Samsung Copied Apple and That's Why It Succeeded - Pundits

Apple fans say Samsung copied Apple and that's why Samsung is a loser.

Android fans say Samsung didn't copy Apple any more than Apple copied Samsung, and that Samsung is a winner.

But at least two pundits, +Farhad Manjoo  and +Robert Scoble, have an alternative opinion. Namely, that Samsung did in fact copy Apple and that's why Samsung is a winner.

These guys point out that the companies that didn't copy Apple (Nokia, RIM, Palm, Microsoft and so on) have become smartphone market also-rans.

Samsung, they argued, copied Apple. And while it cost them a billion dollars in "damages," that's lunch money compared to how much they're making quarter over quarter with their smart phones. 

(Manjoo points out that Samsung started out copying, but has evolved away from that and now innovates.)

What do you think? Is this the right view? Was copying Apple the winning strategy?

(Scoble pic props to +Guy Kawasaki: )

(Manjoo pic props to +New America Foundation: )
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