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How to improve a portrait of Vlad the Impaler!

Some knucklehead doctored the Wikipedia picture of Vlad the Impaler (the historical figure who was the basis for Dracula).

I won't spoil it for you, but to see for yourself: Click on the link below and watch the picture for about 15 seconds.

(This is why you can't trust GIFs.)

(Props to Reddit: )
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hahaha that's awesome
They should have had a canine show with a drop of blood on it. :)
Do you know something new and more about Vlad Dracula, except the fact he was Impaler? I see, you don't know. 
Mike, all I saw were the eyes moving. Did I miss something? Maybe because I'm viewing it on my phone. Boo hoo.
Old paintings always seem to follow you
LL Pete
And they still didn't get the eyes quite right.
If he went through the trouble he should of shown fangs.
That one should be high in the running for "Internet Gag of the Year".
Sadly, it i probably going to be deleted.
Been there 6 days, nominated for deletion and not used on any pages.
What says the vampire? Vivat Vlad Tepes...:)
That's no knucklehead...That awesome!
+Paul Ackermann No encyclopedia is a good research tool for anyone over 12. And how is a picture that appears in no articles and existed a week before deletion was requested prove that it is easy to tamper with?
Hahhaha! Perfect usage of an animated Gif.
I'm kinda disappointed. I thought it was going to morph into Gary Oldman.
It's been replaced with an non-animated version.
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