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Android to be bigger than Windows within four years - report.

International Data Corporation says Android's market share will be higher than Windows by 2016.
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Bull Shit .. Data Corporation works for Google is it ?
2 billion mobile users in China and India agree with this study.
may god keep us till than.

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Sounds about right. But I'll still need the windows and OS X's of the world for the time being.
+David Pat That's approximately the total population of those two countries .. Don't fool around with numbers
I don't currently see either Android or iOS making much headway into enterprise computing. If you look at all devices, maybe, but Windows will still hold the enterprise for a long time, especially if Win8 takes off.
We will see what happens. I feel that both of these OS have the ability to boom or bust within 4 years and that it won't just carry on the current trend.
Remember 4 years ago the iPhone was just starting. Mobile is moving too fast to make those predictions.
That's just the thing might to be not surely to be everything can be change boths Google and Microsoft :-)
i don't think android important as window
apples vs oranges? how can we compare operating systems of PCs with mobile phones?
That's what I hope, end the reign of microsoft.
Anyone who calls this report bullshit should think about what the device landscape looked like 4 years ago. the iPhone was just a year old. Android version 1 was release on the G1. iPad's and tablets were considered a pipe dream -- still two years away from being being released.

Four years is an eternity in tech. Android, to me, seems poised to be a windows-like OS. It potentially offers people two things that the Linux desktop never did -- the availability of mainstream applications and widespread availability on mainstream OEM devices. Once Android gets a full-powered browser and quality, offline office apps, it's going to be a really interesting choice for people.

Things can change, but Windows has its work cut out for it.
my prediction:
former desktop space: 40% windows, 40% android, 16% Mac OS
mobile space: 70% android, 30% apple, traces of others
In the mobile & table space... sure... in the enterprise arena... not so much. At least not in the short term... long term, it's anyone's guess. When things get to the point where I can use a tablet or similar device to do my job with the same efficiency and ease as I can with a PC, then I'll concede that the writing is on the wall.
Jó Csak jó lenne ha nem merülne le gyorsan az androidos telefon
It's amazing.Android being a free licensed software is taking over Windows which sells its license copy.
It is impressive because that's the same position Linux has yet it failed to overtake Windows. Quite a big deal and biggest reason why everyone is suing.
Frank M
I'm also pretty sure that there are more matches and toothpicks sold than Windows licenses.
As much as I dislike Windows (well, it is a great gaming platform), I dislike Apples-to-Oranges comparisons even more.
There is no Android server platform. There is no Android workstation that lets me do my job. It's a different OS for different devices for different purposes.
I know I certainly couldn't afford to have 5 or 6 computers in the house if I had to buy a Windows license for all of them. Free, open-source operating systems work just fine, and are a lot more educational.

And "Metro" is going in the wrong direction because the "ecosystem" concept is a niche market for rich people who can afford apps and don't want to be bothered with doing their own thinking. The rest of us, who are more value conscious, want something a lot more open and generalized and adaptable.
Android's the best - shouldn't be a surprise!!
+Deborah Dyche im not sure its the "best" yet...but its evolving so quickly it will be, where as the other systems are quite stagnant and their focus is fairly parochial... I would say if Microsoft would get their act together WM7 is a great starting point...but they need to adapt very very very quickly to keep up with Android.
I don't think Microsoft will let go of it's throne that easily.
Android might have many beloved users but if it is going to get anywhere it will have to do a lot more. The recent Android for Linux program is something that will keep both OS's alive.
As for Windows. Microsoft have big plans and can definitely provide them. Windows 8 is going to be big, Windows 9, more so.
+Anthony Rothstein i hope you are right...although im a through and through android lover (hacked Touchpad with ICS, and Rooted Atrix with ICS), if Microsoft gets it together im a fan of them for sure.
have you tried the new windows phone (Nokia Lumnia 800)? It's pretty slick, and was less than 50 bucks!
Jay Tee
Sooner or Later. Bound to Happen.
+John Larson Correct sir!
Microsoft have been very slow in doing it. They seem to have some good ideas with Windows 8 and Phones like the Nokia Lumia 800 are incredible. But their app market is very limited. If they can get some very good new apps... they'll have a chance.
Nav H.
Haha nice joke. :)
Yeah Baby!!! Go Android, Go Androd, It's your birthday... :)
Whether you like windows or not the fact remains that most people don't need an OS with so many features. Most people need a simple OS that can just surf the web, check email, play simple games and install applications with ease. Windows will become a tool for professionals like designers, artists, programers and content creators etc. But lightweight OS's (like Android, IOS, Tizen, Web OS etc ) will be used mostly by consumers.
Microsoft should just face reality and just focus on the windows OS for desktop PCs (necessary evil, i know, i know). They should look to the future and SAVE WHAT THEY CAN lest face complete OBLITERATION by OPEN SOURCE software etc... nothing personal +Bill Gates :-)
I was saying that like 2 years ago :P
Interesting to see whether this will actually materialize
I think that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 seem like Microsoft is finally making a good effort in terms of tapping into light weight, full featured touch screen and mobile OS market that is currently dominated by Android and IOS. Microsoft will have its work cut out for it and hopefully they won't try to throw more expensive and FAR FROM TOUCH FRIENDLY Slates at consumers! Microsoft has enough money, assets and market share to try as many ideas (At least that's what the guys running it seems to think) as they can in hopes of increasing their market share.
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