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MYSTERY PIC: What is it?

Mystery revealed!:

Props to +Ben Schorr for being first with the right answer!
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Trimaran in dry dock. A fancy one at that.
A way to ship off my mother in law... To far far away :p
Oh, Wow! Gotta be a water craft, if not, we might have cause for concern.
I think that look like a kind of props :)
I believe it's the Heart of Gold, powered by the Infinite Improbability Drive.
The Flight of the Navigator remake? It's beautiful whatever it is.
Looks like a mighy expensive yacht to me...
Ollie R
Some sort of boat, definitely.
kinda like some kind of alian space shuttle
air dynamic watercraft
The shrimp boat from the remake of Forrest Gump in 2074, caught in a temporal vortex.
fascinating, it must be some kind of a new UAV.
i dont relly know what it is but i do know it looks wierd
An iPad-controlled super-yacht made in China. Of course, they ran into a problem on the maiden cruise when they exceeded their AT&T data caps and the ship sank.!
trimaran bow on, me thinks
Easy. It's from Iron Sky 2.
After the nazis left the moon they went to the ocean. Where else? Hopefully in part 3 they go to hell!
A black guy in snappy attire with a microphone.
It's a machine designed to melt through the ice in Antarctica to study microbiotic life.
Adastra superyacht. Pays to be in the boating industry!
New yacht owned by a shipping magnet.
Obviously... you can see the Caterpillar C18 1150 2300 rpm engine, plus there are also two Yanmar 110hp engines in the outer hulls... #Adastra
My uncle Anton and aunt Elaine have one I think...
wow great man.........................
wow, looks like some sort of alien craft for a movie.
Is that Capt. Nemo at the helm?
It's the space ship from the movie "Flight of the Navigator"
Its a new sub to go deeper in to the ocean to places others can't go
I don't know who made her, but I WANT HER! Got any more pics?
N Ahmed
its a decepticon... banished frm home & no asylum here on earth.. so they using it as fun fare ride ;) lol
Looks like you need to get a higher-res profile photo now that there's the FB Cover Photo change!
Reminds me of the ship from Flight of the Navigator. 80's movie FTW! :)
The latest edition to the Whale Wars/Sea Shepherd fleet?
It is a recovered Martian craft from the war of the worlds in 1954 when Mars attacked the Earth
flight of the navigator!!!!!
its gotta be for a movie look at the sound guy to the bottom right
that's my car i parked it last night in parking but this morning it was NOT there ................
A boat! Duh. Look at the propellers on the backside of the pontoons toward the back.
Obviously, it's the prometheus space ship. :p
It looks like the space ship from "Flight of the Navigator," lol. Cool looking boat.
does that thing consume much fuel? if it doesn't, I'm gonna buy one for myself :)
Flight of the Navigator! Compliance!
The trimaran Adastra in China
is that the next generation of bombers!!!!!!!!!!???????????
looks like a catamaran to me.
This looks like the "Sea Shadow in my Kindle ebook, Recovery of Agent M, that can cloak itself and smaller boats underneath.
it looks like a prop out of da new movie "battle ships"
Pizza Hut's new delivery cars.
Shiney Chrome Space Ship that doubles as a water craft and Landspeeder! :P (I joke, it's a high speed, high end watercraft.)
Thats Larry Page and Sergey Brin's new Google Chrome Lear Jet!!!!
крутая штука
That is what they really found at the crash site in Roswell.
Adastra Trimaran - Uncropped version of the photo here:
Superyacht Adastra
The new chrome xbox controller?
Trimaran Adastra. Built in China. A catamaran has two hulls, a trimaran has a single hull with two outriggers. Nice boat.
The ship from Flight of the Navigator?
Meh - I might've ordered one if it had been sail powered ;)
its a giant yacht that cost 15 millon dollars
Now thats a boat I want to hang out with T-Pain on!
A Cylon fighter. It just needs that red eye going back and forth.
its a big boat for a rich guy?
A boat that can hover over the water?
Its the craft from Flight of the Navigator
One of the alien crafts from Independence Day?
John Mc
From the new Last Starfighter
the ship from close encounters of the third kind
looks like a stealth boat to me
it's a boat. wait, it's a plane. No, it's Superman !
Yeah have to agree with everyone so far is some degree of extreme high end speed boat or luxury submersible 
Klingon Space ship...
Beautiful, that's what. Bring on a world where things are this well done.
