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If you dug a hole to the other side of the Earth, where would you come out?

The Antipodes Map, a Google Maps mash-up, will tell you!

I would come out in the middle of the Indian Ocean off the South-Eastern coast of Africa.
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I'd come out in the middle of the Indian ocean!
The same, only I'd be closer to the west coast of Australia.
I actually did this manually with a friend from Australia. I ended up coming out in the Southern Ocean about equidistant from Australia and Antarctica. Pretty remote place.

His result was not far from the final resting place of the Titanic.
It looks like i would actually end up in Madagascar. Cool. ;-)
Assuming you survived the core?
Pretty much the entire US is out in the middle of the ocean. Who do we have to invade to do something about this?
Awesome discovery. As a kid, we always thought we were digging our way to China. Now I know it would be in the Indian Ocan to the right of you near Australia. Ya gotta love the Internet.
Southeast of New Zealand. It's cold in the water there...
I ended up in the water too, not far from a small island of New Zealand. Perhaps with a buoy and fins ...
+Mike Elgan

Thanks for that! I just tried it. I, too, am in the ocean on the other side of the world...but interestingly enough, I have actually been to the closest land point. Only a couple of hundred miles from my "other side" location.
+Felix Hamilton said It looks like i would actually end up in Madagascar.

So you're in the middle of the ocean half-way between Baja California and Hawaii right now? :o
Since the earth is only 30% land, chances are that coming out of one's antipode is a wet affair. :-)
Right next to New Zealand, where we were going to live!
Ha! Thanks for clearing that up as I live in the Valley and my parents live in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. We have often looked at the globe and agree we are literally on opposite sides of the globe, but have never gone as far as actually measuring it.
HEY! this is the one thing mankind hasn't tried yet. Digging a hole straight through to the other side of the planet. Now, you've done it!! Some McBillionaire is going to hire every tractor operator and well-digger available and give this a whirl.
I would be under the Indian Ocean, I guess I'll stay where I'm at. No sense in doing all that work digging if I'm just going to drown.
+Mark Noble Hm, turns out this is perhaps not the most robust implementation of an antipode algorithm. It seems i keep getting different results, which is somewhat counterintuitive ...
Here in Olympia WA USA we end up south of South Africa.
I would come out off the coast of Australia
i wonder though if you dig a hole through the center of the earth and one side being in the ocean would the water fall through and out the other side or would it float in the center
I'd be wet somewhere way South West of Australia in the Indian Ocean.
Ok so hunting around the US, there is no land for us to dig too, but if we head to Alaska, I found a spot on the upper part of alaska that does come out in Antarctica, so we better dress warm... Were also good to go from Hawaii too.
Ive always wounderd about that ? Thanks for that answer?
I would end up in the Pacific, south of Japan
The entire US would be in the Indian Ocean, including Alaska.
Hawaii would be in Botswana. American Samoa would be in Niger.

