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Do you have 'nomophobia' -- the fear of being without your phone?

A survey by SecurEnvoy found that 66% of respondents in the UK suffer from "nomophobia," which is the fear of being without a mobile phone.

* Do you take your phone to the bathroom?

* Do you never turn off your phone?

* Do you check your phone constantly for missed calls and messages?

If so, you may suffer from "nomophobia."

Will the pharmaceutical industry come out with a drug, now that loving mobile phones has been pathologized?

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Nope. I find it liberating.
If the first question includes playing Angry Birds in the bathroom, then I guess I do.
What +Jason ON said. When i was in Cali a few years back, on a lake in the middle of nowhere, it was great not having a signal. But no i don't turn off my phone, but i do silence it at night and during work hours. And if it's in my pocket, yes i take it to the loo, i usually play Angry Birds while doing my numbers 2's.
Ok the dog freaked me out. Anyone else?
Shouldn't that be "Nomophonebia" :)
I do and wonder how many others feel that way as well. I always have to know where it is and preferably as close by to me as possible. Gee what would we do with one nowadays?
No, I have wifeacallaphobia, which is my wife is trying to get me and my phone is discharged so I never get the call and then I have some 'splaining to do.
I find it funny just how little people can put their phones down!
NoPADaphobia perhaps. Sod the phone.
Mary S
I have this disorder :)
no lo pudo asert com alguien y entonses decidio el perro eta bien como siempre uno desparchado
My feeling on being without a phone would be neutral. What I love about it would counter what I hate about it. The freedom of not being bothered would be great, no talking to people, texting, responding to email, facebook, drawsomething pings. But then I would miss browsing the web, listening to music, podcasts, reading books. It's definitely a love hate thing.
realmente si es pero q importa la vida sige y es genial
No, just anxiety when I'm overly separated from the internet.
Those aren't good questions. I may constantly check my phone for messages, but there is no fear of being without. I have left it at home/it has died and I don't panic or feel any fear without it.
That sounds more like a fear of being disconnected than a fear of being without one's mobile.

I gotta admit tho that:
- Yes
- Not if i can help it (exams require it)
- when i remember my mobile is bad at letting me know when i've got one.
Thank god we now have a name for it! Thought I was all alone . I'm going to call in sick tomorrow, I think my nomphobia is acting up!
I have a mini-panic attack when I can't find my iphone on my person. Does that count?
Steve K
I have nonomophobia, the fear of having a phone. Life is so quiet and beautiful.
To the bathroom I bring my iPad :-)
I have nomophobia. I always have my phonewith me because I love it!
Some people plan just don't know how to plan and I don't know if its because of phones or not, but trying to do anything with these kinds of people without a phone is a pain.
lol...and the dog?
on a serious phone gets turned of 30 minutes before i hit the sack. if i travel then i use it as an alarm clock, that is about as much as it is left on.
Hah, yes definitely - I cuddle with mine every night before sleep!
feels uneasy without it, but not phobio though
At work... Yes. and that's only because it's my music player.

At home... No. I mainly make calls from my Laptop anyway.
haha. I am in a very slow process of getting a mobile again after almost 2 years without. I have a hard time relating :P
I don't think I qualify.

