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+AllThingsD shows Apple's case against Samsung in three pictures.

In a nutshell, Apple is showing the court that after Apple shipped the iPhone and iPad, Samsung's phones and tablets went from looking nothing like the Apple products to looking very much like them.
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That's a pretty weak case then. Obviously non-touch smartphones would have to have a different design...
Soft after Coke was created Pepsi came out and it was a lot the same.....

I won't continue the list, although isn't mimicry a great form of flattery.
Wow, using the F700 against Samsung while Samsung can't use the truth about the device to defend themselves. That's not going to be a biased article at all.
+Mike Elgan, who cares if they are just as ugly? The real deal, when they're that ugly is how well they work. I know a guy who got an iPhone and it is no good in areas with a weak signal.

It wasn't a total disaster. His wife liked it, so he gave it to her. Got an Android phone (don't know which one) and it works for him.
Except they don't even look similar...
All that's showing to me is that Samsung has innovated 3 times as much as Apple has.
These companies should be inventing new products, not bothering themselves with ridiculous lawsuits.
So what they are saying is that Android is a copy of iOS and everyone  has to stop producing Android devices. Oh, and MS Windows is similar to iOS as well, so Microsoft had better stop producing software. 
Milty C
I think some common sense is needed. Look every company copies to some degree, its just a fact of life, but as long a there are significant differences between handsets (which there is) its case closed.

Just because some people are either ignorant or blind and cant see the difference between the phones doesn't mean samsung should be held accountable for this ignorance.
And now that Samsung has overtaken Apple in the design initiative stakes, Apple has the shits.
All this shows it that it has become the trend for smart phones to be made with larger screens.
Apple lost the plot 30 years. I was there. They haven't got with the program ever since.
Terry Smith
If you want "innovative" look to Google.
lol it just proves when Samsung  starting making touch screens when they where effect tool in the communication industry
I've the same problem as Apple lawyers--every payphone handset looks the same! How am I meant to know who I'm dialing if every payphone feels the same in my hand?
+Terry Smith Yeh, Google is very "innovative". Uses somebody else's open source projects and does not contribute back to those communities.
Breaking News I have just been to the garage and guess what, all the cars I saw had 4 wheels and a steering wheel.
Apple really needs knocking off it high horse.... imop
There was a convergence to larger displays, less buttons, and touchscreens even before the iPhone was released. You could put every smartphone manufacturer up on the timeline above and it would indicate the same pattern.
Did Apple expect the competition to make a triangle shaped phone? They tried that on The Office and it didn't work so well.
Either I'm confused about how the space/time continuum functions, or Apple is lying.  See, in this universe, the Samsung F700 was announced in Feb. 2007 and came out in Nov. 2007.  So they didn't seem to have enough time to 'copy' Apple there.
That's such garbage. Maybe Apple should be sued for copying the laptop since every laptop has a screen hinged with a keyboard. And I'm sure +Mike Elgan you are not driving a car with 4 wheels and a steering wheel but still riding your horse to work. Sheesh... #BoycottApple
iPads look like flat screen computer monitors too, which were out before the iPhone... black bezel, rounded corners, centered screen...  The iPad is a flat panel touch monitor that runs on batteries, but has a CPU inside.  I think this whole patent war has gone far off the deep end.
Most IT patents are a sham and should never have been approved by the US Patent Office. Did you know someone owns a patent on JPEGs and could sue every one of us??? It an out of control system, and all it does is make IT innovation even more difficult.

Go to to
Also I'm not sure this works in their favor because the Samsung phones look less and less like an iPhone the closer to current day you get.
Now people lets look at the evidence here, seems to me that apple is the one doing the copying. Look at the i700, i730, and i830, all release before apple in 2004, 2005, 2006, starts with "i". Now look at the shape and placement of the "home" button on the phone samsung always had that button on the phone.

All of samsung's current design is a step up of the i700, as people clamor for more screen space, and the software change so did the design. The similarity of the icons on the screen is not because of samsung copying, but because of the software they working with. Apple isn't the first company to arrange icons on the screen palm did it before.

Really is there really a care here for apple?
+Mike Elgan Boing owes the wright brothers a licensing fee... oh wait never mind I just used my common sense to debunk that. I'm going to patent the process of breathing and then charge you a licencing fee for every breath.
I just applied for a unique IT process patent called "How to Use the iPhone in the Bathroom Efficiently", so I'm going to sue every one now.....I just have to catch you in the act.
Perhaps Ford trucks could get royalties from GM, Chrysler, Nissan (this is going to be a long list), Toyota, Honda, International, Volkswagen...
What about user demand? customers have shown that they want a rectangle touch screen. seriously what is the alternative?
pointy-cornered, triangular, touch screen.  Could double as ninja throwing star.  
It might be fair to say that at this point in time there is very little room for total originality in anything anymore, don't you think? What's next, octagonal or 3/D phones/tablets? I mean really...
Samsung phones looking like Apple iThing is the biggest nonsense I've ever heard, and frankly the image proves it. None of those phones look like the Apple product, if it shows anything is how Apple is incapable to diversify its own designs and offer variety.

I have a Galaxy S2 and was recently required to setup one of them iThings, I guarantee they are worlds apart.

This judicial nonsense has lasted quite long enough and I sincerely hope Apple will fall from grace with their childish bullying tactics based on fairy dust. 
Mr. Plastic & Mr. Metal should sue apple for using their products. #FA!
So according to Apple, evolution doesn't exist. They are the creators.
We need judges like Posner to who can clearly see the difference in design and throw this case out of court. iKoh needs to remove the blindfold from her eyes and make the right decision ASAP.
Apple is going to sue Ikea, because Ikea products is too similar to bookshelf in iBook.
Get serious... all those smart people who invents real technology (2g, 3g, 4g, lte networks, AV codecs, ...) gets nothing comparing to Apple.
Remember guys, Apple timeline started in 2007 any technology made before this date is just fantasy and doesn't exist ;-)
This whole thing is biased, everything from the patents Apple gets down to the judge of this lawsuit.  Everything is in Apple's favor as they are an American company suing a Foreign company in the US.  The patent system is broken and this judge (can't remember her name at the moment) needs to be replaced ASAP.  Apple is just desperate, with Jobs gone, Android becoming more popular and Apple only having one phone due to their complete control freak sue everyone attitude.
I'm a little torn on this. On the one hand, I do see a few Samsung devices with hardware that looks like an iPhone or iPad. I could understand if they get fined for that.

Flip side is that the Apple's IP patents seem overly broad to me.

I just wish they would end this already and cross license these things. After all, Apple will probably still own the premium market and the rest will go to everyone else. Kinda like how things worked out with Windows, except with less Microsoft craziness.
This is what Samsung is arguing and Apple understands perfectly well: Technological progress doesn't take random directions. TVs didn't get bigger and heavier, they became flat screens. Cars don't use new different kinds of gasoline, they use LESS gasoline. Things move towards what's better and more practical. Even Star Trek The Next Generation (1987-93) had iPads. It was THAT obvious, in that rather dumbed down science fiction show, that portable devices sooner or later would become tablets with touch screens. It's part of the fundamental course of human progress, which Apple knows no one has the right to patent, but they just do it anyway because that's what cynical, smiling bastards do. If they could patent water, they would. I could understand it if Samsung stole circuit drawings from Apple to save money on research, but that's not what the lawsuits are about. They're about patents on the very idea of using new technology at all, if it, for instance, comes in the rectangular shape of a tablet. According to Apple, their competitors should make circular or square tablets, or get the hell out of the market.
And I care why?

So they kind of look similar but so do the Mustang and Camaro. I mean each has 4 wheels, an engine, a transmission and a cabin for carrying passengers. Plus similar body styling, Fastback coup.

So shouldn't Ford be suing GM?

What it boils down to is that Apple won't be happy until we are all cogs in their money making machine and they are afraid of some real competition.

I'm still not sure how the hell they got a patent for a "Wedge" shaped phone. How do you patent a shape?
Who released the first cathode-ray television? Then what happened? What did they look like? What policy rewards genius and fosters innovation? Thank you, Wikipedia.

"The first commercially made electronic television sets with cathode ray tubes were manufactured by Telefunken in Germany in 1934,[104][105] followed by other makers in France (1936),[106] Britain (1936),[107] and America (1938).[108][109] The cheapest of the pre-World War II factory-made American sets, a 1938 image-only model with a 3-inch (8 cm) screen, cost US$125, the equivalent of US$1,863 in 2007. The cheapest model with a 12-inch (30 cm) screen was $445 ($6,633).[110]
An estimated 19,000 electronic television sets were manufactured in Britain, and about 1,600 in Germany, before World War II. About 7,000–8,000 electronic sets were made in the U.S.[111] before the War Production Board halted manufacture in April 1942, production resuming in August 1945.".

