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Texting man doesn't notice 600-pound bear!

Oblivious dude walking down the street in Los Angeles eventually looks up to see a giant bear!

The man ran off, and the bear was eventually shot by authorities with a tranquilizer dart and moved back into the forest.

See? Evolution doesn't work! ; )

UPDATE: The video has been removed.

UPDATE 2: Here's a working video:,0,689960.htmlstory
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Matt R
video removed already. couldn't find via search any other links to it either.
why are people +1 and sharing a video that it´s not there???
Seen this on tv as it happened. Couldn't help but laugh about it. Only because it ended with a happy ending.
More proof the Wall-e effect is ever closer ;)
still available on the mobile site...and the youtube app
video has been removed by user :(
Now would he have seen the bear with Google Glasses? Maybe at the least he would have learned a little about him before being eaten.
Jin Y
this is unbearable.
+Mike Elgan the video has been removed by the user, and people keep sharing this post.
Cell phones should wear a bears radar. Just in case.
See, this would be me. I'd do that. No question. BTW, this reminds me of an OLD David Letterman joke that we once said wrong, and then said intentionally wrong for a long time.

Dave Letterman pretending to be a redneck: "Them bats is smart. They use radar!"

Us, misquoting: "Them bears is smart. They use radar."

Forever more: bears=radar.
Cell phones should have driving skills too.
Now all we need is a bare radar and i'm happy.
He sure would notice it if the Big Brown Bear decided to smack him across the head!
Not what I would expect to see in La Crescenta, or pretty much any part of LA.
Some people just naturally gravitate to the edge of the herd.
That guy almost got a nomination for a "Darwin Award".
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