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Now supermarkets are banning 'pink slime.'

After public revulsion over recent stories about the use of "pink slime" in school lunches, three major grocery store chains have announced bans on the filler. Supervalu, the Food Lion and Safeway have all announced bans.

According to Mary Jane's Farm, "pink slime" is "rejected fat, sinew, bloody effluvia, and occasional bits of meat cut from carcasses in the slaughterhouse.... a low-value waste product called 'trimmings' that were sold primarily as pet food" but have in recent years found their way into ground beef and other human foods. Ammonia is added to kill the bacteria.
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Eww. I've just eaten my lunch (not 'pink slime') but I thought I would see it again reading this...
This should be banned from pet food as well.
ugh ... makes me glad that I very very seldom eat red meat
I'm glad I had oatmeal this morning.
With a name like "pink slime", this trajectory was inevitable (and in this case a good thing). The framing was perfect. Who wants to eat that?
mmmmmmmmm food for the masses.
While I'm more apt to agree with not eating this stuff, at one time in this country it was illegal to feed prison inmates lobster, because they were bottom feeders and it was considered inhumane. My only concern is this will raise the price of some meat and honestly we'll be throwing away parts of an animal that could be used. If they had called it "pink filler" I'm sure people wouldn't be as freaked out. Granted nobody likes the feeling that they were eating something that was designed to save money.
some smart advertising company should bring on the marked a sausage deliberately called "Pink Slime" right now.... I think the audacity of it would make it a success...
I would have a tough time deciding whether I wanted the bacteria or the ammonia.
Pink Slime, doesn't sound very appetizing, in fact it makes a person want to become a vegetarian.
I still have no problem with the use of this. It is lean, safe and probably similar to whatever the hell is in SPAM. I have a HUGE problem with it being kept a secret.
True, it is better to know what is in the meat, so we can make an educated purchase.
+Vincent Johnson the problem is we are not paying for "meat" right now. It says ground Beef and we are getting all the crap that is trimmed off the good meat. They fact they need to add Amonia just to kill the germs on it should tell you something.
It's amazing how many issues like this you can stop caring about if you just don't eat any meat...
It's all in a name. "Pink Slime"? Duh.... Now if they called "Pink Trimmings" we Americans would have bought it by the case in Costco.
We've restricted our diet to mostly vegetables with a little poultry and fish for health reasons for years. Recently DW bought a tube (yes, it was literally packaged in a plastic tube) of ground turkey at Walmart. It was unlike any ground turkey I have ever encountered before.

The wife threw out the packaging, so I have no idea what it contained, but once cooked, its texture was mealy and grainy like soft sand. It was more like tofurkey than turkey. It might not be the most revolting "meat" I ever encountered, but it was damned close. What the hell are they trying to feed us?
Actually similar products been used for years. If people were to see the amount of chemicals used in some of the processed meats and the addition of trimmings and further processing Well lets say it would turn your stomach.
Can I have some Soylent Green please.
One more reason to NOT buy any processed foods. Whole meat/poultry and vegetables and 1 set of good knives ... no preservatives and good wholesome food on the table!
Hell just bake it to kill the bacteria, I'll eat it then.
Soylent Pink? The article covered most of the big supermarkets in my area though King Soopee/Kroger was noticeably absent. DCA (military commissary) initially said they didn't use pink slime then retracted their statement, suggesting that if you were worried then have your hamburger ground at the meat counter.
+Lawrence Beals - I was disappointed in Kings/Kroger for not jumping on the bandwagon with the other big grocer chains with this. Instead, they are going to sell both, with and without pink slime.

Which means, they're planning to label their meat to state whether or not it has pink slime in it or not. My guess a marketing ploy on their part, that they'll sell the meat with it, at a lower cost.

If this is Kings/Kroger's plan, it will fail in a big way and they'll lose customers - because when it comes down to it, it's a real BS move on their part! Ugh!
I read macdonalds use this in America, and it's banned in UK ones.
+Lisa Bimmerz - That is disappointing but at least it will inform consumers about whether or not the "pink slime" is in the package, maybe I really need to go up to Terry's Bison Ranch and buy my own bison at this point LOL. Thanks for the info.
i heard about that on the news this morning
Now look at something simple as the water coming out of your faucet install a filter remove the chlorine,those fresh veggies maybe not as good as you thought and why many people are growing and canning there own even in the city,look for heritage seeds.
Jamie Oliver coined the phrase "pink slime" while producers call it lean, finely textured beef.
slime by any other name is still slime
Oh please, some people are so squeamish! There's nothing wrong with eating this, it's a good source of protein as far as I can see. Many people in other parts of the world eat far worse. Cockroaches anyone?
+Robert Howson People that eat cockroaches at least know what they are eating. The point is that the USDA is allowing food manufacturers to deceive the public about what they are eating.

The whole thing makes me want to buy a meat grinder and make my own burgers - it's safer and tastes better
Recently I received a newsletter from "Best Food Facts", after I read the article on from them on 'pink slime' and a few others, I unsubscribed to their newsletter.

The whole article read like the government trying to get the population to accept they are going to be feed bad food ingredients and that the 'big' companies would never lie to you about what is in your food.
remember what they say is....not what they mean....? you outlook for self.
That's exactly what the government is trying to do. The USDA primarily exists to boost the agricultural industry. If they can get people to eat slaughterhouse scraps, that's great for the industry.
Where is the sad but true button?
Will do a lot of good if kids eat Vegan food instead. @ 7B world needs less gluttony and more efficient use of resources. 1lb meat needs 16 lb grain and 2400 gallons of water. Ask Clinton he is still cleansing his system of all the quarter pounders.
+Mike Elgan The same dual role of regulator and promoter that the FAA has struggled with.
And to think the head of the FDA and the head of BPI both went on the news last night and said they have no problem eating pink slim nor do they have a problem feeding it to their wife and kids. Isn't that a matter of spousal & child abuse?
It is tragic that this will lead to more animals being slaughtered for our vicarious eating habits.
I would not know, seriously is it all that different eating Antibiotic treated Animal cadavers ( so called grade A+ or whatever meat) to eating animal cadaver pieces treated with Ammonia just mushed up. I do not understand the outrage here..
Wait… if they are feeding us dog food now, then… what are we feeding our dogs?
+Russian Monk - It seems the FDA is good at telling Americans what is good for us and not good at telling us what's really in the food they approve. the very governmental agency that depends on the health and safety of Americans to pay their budgetary allowances and grant them the authority to do what they do are, in a sense, killing those who follow them ever so blindly.

I personally hold extreme disdain for the federal government for how many times I've been personally lied to and how they have attempted to cover their tracks. I stand for a fair and just federal government that seeks only to protect and serve the citizens of this great nation. A government that DOES define and defend our borders. A government that provides for individual state sovereignty and only provides guidance and leadership top the very states it is responsible to protect. A government that should not be involved in food service, banking service, auto-manufacturing, and medical services.

On a side note, I did not feed processed foods to my daughter, who is now 3.5 years old. My wife and I made sure she was protected from anything processed, including drinks (other than milk), snacks, and main dishes. she ate only what we grew in our garden. She was a preemie and is now extremely healthy and a very happy little girl.

As for the cancer claim, I've already survived bone cancer (25 year survivor) and I know how to take care of myself! I don't need Michelle Obama telling me what foods are good for me and my family and which are not. I've got a pretty good hold on what to look for!
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