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Me on The Report yesterday talking things Google!

I was on a new audio podcast called The Report yesterday with +Dan Patterson, +Gina Smith and +Stuart Tracte.

Specifically, we talk a lot about the new Google+ mobile app and Google+ generally, as well as the StreetView Car Wi-Spy controversy.
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I saw on of the Google street view cars today; pretty cool!
sounds like topics i'd enjoy. thanks, will have to check out!
For some reason I always thought this job would be cool.
We see cars like this all the time around our area. What a nice job that would be!!!
I talk with driver and explain me what a purpose this car , cool.
This is what they are building autonomous cars for. Imagine an army of Google cars driving themselves all over the world!!! Woo Hoo
I sincerely think there is a coastal gap in terms of Google+ -- at least in the US!
I've always wanted a rig predesigned for quick VR Work, I am so jealouse of the freaking google maps car. Wouldn't it be awesome to see a 360 video of what that car sees as it drives? Google, you need to make a documentary about your google maps drivers.
They do a great job,in Google earth you can still drive around the
streets of Christchurch,where most of the cbd was destroyed by
many earthquakes since September 2010 but we can see what the city looked like before.
telllme more about it....i love 2 hear it from u......
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