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Samsung is preparing for a 'post-Google era.'

Samsung Medial Solution Center President Hong Won-pyo told reporters today that Samsung is rapidly developing its Tizen operating system as an alternative to Android in preparation for a "post-Google era."

He said Samsung will release products that run on Tizen "as early as possible" and is looking for mergers and acquisitions to speed up the process of moving off Android.

The biggest barrier right now, he said, are "poor market conditions" (i.e. that Tizen doesn't have any apps). 
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Hmmm so much for supposedly appeasing samsung by selling Motorola. 
All the best. They are smart. They established themselves with Android and now will try to piggyback Tizen off Androids dominance. Surely they will mislead the public to think little has changed. 
Interesting that they would come out and say this. Trying to bargain for more with Google? 
Octavius S
Coupled with the fact, no one wants Tizen...
I don't know that Samsung has the leverage or fanbase of Apple or Google, so whilst competition is a good thing, I somehow can't see their OS taking off in any meaningful way. I stand to be corrected. 
Really happy I gave up on Samsung quite a while ago.
Too bad tizen doesn't have Google play store and if They went tizen on Galaxy 6 samsung is done or samsung Is Already done
Samsung have many decades of experience, a diversified workforce, and manufacturing experience. They'll eat Android phones for breakfast!
I don't think they are saying they will leave Android, just that they want a os of there own that they can do what they want.. Googles Android is no longer do what you want when it was 1st released
What happens when long-time Samsung device owners who've bought up a sizable library of apps and media content through the Google Play store suddenly realize that buying the next Samsung device means abandoning those for the new platform? Or would this be a play less about their current base and more about newcomers to Samsung?
Google has signals, information, and android. Samsung may make its own OS, but it doesn't have the signals, and ultimately, those signals are what's truly important.

Unless the Tizen stuff is made for a dumb phone, they will need Google's knowledge. Computing is becoming evermore contextual and personalized. With that in mind, how does samsung think they can achieve that?
The list of developers that won't write Tizen apps starts right here.
Forget samsung phone owners even iPhone owners can't Live without google services
Can't see it working out myself. They'll have the same problem Microsoft have with their phones; not a large enough following to warrant people developing apps and such. Only way this would work is if Tizen is completely different and much better than Android, and after seeing what Touchwiz was like on my Note, I haven't got the faith.
Mike P
I'll likely be moving on if this comes to pass. Just because Samsung sells a ton of Android phones doesn't mean they have the knowhow to make excellent services. I buy Android phones because they run android and connect to Google services...not because it happens to be a Samsung. Samsung would be wise to note this difference. Also not thrilled with the ever increasing amount of bloat being added to touchwiz and this could very well play a factor in my next purchas as well. +Samsung USA +Samsung Mobile USA
But +Jason Howell , for example, there is no free user friendly Google Android Calendar to compete with Samsung's S Calendar only available from Samsung and not the Play store. Why is that?
At best they'll act like Amazon and run their own ecosystem on top of Android. But I doubt there will be a post-Google world. 
Even if Samsung gets 7 Billion Humans to use Tizen, post-Google will have its hands full running Android on a few Trillion nodes on the Internet of Things...
Allthemore reason for Google to push ahead with the Nexus phones. 
I remember those exact words said about Nokia +Andrew Orr , back in 2006. Now, what happened then?
Don't get me wrong - Samsung makes excellent hardware (the Galaxy Note series of phones and tablets in particular), and the Galaxy Note is the only device I would consider leaving on stock TouchWiz, but if a Tizen device doesn't have access to Google's content catalog, it's dead in the water. 
I love my Note 3 and I like Samsung products, but if they drop Android I will no longer buy their products. 
People who are thinking Samsung truly needs Google in this respect need to stop and look at Amazon and how they are pulling it off then understand just how many phones Samsung is selling. This will have an impact but may have a positive point for Google. Another OS competitor could take pressure off of Google in some aspects. Let's not be too hasty in the Tizen hate. In my own opinion I say good riddance. Samsung retools Android to the point of unrecognizability anyhow so not much lost at my level. 
I really don't see devs or joe-public following samsung into Tizen lock in.  One of the brilliant things about Android is that it works across devices from all OEMs.  Why would users want to sign up for yet another proprietary OS, when Apple already has a lock on that market.  Not even Microsoft, with it's massive resources and history of being a software company (unlike Samsung) have managed to pull it off.  I strongly suspect that Tizen is eventually going to flop.
I really don't see it take off anytime soon. What will be so compelling to switch from the platforms we have now? If it needs to be successful based on new customers that do not own a smartphone yet, good luck. 
It's hard to imagine Android going away. Probably not in our lifetime anyway. 
I'm disappointed that Google doesn't have a free user-friendly calendar for Samsung phones like Samsung's S Planner (not in the Play store).
I'm not sure that this makes any difference to anyone except those who still buy Samsung phones, and those people will need to make a choice.