Lots of manufacturers, but the form was set early. 
"Water went from liquid, to suddenly looking like a solid once Temperature changed, the water was clearly infringing on Temperature!"
Alexis Cocly: Apple was the first company to arrange icons on the screen of a computer as a retail consumer product. They got the idea from the Xerox PARC research done, including the invention of the mouse. This is recorded historical fact. Also Apple is the first company to have a handheld touch screen personal digital assistant device with icons arranged on the screen. It was called the Newton Message Pad. Of which a lot of design and code that is in the iPhone is derived from. This is also recorded historical fact. Both of these devices the Original Macintosh Computer and the Apple Newton Message Pad had hundreds of patents behind them and are extremely innovative. The Newton MP2100 model was even able to use Voice Command and Navigation similar to the Siri and "Google Now" functionality people use today.

This patent lawsuit process is exactly the same as the one between Apple and Microsoft regarding Microsoft copying the design of the Macintosh, which they still do even to this day. It's quite interesting to watch as a computer engineer. Sure other OSes and platforms of design are out there and they all contribute to each other there are a few ideas in Mac OS even that came first from elsewhere, but most of it still is from both Macintosh and OpenSTEP the predecessor OSes along with a little Newton and some things from IBM that were in an OS called "OS/2" which today's versions of Windows are a complete rip of technologically speaking. I have yet to see Microsoft have one original idea in creating software, except maybe the stupid Microsoft Office Assistant from Office 97, which is utterly useless and a bit repetitive.

What was the verdict in Apple versus Microsoft when it came to Windows.. the Verdict was in the favor of Apple.. Microsoft settled out of court and invested in Apple and decided they'd continue to make software on Apple's platform(s) and allowed Apple to distribute Microsoft Windows with some of their products. This was to be considered a tool as it prevented Microsoft from having a complete monopoly. It helped Apple invest in Open Source and things like Linux and BSD got large revenue and creative contributions back in their pocket without Microsoft having to play with them directly.

You really have to understand the beast of invention and what is truly at stake here. Google has yet to do anything truly innovative with Android and it is all based off of things that Google did not invent.

The only thing that Google truly has in their credit was a nice search algorithm on a blank page and no ads. Up until then Yahoo! and previous to that AltaVista were the kings of search.. they both worked in a similar fashion to Google. Google only gave you the results in a different and easier to read and use way.

No one company is the best at it or deserves all the credit however learn exactly what you are speaking of before you post, thank you.
bf looking at this timeline pic, i may hv a bit doubt if samsung copied iphone's design, but now, to me, it seems that designs of samsung's phones evolve all along, and maybe get some inspiration from iphone, but not copying.
Note to Apple: similar looking products does not equal infringement
Makes perfect sense. Apple invented the concept of the smart phone and Samsung has been copying the iPhone (and iPad) and profiting on the investment that Apple made in innovation. Is it how business works these days? 
+Krisztian Panczel You're dead wrong, buddy. Wikipedia: Although devices combining telephony and computing were conceptualized as early as 1973 and were offered for sale beginning in 1994, the term "smartphone" did not appear until 1997, when Ericsson described its GS 88 "Penelope" concept as a "Smart Phone".
Dunno what you're talking about +Mike Elgan, they look like EVERY smartphone on the market in the sense that they have a touchscreen with apps on a desktop. But they all look vastly different in shape and style. Not only that, but Android has desktop Widgets that allow a greater customization of the desktop than a spread of app shortcuts.

I can tell you that my home screen looks nothing like an iPhone, though I have the Galaxy Nexus, which has been banned for looking "too much like the iPhone".

Also, while Samsung has varied greatly in the shape and style of their phones, the "new" iPhones look identical to their predecessors. Way to be creative, Apple.
de famz
everyone should make triangle phones and leave the rectangle to apple....:p
+Krisztian Panczel 
1) apple did not invent the smart phone, have you never heard of blackberry or windows mobile?
2) samsung is not copying the iphone this is apples picture which conveniently leaves out the 10 devices Samsung had prior to the iphone with that shape. -
3) Apple copied the shape itself as it has been used in TV, tablets and phones. have doubts? look at this rectangular tablet with detachable keyboard from 2002 -

Do not be blinded by the media machine that is apple research things for yourself 
Every flat screen tv looks identical to every other flat screen tv and yet nobody is suing anyone. Apple are pathetic and the more legal crap they engage in, the more people are turning away from them.
de famz
yea but seems like all the phones were evolving towards that form, it just happens that apple came in during that time when keyboards were going away...
de famz
they still have those? lol
Conveniently leaving out all Samsung phones which looked like iPhones before the iPhone existed, and also leaving out all phones that Samsung makes that look nothing like the iPhone after the iPhone was released.

Biased fanboism much?
It is the art of war! Whoever decides the rules, wins.
Hehe Apple must be so cut up about the amount of Phones Samsung are making and selling.
Why doesn't the joojoo tablet get mentioned ever? It came out before the ipad was even officially admitted to exist and had the flush glass, rounded corners.  Ok, it was a different ratio (as the Tabs are), but surely that'd only help Samsung?
Remembering the Water Boy movie as Bobby's mother would say: Ï dont want you getting any Apple products; Apple is the DEVIL!!" hahahah
Apple phones also look like sonys phones.
Yeah its called progression. What doesn't progress? The first car to not look like it would break was immediately followed by more cars that looked like they wouldnt break.
I wish people would stop making this a fan boy issue. It is a legal issue. And whether you love or hate Apple, why can't Apple's competitors innovate? There is no reason Samsung's devices, icons, apps and most of all packaging need to look so much like Apple's. Why not make a round box, colorful devices, unique icons, better software? Samsung hasn't innovative enough. They got themselves into this situation. Don't blame Apple. - Sent from my Nexus 7 (before you flame me)
It's a really flimsy argument. You can't copyright or patent "looks like." Apple made a smartphone so revolutionary that it redefined for the consumer market was a smartphone was. Of course Samsung's phones started looking a little more like Apple's; everyone's did. That's how markets work. And it's a far cry from "stealing Apple's ideas."

Besides which, as the whole market converged on buttonless touch-screen devices, it was inevitable that they'd start looking similar. I have phones by HTC and LG that look as much like an iPhone as the recent Samsung models.
iPhone has been an inspiration for many mobile phone manufacturers. Inspiration leads you to copy or follow the foot steps of original n there is nothing wrong unless there is an infringement of commercial rights owing to conflict of interests.
Apple is the leader n rest r following to slice of its market share. Apple feeling the real threat has reacted but I guess they may be able to delay competetor's product launch but may not be able to sustain the argument .... War is war lets se who is really smart....:)
I mean, come on. Design a smartphone with no front-facing hard buttons that doesn't "look like an iPhone," by Apple's definition.
+Jon Eric Interestingly enough, similar form-factor devices were in use long before iPhone, even manufactured by Samsung. Also, Samsung counter-attacked this by showing design documents of more than one corporation working on similar designs before iPhone surfaced at all :)
how come after all these lawsuits etc, that apple have not taken the guys behind the fake iphone, the "sciphone" to court?..looks like an iphone, behave like one, uses apple apps AND apple software from apple sites, inferior it is I know..but it is out there a few tweaks and you end up with an iphone
+Ian Moulding  because sciphone doesn't hurt their sales at all, being mainly bought by people who are not a concern for Apple.
Fair enough, the Camaro looks nothing like a Mustang, more like a Challenger?
What was that saying about great artists. Albeit, Samsung is not Picasso. :)
Yeah so?  The iPhone is a nice device for many folks.  But some folks just want something else.  Not Samsung's fault that you put all your eggs in one basket.  Will the poster even read these comments?  Probably not.
Its called a candy bar shape, look it up. Many phones use this shape.
Jon Shay
Boy if Henry Ford were still alive he could sue all other automotive manufacturers for having vehicles that resemble his. This entire thing is dumb. #FuckApple.
That chart shows the amazing progress of apple products in the last 5 years... </sarcasm>
well? So what? It doesn't impress me much. The predecessor of this ipad form was "invented" a few millenniums ago. Slates and Babylonian clay tablets. They are even called 'tablets'. And about the special motions to operate those? Well - even cats can. Think about it. If cats can it can't be that ingenious, it is just something that nature gave us. Point at things. Touch things. Move things around. Dig into things. Pinch things. 
Apple. You need do better. Xeroxing isn't invention.
Samsung should have made galaxy line looks like their wave series...the wave looks much sexy only it runs bada...
Apples just upset because they're starting to lose on the iPhone
and my favorite part of all of this is simply the fact that every apple fanboy seems to be unaware of the fact that I-phones wont work without the Samsung parts running them... how do you apple fans like your A4, A5, A5X chips? or how about that memory? must be nice to use a Samsung phone with an apple on it and hate Samsung.
It's called technological progress. Get over yourself Apple.
Looks like the iDenial app comes preinstalled with all the Apple devotees.. 