Can't you see the water propellers in the back of the side wings!!
i know it is a boat but
"i have got to get me one of these"
-will smith
T Wong
Dual catamaran - high speed cruise boat.
By the looks of it, it's some sort of ship.
I reckon it is the latest example of the US government/politicans trying to donate yet more tax payer's money to the military industrial complex under the guise of a hyped national security threat to the Land Of The Increasingly Less Free
I like the pic! Dont really care much about the politics around it. ;)
+Greg Crozier Catamarans have two normally equal hulls while Trimarans have three hulls often with a larger centre hull.
Looks like a trimaran boat to me.
that looks like a alien spacecraft
Looks like a pimped out Klingon Warbird.
It's a boat. Did I win??
Mike D
It is one of Xenu's ships
It's a prop, look around and you'll see that they're shooting a movie.
it's an radar invisible coast guard boat
flying sauser being built...that is my guess!
Flight of the Navigator part 2. They came back!!
under sea manned exploration vessel?
Itsa BOAT, also looks expensive
its a boat or a plane
Eh, i think it looks like a tricked out carnival ride
one massive catamaran that I don't think I can afford
It is definitely the new addition to my redneck yacht club
Crap. My spaceship got impounded...again.
Guess they didn't know where to put the wheel lock.
It look like a luxury airplane but also look like a Yacht or Submarine
it the bridge of a hydro boat....jet express...
wow, now i see... ive seen another picture of this boat before, it's really cool
a hydrofoil boat. is it branded yet with all the responces?;0
Josh B
it looks like its from G.I Joe
it's a presentation of new Trimaran. guy with the mic is telling about the boats benefits. there are rich customers out of picture pretending they are listen that guy... simple
It appears to be a high-speed Catamaran yacht. :-)
New iphone addon..made in china!
an airplane of some sort from the front view
Its the aliens from Independence Day....or a boat
it looks like photoshop to me....
Bob B
looks similar to the Adastra Trimaran
Keli J
I'd say a really high tech Gondola or chair lift system
Ed Wold
after seeing the propeller on the end of the pontoon I would say a boat for sure
Beautiful ship !!!!! lets get it out on the sea and forget planes.
All I know is that I keep throwing my money at the screen and nothing is happening!
It's a Natzi space fighter from the dark side of the moon! Mark my words!
Lady Gaga's set for her Santa Monica show?
Resembles the ship from Flight of the Navigator..
looks like a deep sea vessel, some sort of boat..
It looks like the successor to the late Earthrace or Ady Gil! And Bigger!
Newest Whale Wars vessel?
dont be racist alan korte !! Im German and we arent all natzi !!
It's a very large, expensive, shiny thing ...
It would be a uhmm Hydrofoil!
It's a long shot, but is it a horse? :)
...Something Fast this way comes. Tri-Ride, or Chop-Knife. AKA as Sea-Me.
The Ady Gil rises again. Go you good thing!!
It looks like some kind of a hydrofoil (boat)
looks like a trans atlantic crossing on a boat.sorta looks like solar panels on top
It is a Hydrofoil. those are some awesome boats.
I would say a spaceship!
Looks like the UFO from flight of the navigator.
Well now that looks like a great little Cat, or Trihull. Any more data on it?
I want to say the latest and greatest plane............. or a movie prop.
its a boat u can see the propellers
It's a speedboat/yacht or how ever you classify something like that! Looks awesome though :)
It looks really sweet! Dose look like a boot to me. Well a really cool, fast, sweet boat.
I think you're right - it has propellers - it is a boat
it's beautiful
Its a tri-hull (or more correctly a v-hull with pontoons) ocean cruiser. not a lot of cabin space but mighty sturdy on the open seas.
It's a trimaran.
eddy G
i think its ur mom
i think its a mirrored picture of a plane or boat or something
Did anyone try to work with flash programming?
Holy crapper!! That's the coolest... oversized mixer?... I've ever seem!!
Actually I belive that Americia been had advanced tecnologies on a more extraterrestrial level
Airborne server drones for the Pirate Bay?
In the future, everything is chrome (including trimarans)... SpongeBob SquarePants
it's a boat
so yea awkward............
Yep agreed its a boat made out of... Iron, titanium, idk..
if the props didn't give it away then all the equipment on top of the cockpit should have. Not to mention the trimaran looks like some rich dude's new yacht.
world's fastest 3 hull catamaran
Are they being used now or is it a work in progress?
tri-moran experimental propulsion currently built in italy
Once I saw one of this flying on top of Mazinga .... ;-)
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