Supposedly, the kind of phone Samsung wants to make, S5, lags on Android, so why not make an OS that is optimized for Samsung? Or, make both, Tizen, Android, and maybe Windows too. Leave it up to the customer.
Samsung will really have to step up their software quality and lower their prices if they think that this is going to work.

Why else would you switch away from "Old Faithful"? 
And I don't if any of you guys still remember how bad Bada was when Samsung released it back then. LOL
Samsung's software is top notch compared to much of the dross to be found in the Play store. Samsung's S Planner is very good.
It doesn't have the same great user interface as S Planner on the Samsung Galaxy phones. That's why we don't use it +Mark Stronge.
BTW if Samsung does drop Android I will find a new maker. No sweat off my neck. Samsung makes good solid phones. Nothing to be married to. 
Android has fast gone past just Google. Google do make the best apps for it but they have also built a culture around it that has given a android a life of its own. No one uses Samsung apps or thier app store I think they are too late in the game to start another os that doesn't offer anything more. Plus I think they kicking the gift horse in the mouth. 
Oh yeah, can't wait to get my hands on a Samsung with a brand new OS. The Catch-22 is that users won't buy without apps available, and developers won't create apps without established market share. This has Edsel written all over it. 
Tizen will never have any apps. 

By "Post-Google Era", I assume he means the time period after the robots take over and then the human resistance revolts and defeats the Terminators. 

Yes, +MJ Quiroz , like Nokia from 1995 to 2005, Samsung could well do well for another 5 years with alternatives to Android.
If you like skeomorphism fine, google calendar is fast and easy to use, syncs perfectly and displays multiple calendars at once. There are many others on the play store if google calendar isn't your thing and they all work with sync to Google calendar. I think most people would disagree about Samsung's software capabilities, every Samsung phone I've used galaxy s3 etc. has been over complicated, laggy, very slow, and the software has had bugs that were never fixed.
Dude 1: "Hey man, is that an Android?"
Dude 2: "No, it's a Samsung."

I see & hear this all too often. A couple years ago, it was kinda cool because the question was always "Hey man, is that an iPhone?". So, it was refreshing to see Android out in the wild, so to speak. Now it annoys me to hear "Is that a Samsung?", asking about my Nexus 5.

No. No, it isn't. 😒
Consider this. Most people know as much about Android as they know about Windows; how to turn it on and do stuff. Samsung has developed a great reputation in the consumer market. Tizen wouldn't suffer the "bloatware"; it would be standard. It may very well give Samsung an edge. Time may tell.
+Taz Hoque Samsung tried and failed with Bada as their alternate OS.  They should learn from that lesson.  stick to Google Android, it paid their bill.
Ever use the Samsung OS on their TV's for apps. It totally sucks!
I've tried them all on the Galaxy phone and only S Planner lets you see the text in a good format. Which is your favorite that you use for a Samsung Galaxy +Mark Stronge and I'll tell you what my experience is with it?
Google is integrating so many systems and apps, I can't imagine they will be able to get the same level of trust. People may talk about Google and privacy, etc, but they have a much better reputation then so many juggernauts across multiple industries before them. I can't see Samsung getting that same level of trust for a long time
And I was the idiot for getting a nexus 5 in november because Samsung was going tizen.
Tim Box
I would not buy a tizen based product
'Cuz Google could never make a Google app for Tizen.............. Only Android.

