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When breast physics go awry.

A Japanese online game called Phantasy Star Online 2, currently in beta, is having some issues with the breast-physics engine. They know how to animate breasts. They just don't know how to make it stop. 

It gets worse: PSO2 - Super bouncy
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And only one is twitchy.....haaahaaaa!
She's just demonstrating her amazing pectoral muscle control!
It was just the left one. Probably from her heart racing with passion.
Xin Li
I see nothing wrong with this...
Bounce, fair mammaries! Bounce and be free!
It's a know fact that Japanese breasts are very twitchy... unstoppable in fact!
+Annika O'Brien: GTA far as I know didn't have breast physics, but they sure had their own set of fun little issues.
Wes H
Back when I was in school our only options were particle, theoretical, mechanical, or astro... I didn't even know this was an area of specialization. If it had been I think we would have had a lot more physics majors on campus.
I can't believe with all the male programmers in the gaming industry that this is still a problem... come on guys attention to detail... lol  
"Working as intended; will not fix."
I believe this raises "first world problem" to a whole new level.
That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.
If you go to Youtube and do a search for the PSO2 breast get a TON of results. Is to difficult to put in a line or two of code to indicate a set number of bounces upon completion of movement? Some of the videos are down right hilarious in the fact that the breasts keep bouncing...and get the idea.
Wow a breast physics engine, I guess it makes sense there's a lot of potential vector variables but what a world we live in, why don't they just use models in suits like avatar, seems like motion capture would give the most realistic results?
Hey don't laugh about breast physics. My daughter loved playing Tomb Raider but she always used to say there is no way a woman could do half the things Lara Croft does because her boobs would be in the way. Rather than laugh she was impressed that game designers were studying breast physics, in her words "women are gamers now too"
Its probably more simple than all that.  It isn't actually a physics model, it's just a switch from bouncing animation to non-animated and whatever triggers the switch got skipped for some reason, or possibly whatever triggers the animation on has gotten stuck.  Any "physics" went into the animation process, but I'm sure that's pre-rendered.
That's true@wolfgang I hadn't thought about from that perspective, but it's probably true for a lot of female characters, and I'd think it would have to be pretty complicated physics, because forces function on tissue in certain ways, for realistic movement to work it has to look natural or it would ruin the suspension of disbelief, just like hair movement in anime, even in van helsing, the werewolf was horribly rendered and drove me crazy, I mean unless he's just been electrocuted hair doesn't stand up like that. When the single hais blew in the wind in some of the recent anime films my heart stopped, that kind of attention to detail is what makes a good game brilliant, same with a movie, look at gollum, back then, avatar, Beowulf, and now Ted? The physics definetly matters. 
how did you get the vid posted on here ?
What possible use would that have?
It's kinda like tentacle porn... Breastacle porn.
sao nó cứ lung lay thế ^^
The law of gravity in PSO2 isn't the same as our Earth. Big and soft object are tend to bounce from time to time. Solution, request another player to grab hold until it stopped! 
She needs a better bra, and a less hormone-soaked programmer.
right breast is twitching
I think no matter HOW hormone-soaked the programmer is, this counts as a bug.

I mean... nobody wants this.
And the "It Gets Worse" link really IS worse.
Oh shiz! This has got to be one of the funniest post I've seen in a while. Thanks Mike!
I wonder if is it time to visit Japan...
This just gave me and my co workers a good laugh.
Game download with breast physics engine: 4GB. Game w/o breast physics engine: 274MB
That's quite the nervous tick you've got there.. Pardon me for staring at your breasts madam but I honestly can't help it when they are clearly demanding some attention.  I think you may want to contact the doctor who performed your last augmentation; I think he implanted a chihuahua in there!  O_o   ...if that was a naturally occurring aspect of a female's body it would make it a lot easier for a guy to tell if a chick was into him or not; it would only be fair since a certain part of a guy's body clearly indicates that he's attracted to a woman.  Good thing she isn't feeding a baby, that kid would have whiplash!
As long as they can get the other one moving too.
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