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Mini keyboard doubles as a wireless handset.

Japan's Elecom rolled out this crazy all-purpose peripheral today. It's a wireless keyboard that works with just about any device via Bluetooth. And it doubles as a wireless handset -- you use it like a cell phone.

Obviously, the best use for this would be with an iPad or an Android tablet. It fits in your pocket, gives you a physical keyboard and lets you use your tablet as a Skype phone.


Sold only in Japan.

Props to +Jiacheng Khoo
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Interesting ... what's next ? A chip buried inside me ?
Brilliant, this combined with a 7 to 8 inch tablet that I could easily carry around without a bag, like I currently do with my second gen kindle, would be ideal.
I bet it would work great with my Google Voice account.
It's not a phone, folks. It's a Bluetooth (keyboard and) handset. Like headset, you know?
Japan knows how to bring technology to the forefront. I wonder if they sell live dolls that can do things like Rosie from the Jetson's yet?
I think we are in 2012 not 1999 !!! looks old design! don't like it!
Ian Niblett, the clear bit seems to show stuff like bluetooth connetion & other device status info.
This is when science and advanced technology outgrows it's usefullness. Sorry cost too much, and I wouldn't buy it even if I could. I'll save myself the hassle.
At first glance it seems like a cool idea, but looking at the pictures, it's too small for any practical purpose I could think of. In one picture, he's holding the tablet in one hand, and holding the handset to his ear in the other. You would have to put one of them down just to swipe on the tablet. Maybe you would use it at your desk? Then why not have a bigger Bluetooth keyboard that you don't have to hold with both hands to use. Maybe I'm overlooking something here?
This is actually pretty interesting... I could see using one paired to my home PC to make Google Voice/Skype calls & control the PC for watching Hulu/Netflix on the TV, without being tethered to a wired headset/keyboard. Hope it sparks more products sold here in the States.
How many of you would be willing to use an iPad and no cell phone (if you had something like this)?
wow, ugly and fairly impractical
that is cool. is that a real phone if it is i want one now
I like to have my handsfree to type... how would that work?
That looks pretty awesome sadly i dont live i Japan
my droid can already do this - it's just a bluetooth qwerty kb and handset.
that must be very hard to hold that
i think i would break that in one day!!! lol
there's a reason for touch screens but we humans like to push buttons too I guess...
It seems absurd and yet, I feel like I can't wait for a chance at a new toy!
Thats cool but the keyboard is so small only kids and teens would be able to use it and we can already use an Android tablet and iPad so its not that helpful. But it's still cool.
what if I want to type while I'm talking?
wish i could have one :(
:) thats so cool:) Where can i get one?:):):):):):):):):):):)
won't the exposed keyboard be an issue when you put it in your pocket?
If you want to type while talking then you get a bluetooth!!! YOU DON'T NEED A WHOLE NOTHER THING!! Just get a bluetooth and use your computer. if you want to type while your typing then this is not the answer. All it does is makes you need to buy a whole nother bluetooth too, since you want to use it for typing. (smart one.)
And I'm guessing you already have a computer so it's just a waste of your money!
japan is the best place ever cant wait til I go over there to check it out
That"s so cool. Too bad I'd have to spend my college savings just to get to Japan
This is lovely when will it be available in the rest of the world
But at least it's better than using an computer 
epic but seriously aisa? they should put that on ebay
I want 1.....too bad it's in Japan.....ughhhh
Nice Laptop keyboard replacement with a cellphone in the palm of your hands. Cool...
It's cool but at almost $230 USD I will pass. If it was more like $50 - $75 I would think about it.
Im not gonna like that is koo.i will rock that
Abbi JJ
wierd but cool :P
it's amazing what the japaness are doing through technology but i hope some adjustments are made to it.
it is a cell phone that look's like a key bord
So a bluetooth keyboard + ear piece. I should just start inventing 2-in-1 things.
really epic, ahaha lets travel to buy one!!
Cool! I want one. :-)

But wait ... another gadget in my bag? How many do I need? Why its not all included just in one gadget?
that's not a keyboard. it's a tiny little pad with buttons. Won't work for my meathooks.
I wish I had the baby hands to use this cool looking thing...
i want that phone or eles i think it is a phone
I'm gettin' myself one of those!!!!!!!!
Japan = America in 2017... I hope.
why only in Japan???????whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
It's not a phone. It's a peripheral that connects to a device via Bluetooth. You wouldn't use it with a phone. I pad/I pods come to mind though. Anything you'd Skype with?
Thanks but it seems to me that bluetooth is not news and bluetooth keyboard is not new either
I think I'll stick to my regular bt earpiece so my hands are free to type on whatever kb.
Why is this better than my original Motorola Droid? I used that as a bluetooth keyboard AND mouse all the time. This isn't new technology; it's just a sexier look.
I am still learning to avoid pressing the keys on the side of the Kindle. With this thing I would probably key in the "Hamlet" some day.
How stupid whoever thought of that is so so so so so so so so so so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet i could go back to only one device again. Win!!
were can i get one in the
g Cohen
why cant it b sold in the US?
were did u buy tha from text me back
i love my iPhone4s better...!! ;)
Its different I would give it a try
japanese send america now (droooollll)
YEAH japan is a crazy place
Will it play ttrcxxzswqq478-mkr-629h/bvf3317xxz
Woooo,realy its a nice one. Love to get one
4 SOME people it would kinda work i guess but still i argue with this: Y WOULD ANYONE WANT TO BUY SOMETHING LIKE THIS? case closed.
that looks like it could fall out of his hand... push
This things beast. Total swagggg
It's not very 'mini' though
I love the way that the Japanese think outside the square.
so why don't we just use the smartphones we already have?
A computer keyboard and phone really. That's just awsome
This is the answer to all my problems with this dumb Android
I would rather stick to my fantastic Android phone...
I don't think it will work well for American with big hands.
.....damn dat must be suuuPPer fast..!!!!
>>>...GO JAPAN...<<<
couldnt a smart phone do that? i mean not an iphone, but mabe an android?
Either that or you put a phone on your brain... Actually that sounds kinda cool
All I need is my Galaxy note and my Rii mini (Worlds most mini wireless keyboard Mouse Presenter Combo with laser pointer) and that I consider to be a Lot better. Available In UK for ages!
wow more stuff for pockets (get implants)
Japenese people are just too smart
This is pretty much necessary as tablets without keyboards are becoming more popular. It's interesting that you can also use it as a phone though.
of course only the japanise get it
True but how would you type on that thing
That's lik the future right there am I right or am I right ?!?!?!!:):)
cool. the word is changing
its a keyboard silly (look at yer book ) its pointless crap
N Salem
it's brilliant..i like it...
wowwwwwwwww its very very nice 2 nice man,.....
How come the Japnese get these cool toys?! I want one!
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