Would the hole fill up with water if dug from Nebraska?
That's no fun, the whole US just lands in the ocean :(
Someplace better.
Who knew you had to go to South America to dig a hole to China?
The antipode to anywhere in the U.S. is pretty much in the INdian Ocean.
From Argentina I'd come out in China, as always shown in cartoons :P Well... at the East China Sea to be exact... but close enough!
Forget where we'd come out of the hole, the cooler thing is this: If we had a hole straight through the center of the earth, and we jumped into it, we would accelerate as we fell towards the center, and then begin to decelerate once we passed it until our motion reversed and we started falling the opposite direction. Surely this amount of fun would put bungee jumping out of business!
+Jason Putnik yeah...i did that as well. Northern Argentina is just about the only place you can dig the hole to China.
@raymond johnson: As "Sheldon from TBBT" would say: there are only 2 people in the world who can follow that line of thought.... thankfully i watch TBBT so i kind of understand ur point...:D
The entirety of the US seems to lead to the Indian Ocean.
Looks like no matter where you are in the US you'll end up in the middle of the Indian ocean.
hi im Breanna McClarey, i live in wisconsin!! just got this account, cool how u can tak 2 people all the way accross the world!!
Fun Fact: If I dug a hole in our backyard straight through the earth, we would end up miles off the coast of southwestern Austrailia!
I would end up in the ocean as well.
pretty much everybody in NA ends up in the Indian ocean
If you live in Chester, Montana, your antipode is almost on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean
Interesting. If I dig a hole from where I live, I will end up in the ocean. But the closest land is New Zealand, where my sister lives. Couldn't get more far away...
Good thing I know how to swim :)
omg that is so cool:)
Few hundred miles west of the Australian coast O.o
From St. Louis, you end up in the Indian Ocean west of Australia. I'll need a boat.
I end up south of Ireland, to the West of France and above Spain.
Once you checked where your current antipode is, you can try to see how opposite places you have been to. For example, I have been to both Lima and Bangkok, which are quite close to exact opposites. I have also been to both Honolulu and and Victoria Falls which are close to exact opposites.
So the saying about digging a hole to China only really applies if you're in Argentina...
Just off the coast of New Zealand :) From England
I end up near Chatham Island, New Zealand :) I'd do that swap for some time :)
Anita T
Toronto-> indian ocean... how uncool D: I would of drown before I even reach the top LOL!
...I'd come out in the middle of the Indian Ocean.. ain't that just dandy.
idk where i would come out and i am not really worried about it :/
if it was feasible to dig a hole through the earth (forgetting the core) if you jumped into the hole, just before you reached the exit you would get pulled back to the other end and you would just go to and forth. The earth's gravity would keep you there.
I'd come out in the middle of nowhere, which is way to close to where I am now to spend all that time digging (>_<)
I'd never make it out after the giant earth worms eat me and leave my bones behind.
MWAHAHAHA now I can dig to china!
wow. i love digging through the EXTREMELY HOT core of the earth and ending up in the middle of the indian ocean. i do that once a week! ;P
I'd be some miles north of you (Fort Bragg, Mendocino Coast). Thanks for the link.
off the coast of Australia on the ocean d r ow ni ng....!
Cool - I have always wanted to know this! I would be in the Southern Ocean, just west of an island called French Southern & Antarctic Lands.
I will not start digging anytime soon either as I would emerge in the Indian Ocean southwest of Australia.
Now, does it tell you approximately how many years or decades?
Twards the bottom right of the Indian ocean
I can't believe someone made something like this.
I would end up in the Indian Ocean off the Southwestern corner of Australia.
Anywhere better than where I'm at! LOL
i m living in karachi city of pakistan. if i will dig in earth so other side is the center of south pacific ocean :( i m not so glad
Just off the coast of Madagascar. How lovely.
Now this is cool, I've waited 50 years to find out what's on the other side, Rumor was every place on the other side was China.
I'm already on the bottom - Wellington, New Zealand, so for me the opposite side is between Salamanca and Valladolid in Spain.
Off the SW coast of Australia. I hope Great White Sharks don't find me too yummy.
So you wouldn't end up in China??? Well I guess I'll have to stop digging this hole then...
Funny... I need to do that now
SW Australia too...I have always wanted to go there... I am going to start digging
I think a lot of us should learn to swim.
So all those American children's books that talk about digging straight down to get to China are wrong. :lol:

I noticed, without much surprise, that most of the US, just like any other landmass, maps to ocean on the other side.
SE of New Zealand below the point where Russia and Alaska meet
Only 4% of the land links to land on the other side.
Almost on New Zealand. I would be happier if I hit the land :)
just off the west coast of aussie
off the NW coast of australia... help, someone send me a boat!!
Some guy in Canada (Right above Montana) is probably going, "Yes, I'll make it to the French Southern & Antarctic Lands! I'm safe!"
u would end up someplace weird!!! like the ocean !!!
i would be off the coast of australia in the indian ocean
All water for me, off the coast of Australia.
I don't know where would I pop up, but I know it takes 42 minutes to get there.
Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and Australia. Shark waters I think. :|
Middle of the Indian Ocean. Well, a tad closer to OZ. Cool toy though.
Damn, I ended up in the ocean. Too bad I can't swim. :/
Okay..... That is totally weird

