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How I publish from Google+.

By popular demand, here is my system for automatically posting my Google+ posts on RSS, Twitter, Facebook and publishing them via daily and weekly e-mail newsletters!
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Thank you for sharing this. I've been experimenting since your TWiT appearance, and I've found to do a good job of connecting plus to Facebook and Twitter, including links back to pictures. It's not as good as sending the pics to Facebook directly, but I suppose you could do that by using your Facebook email address for posting status updates. I believe you can attach photos. This does cut into your advantage of having more time and less fatigue to engage your audience, but it might be worth the extra few minutes for those who really like the Facebook internal photo features.

Keep up the great writing!
Thanks for sharing your system. Lots of useful tips in here.
Interesting. I use the site for sending G+ to twitter, but for facebook I simply cut & paste the G+ post with the link to whatever article I am commenting about. Of course, I do this all on my Android mobile.
Thanks +Mike Elgan, these are some really useful tips. I'll definitely be checking this out.
Thanks, Mike, for letting us have a peek behind the curtain. This article was extremely helpful!
It does take a few moments for your ManageFlitter posts to appear on Twitter, and since I already have Twitter posting to FB, this works great. All things being equal, it should also work from the mobile app.
That's awesome Mike, now I just need something to say.
Thank you for taking the time to show us all! I've had an itch to know since the first time I heard you mention this on TWiT.

All you need now is a ThinkUp server to store it all for your own posterity.
Thanks for the tips. +Mike Elgan Do you or does anyone else know a method to also publish posts from G+ to tumblr as easily?
Thanks, I was hoping you would do this after watching you on TWIT !
It's interesting that one of the steps is using a Google product. FeedBurner.
Now if +Google+ was smart, they would build that in. And #API. And export/import/move accounts, And...
Thanks Mike! I saw the TWiT episode where you mentioned doing this and was interested - but not enough to bother you about it. I'm glad you showed how you do it.
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Great post Mike, looks like you have stream lined things pretty well, thanks for sharing.
Interesting. Is it possible to do this from a Google + Page to a Facebook Page?
Thanks very much for this, Mike! I've been waiting eagerly for this after seeing you on TWiT. :-)

Unfortunately, yeah, you seem to have killed RSS Graffiti! :-)

Only the posts that contain a web link can appear on TWITTER from google+. Is it ture?
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Facebook has gone the way of AOL, Yahoo and MySpace, it's gotten too popular for it's own good. Google+ is the new social web frontier....for now.
Doesn't Rob McGee do the same thing? It's what I use to post to G+, Facebook and Twitter at the same time. 
Has anyone figured out a shortcut to post to Google Plus brand pages from mobile? 
Thanks! This is very helpful. I have come across one problem: when I click on the link for RSS Graffiti in your section on how to connect to Facebook, I get an error message trying to connect. Has anybody else had this problem?
Then again, the service is probably getting hammered right about now. I'll try again later. Thanks again!
Google + is easier but i wish i could get my pictures off of Myspace that is the only reason i still have it. since i found Google i have been trying to get everyone i know on the bandwagon.
+Elvis Lynagh, I don't think so? ManageFlitter has some advanced options for sharing from Plus to Twitter, including using #twt to specify which of your Plus posts go to Twitter.
Thanks for showing us how you do this, Mike. Great information! This helps me a great deal.
This post is awesome! Thanks so much!
+Mike Elgan, I think it's hit or miss sometimes. I have posts using the "McGee" method that link back directly to my G+ post and others that go directly to the article/video/picture that I am sharing. 
Google may yet win me to their google+ app. I'm an apple power user
Lots of points of failure and stage 1 gives me the security goolies but its an impressive chain!
Wow, it's almost the same thing I set in motion this week as an evolution of my Blogger setup :/
Thank you for sharing. I will be trying it out in the upcoming weeks.
+Mike Elgan the major problem w/ this is simple. A lot of people do not want to follow someone on twitter, facebook, G+, etc. if they are all exactly the same! Generally my facebook/g+ have similar content but I only share certain things to twitter. I use plusbounce to share to twitter from G+. Simply share a post including plusbounce to cross thread to twitter. ie: Public, Extended Circles, Plusbounce.

Also the down side is if you use things such as this example example example those will not work w/ facebook/twitter
+Mike Elgan Great post and I'm thrilled to see you sharing this with all of us. Twitter connected like a breeze; fb is bogged down, likely due to M.E. ha!
Fine and good, but why share the exact same content everywhere?
+Will Borkowski Exactly. I do NOT want people who follow me on Google+ to follow me anywhere else. I auto-post on those other services only for those not on Google+, or not following me on Google+, or who prefer to get my comments elsewhere.
This post has destroyed RSS Graffiti. 504s all day, haha.
+Brad Lovett I believe that you should be where the people are and what +Mike Elgan is demonstrating puts you everywhere as well. Post to as many places as you can and draw the crowd back to a common ground for great discussion and interaction. +Will Borkowski You have a point, but if your content is great and someone wants to get involved they will follow, friend, circle you and that is what Mike is getting at.
Mike, do any of these tools allow you to set your posts to anything other than public? For those of us that use G+, FB, etc. as social networks and not as public engagement, we generally don't post to "public". For example, I wouldn't post "Hi, I am in Monterey today and here are some pictures of the harbor seal pups I saw." to public (as it is like saying, "go rob my house; I'm not home"). Since the security models of the different tools are so different, I don't hold out much hope that it will allow me to take a post I put up here and shared with "Family", "work friends", "indirect family" and somehow copy it to FB shared with "coworkers", "Family", "Friends", etc.

