United States ends up in conflict with Iran over Israel. We have enough problems over here without getting involved in what is essentially a millenias-long blood feud between the Israeli and Arab worlds.
I'd like to point out that the formation of Israel, good or bad, was partially due to actions of certain Jewish citizens that could be labeled as terrorists. Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli prime minister in the 90's broke illegal Jewish immigrants out of a British detainment camp. He was imprisoned for 5 months. It just goes to show that freedom fighter and rebel are two sides of the same coin.
+Paul Hermann You are right! My apologies. I forgot, "Never argue with a fool - they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." Back to this post, I believe Love always triumphs over evil and Communication is always the first step of resolution to conflict. Keep em talking people!
Kevyn Jacobs . Its not ok for any country to have nuclear weapons. The current treaty is suppose to stop more country from having them.

The idea is to stop more country from having them and then start removing nuclear weapons from countries that have them
+David Rothfeder Amount the founders of Israel were people driven by conviction and passion well beyound what most men ever attain. IF they had lost they would have been Terrorists (very classical at that), but they won - therefore they are statesmen.

Once again - for those new to this planet - Iranians are PERSIANS - the national pastime is killing ARABS. It is sorta like confusing the Irish and the English.
Hopefully this FaceBook effort will show that the common folk are really nice people, on both sides (unlinke the Irish/English conflict ;-) )
Yes i know but if we continue down this path half of the world will have nukes and that is the fastest way to end the world.

Russia and the US for example have taken steps to dismantle their arsenal. I think other nuclear powers are also doing the same. What we don't need right now is more countries getting nukes and restart the whole nuclear arms race and bring the world to another brink like the Cuban crisis.

In Iran's case i think Israel should also commit to a nuclear disarming program. Its only fair. Iran wouldn't just for fun decided to create nukes. There is always case and effect.
+Don Quixote , I don't think it's as simple as revisionist history. Part of the change was that the victims of Zionist (the British Government) changed it's mind on the matter and forgave the Zionists. Another part of it is that some people do think the Israeli founders were terrorists and say so very loudly. Were men like Rabin right in what they did? It's hard to say. They certainly didn't target citizens the same way that modern terrorists do. Then again the Israeli Zionists were representing a potential country, unlike Modern Terrorists who basically follow independent citizens or citizen groups. For this reason it might be unfair to say that Rabin is a terrorist under the current tone of the word. He certainly performed many illegal activities for his cause, many of which got people hurt. My point is that we should avoid demonizing or worshiping any side since they all have their own version of the story. There are only individuals who act appropriately or inappropriately.
the Zionist if he was around...that's why they killed the witness...and would do it again if he was here this day!
Sir, they have been at it since day one...its the only smoke screen they know how play best!
I love the Iranians and I love the Israelis! Christo in Santa Cruz, CA, USA sends peace and love. We will never bomb you!
Alright, so +Daniel D Sizemore is the fear mongerer in this thread. Every progressive thread needs one. ignore him.

lets get back to discussing this amazing social media phenomenon that reflects what I have been saying for years - that any talk of war between the two countries is dangerous, irresponsible, and ignorant.

A war between Israel and Iran means the end of the planet, not just one or both of those countries. We live in the nuclear age. Stop being idiots. Its just so painfully obvious.
I just can't image that just a few people can be so blood thirsty that the end of a planet is meaningless.
Woo! Go internet. Peace through the work of individuals will benefit everyone
>>ChrissaLisse, just google for "Iran wipe Israel" and see how many times since then he repeated his say.>>
Hi again Gilad,
That's just the thing ~ he didn't repeat it (he didn't even say it in the first place!).
In fact, just now I did what you suggested: most of the search results are from 2005, and the few current ones are excised from publications like "The Blaze" which never saw a war they didn't love.
I wanted to bring to your attention this article from two days ago, then at the end of this post I have a question for you.
First, the article:

By the way, I'm glad you don't want that war; I know there are other Israelis who feel the same as you do. The leaders of countries work to lather people up into a panic so they'll consent to give their $$ and their children to wars.
Unfortunately, on some forums (such as CNN for instance) there are crews of persons, who say they are Israelis, taking shifts to post against Iran and against Muslims. They have the vilest four letter words to sling at anybody with a different opinion. I think they're paid by someone, because most Israelis I've talked to are not like that.

