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I've been taken off the Google+ Suggested Users List. Was it something I said?

Google has taken me off the Suggested Users List. Any theories out there as to why?

(Picture of +Doug Thomas's and +Jody Thomas's beehive unrelated.)
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Do you know who might have taken your place? Is Google doing a little social engineering as well as computer engineering?
I've never seen this list. Thanks for sharing it.
Maybe they figured you don't need it :P You do have a huge number of followers...
That's ridiculous! You're their biggest promoter!
Maybe it's a sign that it's time to go make your own suggested user list...
Maybe they have taken you off and will include you again when you reach 1M followers ;)
Josh Kohn
I agree with +David Rosenthal , if I was managing this machine called +Google+ I would expect most of the users to see a post by +Mike Elgan at some point, so I would promote other users that still have good content, just not the same reach as a mr.elgan. This would then help the community as a whole, particularly for new users.
+Mike Elgan , Does that make you any less interesting or a resourceful person that we can suggest others to follow? I think not.
This the first post I've seen by this person. 
who are you? how does one get on the suggested user's list anyway?
Haha maybe the unrelated pics? j/k...wouldn't loose sleep...prob part of a big social experiment.
How about...too much organic propaganda... not enough tech. Not saying that's why, but it's something I've noticed.
Maybe because you are not a musical or performing mega-celebrity. Google seems to only want to attract the Gagas and FloRidas.
Nothing has a meaning, unless you give it a meaning!
Oops, now that you're not one of the cool kids, I might have to uncircle you.
+Mike Elgan Clearly it's to make room for other people and help build them up. You're following here is considerable and i'd wagger that that you don't get many that will engage on you're posts that are being directed from the SUL at this point.
You are too popular.. time to make room for new people :)
Too many Apple themed posts for Google's taste?... Let the speculation begin!
Expect a nice email soon:

Dear friend,

my name Sergey Ovolowsky. I work Google. You can put back on Suggested Users list for exchange of bit of money. I promise highest level of services for your desire.

Only when pay for my servicese you back on list. Else MG Siegler will take palce of you. He pay no problem.

You think. And tell me your decision. Happy days from my side of place.

Greetings and hopefully you make decision roght way!


Buy a camera. Post pix. Get back on.
That's what you get for hanging out with Leo LaPorte!
Most probably to do with reaching saturation. It's clearly in Google's best interest to circulate the list and keep supporting more personalities.

+Louis Gray any insight on this you would care to add? 
probably to share the wealth and create more million follower posters?
agreed +Michael Robinson. I found it useful in the beginning. In the end I added people based on my interests. The SUL was a helpful beginning.
maybe because there are more exciting people than you??? the truth hurts dude... but i'm stilling circling you!
Sometimes people don't want massive postings... some want more selective comments
+Miles McQueen That would suggest that other on the list are exciting, which is far from the truth of the matter. The list is a carefully selected choice of who google wants to promote that's in line with creating an illusion about google+.

Kinda sad though... The company used be firm in not playing favorites and let the numbers do the talking have completely abandoned that in the pursuit building their social graph.

Anyways, honestly Mike is one of the few on the list that actually deserve to be there imo.
First of all, +Mike Elgan having you in my Circles was what got me hooked on g+, so don't doubt your importance and relevance for a moment.... My theory is that Google wants to attract new users to g+ by suggesting these different Plussers because their internal research has probably shown that there is way too much discussion of tech on here, and it may be one of the biggest barriers to many non-tech savvy Internet users adopting g+.... I've always loved technology, but I also realize having it be a focused discussion with a casual user makes that person feel somewhat alienated.... Just imagine them seeing a stream of almost all tech talk.

Before I get in too much hot water, let me reiterate that I see true value in what you share, Mike.... From what I've noticed, the lion's share of what you post seems to be based on technology (Android v iOS, Google, Apple, Microsoft), and for this service to be more widely adopted, Google probably wants to promote Plussers who discuss things other than tech.... That being said, I'm not sure why they didn't keep you on the Suggested User List in the technology section.... Hmmm....

You're certainly not doing anything wrong!.... I wouldn't be surprised if you show back up in a week or two.
My 2 cents: They probably just want to cycle through new people. I mean, I've already circled most of the people on that list; it'd be cool to see new suggestions also. Another possibility: maybe they want things to be more balanced, and there are already a lot of tech heads on here. Although personally, I would put you at the top of that list anyway.
Inconsistency. Your posts are mostly about technology and gadgets- what you're known for, but then you almost daily assault us with vegetarianism and anti-meat posts. I'm not interested in your view of my diet. I am interested in what I added you to my circle for, the thing that made me subscribe to your newsletter waaaaay back when: technology, Internet and gadgets.
I think its good that they rotate the list.
Was it because you un-circled me? ;-)
I dunno.
I wouldn't worry about it, honestly. +Mike Elgan
I don't understand why I was never on it
You may have made something wrong in Google users law.
It's better to have been suggested and lost than never to have been suggested at all...
+Mike Elgan , perhaps you've been suggested for too long and they want to see if there are more people out there...? You're pretty famous already around here. No offense, of course. Is there a certain number of people mentioned at a given time?
A lot of good suggestions as to why Mike was removed from the SUL. Even if inconsistency wasn't one of the reasons, it is a huge general problem on G+. It is very, very hard to to make your stream efficient when everybody post publicly about everything (including myself). We very badly need a way to subscribe to specific subjects from a given user
+Mike Elgan Maybe you've achieved a level of active engagement, where, from Google's POV, there's little to be gained by sending more followers your way.

