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In case you missed it...

Here's what I did last week:

This Week in Google appearance:

Column: Facebook Learns that You CAN Buy Love (It Costs $1 Billion):

Column: Are you ready for a 'quantified life'?:

Blog post: At what temperature does an eBook burn?:

I also passed one million circles on Google+!

Pic props:
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Nice recap +Mike Elgan. I enjoy your posts, but miss them on occasion.

Also, congrats on getting to the million circle milestone!
+Mike Elgan have you stop your Interesting people Hangout concept. Excuse me, I forgot the official name. I kind miss it.
+Mike Elgan thank you sorry for the mistake. I have the feeling that something great is going to happen during the next Flying Circle !! People be prepared one Thursday is going to be epic ^^
Congrats Mike ... Hope you cross many more milestones
Wow... that's a huge following you have there.
Congratulations are in order, as well as thanks for the articles.
I missed the 1M announcement there! Congrats! You deserve it.
Wow, you jumped from 100k to 1million pretty damn quickly. That's incredible growth.
Congrats on the 1million! ^__^ And excellent posts this week! I especially love the 'quantified life' article. I want it!! :)
thanks for providing good content on here week-in-week out. I'm happy to see you crack the million followers mark.
I Used to have a typewriter very similar if not the very same one sans the IPad lol
Michael!!! Congratulations on making a million+
1M?!? I'm proud to say I was one of your original followers circa 1992. Thanks for all you do!
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