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Samsung's Apple obsession is getting weird.

Samsung may have hired a marketing agency to send a busload of fake protesters carrying signs that say "wake up" to picket an Apple store in Australia.

If this is true, Samsung's Apple obsession is getting weird and creepy.
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About as weird as Apple's obsession with Samsung. I mean how weird do you have to be to forge design infringement evidence? Let the wackos duke it out, at least this is rather funny as well :)
Ian H
I think you mean awesome.

iOS fanboys need to be taken down a notch... or twelve. Gets Samsung a lot of publicity too, seeing as we both happen to be talking about them right now. ; )
+Haig Sakouyan what? It's an Australian publicity stunt by a Korean company... on topic, this is very strange.
Hugo Costa
Just like Apple's obsession with the PC when doing the Mac vs PC ads. ;)
A new take on 'crowd sourcing'. Hmmm, I wonder who has the patent on that. Interesting thought.
Nigel Sam
TBH, most apple fanboys are weird and creepy ..... almost religious in their beliefs
I would say that's "taking the offensive".. dual meaning on the word offensive.

Still though, I stand by my position that insulting Apple fanbois (by insinuating that they are sheep) is not the best way to sway them.
Completely ridiculous... Samsung has some inferiority complex issues it really needs to resolve.
I think this is getting a but ridiculous, I mean what is the point of paying people to protest outside an Apple store? You want to win Samsung? Then release amazing products and compete better in the market!
+Mike Elgan meanwhile in Cupertino, Apple is currenlty making a new innovative product that Samsung would "copy" in 2 years.

Seriously, compete with innovation and better execution instead of patent trolling and weird marketing stunts...
Maybe it's time to wake up after all. Apple blocked Samsung tablets claiming patent infringement. When somebody wants to dominate a market not by making a better product but by blocking competition, it's time to wake up indeed.
Not being obsessed with Apple, I approve.
Why are those saying Wake Up all wearing the same thing? Wouldn't they dress different?

Who says marketing suits can't be funny and original if they try?
Most protesters are "hired guns"...
Well the truth is apple closing competition is being coward, I mean competition is another way to improve product. I honestly think that apple is lazy and scare that they can't do a comeback since Job is not here anymore.....RIP... Now if apple want to go further they need competition "come on apple your product are good". Agree with Sterling.
i admire what samsung did their products, but dont like their ad. they should build up their own image but not destroy the others'.
I love android, but this is bizarre...
Look, I dislike the cultishness of Apple as much as the next guy, but before Samsung can attempt to rip down Apple they need to show that they can consistently put out a product that is almost overwhelmingly well received by those who buy it. Last I checked, the Galaxy Nexus wasn't flying off shelves and taking the world by storm. The ads are cute, but if any of these companies want to seriously compete with Apple, they need to be much more innovative and quality-driven. Also, Apple et al. need to stop with the patent madness.
As opposed, obviously, to the utter not creepiness of your average huge apple fanboy.

Sorry, but you're missing the mark here. Creepy is people's utter obsession with apple in general. 
Weird is good if it sells product. It's not hurting anyone, other than their feelings.
In every large corporation there are some number of middle level weird decision makers. Probably company would not appreciate their efforts.
I'd be concerned about Samsung if it's global action.
I'm not quite understanding their reason for doing this...?
rudy s
they look like they're trying too hard AND they're going negative. 2 big marketing no-nos.
I bet Apple paid this marketing company to do this to make Samsung look bad...
That's awesome. I 've always wanted to make a new version of the 1984 mac commercial where the guy on the screen is Steve Jobs and all the drones have iProducts with the white earbuds
haha that´s not weird, but you probably are an Apple user, it´s normal that you see it as weird because they are telling you to wake up.
I think they are trying to aggressively position themselves as a nemesis of Apple. Expect more of this in the future.
rudy s
This only appeals to people I like to call anti-fanboys: people that love hating Apple. If one were to look only on the internet, it would seem like there's a lot of them, but in reality there isn't.

The branding is weak too. Instead of saying "hey, our products are better!," it says "hey, we're not Apple."