If not - that's the tool I need. Someone please make it.
I'm going to look into this, Mike. Thanks for the step by step. I feel like I am double and triple posting all over the universe, including now, Google +! Those who are worried about their Edge Rank score might want to check with an expert as I've heard that one must post directly to Facebook to have their posts "counted". Think it was a conversation between Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki.
Thanks Mike, I kept wanting to set something like this up, but always got bogged down in details then I just didn't want to deal with other tools. This is perfect, just ran through it all, thanks for the exact details!
Lol think I can use it from my phone while touring on my bike?
RSS Graffiti is a great service for posting feeds to FB.

I use an automater on G+ called +Rob McGee. It will automagically post to Twitter and FB once you have set everything up. Mostly, it posts the link back to your G+ post, but it will often times include the picture in the FB post as well.
Hi +Mike Elgan, thanks for the great writeup. I've followed through as far as I can so I have my G+ updates reaching Twitter but it looks like we've broken RSS Grafitti so no Facebook link yet. :-(
Thank you for sharing this, +Mike Elgan. I've been doing the copy-and-paste method of sharing on other networks, which is more work. I very well may try your approach.

My only comment on your method is that it seems to ignore any interaction with people on FB or Twitter. For example, if someone comments on FB, then you would not respond to that (if I'm understanding this approach correctly).

That works if you simply have "fans" or "followers". However, for friends & family, it seems cold. The painful truth is that some people will never leave FB, nor try Google+. For myself personally, I can't just ignore those people.

Either way, thank you very much for sharing these techniques to better utilize Google+!
Thank you for the excellent instructional on how to automate. A very handy (but less attractive) alternative to these services is to use (If This Then That), which is like the duct tape of social media. There are a couple of alternate RSS methods in an article I wrote here as well:

In the end, the only thing that people need to understand is that there is a sacrifice to automation. You will lose followers on other sites and the posts you make will not resonate nearly as well. In fact, this is a pretty well documented effect on Facebook (even with connected services like Twitter). If you accept that, and want to make G+ the focal point of your efforts then you have nothing to fear.
Hey +Mike Elgan , you may not be aware of this - Feedburner can automatically distribute your feed to Twitter - simply use the Socialize tab when optimizing your feed :)
Thanks for the tip...I love this. I was wondering though how long the delay is from when you post to G+ to when it shows up on Facebook and Twitter?
Hi +Mike Elgan. Success at last. I finally managed to get Facebook to play nicely this afternoon. This evening I made two post in G+ and within 5 minutes had a Facebook response to one and a tweet about the other (come on G+ you're letting the side down). Previously I likely wouldn't have posted the same to all three networks because of the time and hassle involved and would have missed out on the feedback

OK, so this isn't the kind of engagement that a big poster such as yourself gets but it's a start. Thanks again for a great article.
+Martin Pugh Nice! I love this system, because you can set it and forget it, then just focus on Google+. If you build it, they will come. : )
Now I can show people I give zero fucks across multiple networks. My douche-baggery now knows no bounds!!!
+Mike Elgan is there a way to use RSS feeds so that you can pick and choose which content goes out to other social media sites or does everything you post automatically go out (no filter or option to choose what you want to go out to the masses)?
+John Maguire I'm not aware of any granular way to do this. The only methods I know just publish the whole RSS feed.
Thanks +Mike Elgan. Good stuff all around. I'm trying to help my parents out with their restaurant in terms of marketing and social media - they do a whole lot of cool stuff with their business such as charities and feature local artists that no one knows about and their social presence could use a boost. I'm trying to convince them and their partners to begin the G+ diet ;)
Good luck with that. Needless to say, I think Google+ is the place to be right now.
The ManageFlitter thing is really helpful. I use 'Share on G+ page' chrome addon, hooked G+ to twitter with ManagerFlitter & hooked twitter to fb with fb twitter app. That really works for me
+Mike Elgan I was more interested for my workflow in your reverse post on auto-posting to Google Plus, in my case from an RSS newsfeed. Of course, I didn't want to post all my items here, but with the IFTTT filter I was able to set up a keyword filter that will limit my posts to a pace appropriate to G plus. I didn't see a Google Plus post from you that discussed this, your article
At any rate, I just wanted to mention that formatting commands in Google Plus also work in the recipes from IFTTP, as in this piece:

I'm super psyched, did all my tests tonight. Note that I made my own recipe as I wanted to go from RSS to G plus and not Twitter to Gplus, as I felt my Twitter feed was too "noisy" for here. If this all goes well I will look into your newsletter option next....

Many thanks. 
Hi +Mike Elgan there is a new service +Friends+Me you may find usefull. It is a much easier solution for reposts from Google+ and Google+ Pages to Twitter and Facebook and Facebook Pages. Works across all devices.
Thanks +Mike Elgan for this. Been looking for a replacement to the IFTTT recipes that seem to have stopped working for me (I'm putting it down to changing to vanity URLs).

An initial "oh, this didn't work" moment, but just tried another test post 24 hours later and all went smoothly.
I don't think it's safe to give a 3rd party access to both Twitter and my Google account...
Mike, If I use IFTTT, can I have my instagram posts show up in my Google + feed?
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