Wait... 😏
+Russell Davison In fairness Samsung is no Nokia and can't be compared as Apples to Apples. Based on resources and patents alone Nokia should've been successful and still needed a lifeline a la WinPhone(double ouch). Samsung is springboarding from a successful platform which will have a very very different effect. I'd argue that 40% of Samsung's customers wouldn't notice a change from Touchwiz Android to Tocuhwiz Tizen and I think Samsung is willing to take that chance at full control of their ecosystem. 
+Daniel Sacks well observed, was thinking the same thing. Too bad nothing can save Samsung from their own crap design and bloated software.
If I wanted to be tied to a single vendor for hardware, OS and apps, I'd have stayed with the sinking Blackberry ship, or <shudder> bought an iPhone. But I don't, so Tizen is about as attractive as WinCE. 
My main point, +MJ Quiroz , is that Samsung has 70 years experience compared to Google's good luck since 1996. It's early days for Google ... like AOL, WorldCom, inktomi, GeoCities, Lycos, Tiscali, WebTV, Polaroid, etc. etc.
It won't make any impact. Samsung can take the Amazon's approach instead, making their own Android based OS and devices that run on it, in addition to regular Android devices. Samyroid!
Tizen will not survive. Samsung is nothing without Android. Might even become the next Nokia.
I am starting my roadmap to move my family's 4 Samsung phones... . It means I won't be upgrading from Note 3 to Note 4.
+Donald 亮東 wasnt bada a feature phone os.. Imo the more competitive os's out there the better.. I don't want ios and Android as the only successful os. Google and Samsung benefit each other, not a 1 way thing. 
Well, we know they'll just copy android. But the number one rule to survive is stay on Google's side. If they ditch Android they're done. 
This will be great for HTC, LG, Motorola and other manufacturers. 
Doesn't surprise me. I'm never buying another Samsung phone for sure. 
Dan K
Android needs competition.  And if anyone thinks that developers won't develop for Tizen, or whatever they choose, they are dead wrong.  Samsung sells over 1/3 billion phones per year, they are very powerful.
I still think Samsung would be better served delivering a superior hardware experience and leaving the software to Google similar to Motorola's strategy under Google. I mean honestly, if the user experience on a Samsung device was akin to what you get on a Moto X, would there be that many compelling reasons to choose anything else?
Mike, are you sure you are getting the right story ? Samsung seems to be an easy target these days.
Samsung will learn that their customers are Android users first, Samsung fans second.
Yea, and HP thought they could with WebOS. Billions burned and nothing to show for it. When you business is primary hardware you damn well better have some amazing software to make a good dent in the market. This will end in tears, firesale on the hardware and employees getting pink slips.
The biggest barrier might also be considered lots of half baked products that always leave customers wanting. Or the propensity of manufactures to foster conspicuous consumption. Never follow through with user updates, say to Android or this new Tizen OS rather just buy some more hardware.   
Bloated garbage. Give me stock android every day of the week.
Google, you should've kept Motorola. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!
+Jason Taylor HP is a different case. People were excited about Web OS. Léo Apotheker the most disastrous CEO of HP -- yes even more than Carly Fiorina, which is hard to do -- killed Web OS because he was stupid.

