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Freak mystery foam threatens hog farmers.

Hog farmers in the American Midwest are facing a weird challenge from a mystery foam of unknown origin that grows out of hog manure pits and can explode catastrophically.

Factory farming is getting so extreme and weird that toxic foam is starting to emerge from hog manure pits in 25% of farms, growing in some cases four feet high. The foam captures flammable gas, and can explode if ignited.

One explosion in September killed 1,500 pigs.

The likely cause is something strange in the pig's diet that creates a Frankenstein microbe population in their feces.
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Harvest that foam, its magical poo power! I think I saw the same thing in Mad Max beyond the thunder-dome.
Microbes & methane, cool! :)
? - does the size of the farm play any part? Sheer volume of manure in the factory farms or is it farms of all sizes?
This is what happens when you feed animals things they wouldn't naturally eat. Livestock end up eating mostly corn, simply because it's cheap to grow and heavily subsidized in America. The segment of Food Inc about corn breeding MRSI bacteria in cattle scared the hell out of me. If you wonder how McDonalds can afford to sell anything for $1, this is how.
Wondering if anyone actually read any of the articles.
its the devil's work i tell you! O_o
Are they being fed Legumes (i.e. Soy Flour ?) ?
It's a sign ... of the End of the Days!
+Julie Webgirl Judging by the comments no! I found the Mother Jones blog informative and worrying.
nope - just watched the video ... it didn't give any specifics on size of farms nor the content of the feed.

So maybe to fix it we stop factory farms ... there's an idea ...
filin' under Headlines I Wish I Could Unread. at the same time brainstorming on possible hilarious uses of said foam...
stop feeding genetically modified food to pigs and weird things wont happen
Don't bring this foam indoors for experimentation. Otherwise the shit really hits the fan.
Killer shits... look out. Lucky I made it out of the Midwest alive :)
We do all sorts of hormonal boosting, and feed the animals genetically altered foods. Maybe we're dealing with a mutation?
It couldn't possibly that great giant ponds of untreated sewage from several thousand large animals could be the crux of the problem eh? Something was going to evolve to exploit all that free biomass and if we don't like it: tough sh......
"One explosion in September killed 1,500 pigs." ಠ_ಠ
Had to make sure I wasn't reading a post by +The Onion.
+Keef Hinton That's the article I read as well. Just when I think nothing about the production of our food can surprise me, along comes something like this. I can joke about just about anything including way inappropriate things but damn, this is our FOOD. I've been saying for years that if we don't stop them, Monsanto will be the end of humanity. And yet here we are with the past VP of Monsanto as our Senior Advisor at the FDA.
Those of us who don't eat meat like to think that we're so much better off, but I'm sure we have the same problems with farmed fish.
Homeland security will issue a warning about terrorists attempting to smuggle these pigs onto aircraft. Since they can't eat them, they are pleased to finally find another use for them.

On the serious side, I wonder if they have investigated harnessing this gaseous output as fuel?
+Gabriel Perren If I stopped eating fish, I'd have to resort to people and nobody wants that. 
+Buck Temple If there's something about my post that is misinforming people, then the thing to do would be to tell how, and correct me with what you know. So go ahead.
+Buck Temple OK, so tell us how it is. You keep leading us on and telling us that there's information you know, which we're not getting. So why don't you just give us that information?
+Buck Temple I hate "me too" sycophants who do no critical thinking but in this case I'll take that risk to chime-in in Mike's defense. First of all, he posts things of interest because that is how you get a large following in the first place

Second, I don't know if you've looked around lately but I see very few high-follower-count 'Net personalities who actually engage with followers. Most of them are in 'read only' configuration and you get zilch from them aside from their occasional initial post. If you watch +Mike Elgan for 3 minutes on G+, you find that he is more engaging than most by far so agree or disagree, I wouldn't expect to toss some gratuitous negativity his way without expecting a response. Therefore if I'm going to criticize him I will make sure that my argument is logical first, at the very least.

Third, he's right. You didn't offer any substantive reason for your criticism. I found the post highly interesting if for no other reason than a morbid curiosity about pork raining down over a large area. If you are even mildly interested in biology, then there are tons of other angles from which to find this interesting.
One man's exploding poop is another man's alternative fuel source! When do I get my hog-powered hummer? :)
I agree with Buck. 'Bout time you came out of the woodwork Mike and engaged in dialogue with a "follower"! 
+Buck Temple This is a conversation, and I would like to have an argument or a debate about it. You said I'm misleading people, but that's invalid and irrelevant unless you actually say how. "Go read the article" isn't an argument. I read all the articles I posted, and expressed my opinion in my post. You keep dangling mysterious facts that everyone should know, but you yourself are unable to produce them. And therefore, you have no argument at all, and in no way have you opposed or disagreed with anything I've written. You've made attempts to discredit me, but with nothing to back it. I have no idea what your opinions are. And I wish I could have the ten minutes back that I wasted trying to get you to express your own opinion.
Man Mike, you sound like every other commenter on you tube. "I want my ten minutes back" is a cop out, meaning that you really have no interest in educating, just satisfying you own self aggrandizing agenda. 
Buck, I still don't know what you're talking about. You've not posted a single thing on your profile. I searched my e-mail and found that you once sent me one link supporting pasteurization. I don't know how much research and work I'm supposed to do to figure out what your mystery opinions are. Why don't you just tell me what you think. Jesus. This is the last time I'm going to try to extract from you what you disagree with.
I say block +Buck Temple and others like him. They have no issue; they have no more information. They are just raising their voices trying to get attention. They are trolls. +Mike Elgan does what he does very well. If you don't like what he does, go somewhere and wallow in the mud with your own kind.
+Lester Graber I'm starting to lean in that direction. When you 1) wreck a conversation without participating; 2) distract everyone from the topic being discussed; 3) get me to spend a bunch of time on you; and 4) substitute personal attacks and attempts to damage my or other's reputation for argument, then, yeah, you're a troll.
How is this news? This looks like crap my pigs made back in the early 80's...

We had an open air barn with no electricity, so no explosions.
Nature's way of telling us something's wrong, I guess. We are scaling up biological systems in configurations that are increasingly out of synch with nature's ability to respond. This is bizarre...and interesting. Tks for calling this out, Mike.
The first thought that came to mind before reading the article was antibiotics & the farming practices. When are these companies going to realize that this type of farming is not good for the animals, nature and in the end human beings. Animals are meant to run wild not caged feeding off of byproducts made by man
+Chris Kaminski I'm curious, did your pigs crap turn into foam like these in the report? The fact that one building gets foamy and another doesn't makes it seem like this isn't just standard run of the mill nasty gas emitting pig poop.
+Pocket Raphael Actually no! Read about this Mystery foam back in Dec. Not surprised at all. It's probably all that Glue I showed you guys in McD's food. They must be feeding the pigs McD's. After so much of it their tummies couldn't take anymore. This is the true meaning of the Mystery Catastrophic Explosion. There! I've Solved It!
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