Gravity cant pull the water much past the half-way point, then gravity pulling in every direction would trap it in the core, until heat turned it too steam, and moving back to the surface would cool it back down, and I don't know where the water would end up, but I think our ocean might disappear. So, please don't dig a hole into the Indian/or any other Ocean!
I'd end up cooked before I got very far.
If I were at home in Wellington NZ, I'd end up in Spain but I now live on the Gold Coast of Australia so It'd be West of Mauritania
If you dug a hole through the earth and jumped in you would only fall halfway as things don't fall up. Hell if IM climbing out so looks like I would gravitate to the center
sans air friction, you would 'fall' to the same altitude at which you began the journey.
I would end up melted from the heat and lava from the inner cores of the earth>.<
all this time in north america we were told 'china' turns out you have to be in Argentina to do that... lol
yup I would probably die before I even get halfway there!
I'd end up somewhere in Nigeria.... COOL :):):)
Sadie T
I would come out in the Indian Ocean. I'm glad I can swim!!:D
depends where u start
I have always wondered. Glad I am not alone.
Always remember though, If you are in the wrong hole, stop digging.
But thanks, +Mike Elgan this is really cool. I would emerge in Indian ocean, close to Australia. If I want to reach India (my country of origin), I will have to go to pacific ocean off South America. I was kind of hoping that I could just plop in and out to go back and forth between the two countries.
So much for my fathers theory, that the dog would eventually dig a hole to china. Glad it did not get that far, we would have probably drained some ocean and flooded the garden.
We'd all basically end up at the same place: Burt to a crisp near the core.
wow i never thought of that but you would need a fire/heat suit and a life time of food
Hawaii lands somewhere in Botswana, if we ignore the core.
That's a great piece of software. Because often my desire to make a hole from my garden to the other side of the planet was stopped just because I did't know where I'll get out ...
thats cool. can you figure out me? i live in san antonio
India ( at least if you started digging in North America)
Cool, except from Brisbane I'd end up a few hundred kms off the west coast of Mauritania.
It's funny, the myth in my case was right. I would come out in China =D
u wouldnt 1st of all u couldnt dig that deep and 2 if u tried you would burn to death! doesnt every body know that? gosh... USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE!!!!!! jk... but seriously!
China and Argentina definitely should consider building a tunnel :)
i would never do that!!!!! & the answer 2 ur question.....don't know where i would be!!!!!
Thanks. I got that question answered.
I know where you live now.
Middle of the ocean south-east of New Zealand... a bit boring :(
But how do you do it and keep the hole straight??
I like this! A quicker way to get to Western Australia from Minnesota!!??
Pretty cool. I'd end up off the coast of Uruguay.
Tae Fix
I'd come out looking like a baked potato!
I've got my post hole diggers out now... I'm gonna prove this tool WRONG
you wouldn't, you'd melt as soon as you hit the center!!! tool has been proven wrong !!
Technology these days. You can find out anything. It's absolutely amazing! btw... I'm pulling for you Stuart.
damn internet. thats why cavemen were smarter then all of us. and if you somehow survived the core you would drown in the ocean b4 u made it to the top.
Have fun when passing through the core :\
My tunnel will not work! I am going to end up in the Atlantic Ocean
I'll end up on the south west coast of Australia. Better bring the scuba diving gear
Actually, I rooted around a bit and only found a few points of land that wouldn't end up underwater.
I would be in Ecuador..
Hmm ..... I am gonna get all wet
If u wanted to get to china, better start in Chile
It's a long swim to land!
Only Hawaii and Alaska come out on land; never knew it! I never questioned that I would end up in China.
Plano, Texas flips to the middle of the Indian Ocean.
alright my 3rd grade antipode report was correct ... Botswana is hawaii's anitipode
This is cool, but I would come out somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. That would be very unpleasant.
the ontarget place will cost you your access pin number for your bank account
Indian Ocean for me. Australia would've been cool, though.
Lol wouldnt be much different from Manchester. Here they walk there they would float lol
if i had a rowboat it would be nice i would be off the coast of austrailia
This is cool. I came out off the coast of Australia.
nice, i never knew that. guess the saying dig ur way to China will have to be changed
This is one cool app. Looks like I end up in the middle of the north Atlantic.
lol in other words you'd probably drown if you tried XD
Well you would hit the lava in the middle and die
Shark infested waters off the coast of Australia.
Shoulda taken that left toin in ALBUQUERQUE! HA!
This is commonly known as the earth sandwich.
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I think I could swim to the North of Australia... but yeah, surviving the middle earth / inner core may be another challenge. :)
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in future we will be able to travel , just dug a hole, easy
I'll come out in the South Pacific ocean about a 1000 makes if Chile.....tough luck, was hoping to make it to Brazil for the football world cup
in the middle of nowhere in a ocean!!
Well, it looks like neither Pekin nor Canton is on the other side of the world from China. Pity.
I tried this as a kid... I was suppose to end up in disneyland.... Some how I just wound up into a bathtub fool of soap!!!
Well I am not digging until I can start from Hawaii. Safari me!
Knowing my navigational skills in the heart of Siberia during a harsh winter.
Either Siberia, or Gilligans' Island...
Hey there's something I didn't know I needed to know. Filing it under escape plan B.
If u live in Perth australia... U end up in the Bermuda triangle... That exsplains alot about perth
You will oscillate in the hole indefinitely, unless you attach a rocket to your rear end.
Almost everywhere on land that I choose, it puts me in an ocean.
It's South Pacific Ocean for me... then I would need boat ride to nearest beach shack in Peru.
u would just fall over and over because of gravity
rf guo
I'd come out in northern of China ,I miss my mum.
What a strange question ?. Do anyone really know, for sure, what is towards the centre of the earth ?. What would most likely come out of such a hole ?.
Alex T
Obviously, if you dug a hole to the other side of the Earth you would be consumed by hot lava :)
anybody in central and north america will end up some where in the indian ocean
I don't know where I'll come out because it all depends on where I'm at but hope in a much better place.
So apparently the west of Kazakhstan is opposite Ry'lyeh.
The more you know.
All well and good.
But far more useful if I wanted to arrive at the cocktail bar at Richard Branson's Necker Island home; where should would I start my dig?
I have no sense of direction so probably three feet from where I went in 
exactly on the other side of the earth!!
You'd make it to the bottomside of the ocean, then you'd die....
think it'd take that long??? I'd probably sink and compress to the size on a tablespoon of gravy and I'd look a lot like it too!!
Silly me....forgot to factor in the boiling magma of the core. Touché, Jensen...
and did you forget to factor in the weight of the Earth that is going to become a "sinkhole" over the top of you???   :-)  I think it'd be the better part of valor to employ trig or calc and be safe.  :-)  ;-P
Lava could be an issue too........Molten rock is difficult to scoop up with a shovel and if you throw it off to the side it tends to drift back in again :-)
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