That means they can suggest other influential users that have less of a following, at present.

The more Google+ users with a lot of engagement and follows, the better for Google, I expect.

Of course, maybe you've inadvertently ignored a "Do not walk on the grass sign." Have you not been wearing you're Google goggles?
+Mike Elgan It wasn't anything you said, it was all the things you didn't do, didn't say, the little thing.
I'm in Copenhagen, Denmark and I seem to get US based suggestions
+Roy Richardson I'm not saying I need to be on the list or deserve to be. Some people were dropped and most were not, and I'm just curious what the reason might be.
Or maybe they are helping you with your G+ addiction. The first step is admitting you have a problem. Just put the mouse down and back away from the keyboard. Mike... Do it. Its for the best.
Someone at Google may have wrongly thought you're promoting Apple on G+...
You post the most consistently interesting information (Well... You and +Ward Plunet ).

I think you ought to be on the list... Maybe they are worried you dominate the What's Hot anyway?
I don't know why, but please don't do like +Leo Laporte He turned sour on Google+ when he got taken off the list and now constantly bashes them on his shows.
Might be moving to a rotation style list? I know there have been complaints from people not on the list thinking it's unfair that the same people are always suggested.
That's dissapointing +Mike Elgan because I'm sure that whoever they replaced you with isn't posting the most relevant content. Maybe it's just a temporary thing. Which list were you on?
+John B Tefertiller has a good point when he mentions the inconsistency of the posts. The number of posts unrelated to technology, however well intentioned, diminish the value of this stream as a source of technological information.
Mike I'm looking into it. This seems like a mistake.
I agree with the "already popular enough" theory. I know that when friends and family join G+, I always share circles with them suggesting +Mike Elgan; and if a lot of us already do this it makes it unnecessary for +Google+ to do so as well? And maybe other people on G+ list isn't shared among users as often?
+Vic Gundotra And if this was planned, is there no forewarning or explanatory email? I get that some people would use that against you, but... doing the right thing means giving an explanation or notice, yes?
bees? cute! ___if they dont sting me..
And all is right with the Google+ world, again. :) [in reply to the comment above me--not the glitch that took you off the SUL]
Eric Z
Mike, there are only 2 possibilities:
1. Google's Vogons have changed something or criteria about their list which kicked you.
2. Some asshole admin at google purposfully - for lack of something better to do - felt offense and kicked you.
The beauty of all this is that google has ZERO customer support and you will never know the real answer.
I suspect a combination of 1 and 2.
You're back on. Interesting, you lost 1806 followers yesterday and gained 1639 today. Looks like a hiccup for sure.
Eric Z
It would be nice to see something official from Goog to contradict my rant about them not having any customer service!
Dont know why, but it sounds like a reason to find out>>>> now following
probably too critical in an overall (no, not like the clothing! ;D) sense.... companies don't want someone with tens of thousands of followers influence these negatively, even if only by accident. my guess.
Clint W
A day in the life of bees
+Mike Elgan , I see you in the list, you are in the Technology category, 6 spots below Linus. Check it out.
Wow! Thank you, +Vic Gundotra I really appreciate that! : ) (Accidentally posted the same comment when my wife was logged in. This is me. ; )
I definitely hear where you're coming from +Alexander Safonov. While I understand that having a list makes Google+ a lot more accessible, I can how it can be frustrating. For a while I noticed the What's Hot list skewing very heavily to the suggested users. I'm glad that community members are back to be featured. As with all things there's a balance. There's room for Google to suggest trusted content creators as well leaving room for "the little guy" to succeed. That being said, I would suspect, based only on my own observations, that the SUL will become highly customized based on what you +1 across the web and the topics you post about. But there'll always be a spot for "featured" users and that's not necessarily a bad thing.
+Mike Elgan I assume they are rotating people out once they reach a certain critical user mass.
This was a most interesting thread. Thanks to all who posted...
I feel the words "elite, new world order, Illuminati and satanism" will make you understand.
Well, more a comment than a theory, but with 100 million users, why are the same few hundred people ALWAYS on the suggested users list?

Why isn't it constantly being rotated?

Its a shame that a small handful of people get all of the attention, many of whom don't even deserve it because they don't participate as much or share as interesting of stuff as many, many others.
Our long national nightmare is over.
Don't know how, but Google just added my page. Should be interesting. 
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