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Facebook finds no evidence for '80% bot clicks' claim.

I told you a few days ago about a startup's claim that 80% of the Facebook clicks they paid for were from "bots." 

Now Facebook says its own investigation shows no evidence for the claim.

The company, Limited Run, says they've removed their original post while Facebook investigates and that they don't want to be associated with this issue.

Meanwhile, and to the best of my knowledge, Facebook has not addressed Limited Run's other claim -- that their request for a name change was denied unless they bought a lot more advertising. 

I'm sure this story hasn't ended yet. I'll keep you posted how what happens next. 
Advertiser leaving Facebook after discovering that 80% of the clicks they're paying for are from 'bots.'

A company called Limited Run publicly announced on Facebook that they're leaving Facebook, and for two reasons:

First, they did their own analytics and found that 80% of the clicks Facebook was charging them for were from automated "bots."

Second, the company changed their name. They requested that Facebook change the company name on the business page. But Facebook told them (allegedly) that in order to change their name on Facebook, they would have to spend $2,000 more per month on advertising.

If these allegations are true, how widespread is this abuse?
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+Mike Elgan Well that will just be wrong and scare away a lot of potential advertisers and it will probably not be very good for the Facebook share prices which is already dwindling.
interesting.!! it gives all new dimension to thought.
Wow... and I use facebook for advertising 
i Cjay
Facebook has been ripping everybody off for a long time. Nobody clicks on stupid facebook advertisments, People are there for the connections. Most of the time people just look past the wasted space the advertisments takes up.   Facebook is out anyways. People realize social is the web and not the Zuck.
+Mango Brown The most effective Facebook business we've generated has been to "advertise" for new likes on relevant charities websites/Facebook pages and donating a certain amount per click to the charity. E.g Dog training company paying animal shelters for likes received from their users. Establishes new relevant likes they can market to.
I think Facebook runs the bots, but I can't prove it.
It´s not just Limited Run, lots of other CO reached the same conclusion...BBC found the same in an investigative story.
Inability of fb to recognize it will only hurt them further.
Note the wording that Facebook have used "we haven’t received any data yet to support these claims" that is a far weaker claim that they haven't found any corroborating evedence.
Wasn't that claim verified by other advertisers doing their own analytics?

Here's the thing: FB tracks every click back to the originating account. Every.Click. If bots were making phantom clicks, they'd have to have an account. It would be very obvious which accounts were bogus. They could even use metrics to proactively guess which accounts to investigate.

And FB isn't even offering up a possible explanation? Weak. Very weak. 
ce avem zambet fals???sau privire in ceatza nu fim rai .totul va fi ok .....conditzia conteaza.
Throw the first stone, then run away? "The company, Limited Run, says they've removed their original post while Facebook investigates and that they don't want to be associated with this issue. " Not that I'm defending FB, but a company that makes a public statement like that should stand by it or back down. There is no point on deleting the post, it will live forever on the internets.
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I  would never advertise there again, definitely no actual customer clicks. I tried it but got lashed with huge bill. Never again.
LOL - soon me actually clicking on stuff, really researching stuff, typing (although badly) my own stuff, will become so valuable I will have an IPO myself. REAL stock skyrockets to $1 trillion per share. Well, not really, people believe the lies first. 
May I throw in some real PPC data? We have a client campaign running on Facebook PPC running at £0.44 per new fan. Engagement stats are up too. Unless they're elaborately faking all the metrics (and those in Google Analytics which report sales), it's working perfectly well.

Where did this story originate? Scaremongering and mud-slinging, maybe?
Its not working properly at all... The ppc campaign showed little views from what facebook were indicating. Wasted bucks on facebook Advertising. 
LOL "I have no recollection of that fact." 
I suspect, but cannot prove, that Facebook runs the bots in order to drive up ad prices. Either that, or if most of the clicks come from outside the US and UK (as was the case for Virtual Bagel in the BBC's investigation), that Facebook's outsourced staff is clicking the ads.
+Matthew Graybosch that makes absolutely no sense. Why create a bot? Just a handful of lines of code would inflate the minimum bid price, wouldn't it?
+Matthew Graybosch Fair point. But, no clicks means no cost, right?

Since we have campaigns that do work, proven by data outside of Facebook, it's difficult for me to accept "no valid clicks" as an argument. I can't speak for others.
I have just discovered that Facebook about many of the Ads on facebook. I can only say It's more of a security issue than anything else. 
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