It's not going to resonate with the public-at-large because they (the public, not obsessive anti-fanboys) actually admire apple and their products.

total sour grapes, not a good message to put out there.
Apple has spent the last year and a half trying to sue Samsung out of the competition market. This is a return volley.
Ya I would definitely have to think apple forging patent diagrams is a little more weird, or the fact that they're constantly trying to sue Samsung for bogus things, but hey I could be crazy lol
- grab a brush and put on a little makeup!
+rodolfo sanchez I think you´re completely wrong in everyone of your arguments, and this is why: Samsung´s operating profit nearly doubled in January-March from a year ago, thanks to Galaxy and Note smartphones, so their branding is far from weak.
Ypur arguments are mostly common sense thinking, but I don´t know any great business that uses common sense as strategy.
Interesting attempt to alter the Apple brand. Guerrilla marketing, brand assassination?

Will Samsung customers think it's weird or cool?

Also, Apple used to have a good target for similar advertising with the Switcher commercials Mac and PC guys. Is Apple is becoming the PC guy?

What type of phone does the Mac guy use these days? Is Apple going to ever have anyone to contrast themselves with, or is Apple going to be the one to be contrasted against?
rudy s
+Frank Cuenca I'm saying, that this marketing campaign simply appeals to anti-fanboys and all Samsung is saying is "hey, like our products because we're not Apple."

That's a weak message and not one that's going to resonate with the public because they admire and respect Apple and Apple products too much.

Some people have referenced Apple's '1984' Mac ad and are comparing it to what Samsung is doing. It's not the same thing because back then IBM was seen as cold, stoic and dominating. It was the brand of business, of managers, or people that tell you what to do. And Apple was introducing a product that was very different to IBM's offerings. That's why that worked.

Of course time will tell, but my professional assessment is that Samsung is doing it wrong
+Mike Elgan Don't you find the elaborate introduction as to the circumstances of being in a position to video the bus somewhat suspicious? And the product placement?
It is strange how quickly people forget. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Apple built their brand awareness on the back of a campaign titled "I'm a Mac" where they created an "I'm a PC" straw-man stereotype and then tore it down, frequently with lies (my favorite, was the Mac talking to the exotic Japanese girl who represented the latest digital camera that the PC couldn't understand at a time when 80% of USB devices were Windows PC only). Apple's "Think Differently" campaign was very similar to this. Implicitly, we knew what Apple meant by "Think Differently" - Don't Use Windows. Apple leveraged innovative and catchy guerrilla marketing when they were the massive underdog to really capture the minds of consumers and get maximum impact from their advertising budget. Now they're the incumbent and they're getting a taste of their own medicine. What exactly is the difference here? Was it weird and creepy when Apple was obsessed with facing off with a caricature they created as an effigy of the Microsoft Windows PC? "Wake Up" is exactly the same basic message as "Think Different" was in 1998. This isn't creepy. It is ironic.
evern since i got my galaxy s 4g from samsung i knew things were going to be weird between them
Wouldn't you already have to be awake in order to read the signs? I'm confused.
+Samuel Mullen If you were sleeping. Someone could drive up in a bus with a bunch of people and signs, then start yelling "Wake up."

Chances are you would conclude your sleeping. Now if you argue that they were inside the building, they might not make out the words or chanting. Hence the wording on the signs.

That's just them being nice and answering the question "WTF is that chanting?"
Patent wars by apple are creepy
Umm if you made the screen for a popular cell device for a company. Then that same company turned around and tried to prevent you from entering that market across the world with broad reaching vague patent litigation, you wouldn't be a little pissed?
This could be an elaborate viral marketing attempt by Belkin to market their product... piggybacking on a social debate through a mysterious group assumed to be from Samsung.