The board of HP wasn't much better, being voted worst board in corporate America. The board even sanctioned the hiring of private investigators to investigate employee phone records and communications.
Will Google sue Samsung for making Tizen look too much like Android?
I don't get this. I mean why is windows phone suffering? Apps. So if it's been around for 5 years and they still have a problem with a lack of apps. How well do you think tizen will do? Unless they have an android emulator (which emulators are always glitchy) then tizen will have no apps.
Good luck with that Samsung. If you pull the trigger on that, then say good bye to a good chunk of your customer base all across the globe.
I think they've been confused for a long time about whether people are buying the Google in their phones or the Samsung. Looks like they're about to test their luck and end up at the end of the bench with Windows Phone.
+Marty Ballard developers will write tizen apps if there's money to be made. Samsung can pull this off but it will take a couple more years.
Time to abandon Samsung devices not just Tizen OS... De ja Vu.  It was like many years ago when IBM and Microsoft had a dispute on DOS. I am an Android fan and like developing with it - the heck with Tizen. I cant trust Samsung anymore. Imagine what they did with Apple, sly as a fox. Watch Out Google, ... We in the android community will definitely support you. So any android developers please do not use Tizen.
Samsung as usual.....just pathetic... I say don't bite the hand that feeds you, where would Samsung's mobile division be today without Google Android? Tizen is nowhere near a household name.
+Tim Box how do you know you never even seen it yet. I bet many people said the same thing when android first came out.
Guys, +Scott Wilson already explained this are not the words of Hong, so this thing is non issue.

+Russell Davison you love to always play the devil's advocate. But sometimes is hard to make sense of the things you write.
I have lost my enthusiasm for Samsung ! My phone and Tablet have not been able to withstand the number of Apps that I find important to have to stay current on feilds on interests. Water Cooler, Friends and Family comparisons seem to be going more and more to Apple products that are handling comparative loads without the many problems that lead to shutdowns and over heating. Does anyone want to share any thoughts?
+Russell Davison except that Google has its roots in several different places, all over the place. If Google loses Android, they still have most of their company, and they have several billion dollars to spend in getting Android back on the market! Because Google has such deep roots in so many different places, I can't see them going under anytime soon.
+Charlie Lund Windows Phone is growing, albeit slowly, but it is growing, and Windows Phone 8.1 is actually quite nice. When you buy a Windows phone (Nokia) you actually get a good quality device. I have never been crazy about Samsung devices-- they feel cheap but that is my opinion. Others don't feel that way, so the future will be interesting if they proceed down the Tizen path.
My guess is that Samsung will push Tizen on the lower end, low-spec phones that it can run well on, but Android doesn't. Samsung will also pitch Tizen to mobile carriers in the US as a platform they can easily lock down like they did in the "good ole days" of feature phones. Something they can't do as much with Apple and Google.

All of this sucks for consumers, but hey it's the US carrier market.  It's still the Wild West here. This country is about 15-20 years behind the EU in consumer protection and regulation of the mobile phone industry.
Samsung is trying to make they own mobile OS, first they had Bada, and now Tizen. will i hope they have good luck with Tizen.
So Google selling Motorola wasn't enough to placate Samsung? I am skeptical that Samsung can ever develop a good enough, widely supported enough mobile OS to compete with Android. And if the only reason it's trying is to make more money, then it will surely fail.
+Russell Davison
First of all, I don't think +Samsung Mobile will eat +Android phones for breakfast, as they can't optimize a thing! It is noticeable on all their devices!
In second place, you haven't searched +Google Play for long enough! Try Business Calendar Free. It is very similar to the S Calendar. By the way, +Google has an user friendly alternative called Google Calendar. 
I have spent the last year learning how to develop apps for Samsung's SmartTV platform. I have found the experience so frustrating that not only do I never want to develop for another Samsung platform again, but I don't really want to buy another Samsung device again.

Samsung has taken the smartphone market by storm, but not becaue they know how to manage a smartphone OS. They don't. They also don't know how to provide a decent, well-documented SDK, a usable app store with a sane approval process, or really support a developer community in any way. They are so clueless in this market space it is like some kind of farcical performance art.

I find it highly unlikely that they will be able to solve these problems and turn themsleves into a real software company any time in the next few years. Without that, they lose developers, and without developers, they don't get users. Period.