This is evidence? Ok.. Why not show the evidence Samsung showed at the Apple vs Samsung hearing that Judge Koh blatantly threw out repeatedly, saying it was inadmissible in court for "late evidence"? The one where Samsung shows it had product prototypes resembling the modern full screen phones, even before the iPhone was released in 2007?  (

But of course, when Samsung released the public domain knowledge evidence to the media (since it wasn't admitted as evidence, it's fair game, btw), the judge and Apple are bitching about how it's unfair and that they're trying to influence the jury. Um. Isn't that what court cases are supposed to do? #Applesucks  

Oh, and how about the "evidence" that Apple blatantly stole their design from Sony? Samsung releases that to the press and Apple cries foul. Thankfully, their request for sanctions against Samsung was turned down.

Seriously, #FuckAppple
I cannot wait until Apple releases a television so we can all argue if any television to follow is copying Apple. 
yes first apple copied Xerox  computers stole the beatles record label for a name  tried to makeout that they invented windows  ect ect ect
Yeah, I see a lot of competition and jealousy... but a good product is a good product and that's all the customers may go for, unless they go for all the arrogant Apple splendour solely.
+John Wiskowski, the icons and apps look the same because the software designers made them that way. It has nothing to do with either manufacturer. Also, since you are apparently not capable of sight, there are two oval shaped phones, not to mention several with rounded ends, as opposed to only rounded corners. Also, there have been many colored phone designs.
What about the Samsung Instinct? That was out just after the iPhone came out
I think you could do this to any other phone maker.
Ha. I <3 cry-babies like Apple for some reason, they are soo funny with their lawyers...
They seem never to ran out of ideas even it comes to collecting some Money.
Apple corporation are a bunch of tools 
Why does Apple keep copying itself? Each iphone looks a lot like the one before it. I'm going to take them to court for not giving the consumer choice. LOL
They mad a design that they could sue ppl over lol
Well most of the touch phones are alike, I mean how can something that is just a square screen can be that different? If apple is worried about losing market against samsung then instead of lawsuits then create "the next best thing" and conquer the market with a better product
Parents and Piracy are too repetitive to argue. If apple makes the iphone to help everybody, you'd think everybody would just by apple products. But simple and basic human need has turned into competition.
They don't look anything alike. Period.
damnit, i built a 4 legged table and chair and everyone copied me.
See, you don't get it. I'm not saying nothing can look like the iPhone. But why not really do something different? Yes there are oval phones, but those aren't advertised heavily or pushed by carriers. The third-party icons should look the same. I'm talking about built in apps like Music, Settings, etc.

If you think Samsung is delivering the best products they can, I'm afraid to tell you they aren't. At least Motorola and HTC have tried I differentiate themselves.

The problem is Samsung is winning the Android platform. Why? Because they copy Apple. HTC and Motorola should sue Samsung as well. They would be doing better if Samsung was competing with them them instead of Apple. Samsung wants an oligopoly. Nobody should want that. 
Of course they are not going to show the phones that look like them before they were released.
Rob Go
Weird what qualifies as important news these days. I mean, not weird at all.
Apple is junk there just pissed cause company's are starting to outsell them cause they haven't change anything on there phone since they have begin apple is a joke 
It shows me that while Samsung has innovated, Apple has not. (disclaimer, I own an iPhone)
+Ramanujan Das Patra they are trying to compete with samsung directly for several reasons.
1) You can't make the Iphone without the Samsung parts
2) Samsung has sold far more devices and is now the number 1 phone manufacturer.
3) Samsung uses its best designs and components on its own brand and since apple uses Samsung CPU (A4, A5, A5X), memory etc.. they aren't happy about having to get the second rate components.
Funny how everything comes full circle!
omg, Samsun phones look just like EVERY OTHER smart phone in the same time frame... its the EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGY!
All Samsung has to do is reference the LG Prada. It was announced before the iPhone and was the first capacitive touch screen phone. Case closed.
i so fucking hate samsung,,,,i wish google made a cheap phone like nexus 7 ,s3 is so fucking not 700€
Apple will win, and Samsung will become BETA, obsolete!
Samsung makes most of the components used in apple products
Hmmmm.... seems to me we can officially say which company has evolved more and which company is stuck with the same old stuff.... companies like HTC, Nokia and Sony have had touch screen phones 10 years before apple even made a phone. Give me a break....
Apple was good at brainwashing their cult into believing that the invented everything. That ignorant judge needs to be removed from this case.
Even these photos submitted by Apple show Samsung has, in fact innovated. Take a look at the Tablet time line. Samsung has 7" tabs Apple does not. I hear Apple is planning a 7" tab now. Okay, is that innovation or is it copying? BTW the 7" tab is an excellent size. Small enough to carry but big enough to be a useful tablet.
I see lots of black rectangles on both sides of the line...
Apple is playing the patent game like all the other big companies do. If you have enough cash you can tie up the competition until it runs out of cash or lawyers. How else do you think they're going to stay afloat? Innovation? Dont make me laugh.
What about computers in general?  They all look the same. That is just the evolution of products. 
obviously there are so many geeks and engineers, android fans on google+ and no wonder this thread is so biased against apple.. we are talking about real innovation here, the process that goes into creating something truly original. Samsung doesn't even have such a strategy, their only strategy is wait an watch, if something is successful in the market mass produce it. They don't take risks, they don't create anything original. This goes to any Korean company. Don't think about small nitty gritty stuff its so clear even to my mom and grand mom that Apple creates original stuff, takes risks and others copy
It's too bad that the biased judge threw out all these evidence.
People here are really confused and comparing engineering to design. A component like flash memory, processor, touch screen can be made by anyone, Samsung happens to make high quality stuff coz they are amazing engineers but they don't have artistic ability or design. They don't think out of the box. Thats what Apple meant by 'slavishly' copying. 
+Keerthi Kumar really apple innovated? hmm funny because I remember being able to use devices that did what apple supposedly innovated back in 2002 and you know what even the shape (rectangle  with rounded corners was the same) but hey that was only years before the ipad existed... or maybe it was the touch screen phone, oh nope that was out years before the iphone, or maybe it was the apps, nope that was out before the iphone too...  
Drop it apple. Apple is losing a lot of money because of android. I support android. Once a new iPhone cost less than $200.00 then I may rethink. Until then iPhone = over priced.
+Keerthi Kumar and one last bit... if Samsung didnt have the strategy then explain why apple needs samsung CPU, memory etc... just to be able to build the iphone.
+Kamran Ch Late evidence is late evidence for a reason, I still trust her. Just because she had to throw out some evidence, it doesn't mean she erased it from her own memory. She also kicked Apple in the behind in a different matter at the same time.
Simplified: It can be said Samsung's products look similar to Apple's.

It CAN NOT be said that Apple's looks similar to Samsung.

I'm not for Apple in this fight, but their being a publicly traded company mandate they protect the look and feel of their products. This is all about look and feel in the figurative sense. 
If anything, it proves that the iPhone is just a glorified iPod..
LMAO: "Apple is loosing money to Android."
At Samsung every division operates like an independent entity. They are component suppliers as well as product makers. If Apple gets a better bid from some other company they would give the contract to them. Samsung isn't the only company that manufactures memory CPU etc. There is LG, TSMC, IBM, Toshiba to name a few. Again they just manufacture the CPU but Apple designs it, at  least some of it and they license some from power VR, ARM etc. Its all legitimate business to license but Samsung stole the design so shamelessly. Its not just about rounded corners and rectangles, there are several minute aspects of design that Samsung stole from Apple.
It doesn't really matter, apple came up with a great design, Samsung would be stupid if they didn't take advantage of some part of the design.
Pretty much all new phones have been influenced by the iPhone one way or annother.
Yep. They all look like smart phones. Other than full employment for lawyers, it's hard to see the point. Is the strategy to protect their market share with an armed guard? Put each other out of business? Gain the goodwill of consumers?

If the plan is to expose the insane ragged edges of an old rusting hulk of outdated IP protection law, then God bless all of the combatants.