Like that dude just happened to be there perfect timing to video them getting off the bus...
well...Twin Peaks was weird but popular.
why are they saying 'wake up' ?? is there nothing else to say??
I think it is hilarious, Samsung poking fun at Apple. I just see it as a humorous marketing ploy. Too bad Apple people have no sense of humor. Steve Jobs is still dead, deal with it.
They're saying "wake up" because everything all the other phrases have been patented.
apple did it to Microsoft with those Mac - PC commercials
If it's still "may have hired" then shouldn't the headline say "obsession may be getting weird" instead? :D
It might have something to do with Apple's obsession with Samsung.
I'd like one of these crowds outside my daughter's bedroom in the morning. She's terrible at getting up in the morning and these people could help. If she had a bus load of 68 people telling her to "Wake Up" then she'd be out of bed in a shot. Great idea!
Getting angry or passionate about a cell phone is weird. Find a better first world problem to obsess about.
Yea because Apple never obsessed over PCs...
It's one thing for companies to go after each other, but outside of that people need to cool it.
Strange enough, I yelled out "You know you have a choice right?" to the people in line at the same store back in 2010. I think it was the day before iPhone 4 launch and I was walking past the store around 3 am. They were trying to sleep. Poor things. They cant catch a break.
+Eduardo Bautista you're joking, right? Do you seriously think Samsung didn't make these things before? Where do you think Apple gets the components to make its magical devices?
thats how many people you need to get me to wake up!! ;)
+John Lieske For example, Samsung is the only LCD manufacturer with the current capabilities of making the Retina display in the current iPad. So if you've got a Retina display iOS device, you've got a device made from Samsung components. True story, bro... And yet Samsung prefers their Super-AMOLED displays in their top-tier devices. Not because they can't do Retina quality displays, but because they can. :)
Haha, this is hilarious. Although, I would like to point out that there is just as much evidence that Samsung did this as there is that Apple did this as there is that Bin Laden is still alive (and did this).
When these people have finished outside this store, could they go to the British Houses of Parliament? Those guys in the House of Lords could do with a bus load of people to wake them out of their slumber to vote on something, or other.
+Mike Elgan if Apple had pulled something similar, would you find that "weird and creepy"? I wonder...
It's a stunt. Get over it. At least they aren't trying to litigate all their competition into oblivion like some companies.
Glad to see that Samsung, who has no real knack at marketing, has decided to hire a marketing company who appears to be even more incompetent than Samsung.
+Eduardo Bautista Show me an automobile that worked like the 1969 Chevy Imapala before the Model T Ford.

Seriously, the expectations you put into your request are ridiculous. I hate to burst your bubble, but Apple didn't invent the form factor. They made a very slick and top-line version of that form factor, and for that they definitely deserve credit. That doesn't constituting treating the company like they invented the wheel.

Yes, WinMo sucked before (and arguably after) the development of iOS. No one disputes that. But Samsung made WinMo phones well before a better platform (iOS and Android) came along. And Samsung was at least good enough at it that Apple has been paying them to make their screens for the iPhone. So please spare us all the overblown nonsense.

Don't get me wrong, I like many of Apple's products (typing this comment on one). But Apple is the one who started this fight, and Samsung has always just been a proxy in Apple's war on Google. +Mike Elgan is plenty aware of this as well, which is why these hyperbole-filled posts of his are disappointing to me. Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola-- these companies pretty much created the smartphone market. And last year Apple went nuts with patent lawsuits trying to take these companies down (and failing). So this sneering at some of the companies who took abuse in 2012 finally fighting back is short-sighted, short-memory platform bias.

If you like the iPhone better than Android phones, that's fine by me. But let's all be serious, practical people and recognize that this isn't a battle that Samsung initiated, and it's not the isolated case where Samsung is the only company that seems irrationally focused on others. For cryin out loud, Apple's slow/stagnant growth last year was due to too much focus on its patent wars.
Hate apple and the more companys they sue, the less they will innovative and others will pull ahead of them, and +Mike Elgan is an apple core from way back
funny i have used this line on people who use windows.
I like my Samsung phone now, and I've never been dissatisfied with any of my others, but this really is like a Coca-Cola guy trying to give you a Pepsi that he has peed in or something, huh?
They are saying Wake Up Apple users - there is alot more out there besides the one phone and one tablet model the Apple supplies. Having all the choices from Android is fantastic for the consumer!
Can't really understand how people could care enough to choose sides in a battle over which corporation wants to sell them a slightly differently branded chunk of plastic assembled by possibly exploited low wage workers in another company.

The fact that some corporations want to make it into a pretend social cause to gain market leverage certainly ups the ridiculosity.
If we are asleep, shouldn't this ad be audio, rather than video?
Only weird if it's true, which it's not, according to Samsung. Considering they have an ad campaign making fun of apple fans, I think they would own this if they did. Another great example of the zero journalistic integrity of the tech media. You would have thought they would have gotten a statement from Samsung before pointing the finger.
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