I have a cell phone, but it's a dumbphone - all it does is calls and SMS (and that's all I want it to do.) I take it with me when I'm out as a matter of course, clipped to my belt. It sits in its clip-on holster at home, since I have a VOIP landline at home for calls, and people call that. It does not connect to the internet. I don't take it to the bathroom save when I'm out and it's along for the ride. I do not obsess over missed calls and messages. If it's that important, whoever it is will try again.
get a girlfriend not a poor dog
yes i do... although i don't have a service provider, so i'm not sure if that counts.
.... Nope. In fact, I don't HAVE a phone in the first place
This is not a fear, but an obsession. Fear means something much more disruptive to your life.
I don't suffer from this. lol. I don't need my phone with me in the bathroom. It was off all weekend. IT IS POSSIBLE. lol.
I do sleep with mine nearby, but only because it is my alarm clock. I also keep it close to me when I'm out and about, but hey folks it's a $500 gadget! I absolutely know how (and do) turn it off when I'm with another human being ... I'd hate to be so busy taking pictures of and blogging about life that I forget to live it!
Why are you giving data from the UK? Dosent make any difference to us in the US...
i dont own a mobile or cell i do have a old fashioned landline but rarely use that either :)
I freak out if i dont have my fone with me
It is possible to live without it Amber. Trust me. I threw out my TV 8 years ago.
i prefer face to face communication so much more personal
youre brave!! I couldnt ever throw out my tv its too important to me
It is not possible to turn off complete an iPhone
WTF?????????????? He holding a little puppy. The dogs looks really scared
Maybe, but only because it's my music player as well. Without it, I would have to suffer the load, rude, and offensive people being themselves in public. I don't think that is the same as nomophobia, though.
Is he naked? while holding that dog?
Don't crush your dog man in picture!! ;~)
Don't crush your dog man in picture!! ;~)
ALL the students in ALL my classes have this disorder! If you need to confiscate a phone it isn't like taking their hat or their pen... it's like taking part of THEM!
I just commented on another post about the definition of "normal" these days appearing to be anyone who has NOT earned themselves a label such as, depressed, ADHD, bi-polar, and in this case nomophobic. Anyone out there who has not been given a label of some kind?
what is the opposite of nomophobia.. I have that.. I rarely answer my calls!! lol :)
I have this every other week. Being on-call at work sucks. On the off weeks though..I could care less if I owned it at all. I normally flash new stuff to my phone on off weeks.
Shame it can't just be a phone. Buy one of those things and you MUST buy into the culture, otherwise it's just a phone. lol. What's wrong with a phone? Nah, I'll stick to on-line activity with my desktop PC, and use the phone for speaking, and the occasional text. Boring me eh? lol.
Yes, yes and... yes. But I don't suffer the fear of being without my phone. I know this as fact as when I went overseas to see my girlfriend, I went a month without it, and when she was here, for the first month she had my phone. I think I would see if for 5 minutes to answer messages or call back people, beyond that no worries about it not being with me.
You can have these symptoms and not be an addict/"nomophobe", it just takes it time to become a habit and habit gives you reflex to do these things.
What's he doing to that poor dog?
lmao. why the hell would we need a drug to cure that, when those of us who caint be without it, will keep it on us anyways. it's just how the generation is growing. it'll just become an accepted fact of our current future.

HAH. and i love watching how mostly all the older people say they hate phones, or "no".. but then all the younger people admit to "yes" XD

getting new phone tomorrow, feel naked without it
lol, lack of face time with ppl.. the phone replace real people for him.. sad
I need my phone as my alarm /organizer and, I placed it near me so that I can wake up on time! :) is that considered nomophobia too???!
i bring my phone to the bathroom because i can sing along to the songs while taking my shower..
Anne Go
Hahaha lol....woo.
Ok I'm done wow nomophobia
that sound serious..

ohhhhhh lolzzzzz he is reading msg or wat ?...........:)
"Will the pharmaceutical industry come out with a drug, now that loving mobile phones has been pathologized?"

If you hadn't said that, I would...
No. Though having a cell phone with you is an important tool to help one's self in an emergency self defense situation, and possibly the first line of defense - being a lawful an armed citizen is the first priority. And yes, I take one of my guns with me to the bathroom...
I take my phone to the bathroom if i am texting a friend.
I fall asleep with my phone if i play music at night time.
And i check my phone for messages and have it on my all the time cause i dont like people not being able to contact me. This is because my mum is hopeless with her phone so if someone cant contact mum...they call me.

Do i have this I am just a person who enjoys knowing that should her friends need her....she is always around.
very interesting post and i feel lucky that I am not slave of cell phone.

Technology is good but, it has impaired human beings to a greater extent.
Nomogoodness there's a formal name for this? Can safely remove myself from the list of alone and ashamed.
Jay. D.
what r u doing
I have been cell phone free for close to 4 years. It is awesome.
Longest ive been without my cell is 20 minutes
Smart phones are awesome. I can use it as much as I want and I will. I believe it contributes to my quality of life. I have the ability to connect to anyone I care about through several different platforms. I use it as a tool for maps, converting and calculating. I have all my favorite music. I can take photos and videos anytime to save FOREVER. Oh yeah and it's a phone. I will never let my phone own me.
I actually turn my phone off & forget where it is. I live my life peacefully for like 3 days & then finally look for it.
i can't going without my phone, but it silence everytime.
The only time when I my smartphone is when I go running in the city (every morning)... If I go for a long trail run somewhere I pack it on a ziplock bag and stash it in the backpack. I don't visit the toilet without it.
yupp may be they can help
even since m studying biotech i ll design a drug fr that too..........................
+Brilissa Banks - that's a min pin - you don't have a choice, they MUST sleep with you. Oh, and I always have my phone.. even in bed.
Kassy G
i think i might have that.... like i am NEVER without my phone (or iPod) and i freak if i don't have it
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww............ u sleepy naughty dogggggggg
I could care less, if I'm out somewhere without my phone, I ask a stranger if I can use theirs jejeje
I don't even have a phone so no 'nomophobia' here. No need for a phone nowadays with the all the ways you can communicate online.
the dog is cute!!!!
like my dog
I would love to get rid of my phone.
Nope, that's why when I forget it in the car or at home I feel free.
I sometimes have this when my kids are at my exshusbands:D
Yup. I feel naked without it. I know that's pathetic but what can I say..only 1 more year of this long distance relationship
That phobia should be renamed. People will hear what they want ... to protest.
Yes!!!! 100% true most of us ...we just don't want to admitted ...
S. Roy
i stopped using my cell for almost 1 year for some reason.... i did not die :P and well said +Steve Caron
1) put your hand on your mouth
2) whisper a wish into your hand
3) paste this onto 3 other posts
4) look at your hand
Yeah uh... No, not me but my sister.... TOTALLY has nomophobia
I Take my Phone Absolutely Every Were ,and i am always got it in my Hand ,isant That Wt a Mobile pne is for ?????
I'm trying to get rid of it. It's huge invasion in privacy. I will succed one day.
Hey Mike, do you yourself have nomophobia?
Nomophobia? Cell phones have taught me that I'm anti-social.