Anything else is really hard to understand. Really.
+C. Anthony Esposito II  Now you are talking like a Samsung lawyer. Look at the the devices with rounded corners in the link you presented. They look horrendous, I wouldn't pay a penny to buy them. When we talk about design elements its not just about a rectangle, like the samsung lawyers like to put it to trivialize the issue here. There are so many of them and if you closely look at a galaxy tab and ipad side by side you will know.
+Bill Morgan no matter who wins this trial Samsung wins it only depends how much they win. Since Samsung makes 26% -28% of the iPhone they make money win or lose but stand to earn far more by winning.
Either Way This Is How the story goes they beat each other to oblivion and a new company becomes the top dog
Apple just surrender no need to waste the little energy left.hurray ANDROID!
+Keerthi Kumar for the record that is a device Apple showed in court to illustrate design differences... but hey since I repeated what apple said and I see through apples BS I must be wrong... and that design is from 2002 of course it doesn't look as sleek as todays market. Technologically they couldn't build it smaller/thinner back then.
+Keerthi Kumar that's a hilarious argument considering Apple's claims in this case center primarily around "innovations" such as colors, shapes, packaging, and useless UI effects like bounce back list navigation. Apple is undoubtedly great at fit-and-finish, but I fail to see how that == innovation.
Mr Quinn-- Sammy lawyer--- releasing the "banned " evidence into the public domain really wasn't a smart move....
You could be jailed for contempt of court ..
Also, all phones are shaped like that. Not because Apple is comprised of a bunch of creative geniuses, but rather because that is what people want their phones to look like.
Apple's just scared that the competition is leavjng them in the dust, and they don't have the innovative edge anymore.
+Michael Durwin these idiots don't care about that. They plainly hate apple for being apple. They complain about how weak the patents are blah blah blah. How apple doesn't innovate yet they have the patents. The same stupid lame arguments all the time. 
So.... whoever put out the first rectangular HDTV with a black bezel must be sitting on a gold mine!  Essentially 99% of smartphones these days are rectangular (as is the screen), black (for high contrast), and feature gorilla glass.  As with HDTV's this is more of a "form follows function" than a patentable design.  
+Don Felipe Educate yourself on the facts of the case please. The information was already in the public domain. At no time was there any order prohibiting Samsung from talking about the exhibit. In fact, precedent has upheld that right.
Hmm... Palm might have a case against the Galaxy S looking a lot like the Pre... :p
+Jason Vesper you do realize that Android devices have had more features and functions than IOS for a very long time, it is actually Apple playing catch-up in the function of the OS. 
Luv'n my Android & it doesn't look like an Etch-0-$ketch.
Amazing, this quote is actually from the first paragraph in the lawsuit Apple filed: Before the iPhone, cell phones were utilitarian devices with key pads for dialing and small, passive display screens that did not allow for touch control.

There were three phones with touch displays before the iPhone, one in 1992, one in 2002 and one in 2004. Lying about that is not just trying to manipulate the judge and jury into thinking the iPhone was more revolutionary than it was, it's being colossally stupid. They should've anticipated that someone, somewhere, might some day connect to this thing called the internet and look up earlier phones with touch screens.

The lawsuit:
The phones:
It is just how phones evolve.
You've seen how phones evolve from flip, candy bar, slider, touchscreen etc.
You don't see anyone suing others.

And somehow the image doesn't show phones from HTC, dopod, O2  or other PDAs which doesn't include number pads.
I wonder why?
I read most of the comments and it's amazing how many people don't get it.
+C. Anthony Esposito II  Samsung copied their first two generations of Galaxies and slowly started innovating. I agree their Nexus and Galaxy S3 have some design elements of their own but look the first galaxy phone and the first galaxy tab and compare them to iphone and iPad there are striking similarities. These days Samsung is innovating in the design department as everyone seem to notice their products look similar to apple and they have to differentiate. Lets talk about Sony or Nokia they also make touch screen phones but they don't copy Apple as it is. Sony does a lot to stock android and makes sure it doesn't look like iOS but Samsung on the other hand modifies the stock android and puts in a lot of effort to make the layout and icons look exactly like iOS. Again I'm talking about the first few generations of the Samsung touchWiz or whatever not the latest phones which I agree are good and I myself would consider buying a Galaxy S3. Lets be a little unbiased here.
+Hans J. Furfjord Not to mention, as technology trends there will ALWAYS be someone that is the first to popularize it. It would be catastrophic to block all other competition at that point. Most of these Apple "fans" don't realize that smartphones would be years behind where they are now if Apple had their way and no competition had emerged. But hey, as long as there are Apple stickers to put on your windshield I guess everything would be perfect.
+Jason Vesper you do realize that the leader pre Apple for touch screen devices was windows from 2001-2007? they had tablets and touch screen phones all with fully functioning "smart" OS on them? Apple in court used the TC1000 as part of their design argument which was a Windows Tablet with detachable keyboard from 2002 with a rectangular shape and rounded corners... Apple simply did what they are accusing Samsung of doing. Look at the tablet that ran windows from 2002 - aside from it being thicker because of technology at the time it is a much similar design to the ipad than Samsung. read the first paragraph apple even stole the name of the Iphone/Ipad from "IPAQ"
I understand most folks here are Android fans and hate iOS or Apple coz of the way everything is controlled or whatever but that doesn't mean y'all have to be against Apple all the time. Again its Apple vs Samsung not Apple vs Android so its okay guys to support the truth for once. Its so clear like night and day that Samsung 'slavishly' copied Apple at least their first two generations of products.
+Keerthi Kumar I have NEVER heard of or seen (in print) anyone that bought a Galaxy S device because of Touchwiz, only in spite of it.
Seems like Granny Smith reached menopause. Always, complaints, complaints, and more complaints.
+Jason Vesper I'm not sure that you do get it. How popular a device is has no bearing whatsoever on this case, nor does that somehow invalidate prior art. And, seeing as these awful graphics are focused solely on the aesthetics of the device, that is presumably what most of the comments would pertain to.
+Keerthi Kumar they aren't placing sanctions on any of those phones the sanctions were put on the ONLY phone running pure Android, the Galaxy Nexus which I pictured released in Oct. 2011 which is larger has better cpu/gpu more memory, curved glass more rounded edges... they just aren't comparable... and again if this was about those issues you are bringing up shouldn't this lawsuit have happened on the first gen galaxy devices? This is happening over a 3rd gen phone that looks nothing like the iphone
I love my Galaxy S III, I don't care who made it!  LOL
Um, this isn't even accurate. This is only what was allowed in court, and doesn't show what Samsung was designing in 2006. They had an iPhone like design before the iPhone was disclosed. Both were inspired by Sony. In fact, apples iPhone looks almost exactly the same as a Sony design predating the iPhone
+Anthony Horne Most folks who write about tech products on the internet are engineers or people who understand stuff like this but that is just a small fraction of people who buy phones. Think about millions of non-tech savvy people who buy phones like my mom, sister etc who don't use many features at all. Many people just buy phone based on the looks and touch and feel, they don't understand jelly bean or ics, quad core dual core, graphics etc. Its really frustrating to see your product being copied to such an extent that all the effort put in design something original is all waste. There is no differentiation anymore coz someone just ripped your design. Samsung had a choice they could have innovated like Nokia, Sony even HTC but they didn't. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Again I'm not anti Android. We are just talking about the way the phones look, the touch and feel not the functionality like navigation, notifications etc at which Android is clearly better than iOS
Who the hell cares if they look the same the work in different ways that's what really matters. 
All this chart really shows is how apple products haven't changed much. Samsung continues to evolve. 
Who cares the devices look similar? Shouldn't apple be flattered that Samsung wants their devices to look like theirs?? What a bunch of babies 
+Keerthi Kumar So you're telling us that Apple is the true innovator because of their "look and feel" despite being way behind in functionality? You know, the stuff that actually matters? I also doubt that most non-tech people buying Android devices are even aware if the device is skinned or not -- they just know that it is Android.
G Menon
They don't show all of Samsung's recent button keyboard phones. All touchscreen smartphones that try to maximize screen size and minimize other buttons will end up resembling one another.
+C. Anthony Esposito II  I don't want to blindly support Apple either but that is how these law suits work. Suing is done mercilessly at every possible angle. The third or fourth generation product like Nexus didn't come into existence by magic. Samsung made profits on first two generations, learnt lessons and put it into designing the third one. The design process is very iterative and incremental. Like I said there is no need to support any of these companies but lets be unbiased and just accept the fact that Apple was the first to completely change the way smart phones worked. Samsung and a few others copied them, Samsung especially copied to such a minute detail and made profits. This is very shameful especially for a company like Samsung which has billions of dollars and could have done something on their own if they had the will to do it. Like someone at Apple said its easier to copy than innovate.
Let's face it, everyone in here can tell the differences between any samsung phone and an iphone. This is not about common sense, this is about money and business.
+Jason Vesper maybe for once you might want to take a look at other materials than what a Mac fan is writing on a Mac site. Even Apple although grudgingly has admitted in another trial outside the us that the F700 was actually designed before any iPhone announcement and could not possibly have been copied from Apple. Furthermore, if you do your research you will see that nor just Samsung, but also other companies where moving towards large touch displays with icons long before the iPhone was announced. Samsung in this case had tried to enter proof to this effect, but judge Koh had denied it on a technicality. What made the iPhone so successful is the brilliant marketing. Same thing that made the iPod so successful; the white earphones were a stroke of genius combined with the marketing, bit at the time of the release of the iPod, it was substandard technically and had really poor sound quality. Loads of noise and not even able to do gapless playback. The Rio Karma for instance was far better in that respect and even came with a networked docking station. But marketing won and Apple wants everyone to believe that they invented the music player just like they want to make believe they invented multi touch gestures. (do a search on TED for a very good demo of multi touch long before Apple announced it).
+Jason Vesper there is a lot factually wrong with what you are saying... Apple is not the leader and haven't been for some time they sell literally half the amount of phones Samsung does. Apple is less stable and it has not only been proven but reported publicly - Apple stole the name and design shape for Ipad / Iphone from the Compaq 2002 TC1000 IPAQ . Plain and simple matter of fact is Apple are the ones who stole the design and functions of pre existing technology. No one is denying they made those designs popular. The reason people are angered over this is because of Apples walled garden policy where they tell you what to think and believe and people buy into it even though Apple are the ones lying and suing here.
I see the similarity around 2009 where the Galaxy phones come in. They have a screen full of apps which can be moved, deleted, or transferred with a finger. It is stupid for them to even try and copy vaguely what the iPhone looks like.

