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Woman in Saudi Arabia sentenced to 50 lashes for texting swear words.

Two (presumably former) friends in Saudi Arabia got into an argument via text message. One of them cussed. The other took her phone to court and showed a judge, who found the potty-mouthed texter guilty and sentenced her to be whipped with 50 lashes.

But she got off easy. A Sri Lankan woman is facing a possible execution in Saudi Arabia for -- wait for it! -- witchcraft, after she was accused of casting a magic spell on some girl.
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Egypt and Libya will soon be treated to this form of "justice" :(
I don't want to be on this planet anymore.
I am so glad to be an american citizen,with the freedom of SPEECH, & TEXT !
Meanwhile we've got people claiming that Sharia isn't all that bad, and how we're 'intolerant' when we object to it...
Woman in Saudi Arabia sentenced to 50 lashes for texting swear words.
I am far less offended by topless women on bicycles than women being beaten for typing a naughty word.
C - Los
The middle ages called. They're shocked to know their practices are still in place anywhere on this planet.
And you who are asking that justice Arab countries in the best of you so they do not kill in the name of defending freedom and do not represent dead bodies as it does the West
Is that Eginy one Bmcn Why the West is committed to silence massacres Syria or because it's in the interest of Israel
Woe to her freedom
+Mike Elgan they better stay off youtube comments then... horrible... both the punishment and the youtube commenters...
In Pakistan women are faced with acid being thrown in their face for far less serious offenses, truly disturbing that some defend these actions...
What a fascinating example of a culture wrestling with the information age, trying to assimilate new technological realities into a context of ancient paradigms.
ANY religion that PROMOTES and ENCOURAGES this kind of unmitigated violence has some serious flaws...
mümin bayanlar teknolji takip ediyor teknolinin nimetlerinden yararlanıyor,çarşaf gericilik degil yani ...........................!
This is absurd, from my perspective. But I still say, let each culture, in their own geographic location, deal with reality the way they choose to. And when revolution against archaic laws finally comes, let it be from inside that culture and not from without. In other words, let the crazy folk do what they have to do, just do it over there. Not here.
Are you threatening me PUBLICLY? You better check yourself before you do something stupid....
Perfect example, some cannot have a simple conversation without resorting to threats and intimidation tactics...
wow. Should be kind of hard to find.
Most of comments reveals how much you don't know about islamic culture. Plz do some reading
And most of your government gave latest wapons and gears to there leaders that ban election and democracy!!!
girls shudnt even hav opinions yr they thinking?
outrageous in the least
im appalled
feel absolutely torn from faculties of reason
girls dont feel either
thr stumps
The problem with ALL religious discussions is this basic the End it does not matter what others believe, the reality is what happens next is between you and your God. Maybe if people weren't always foisting their beliefs on everyone else we wouldn't have such strife in this world....
As if Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed the law that women can't text insults to each other.... just because a muslim does something stupid doesn't mean its part of Islam. Islam does not force women to dress like ninjas, a proper Islamic dress for women (as described in the Quran) is exactly the same as what a nun wears.
based on a religious version of law, I would say that is in part a religious discussion...
Either way the context of this action is based on a perceived violation of a religious tenet is it not?
Even that talking to you that put me in dangerous
That is the biggest hurdle in trying to understand what is happening currently in that part of the world, it seems as if they do not value that freedom, which would explain how dictators have ruled these countries forever. Freedom seems to be a foreign concept to most of these nations and explains how they have been ruled since their beginning....
Libya and Egypt are slowly turning toward the same dictatorial powers that they have just been freed from, why?
Someone tell me again why the women's movements are silent on this kind of thing? They fear reprisal that's why.
These guys still live in stone age.
There agents around every corner in our in name "national security " just like that or smpliy terrorist
waleed isn't there some kind of "moral police" force in Saudi? Like the Basij in Iran?
Don DeCaire, yes but that not the worst part
We have like power of CIA & FBI against people
+Don DeCaire That's what most "freed" societies do. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Do you think what is happening in Syria could ever happen in Saudi? Not to put you on the spot just curious as to your take on the situation...
But this not Islam tru form it miss leading
Agreed Larry but this region seems to ALWAYS go back to a dictatorial regime that is iron-fisted unlike some regions that implement more moderate forms of government after a bout of tyranny... I just find that odd.
How about we help the kids in Africa before we start bombing another Muslim country. The way I see it, the world is being run by two faced assholes and freedom today is just a relative term.
This is going on for 2000 years, they want us to change, however our country has the common sense to know that a super power is blessed by God, and We don't want kings with all the money, """ALL AMERICANS GET A PIECE OF THE ACTION""
It well be worst than Syria with all American wapens that our leaders have and America need that oil
Do you foresee this if the ruling family were to ever feel threatened or is it just a matter of time?
If only these punishments could be applied to the women here in the US. Hahahaha.
It already tear it self apart in side the family the king was almost shot by some member of the family that when king get that last injury that report that we heard
Don't understand them people down there.... So what are the Greeks to do? Every second word is a curse. You call someone by their name and they'll think you have a serious problem with them, but Malaka (jerk off) is normal. Or the eye thing, also bewitched.
Damn people, CHANGE!
So here is the question I would really like answered by someone in Saudi, Is Iran or the US a bigger threat to the region right now?