If Samsung thinks they can move forward without Android, they're in for a very painful surprise.
+MJ Quiroz
Amazon has a great experience on services, Samsung doesn't! Amazon is the only true competitor to +Google on that matter, by now! 
+Terence Kam Tizen and/or Touchwiz look nothing like Android. Google wouldn't sue any body for looking like Android. They'll likely just say "challenge accepted".
+rajan nakarmi I think they are done. Most people are tired of their bloatware which consumes so much memory that you phone suffers from amnesia. Plus I also think the S5 is premature
I thought Tizen was Samsung's flip phone OS
Now they'll have to explain why Google's Apps don't come with Samsung devices. 
Haha, should be interesting to watch. They'll still make buckets of cash. If they're smart they'll start with their low end phones, doubt they'll dump android on top of the line products. 
+Tiago Azevedo You are totally right that Amazon knows how to run services but I could argue they know jack about hardware when compared to Samsung which is the momentum they are banking on and will profit from. Controlling the ecosystem allows them to set the system requirements opening up longer drawn out hardware cycles which are more profitable than the arms race every quarter they are in now. A reputation of good hardware isn't easy to come by but services can improve. Android could show as proof to that. 
Without android I have no reason to buy another samsung product. Tizen schmizen.
What is the point of building a whole new app ecosystem this late in the game??
This will be about as sucessful as Amazon app marketplace. Nice addition but not nearly as good as googles play store
When did this come about that Samsung would be dropping Android? Feel me in before my 14 days are up with this Galaxey S5.
So, Samsung wants to be in a fourth place behind Windows Phone? Wise decision. 
+caleb scott The Amazon appstore was leagues more profitable than the playstore. This isn't a fanboy response just a fact. Dont underestimate moves like this with companies this size. Samsung is Android phone sales.. Its unfortunate that Android is being dominated by a single hardware maker but its a reality.
+MJ Quiroz don't forget that Amazon appstore is still android, so there is was a huge base of devs already in place, Amazon just had to convince them to put their apps in the store.  With tizen, Samsun is starting all over.
+Russell Sprague That's a good point. Not much talk on how easy ports of Apps can be moved to Tizen but if you are launching a platform I think that's something Samsung would need to tackle. Even RIM and MS needed to make it easy to gain Dev support and they've struggled but what neither one of those 2 had is what Samsung does have..Marketshare Listen, I'm not evangelizing Samsung or anything but if the platform is good let's not kid ourselves. People talked impossible with Android and here we are. 
This is good news for HTC, Motorola, and LG. Samsung is making the wrong decision.
Ok, 1st they have to beat the windows os
Tizen will go the way of webOS. DOA.
Oh boy. Another Symbian.
+Daniel Sacks hopefully this means google will ditch their plans to sell motorola. I got really annoyed with samsung when I found out they are part of the reason motorola is getting sold off. 
People who have no idea what the OS of the Galaxy line is will definetly buy this....probably think its a new version of iOS (looking at you non techies and hipsters) or think its still android (once again, looking at you guys)
+Daniel Blaney Nah, the deals done. No going back on it now. Besides, I don't think Google feels like dealing with it. Regardless, it's probably a good thing they are with Lenovo, as Lenovo is one of the only companies with enough scale to properly compete with Samsung. We need companies who can counter Samsung's seeming monopoly of Android. 
+Daniel Sacks Yeah but their current android is kind of crap at the moment . littered with awful skins and shoddy mediatek socs
+Mike Elgan did you read +Scott Wilson 's comments? Did anyone else? Because if his right, then there's nothing to panic about.

Personally this is not stopping from upgrading to either the S5 or Note 4 later this year. 
And here I was wondering when they would Sony. I think they just Sony'd.
+Bram Warrick you think they would learn. Sony used to be in the same exact position and lost it all doing this exact thing.
+Daniel Blaney Another way to look at it is that maybe Motorola will have a broader influence on the rest of Lenovo products. Remember, most of Lenovo products target Asia, and they like touchwizzy skins there it would seem. 
Hahaha Tizen doesn't have any apps. 
I don't think consumers suffer from this. I applaud Samsung for doing this. It is probably the best thing that could happen to Android. Samsung yields too much power and skews what the experience of Android really is. Get them out of the way and companies like Motorola, HTC and others can flourish.

If Samsung can win in the marketplace making a relevant product, more power to them. I doubt this will be the case and expect this to be their downfall, which I welcome completely.