The shape is rectangular, so is the iPhone. The touchscreen features are pretty much the same; everyone knows that swiping your finger will move you to the next page, the previous page, and so forth. The fact that you can download items off of the app store is the same. Why a company has to blindly copy another's invention is a pain since its just false money; they're stealing money from Apple due to their plagiarism upon their technology and it's capabilities. This is obvious that Samsung should be fined because the proof is loud and clear that Apple created the iPhone and it's close relative devices a.k.a iPod, iPod Touch, iPad and all the touchscreen devices.

Everyone knows Apple created the iPhone. So why doesn't anyone think that Samsung created the touchscreen smartphone? It's simply because Apple got there first. Now Samsung has to move on, stop trying to make money off of the smartphone concept and make its own innovation. It will do them better in the long term. 
Ludicrous. Samsung f700 enough said!
Apple only have one variety ... rectangular design with curved corners... not much of innovative thinking, is it!
+Jason Vesper >Those devices did not catch on.
That's painfully irrelevant and a sad reminder of the futility of trying to reason with certain kinds of people. The Romans invented the steam engine while Jesus was still alive. It didn't catch on until 1712, but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that the Romans invented the steam engine. I just presented you with a clear-cut, blatant lie designed to set the iPhone apart from any other human achievement, and your response is: "No, it's not a lie. It's just, you know, well yeah businesses lie when they're in court, so Apple is still alright in my book". How about: "Yes, Apple lied. They knew they lied, they did it anyway".
+Keerthi Kumar You honestly believe that apple was the first to change how smart phones work? Did you only start using smart phones and pda's in 2007 or something? As for the phone it was designed by Google and sold by Google. This is not part of the standard Samsung Galaxy line.
+Jason Vesper The person I was replying to admitted that Apple is playing catch up in features. GPS nav, notifications, 4G, larger screens are just some notable examples. That's fine that you don't like doing advanced tasks on your iPhone, but don't speak for others. I'm also at a loss as to how you can attribute the number of iOS apps to any functionality that Apple introduced, aside from sheer number of units sold.
Remember when TVs had big, visible speaker-grilles and a bunch of buttons and dials beside the screen? And when they came in a range of different finishes - black, silver, light woodgrain, dark woodgrain, etc.? Then technological advances meant that you didn't need to have those big, visible controls and grilles beside the screen, and consumer preference drifted to minimal, unobtrusive, black bezels? I think the first company to use an unobtrusive black bezel on a TV should be the only one allowed to use it, and other companies should be required to "innovate", maybe with different shapes, or bright colours.
Samsung's phones don't even look remotely close to Apple's stuff still, even after the iPhone has come out. You can't patent a rectangle.
+Jason Vesper I would highly recommend you research your comments about apps and screens more thoroughly before stating things like that... All it is doing is showing how you don't know what you're talking about and at the same time proving our point that apple is not innovating by saying it is finally catching up to Android in function like native GPS,  and yes now they finally have drop down notification bar, maybe someday features other than googles and get some true multi-tasking, widgets, and the ability to customise your device.
+Jason Vesper I think it's very telling that you say your next phone will be an iPhone despite having no solid information on the next generation. If that isn't homerism, I don't know what is.
When I bought my phone, the radius of the rounded corners and overall shape was not a factor; I just wanted the latest Nexus smartphone. Fans of the iPhone also couldn't care less about the size or shape; they just want the latest iPhone. Apple should go back to innovating instead of litigating like a common patent troll.
+Jason Vesper Your arguments are non-sequitors to the ongoing case, original article, or to the comments on either. I'm truly puzzled how iOS having more apps because Apple sells more devices could possibly be seen as a relevant argument to any of this. The iPhone being "smooth" also has zero relevance.
+Hans J. Furfjord  Manche Menschen wissen nicht akzeptieren Wahrheit. +Jason Vesper look we get it, you don't believe Apple is wrong even though they are, and no Android did not borrow or incorporate "Apple Like" features but maybe you should ask John-Baptiste Queru about that.. 
+Jason Vesper And now you're saying "Yes, they lied, but hey, sometimes you just gotta lie, even under oath and under circumstances that give the lie the power to possibly cause billions of dollars worth of damage to other people".
just 2 great companies going head to head
last time I took an ipod apart the chips said samsung on them.
Aimi N
Apple got nothing to do and how about android drop down notification? Should android sue apply for that? 
I mean I'm all for Apple and I see their point but their going to have a hard time fighting to get to where they want. Samsung still copied Apple without Apple the world wouldn't be where it is now. Samsung wouldn't be this developed. Droids  wouldn't be like they are. Most electronics branched off of Apple products. I believe Apple will win. There is a slight chance Apple might not win and then everybody on here can rub it in my face but till then I have full belief that Apple will win the Law suite.
+Jason Vesper so I see that when truth  being told causes your failing argument to get no where you turn to vulgar language and turn your back? Is that really necessary to act this way? Is it to much to ask to have a civil adult debate even if you are on the losing side?
This is clearly a case of apple being jealous of Samsung, who might just end up being bigger in America than apple, and they don't like it. Most people know that the vast majority of Americans. Don't like "outsiders". America is great, America this, America that. Get overselves and stop acting like cry babies. Its just a bloody phone. There can be only so many designs. Cars are the same, TVs are the same etc....but they just carry on and let the public decide. Its our money, its our choice, not apples nor samsungs. Grow up and move on with your life, what sad bit some of you have.
samsung is the copy.. yeah yeah  i love my copy wayyyyyyy better lol
+Jason Vesper I keep asking the same things because you keep posting the same falsehoods over and over. Android market does have fewer apps, for now, but they are no less advanced or smooth than apples. As for your Nexus 7 comment, it would seem you haven't seen the specs, reviews or otherwise. Clearly you favor Apple and that is your right to do so. It however is not right to spout of false information all over the place. Like Apple fine, lie about Android and what's happening because of your preference, that's just petty and childish.
Some people are too funny, and worse the apple fanboys at times. +Scott Hicks said it best, google never ever invented anything, and had be copying and revamping since there search engine. Apples been doing icon type apps on a touch pad type screens since the newton messaging pad in the earlier 90's. It's funny people look at this and still try to prove apples in the wrong when they very well are not. I mean look at the windows phone today, there not in court because the came up with a new concept for there phones OS, didn't just copy and redesign a apple type OS.

At least Microsoft and even rim now, took a different direction and look for there phones OS, witch was a smart move, not to end up in court. I own both androids, and IOS(phones and tablets) each are good in different ways, but anyone with there mind in the right place and not up a company's ass, could see Samsung(other phone manufactures not so much) and google copied the iPhone in many ways.

The blackberry, trio, Samsung, palm one, htc windows phones and so on looked nothing likeand functioned completely differently until the iPhone.

Last time I checked, you never needed, slide to unlock, pinch to zoom, icon app's, drag over to create a app draw, and many other features, to make a call, add a contact or book appointments on phones.

I'm about to sit and argue with no one, my thats my opinion and cause there's nothing else really to be said. Lol 
+Jason Vesper 1)  Apple said mobile phones with touch screens didn't exist before 2007 when the iPhone came out in the first paragraph of their lawsuit related to mobile phones. There were several touch screen phones years before the iPhone. They knew they lied, they did it anyway. You agreed to that.
2) You defended them lying by coming up with tons of stuff outside the point I was making about the lying.
3) I informed you about point 2).
4) Now you're telling me that I'm putting words in your mouth.

There's nothing more to talk about. Samsung sent lawyers to court, Apple sent liars. Because that's what liars do. That's now been established beyond any conceivable doubt. You agreed. I don't care why they lied. End of story.
Thanks for that but have already seen it. My point is, is that by having competition, whoever its from, is to let the general public decide what THEY want. If apple is better then the public will reflect that and same with Samsung. If apple wins the court case, they will lose massively on sales worldwide, because the public don't like dominant company's. However, with Samsung, if they win, things won't change too much I don't think. Apple have a massive market of iPhone followers so no real problem. My own personnel opinion is that apple products are far to far expensive for what they are. I don't doubt that they good etc but you are simply paying for the brand name.
What's your point? Looks like a timeline showing Apple's deterioration in innovation. Very impressive :-) thank you for sharing. As I'm speech-to-texting this from my nexus 7...
+Mike Elgan The depiction is incomplete !!! It should say :

- It looked nothing like iPhone
- Achieved with great success looking like iPhone (Uniquely) though Samsung phones were always bigger (S2) and bigger(galaxy Note) than iPhones.
- To giving iPhone a run for its money by creating Samsung S3 that surpasses iPhone both in looks and quality !!!

