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Apple sold a million iPads on the first day.

No wonder it took me all day to order one. Apple's web site processed one million purchases on the day the new iPad was announced.

What's especially impressive about this number is that these were pre-orders -- a million people ordered the device without ever having seen it.

No other company has been able to achive this, and Apple's industrial design chief Jonathan Ive tells what they're doing wrong: They try to do something new, which is the wrong goal, he says.

Props to +Daniel Priestley
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Amazing. That's exactly why I'm working on the iPad version of my iPhone app, DoorMetrics. iPads and iPhones are the future of business related tech!
Apple could just release a new product with NO change whatsoever, and still it'd sell that well.
"...a million people ordered the device without ever having seen it."

Well, not really, right? I guess I take it on faith that the retina display is an improvement over the current iPad.
His advise is a lot easier said than done, especially by fast followers.
I guess we're not in an economic turmoil anymore, if a million people can fork over $800+ dollars for an iPad. Wish I could afford one, or at least test one out.
i love my I phone, it will beat any android.. although i don't want to offend the ones who are in favor of android phones
Also, is this news from the future...?
I still have the original iPad, but I'd be curious to know of those one million owners, how many were FIRST time owners of an iPad? I know to Apple a million is a million no matter how you slice it, but did this new release bring any new folks into the fold?
Considering how rabid the base is, I'm not at all surprised. Actually, I'm a little surprised that more didn't ship?

I'm curious how close the exact numbers match up? (Over 1 million is pretty big to say "give or take".) :D

I think it's hilarious that the designer is saying that competitors are failing because they're trying to do something different. If they do anything similar to Apple, Apple sues them. Being different is survival, not just "a more awkward solution".

Of course, there is a lot to be said about the design, which I think it phenomenal. (Albeit boxed into a proprietary world that I can't abide.) But they should also consider that people are buying a brand, and might not actually care about the features anymore. It's the mantra for the technophile religion, buy the latest regardless of the benefit. Just the fact that most of them pre-ordered it without eyes-on demonstrates that.
Apple could release a piece of Sheetrock the size of an iPad and it would sell
Well if other companies don't try to come up with something new there would be little new things in the world
Also there would be a lot less stuff for Apple to innovate with so I doubt they actually want companies to stop trying new
i am not surprised.

last year i got my iphone4 on contract with 18mths 3G service at HK4,5xx (forgot the exact price, but it is almost the market price in HK at that moment) and i trade it out for HK$7,000 at the same day.

It is known that iDevices are always on demand and no doubt selling out to earn money.
+Dave O'Keeffe Actually what's amazing about all these tablets is how cheap they are. When I bought super mobile devices in the 90s, I paid above $3,000 each for them.
Apple can do no wrong. Mind you just goes to show people love quality, performance, design, usability etc and Apple delivers all that.
And got my first iPhone on Friday after having a Blackberry for 14 years.
although idevices were designed pretty good ,apple marketing strategy is unique .
They've already sold out in every country. I posted about that earlier today. 
Go look on eBay for the 300,000 pre-orders. :) I'm sure you can find one for under the usual 2 x markup. :D
Well there's tons of information about all the new features, so it's not like they don't know what there buying.
+Trevonn David, yeah... they're buying an iPad with mo' better features. Visuals are prettier, you have a better camera and you have more horsepower. And the apps you run ... still run as smoothly as they do on your iPad 1 & 2.

At least it's a more reasonable $500, well... after supply catches up with demand. Personally, I think many people are feeling that iPhone 4S feeling.
I really really really don't want one. 
lovely and portable. ga 2 get mine as quick as possible on Amazon deal.
Ash B
Dumb, idiot, lemming, sheep.
So much potential and so few tools. A great piece of hardware I give you that but what can a ipad do that a laptop or most other pad pc's cant? not including of course screen resolution, camera power, or apple based features. I'm talking more about general abilities that everything should be able to do today.
Ah-ha! So it's time to finally get an iPad2 off Craiglist for next to nothing right? Oh... a used one is still $400+ for an iOS made for a cellphone and a single user... and no filesystem.... n/m
Apple's greatest achievement is it's marketing. Making you believe, that you need another expensive and unnecessary gadget that you can throw away the next year when the new one comes... Hail, commercialism! (Captain Obvious is out.)
Ipad sounds like a feminine hygiene product.Good job LSD Steve Burn job.
Congrats. Though preorders can not really be counted as appreciation.
+mike helm De mortuis nil nisi bonum. (Thank you Wikipedia!) Jobs is not in the bottom of my heart but... come on. That kind of attitude gets us nowhere.
Mass hysteria does not make a movement right... :) Sometimes (very often nowadays) I wonder - what drives peoples' buying decisions???? Hype? Fashion? Certainly the new iPAD is NOT that much better than iPAD2, right? So what then drove those numbers? The desire to have the latest gadget?
+Nikolay Guenov I have an original iPad, and evaluating to upgrade to the new one, im not an impulse buyer, but seriously you must not have use a retina device to no understand why this are selling like hotcakes... or simply as a lot of hipster just hate Apple lol...
Yep, u don't need to look at the real Apple product b4 u buy it, cos, they're always similar, even the same.
just like athlete sponsored clothes and shoes its just another shiny object with a bunch of fanboys/fangirls going oooo i want it...

(tech friend)"do you know what it does and can do and isnt there other things that can do that and sometimes better?"

(slow brained apple fan)"no im not sure... I dont understand all those words anyway... but its pretty and it says apple so it must be good"
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