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Caturday: Local cats seemed very interested in my fish dinner. 

Had some fish at a local outdoor restaurant a couple nights ago, and some stray cats (who were apparently regulars) seemed very focused on what was going on after our meals arrived. 
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That pleading stare in the left pic is one hell of a well honed acting skill! 
Oscar-worthy. :)
so did you leave them hanging or did you feed them? :)
Ah shame I wouldn't have been able to resist them 
Too cute, I hope you shared at least heehee
At least they weren't stray dogs! 
@mike Do you know why there are so many stray cats on the streets all over Turkey? And why all of the older men, mostly, wear their shoes with their heals expised? And what these two facts have to do with each other?
the cats: "You are under my control.. drop the fish down... FEED ME !!!"
Enjoy your meal and let's a little fishy to the kitten ...
You must still be in Turkey! I I had the same problem, too.
Attaturk believed he would be reincarnated as a cat and people believe his successor will be scratched on the heel by Attaturk. That's why cats are everywhere in Turkey and treated as sacred. True story. I lived in Izmir for a year back in the 70's while in the service.
And that's why most Turkish men flatten and walk on the back of their shoes, exposing their heels.  Not so much business men that wear suits but just about every other man.  It's been 31 years since I've been there so I'm not sure if this caught on to the next generation. 
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