Personally, I don't understand Samsung fandom. There's nothing about a monolithic Korean-based conglomerate that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I much rather root for Motorola or Apple. 
Hmm guess no more working together with Google like they stated a few months ago 
Yeah I hope they leave Android. Fine by me. They give Android a bad name in my view. 
I better vote for Ubuntu Phone.
Samsung is going to abandon the Tizen ship once it sinks. Sorry but try as you may, you're not Apple. This is like Dell abandoning Windows at the height of the PC market
+Scott Wilson even if he was talking about samsung app ecosystems rather than switching wholesale to tizen, it's still a bad idea. Very few samsung apps are worth a damn. They keep trying to write replacements for things that exist in android already in a better form. As a case in point I give you s-voice. The software they write to handle custom functionality like s - pen on the other hand is pretty good. I like their hardware, love the funxtionality, but despise their Google app replacements.
Good ridance. With Samsung gone, Android will no longer be associated with shitty hardware. 
But +Forrest Hopkins , Google has no roots or diversified product range compared to the 70 year life of Samsung. Samsung have longevity.
+Tiago Azevedo , Google Calendar is crap on the Samsung Galaxy range. That's why everyone uses Samsung's S Planner .
I've tried the Business Calendar +Tiago Azevedo and the user interface for week view is bad for the Samsung Galaxy. It's OK for my 10" tablet, though.
Samsung makes great phones. I have no lag with touchwiz on my note 3.
This is one of the best smartphones I have had to this date. Don't worry, I am not a fan boy, I buy what is best when I upgrade.
It all depends on the market at the time. Who knows, my next phone could be HTC or Sony. It's all about which offers the best at the time I look into phones.
I couldn't agree more +Dylan Huen. Everybody in this thread forgets that Samsung's been going since 1938 and doesn't need a phone OS like Google does!
Last time they tried that, Bada (also known as Nada) happened. 
+Russell Davison
Not everyone. I don't use the S Planner on my Galaxy Note 3. By the way, Business Calendar is highly customizable and you can change the way the week view is shown.

+Dylan Huen
No lag on the Note 3? My girlfriend's Moto G that costed 220€ preforms better than my Note 3 that costed 700€… The first is a snapdragon 400 quad-core clocked at 1,2 GHz with 1 GB of ram. The second one is a snapdragon 800 quad-core clocked at 2,5 GHz with 3 GB of ram. I was happy with my Note until my girlfriend's Moto G arrived and I realized TouchWiz was killing my phone and how Motorola's software optimization was mocking with me. I rooted my phone and flashed CyanogenMod 11 on it! It runs like Usain Bolt. 
Well if it makes him feel any more comfortable, I bought my S4, rooted it and installed Kit Kat. Samsung can keep their garbage skin and Tizen... Thanks.
Well that's ok because next time I upgrade my phone (end of next year sometime) there will be some nice android options.  In the meantime my GS4 is nice with android and all its googliness.
Samsung's saving grace is the fact that they still have SD card slots in their phones . THAT'S ALL. Their apps suck, and the hardware is good but nothing other manufacturers can't and haven't beaten
My Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best mobile phone I've owned since 1998 and I've been through quite a few in 16 years!
This is why I dislike Samsung.  They hooked a ride in Android.  Granted, they did a good job at first but it is mostly marketing that has the Samsung BRAND more recognizable than Google or Android.

I personally think Sony makes the superior device but regardless Samsun would abandon Android now that they have brand recognition.

The thing is, as Google knows from Apple all too well, a lot of flash and product will not undermine product loyalty and familiarity.
Agreed.  A little slimy after everything they have benefited from Google, along with Google helping defend them against Apple in the patent wars.  Google might wish they had gone all in with Motorola.  
I really do love much of what Samsung has done w/ their devices.  Really some great work on many of their platforms.

And it won't necessarily be "technical" reasons it will fail (although that will be what we all point at).  It will fail because culturally the organization cannot allow itself to make the kinds of choices required to deliver a successful software platform.
Samsung have been very successful since 1938 and Google simply offered an operating system. Why would Samsung need Google?
Les J D
Android is ten times better these guys just getting greedy 
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