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What Hurricane Sandy sounds like.

Wow!! This is the live Brooklyn Bridge camera I showed you yesterday. (It's supposed to be pointed at the bridge looking down from a tall building.) 

It has sound! This is crazy.
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I'm in Western Massachusetts right now. All I can say is that it sounds ANGRY out there. Constant wind gusts and the rain is coming down sideways at times.
Looking at the other cams, it sure seems like there are still quite a lot of people milling about NYC!  I hope they stay safe!!
I'm getting a bit scared too.
My wife and I live on the 22/23rd floor of a high-rise close to the ocean in downtown Boston. Gusts are now over 60mph... building is shaking a bit.

I put a webcam online for this :-)
(no sound)
Wow, you can really see those bushes waving on the terrace there, Anton. Be careful!
Thank +Brian Paone ; we moved all our patio furniture indoors... it would have certainly gone overboard, so to speak. 
And the ceiling lamp in the dining room is swaying a bit now as well....
Wow!  Our thoughts are with those going thru this. 
No. Look at the tree on our roof.
Try the one for the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.
Seems power's out in good parts of NYC...
Ok, if the cam is still functioning, that means, Sandy isn't that destructive.
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