Disclaimer : This update is from iPhone 4S and I don't agree with Apple
+Jason Vesper with respect but you yourself just said " its a copycat world, follow the leader"
You obviously meant apple. If so, then why take Samsung to court??? Again, let the public decide and if apple is better, the sales figures will reflect that.
apple sells so high and is so damn costly just cuz of the brand name.. Scumbag Apple -_-
They all stole from Xerox and Bell Labs if we are to go back to the beginning of user interface computing. Thankfully, some companies care more about advancement of technology and infrastructure than gestapo rights to intellectual properties. If not, we would have a lot to pay the Jules Verne estate, would we not?
+C. Anthony Esposito II fact always has less value because a minority of people will always buy what " looks good". You try and the technical side of mobile phones to people, how signal works, 3g 4g etc, and they will look at you gone out. Most, not all, people are plain ignorant when it comes to it. But hey, " it looks good though". Morons.....
Apple case is flawed in my opinion. Sony Ericsson had the P-series phone, which were touchscreen and used a version of the Nokia Symbian operating system.
When touchscreen came out a certain design for the phone/screen is needed. 
Apple's just mad Samsung does it better...
Touch screen displays were invented. Phones started taking advantage of them. What a coincidence, they all look the same. Kind of like flat screen TVs. 
+cliff kirby well this argument came about because we pointed out that you need Samsung just to build the Iphone/Ipad, That Apple them selves stole not only the idea and shape but the name from the TC1000 iPAQ tablet from 2002. That the Galaxy Nexus which was placed on injunction for copying the iphone looks nothing like the iphone in shape or size nor do the specs compare. That Apple statistically is less stable than Android and has less features in its OS and Apple is now copying everyone else. Simply put Apple are the ones in the wrong and Apple fans don't like truth and facts. 
Very true indeed Jason, but if apple win, which means Samsung cannot sell its smart phones in America, then apple know that the vast majority of people will have no choice but to buy iPhone if they want a good quality phone. Hmmmm, no CHOICE. if that is how apple wants it, then they will ultimately slit their own throats. It will backfire eventually??? In which case, the American general public have had their own choice taken away from them. Is that fair, is it right to do that???
+Hans J. Furfjord we all can agree that Apple is very good at brainwashing people into thinking that they invented everything. Even their iPhone design was ripped from Sony. Let alone this timeline photos, rigged by Apple to leave out devices that would unmasks their lies.
Apple paid for exclusivity rights for multi-touch screen hardware and got to market first. It hardly means that other companies are stealing ideas from them after the agreements with the display manufacturers ended so they could then build a phone around similar hardware. The form ends up following the function and you get something that looks roughly like an iPhone. To my eyes a lot of android phones are more stylish than the rather blocky looking iPhone. They aren't stealing anything.
I don't like patent trolls, and apple has a long history of borrowing good ideas and then suing companies that try to do the same. It worked with GEM (a graphical environment far superior to early versions of Windows, which was gutted to death after Apple sued them). It didn't work with Microsoft, who had the resources to fight them.
Samsung has the resources to win this fight, and I hope they win. We need competition. I don't agree with Apple's tendency to over-simplify interfaces. The current Android phones are much fully featured and easier to customize and integrate with other apps than the iPhone.
To be fair though, Android isn't exactly stable where the apps are concerned. I still have my s2 but now using the s3. I sometimes do have my phones crash and then I have to restart my phone. God yes, its annoying!! But at least Samsung didn't put spyware in its phones like apple did a couple of years ago then tried to deny it. Also, why apple didn't make the iPhone 4s 4g compatible is way beyond me. That's partly the reason why they lost out to the s2 which IS 4g.
This does nt proof a thing.
Pretty sure the precedence is clear. Every tv ever made. Done. Lol
+C. Anthony Esposito II yes, that one too. What"s next, Apple suing every Android OEM, claiming their invention of the pull down notification too... ?

It's a shame that Apple prefers " constant litigations instead of competing fairly in the market... "
+Dan Nguyen The funny part is they stole design, name and technology being used on Windows Tablets from 2002 and now they are suing Samsung for using a design that is less similar than the one they stole from 10 years ago....
My wife's iPad 2 crashes constantly, so she hogs my Nexus7 now... :-( I think I am either going to throw it in the trash or trade it in for another Nexus 7 at GameStop.
Do your research, google was making a phone/os to compete with blackberry before the iPhone was released, as soon as it was they started over, to copy and create an OS similar to iOS, and it took them up to there last 2 updates To get it right.(it's then jelly bean) iphone molded what makes smart phones today, they we're the first smart phone to have an app store/app integration/email-ID.

If you can't see that iPhone makes phones what they are today, then your blinded by the love for google and hate for apple. Samsungs phones weren't even relevant in house holds really before the iPhone, mainly cause most of em were feature phones and not smart phones. i bet most of you owned blackberrys, trios, palm one, windows phones and so one, and if you did you know very well that they had no functionality compared to when the first iPhone was released.

Why don't you see, htc, Sony, motorola(owned by google), and others in court for this case, because samsungs the only one that stolenios features for there phone, I remember having to zoom in and out with a button, not pinch to zoom, and there was no bounce on there phones before as well. Samsung wanted to be the top android phone, so they stole ios features to up there phone. I guess they say if you wanna be the best copy the best, witch they did well I must add, but I'm not big on widgets, low battery life and task killers so I still prefer IOS.

+Jason Vesper it's almost not worth tryna put the truth out there, because androids only believe google invented this os, witch they didn't.

Microsoft invented a new OS, completely different from ios because the didn't want the lawsuits, google just redesigned and opened there's up little more, never invented any product, ever. Not even there search engine, or YouTube, they like to buy or steal and change, that's what they,very always done.

+Jason Vesper No offence dude, if you hate Google so much, why are you even on here ? I am just curious... I don't know which one is more ridiculous: your hipocrisy or your thought that Apple invented every single thing since 2007. Even the Retina display, the RAM, the Flash you use in your beloved IPad are made by Samsung. If Apple is that great, why can't they make those themselves ?
If apple are doing this just because some Samsung devices look a little bit like an iPhone then why stop at Samsung? Nearly all the smartphones look alike nowadays, there is only so much you can do with plastic and glass! Get a grip apple and concentrate on new development of your own products instead of trying to stop other makers catching up or in some cases overtaking you.
Look a the TV industry, every company releases LED LCD, thin, with a rectangular bezel... once apple release s their TV, guess what this shit will be repeated in the court room...with Apple suing everyone, for IP 
big differnce nothing matches the samsung another thing I HATE IPHONE
+C. Anthony Esposito II. . Look up the Mac newton released in the earlier 90's, a touch messaging pad with icon type apps. That's way before the 2002 compact whatever, witch was a big FAIL by the way, and ran windows platform if I'm corrected, iPad is a whole other subject from that, that was a pad like computer not tablet.
+Raymond Jones  not to offend man but Android did not copy Apple, the changes you are referring to came about when Google bought Android. Innovation and popularity are different Apple did not innovate the technology nor were they the first to use it... They stole the innovation and the technology now they are suing for it... next your going to tell me that apple created the playstation controller because they have a patent for one that looks just like it, or maybe they invented the list because they have a patent for that too... Apple takes technology that exists patents it and sues for control of the market that is just how they work. Pinch to zoom was an added feature later on that is common place on all touch devices, yes apple had it on phones first but they were not the first to have it. 

To put it simply for you Apple depends on Samsung for their CPU, memory and a few other key features of their phones. Since Samsung makes the parts they can get better parts in their devices first which obviously from the sales numbers matters. Apple just can not compete and even Steve Wozniak says Android can just do more. If they can't compete the only way they can stay a factor is to sue their biggest threat, that being samsung who sold more than 2 times as many phones as apple this year so far.
Samsung is just so superior. I have 10.1 tab and note. Sold my ipad and iphone on ebay cos they just dont measure up.
They are forgetting to put Motorola A900  series which are lot earlier than iphone and these iphones  look like them
You really have to be delusional to think that an iPhone is better than Android ICS/Jelly Bean running on a SGSIII or HTC One X. If the iPhone comes out with anything less than a Quad core CPU, NFC, 4.5inch screen, wifi-direct, drag and drop file management, no jail-ecosystem -> then i think Apple will continue their recent slide into obscurity, like what always happens with Apple devices.
samsung make every samrtphone change from the first one like galaxy s2 and galaxy s3 have huge dffrnce but apple repeat design and software
+C. Anthony Esposito II ... So you telling me google and a lot of company's today, didn't take the app integration/email-ID/app store from apple, cause if I recall the iPhone was the first to do this, and that alone helped make phones what they are today thats what all company's base there phone and app store on, I not saying androids bad, but but you can't say phones would be where they are today if the iPhone wasn't released, like I said, google was working on a keyboard/os phone to compete with blackberry till the iPhone was released, they then scraped it, and 2 years later released android? ... Common sense can see they need an apple type phone to make there phones what they are today. Other os's being released today look nothing, and function nothing like the iPhone(windows n bb10), expect googles android(besides the widgets on the front screen.) can't say they didn't steal there os idea. Every company, Sony, htc, Motorola, Samsung seen this as the perfect os to compete with apple, and dropped there own for it. Not to say apple has stolen a few ideas over the years, but smart phones before the iPhone, we're nothing like they are today, even blackberry now had to join this touch screen os game to stay alive, and they approached it like windows, and didn't drop the os, to be like like the iPhone or every other android now out there.