Let me leave you with this question now:
How many centuries has it been since Iran initiated a military attack on anybody ?
certain people just don't get it...they the intelligentsia community is trying to do and has always done and will until kingdom come is divide the masses. If the people here in America and else where don't realize these facts by now there to far gone. There was a civil war here some time ago...the North and South this war is still being fought in many fronts...the last thing people should be wishing for is a racist war between minorities and the majorities, they have already tried to ferment one but the will of God it has not come to past.Remember the minority is no longer a small group of disorganized dumb people and they are really that small anymore if they combine...God forbid a racist war, because that would be disastrous and ongoing for a very long time. Peace to a Jew, peace to a Gentile, peace to a Greek,peace to a Roman and peace to all...let's work together and use the fruits of lips and spirit reveal awareness, and awakening in these last days.

It's a great message but the people do not control Iranian regime so sadly, unless they overthrow the government, they are still headed down the path towards conflict.
overthrow do you know what this means...sending in half of European theater and Americans that will never return home you like drinking blood like it was cola? your an example of that if your mind set is war.
I think your rhetoric has your ears and eyes clogged so settle down. When you overthrow, the country's own people have to be involved. I did not say invade. Stop putting words in my mouth.
now your putting people against people, brothers against brothers...what have Iranians done to you personally? for the record? please!
Rome on its last days and flat on its back used a similar approach, attila, visigoths, mongols it didn't save it all...did it +jarrod than why not see it for what it is!
You honestly believe that a nuclear bomb can be deployed by some rag tag foot soldier? Your fear mongering with people...your selling them short of there intelligence and shameless words from a cola drinker.
Y- Fi
Whatever you say, you can't avoid the war & it is comining.
I can tell you many things..but what I will tell is "TRUTH" if attacked there will nothing left of modern day Rome...and you do understand the word nothing? they having been sitting around for 32 years twiddling there thumbs! What i'm saying sending shock wave of energy through the bodies of other side...because I know what i'm speaking. I can back what i'm saying and tonight i'm your to the masses wake them up and prepare them for the final day of God almighty.If any body wants war its the satanic system working its formula from long ago...your the majority were used to carry out this Luciferian come together for the cause you so blindly followed. you were once slaves but not anymore...we together fight the good fight of the faith to end along those beating the drums and being arrested... how they have given up all, for this instrumental moment in time.
Yes, that's the MOST important thing about this isn't it?
how many languages do you speak teacher? Rabbi...go do your home work!
+David Rothfeder The grammer here is better than that in mcuh of the USA, the message is clear - let's stick to that.
To put this in a way the US crowd can understand - do you want to be hated by people you don't know because of what Rick Santorum said ? or maybee because of what Obama said ? - even better they can hate us for what Rush L says.
I was referring to +Ralph Cloud 's proselytizing claiming that he is 'the messenger.' I find his claims to be completely ridiculous and essentially backs up every one of his arguments with "Listen to me because I'm right." Sorry folks but I can't stand that kind of rhetoric. We all have our world views, and that's fine, but if your going to discuss yours be prepared to give your reasons, and it better not be because you just think your better than others.
you still haven't answered my question how many languages do u speak? besides my grammar, this is not the issue here! My views are obvious to the many...I not listen or have you chase me around trying to earn points. Certain people are vampires and they thirst for blood like if it was coca-cola...if you can't understanding this maybe you need help.
If one does good research and has excellent resources...than one can break away from+David
I don't see how the number of languages I speak is any of your business or has anything to do with this issue. So Ralph, your saying that people who don't agree with you can't see the obvious and that random research will prove me wrong. I've done research and I have studied many subjects. Not a single piece of information has ever told me to believe people on the internet without reason. My point on grammar was more subtle. It was meant to help people realize that the loudest voice doesn't always know what it's talking about.
The devil Satan has always been subtle...working behind the scenes as the puppet master....i'm not a puppet and neither you or him can stop the ball from rolling. Don't even try to maneuver the Semitic issue with me...because I certainly ain't bias or racist and a Jew is my brother...but not a Zionist! Since you have little to attack me with subtle is your approach...let shine some light on you!
You heard it folks. Apparently I'm Satan. Or Satan like. Does this count for Godwin's law?
Caleb - what reason do you have for the comment you made almost a year after this posting? Are you trolling forums for something to do? And why would you hate me over the link I gave? You make no sense and your style of trolling is amazingly like you - doesn't make sense.
I love the way it says make love not war then idiots use it as a political platform to do the opposite.
Well done to all the morons for twisting it all around. You penis's 
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