If I didn't have to have it for my clients to contact me, I would deliberately forget it. I would do most verbal communications by answering machine, as god intended.
I try to keep my phone on silent as often as possible. It allows me to sit down and process things in batches and after doing it for sometime I no longer grab at my pocket everytime there's the tiniest non phone related vibration in a room. I consider myself cured...
Gort: Klaatu barada nikto. That is to say, if it is an obedient technological servant or the good, I will call to it in need.
What is that growing out of his chest?
R. Harlan Smith
its a dog! sooo cute
i know alot of people like that then act crazy and there day dont seem to go good just cause of the dam phone and they even lose t ad go off on some one tha trying to help find it hahah
i know a couple of people who are like this!
Have also heard of surveys where many people imagine their phone is ringing or vibrating when it's not - the fear of not being excluded, not wanted, or needed being the apparent cause.
I have it! I recently had mine break & got another temp phone until the new phone comes out to replace the broken phone.
Not afraid of being without it, but sometimes I've been afraid that I'd lost my phone. When you compare us to a few decades ago, it is amazing how casually we carry around hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.
I've it and I never new it was a phobia.
I suffer from acute love of Electronics!How do you refer to that?
indeed a world without phone is unreal, but ANYBODY can live without. Life doesn't depend on it
I take my phone to the bathroom... to play games.
I'm a sys admin. No phone makes me babies need to be able to reach me, always!
I find it funny just how
little people can put their
phones down!
yes, i always have my
phone every where
Fari UG
lol.... i can live without it! no addictions whatsoever :D
I predict there will be something like GooglePhobia
nah, i don't think i have one. #foreveralone
what about that dog,poor little thing
I don't know, but that dog is gonna need drugs if he doesn't let go of it
I wouldn't' take it to the bathroom but yeah, I get uncomfortable when I suddenly realise- omg the phone't not in the pocket- my purse! Where is it????? Just on the table...phew! I can never switch it off or keep it out of my sight!
lol jah i agree with u myb even thy u knw i dnt have to mention it
my girlfriend does she sleeps with both under her pillow.
cold turkey mate. only way. its an irrational fear and also an addiction. nature and being away from technology for a few days will sort it out....
I have a fear of learning about stupid things humans begin to fear :P
oye itne bure din aa gaye kutte kai sath oye sharma kar nalyak
I know what you mean. I am like that with my laptop.
i do not have a mobile phone. i guess i am not a nomphobia then.
Nomophobia would actually mean "Fear of the law". From Nomos, the ancient greek daemon of laws, statutes, and ordinances.

Like in Nomology.
It's an illness i do not understand. That is, if it is really an illness.
Being 16, I used to think if I lost my phone in anyway I'd be doomed. The thing is, it got taken by my teacher at school 3 months ago and I still don't get it back for another two weeks, when school ends. You can live just fine without a cellphone, I promise.
Taking your phone to the bathroom is the same as taking the newspaper or magazine with you, something people have done for many, many years. I know I always make sure to grab mine.
looks like its a case of nomophobia and nodophobia... double issue.
What did he do to the poor helpless dog I guess he became hotdogs!!!
Lol, it's not being squished. Just cuddled.
I have no problems being without my phone.
I would rather pay my phone bill than eat lol
Don't know about the bathroom but I did find it uncomfortable when I forgot my phone on a short trip out of the office.
Does it count if the phone always forces you to see "u got 28 unanswered call and 10 unread messages and 5 notifications on facebook" does that count as a check if I just delete the notifications
well i think the main reason to get this phobia relies on your type of environment and occupation as if you have a very demanding job and your managers gives you a call and you don't answer then you get scolded for that ,then you will be forcing your self to get sticked to your cell phone to avoid this and here starts the Phobia
Rose L.
It's called being addicted to your phone.
lolz............ thats almost as funny as lolz catz.......almost
i think is bad use lot the phone
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