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What does elephant meat taste like?

You're not really on the Paleo diet unless you're gorging yourself on mastodon after chasing it across the continent. The Mastodon's ugly descendant, the modern elephant is, by most accounts, surprisingly delicious.

In 1790, "French gourmand" François Le Vaillant wrote in his journal that elephant meat "exhaled such a savory odour, that I soon tasted and found it to be delicious. I ... could not conceive that so gross and heavy an animal as the Elephant, would afford such delicate food. Never can our modern epicures have such a dainty at their tables; let forced fruits and the contributions of various countries contribute to their luxury, yet cannot they procure so excellent a dish as I have now before me."

The article also has cooking tips.
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Given we were mammoth hunters at one point, it doesn't surprise me.
Tren C
Probably a little tougher than whale.
A taste that will remember you for ever!
You might want to ask the king of Spain. He probably has an answer. If you think that made no sense, google it.
It seems his making a self dipint on the tabloyd, is it?
It probably tastes like whale.

That is to say; delicious.
"The Mastodon's ugly ancestor, the modern elephant..." Ancestor? Surely you mean descendant?
I've seen elephant biltong on sale in South Africa some years ago. Not sure whether it's still available or not?
Taste buds and eating habits were rather different in 1790, therefore I am not sure if Elephant meat will fit into this Millennium ;-).
Animals have feelings? Animals use tools?

Who the hell cares?!

If they are worthy of not getting eaten, let them prove it; by escaping from the roving hunting squads that hunt down and kill animals for meat.

Unless, of course, you feel that killing a human, for any reason, is wrong, as well?
Such a cute pic of an elephant with an article about eating it..gross !
That's messed up, who would eat elephants! They're so adorable! :(
plonk (that's the Usenet way to say I'm unfollowing you due to this)
What is this? A Modest Proposal? Yes, many mammals exhibit intelligent traits, but does that make them any less our prey? With over 7 billion of us on this planet, it would be extremely difficult to argue otherwise in such a way as to stop people from eating elephants. Or dogs. Or pigs. Or dolphins.

Perhaps a moratorium should be voted upon for eating elephants?

Personally, I can't get enough pig.
I thought about eating an elephant once. But, I realized my b-b-que was to small so I gave it some fruit and let it go.
isnt there a school that teaches elephants to paint?
+Randall Page One bite at a time.
Aren't there enough other endangered animals to eat instead? Why can't people eat something there is an abundance of, instead? Like plastic water bottles. Or more cheese.
Oh wow! smoked elephant tenderloin!
I remember running across the Serengeti in my loincloth, spear in hand. . . nah nah, that was another movie.

Dang just keep getting it all mixed up. . . oh here comes that nice young lady with my Thorazine inject. . . nope, nope. I am a at Burger King, that's that jalapeño stuffed Double Whopper hold tha cheese I was waiting on, no, no lady you don't want any, trust me. Since I was kicked outta tha CI. . .

Time ta sleep. ;-)
Can we ever have a universal definition of morality?
c'mon Mike elephants are already been hunted for their tusks and skin, you don't want to add one more to that list. Let them have a peaceful life.
One way to make sure certain species don't become extinct is to start farming them for food. It seems absurd to think of cows and chickens going extinct. They are available in such massive quantities because we have a taste for them and keep them around.

If we ate elephant or tiger or condor or any number of other endangered animals we would have much better conservation and farming efforts in place to keep our source of food abundant that they would no longer be endangered.

Seems counter intuitive but think about it...
then they would become more of a commodity rather than a living creature.
yet they would no longer be in danger of extinction. I don't disagree though.
I think we can eat anything !!! Only the time needs to be right (like end of the world and limited food choices) !!!

In recorded history I saw it on discovery that some thousand years ago elephant was part of spaniards staple diet !!!
Sid J
This is going to take a whale to digest...
Awww yuk!how could anyone eat such a beautiful amazing creature?!
Deanira I read your post,I agree elephants should not be eaten,its not like they reproduce at a great rate.Also what you said about puppies being baked alive is sickening,that's so cruel.
Ask the Spanish king, he'd be able to tell you :-)
So now we know why mammoths where hunted to extinction.
"I can't get enough of this yummy elephant steak, how about you Grok?"
Damn elephants taking our jobs. no wonder people don't pay attention to my drawings, he even drew the tail, what a teachers pet.
Benjamin d stanaland Sr you're flippin funny..
Not sure if you really meant this, or were just being sarcastic.
If you meant it, it'd make me rather sad, because I come from a culture that reveres elephants.
I think so.
I feel there have gentle eyes.
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