I like both company's and use both os's separately one for business one for pleasure. But you don't have to look at this chart to know before 2007s iPhone release Samsung(and every other comapny)was lost making phones. I owned a Prada LG in 2006, witch was square with pointed ends, but was a touch screen phone, and it had no app store, or apps you could download, nore did I need a ID To use it.
I don't care is something "looks" the same unless it's only function is to be LOOKED AT, while this maybe the case for and the reason that so many #applefags  buy them (to be seen) I purchased a samsung tablet BECAUSE it SMOKES the Apple in performance and functionality. 

You want to complain about someone using a logo fine, but a parking lot full of cars tend to look like each other, doors, wheels windows. It's what's under the hood that is influencing a real buyers decision.
It's pointless arguing though, it ain't like anyones gonna change there mind, you buy what os and phone you think is better for you. If that's android so be it, if it's apple great.

I will say was more an android fan till these charts started popping up. Now I believe different, also after thinking how phones were before the 2007 rellease of iPhone, and then the 2009 release of android, that's really when phones started looking more iPhone/Prada lg like(2009).
The better company will win with total dollars in sales, regardless of who copied who or what we think. Buy whichever you prefer.
+Raymond Jones again what you are saying is about popularity not innovation. No, apple was not the first to have apps for phones but yes they were the most successful hence the coined name "apps". To say Google abandoned the keyboard is false they still make slide out keyboard phones or do you not remember the first android phone the G1 which had both physical and touchscreen keyboard. There is a huge difference between evolving with technology and claiming the technology to be owned by you. Apple was clearly not the first to have a tablet or a touchscreen there is no disputing that, they were not the first to have apps for their phone nor the rectangular shape. The main point of the lawsuit is the shape... As for Android it started way before the release date of both the G1 and Iphone in 2005 as another independent company and yes, it has changed since Google bought it in 2007 but so has technology. I mean honestly in 2007 would you even have considered the potential of having a quad + core cpu with 2 gigs of ram in your phone with 1080HD recording and display? Don't get me wrong I am not saying their popularity didn't influence the direction of the technology, I am saying that they can not claim to have been copied when clearly the devices are worlds apart and they themselves stole the technologies, design and name. Seriously they had an injunction put on the Galaxy Nexus not the phones that more closely resemble the iphone. Look at the two and tell me how a much larger phone with more rounded edges better specs, curved glass and an entirely different OS infringes on their phone?
Apple apparently borrowed the grid of icons idea from Palm OS… Should Palm seek restitution from Apple?
Jay Eno
All this shows is Samsung being very innovative and apple not at all.
Anyone else find it funny that they used the same photo for iphone4 and iphone4s?
How many ways are there to make a rectangular device?
I will never, ever buy any of the Apple products, I hate companies who constantly sue everyone and as an effect restrict users choice. Patent laws need to change drastically or even better, abolished. 
All this shows is that, yes, phone screens have gotten bigger, and they continue to have icons as they have before iPhone.
When you take the hardware keyboard away there's not many different shapes a phone can have. Most Samsung phones had rounded edges to begin with too.
Apple copies Sony and I don't seat way ?
This kind of cut-n-paste of style elements doesn't seem to hurt the auto industry at all and one manufacturer isn't suing another because they both produce convertibles, or pickups with extra cabs.
javed p
I've got an iPhone, Apple put together ideas, they don't create, stop complaining Apple. Your so called innovation was just a collection of other peoples inventions. You didn't invent touchscreens, or 3G communication, or any of the things the iPhone relays upon to work!
If it wasn't for the LHC, then there would be no mobile internet and then all these phones would be useless.
If you can't inovate, litigate. Apples just pissed becasue Samsung is crushing them.
Samsung's phones look nothing like iPhone.
Funny because Apples case against Samsung purposely ignores all touchscreen candy at phones. Why do you think Samsung released all their evidence to show this -because what Apple used was designed in a way to look like they had copied. 
Bored with Apple now. They won't be content until they own the rights to your first born child and your soul (subsection 3.1.2a of the iTunes terms and conditions... Be honest, you never read it did you!). Go Android... Live free from the big fruit!
I just invented the jPhone.....does that means I get sued now because of the name?
So what about the case where the iphone coppied the design of an old sony mp3 player.. Oh that's right Apple can get away with that.
Except that it is not true, all the iPhone alike Samsungs were left out by Apple. Please present a fairer picture.
Apple's argument can be compared to if McDonald's sued burger king for making burgers!
Give it a couple more years and you might as well change the name Galaxy S4G to iPhone 4GS and be done with it.
So should Google sue apple for the ideas apple are pinching. NFC, Google maps, Google wallet, file sharing over android beam, pull down notification menus, zoom in on multiple links, and a couple of other features upcoming in iOS 6.
Apple ain't innovators, they steal everything, they're just copiers who claim they're innovators. #boycottaplle
All this shows is the lack of innovation along the bottom half of that diagram
I think the apple fans dont realize that apple wont stop with samsung...steve jobs considered android as a whole an infirngement and wants it destoryed....his company shares his emotions. These design patents are nothing but an excuse to go after one if the bigger android competitors...if samsung loses this apple will come after every android oem one by one.
Well from a programming  point of view you can't beat Android. Apple will have to change there whole attitude if they really want to compete with that.
Apple is scare, they know that samsung is making better products
:o how could you! apple does not suck!
I think I need a filter for this patent war thing. I stopped reading about this ridiculous suing game some weeks ago. They should really settle this and start innovating again.
LG should get involved with this. First iconic black slab with icons GL prada 2006
Who is this made up by?
Time line is just wrong.
If Apple wins this case against Samsung; that will be victory of Lawyers over Engineers, Technological Innovation will die and R&D budget will be replaced by Legal Costs. 
And if samsung were gonna copy iPhone, would have done it as soon as first iPhone came out. Wouldn't it?
Now it's time to fight.So be ready for the Hot War.
Apple did a few things right.

1. They know what works well and use it.
2. They refine what others have already done( with great success).
3. They have superior marketing abilities.

Secondly this has nothing to do with Google, do some research on how android came to be before Google got their hands on it.

But if that regard what most fail to see/understand is that apple as an OS has the backing of more commercial apps because of the locked down ecosystem which is fine. Android is open source thus any tom dick or harry can make a ROM thus adding to fragmentation and the other issues it has.

At the end of the day both OS's do what they are meant for better than the other. As for apple vs sammy I don't like the patent laws but they are still laws....

Just my 2 cents
What is BS about Apples case is, "how else would a smart phone look like if not a touchscreen based slate?". It's completely ridiculous beyond belief.
Samsung angers judge by sending rejected evidence from Apple trial to the media
By Nilay Patel on July 31, 2012 09:12 pm 937COMMENTS

The Apple vs. Samsung trial was always destined to be a circus, but Samsung's already causing trouble on the first day of testimony: Judge Lucy Koh is furious that the company sent the press rejected evidence after the court overruled repeated attempts to introduce it at trial.

Samsung has been desperate to tell the jury about its F700 phone — which was in development months before the January 2007 introduction of the iPhone — and internal Apple emails that show the company pursuing a "Sony-style" design for the phone. All of this information has been public for days, but Samsung's motions to include it at trial have been denied because the company produced it too late in the discovery process. (For what it's worth, Apple has vociferously denied that the iPhone was inspired by Sony, claiming the mockup was just a fun design exercise based on an existing idea.)
Theres only one decent apple product in my opinion and thats a fruit, case closed
i feel like this graphic backs up samsung more than apple.
apple use samsung for their glass and other components... if apple wins its the end for them! dont bite the hand that feeds you.
+Leon Miller actually it is the CPU, memory and storage, basically the things that make it a smart phone, but your point is valid.
Windows should do same to apple foe their laptops

And it really all started with the graphical OS that Apple stole from Xerox. Or imitated. Certainly improved upon. If no one improved upon Apple's stuff, they would have no reason to improve upon themselves. They should use their money for R&D not waste it on lawyers.
When Samsung realized the market had shifted to non keyboard phones they evolved their 2005 i7xx design. Interesting. Apple certainly did show a new way of making phones just like Microsoft brought windows based computing to the market back in the day and apple took it from there. If this case makes touchscreen phones and tablets apple only that would be a great loss to the consumer. 
Oh and apples implementation has always been and probably even now is one step ahead as far as the majority of the population go.
What we are really looking at here is a transition to touch and multitouch within Android and hardware in general.

I think we could safely make a chart along the same timeline highlighting touch/multitouch in the PC world from Jeff Han to Leap Motion that would look interestingly similar.
And 4 inch touchscreen technology dropped to a reasonable price when? 2007-2008? The design of any touchscreen phone is going to be pretty damn similar. The front is a big screen and the rest is as minimal as possible.
ant man
theres newer stuff not put on that there was an ipod touch 3 no 1 and 2 and no 4 and theres a samsung galexy s3 thats newer and the 4th generation ipod touch that was'nt on there was made in 2010
ant man
not everything was on there theres a new samsung galaxy and theres a ipod touch 4 generation which came out in 2010
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By the way, I don't think the Galaxy SIII looks anything like a crappy iphone!
today's world, it is all about copy and paste, isn't it?
Another demonstration of why I'll never own an Apple product. They stifle innovation by harassing their competitors all while pretending they invented everything under the sun. Apple doesn't even own the name "IOS" - it's licensed from Cisco, as it's the name of their routing software.
+Chris Radtke and +C. Anthony Esposito II well said. Can't understand why I can't +1 individual posts at the moment.
I have a better idea to stop this bs ,,, Asian companies stop supplying Apple with components , simple quick and effective .
Now let the world watch Apple make a product

As with everything in the US if you can't innovate then litigate ,,,
It's a damn good thing apple did not make the first car.
They would be suing companies soon as they add wheels to something.
I disagree.. the very first Samsung looks alot like an iPhone. It's like saying no other car manufacturer can make a crossover. Steve Jobs was the Apple of that brand. Now the company is rotting, no pun intended.
Give me a break. Your telling me you don't see cars that look alike. Look at films that were made in the 80's and you can find gadgets that were used back then as props that are we use now. 
leo kun
what about cars, they all have 4 wheels, a front and a rear, box-shaped, with windows? what about planes, they almost all look the same, cigar-shaped with two wings and a tail. somebody start suing.
This shows when the F700 was released and when the iPhone was announced. It doesn't show that the F700 was announced before the iPhone was even announced. With the f700 keyboard closed the iPhone looks like a copy of it - big screen, rectangular, rounded corners, icons ...
All I see is cherry-picking designs from Samsung
+Jason Vesper Your head is so far up Steve Jobs's ass that if he stopped short, he'd gain 175 pounds. While you're defending Apple, you refer to them as "we", like they're you're favorite sports team or something. THAT is the definition of a fanboy...
Time will tell. Competition is good for consumers.
+leo kun You are not being honest with yourself. There is clear evidence that Samsung made a conscious effort to copy the iPhone. The timeline of phones graphic is convincing enough, but if you would read the coverage of the trial you would see that Samsung was clearly "inspired" at the very least, and copied the Apple design at worst.
And both companies get free advertising and solidified loyalty. As polarized as it's getting you'd think these phone manufacturers were running for political office.
That's weak IMHO, even though judge kol didn't allow the late admissions of evidence by Samsung, it doesn't change the fact that Apple was not the true origin of the design. If someone should be suing, and it should be Sony vs apple. 
Apple has turned into a B ach clinging to old glory
Apple or orange= mnm...totally its money! Lol$$$$$$
Apple once again left phones off and photoshopped, pics to fit their case.
+Jason Vesper Your head is so far up Steve Jobs's ass that if he stopped short, he'd gain 175 pounds. While you're defending Apple, you refer to them as "we", like they're you're favorite sports team or something. THAT is the definition of a fanboy...
Breaking News. When Apple gets in the TV business they will make an octagon tv in order to avoid being sued.
who knows there might be a spy in each company ...
Copying your competitor is a time-tested tradition. Look at the car companies. Toyota isn't suing Nissan all the time...
what we care is what's inside, not the outside. after all, we are picking a phone not American idol.
Sigh...reading through some of these really bad comments.

I hate it when people refer to android phones as "droids". It just goes to show you're only as educated as the information somebody fed you.
The same thing can be said with LCD TVs, but we don't see any of the companies battling it out over their designs cuz most LCD TVs look the same.
That is lame. So I guess apple has the patent for anything rectangular? There are only a finite number of shapes a phone can take just as there are a finite number of melodies in music. Everything gets ripped off eventually!
Apples case is getting weaker if this is their case. Maybe Henry Fords decendants should sue all car makers for putting a wheel in each corner just lime on the original Model T
Screw "I" products I don't care about court case I just want non apple choice
Clearly bias fanboism. Where's all the Samsung phones which looked like the iPhone before it even existed. What has happened to all the Samsung phones after the iPhone which look nothing like the iPhone.

But hey, if your posting premium for a last gen phone, you need to be at least a tad bit in denial.
Imagine the controversy in who is coping who jun the wheel
Hey +Mike Elgan , you should write an article about how car companies steal ideas and copy each other; or you know, just about any other company in the world: companies that make cameras, tv's, microwaves, jeans, shoes, houses, tables, doors, scissors, printers, notebooks, pens, pencils, post-its, tissue paper, belts, keys, wallets, bulbs, flashlights, tape, bubble gum, bread, cereal, peanut butter, milk, shampoo, deodorant, medicine, dog food, toothbrush, paper clips, baby food, cleaning products, airplanes, motorcycles, bicycles and more. All of these companies are thieves and should be punished! ! ! ! This world is crazy! ! !
Maybe Apple should go back to being innovative rather than childish. Apple was always a niche product- you either worshipped Apple or not. Apple I'm fed up of being tied into your monopoly and your new attitude has lost me as one of your customers. innovation for Apple...that's why
Can I pattern tin shape of can drink ? Since i cant beat coke n pepsi...
I do have to agree with Jason when he says that there are pro's and cons with every platform. It really is a question of what suits a particular individual. We all have different needs as regards apps etc. Again I will say that from myself and a good majority of my friends that android does seem to crash more often than ios.
+Jason Vesper we know they don't care. Thing is if you sit silently, they won't change or be forced to change. Most of the apple backlash isn't against apple its against software patents, its just that apple is the one that is aggressively using these unjust patents.
If this is Apple's case...they are in trouble.
Actually, Sony was the source of Apple's first design. But because Sony never produced the phone, it technically never existed. The Sony design looked similar to iPhone 4. +Jason Vesper I love what iPhone make's, but its just not innovative. Since the first iPhone to the last, the only thing that changed were the specs. The UI interface is still the same. I don't know if you feel the same way but I'm a type person that loves to see change, and because android is open source, I can customize to my suiting.
Wow, sorry to be late on topic. I took too long to type.
Everyone is so focused on the Apple look-alikes...what about the early Blackberry look-alikes?  I'm sure RIM is kicking themselves for not patenting their round bottomed rectangle and slide-out keyboard otherwise they might not be dying the slow death that Apple seems to think is it's future.  Or did we miss those lawsuits...or just not care?  Of course, it would be nice to see Apple putting as much energy into new innovation as they seem to be putting into litigation. +Christopher Nutt pegged it.  I think Apple is getting what it can before someone wakes up and fixes the real problem.  The more attention this case garners, the more awareness of the root of the issue and better possibility it will get addressed.
All LCD TV and even laptops look the same too. The look of the product cannot make the case.

Who gives a shit what the phones look like. Theyre phones. Get on and use them. If youre an iphone user and you dont like samsungs phones looking a bit like an iphone, then go get a life and stop ranting on about a load of old bollocks. Can i say that??
It dosen't mean anything,simply because Samsung and apple are two different company,at the end of the day the day the consumer is going to decide witch is the best of the two.
Lol android users are still defending the chart hahah too funny! Go apple!
I could care less overall, but what does interest me is the lack of understanding within the comments. Like I said, I get the apathetic "who cares" statements, but those who try to say it makes Samsungs case for them missed the point of the image or lack understanding in general on the topic...
Cack, I like how the media are doing Apple's job for them, cherry picking selected phones to paint a picture. I say this...
look at a nokia phone from 2003, look at a htc magician from 2005, look at the iphone in 2007. Which two look the most similar? There is a design evolution at play here - context is everything. What Apple is doing here is very disingenuous.
If the case was in South Korea the Apple fans would scream bloddy murder for the evidence that is not allowed in the trial.
Only if the UK Judge Colin Birss also resides over this case.... too bad judge Koh is so biased. Apple fanboys will continue have dusts in their eyes ----to see clearly.
it just seems kinda crazy to be able to "patent" a rounded corner square... 
The next article should be about IOS5 and the many features it copied from android.
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