Every evil leader killed to date by the US was at one time created and supported by the US. Hell Osama was CIA once... Maybe world peace is not in the best interest of US and the other super powers that's why you don't see world peace. So much money and effort is spent on these wars.
These wars are investments .. some countryz enjoy the fruits of it.. other have to take the bitter end of the deal.
+Don DeCaire I don't know, but it very often seems that people get what they ask for. They ask for it by not firmly rejecting it when it comes around. Peaceful, non-dictatorial societies are societies of people who will not accept certain things, they feel in their bones that those things are beneath them. When you stop thinking that, that a particular state of society or governance is beneath you, you soon develop a state of affairs that was previously unthinkable.
+Cecil Sanders Which God, and just Americans? Surely other religions and cultures don't want all power to the few, not just Americans. Do you know which country has most of the top five rich and powerful people in the world?
Good thing this post contained all relevant email addresses to embassies/governments, so people can read this and do their (small) part, instead of just randomly hate Arabs some more.
we are not squeakie clean either w/our appalling elction campaign and reactionary forces on the far right !!!!
shit is fucked up! damn, feels good to swear!
Good thing I don't live there. I'd be totally fucked.
If that would the case her in the Philippines. I might be in jail now. Haha
they suck over there, the women I had working for me cried so hard when I left because I was so laid back with them as opposed to the stuck up others who run to the mosques and tell the imans
All i can say is that Islam will prevail eventually :)
I <3 NINJAS>>> i am a NINJA myself!!!!!! LOLZ
Christ if they want to put the death sentence over a text I'd hate to see what happens if they picked up the phone and made an actually call lol
Yea, and they want to bring this to America. I say bull what do I get 50 or death?
WOAH! People still believe in witchcraft!? WTF!? People are so stupid....
I'm Arabic, who grew up in a strict Middle Eastern household and find this to be a bunch of balogna. Severe punishment ONLY causes runaways and people to still do what they want. Counterproductive.
Do any of you know anything about Saudi Arabia,
so ignorant!!!
That's why I haven't heard from my sexting partner. :(
Oh Islam, you really know how to sell your religion to the rest of us. With the lashings, the ban on anything fun and the enforced beard wearing. Oh and it looks like fun for women with the whole legalized slavery angle.
Words fail me. Repression of the worst kind. I cannot comprehend the madness behind their justice system.
Remember this is radical interpretation no true Islam and I'm a Christian
Good job I don't live their then or I would b getting lashed every 10 mins !! Different world!!
It's articles like this that make me glad I live in the U.S.
Glad I don't Mohammed. Ignorant i'll accept. For me religion should be joyous not sanctamonious and repressive. Life is for living which includes social interaction on all levels. Religion (fiction) should not shape a society's justice system. Faith is another way of saying I choose to believe but don't have any real proof. That's my take. Don't get me wrong I am not faithless but I just don't subscribe to stories passed down over thousands of generations.
What the same US that used to segregate black and white not so long ago.
John Hattan, that's normal to some extent.
vistance como se vistan, hablen como hablen, crean lo que crean, todos los jovenes son iguales
Don't get the terms punishment and correction confused.
God Bless America, and God has blessed America. Faith is believing without proof. I have faith, but I don't need religion for that.
This is horrible. I am very interested in Islam and many world religions but while I am tolerant and understanding of the worlds religions I am extremely disgusted when crimes from governments and legal systems happen like this, it is completely unjustifiable regardless of your religion.
They are such forward thinking people...
The lesson is be careful what you post, always. Someone is watching and reporting. I can only hope the frienemy doesn't get "sucker punched" for snitching.
All that is required for evil to exist is for good men to stand aside and do nothing. So are there lots of good men in sri lanka doing nothing because that sounds pretty evil by modern standards? Imagine if we allowed trials for witchcraft like during the spanish inquisition. Wait a minute isn't that what happens in supposedly christian parts of Africa. It has even made its way to blighty via africa though thankfully our courts tend to frown on such practices.
Bob Wood, dissolving their government would mean dissolving their God.
Bob Wood, I would agree that government does not own man's tongue. God does.
Too bad it's her getting executed, and not the lunatics who are enforcing ridiculous laws like this.
Asieph Midlain, a lot if people are awaiting the anti-Christ similar to you.
Wow, i would be lashed to death for just one of my texts.... What is there world coming to?
I am startled from this news and as Chase said, this is radical interpretation of Islam. Same is true for what is happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan or other countries for that matter. However, more amazed I am by the news snippet. There are tons of things happening in other religions but people just find it fun to target Muslims and Islam although they are aware of the facts.
Using "wait for it" should get you 25 lashes..
Cecil, 2000 years doesn't cover the span of time. Many religions blame women for/from day one.
Interesting how just about everywhere in the world doesn't live in the 1700's anymore. Who knew we had developed as a world and society?
Zafar Ul Haq: That's because, as far as I'm aware, we here in the U.S. don't execute people for sorcery, and we don't whip people for texting swear words. There's lots of messed up stuff that different people do, but the middle east takes the cake when it comes to barbaric punishments for ridiculous crimes.
just see it for what it is just a picture at least these ladies are allowed a mobile phone.
I wouldn't enough skin to lash for my heart is not free, but my God's. In Jesus name, amen.
I didn't know they had texting in the 12th century ...
Many of the Americans who are criticizing the Saudis for this would, if they had their way, institute similar punishments for violation of Christian edicts.

Religion, regardless of the beliefs, has no place in government.
Yeah, religion is doing great things for the world
And these people are called moderates and they are allies of the western powers in the region!
hejab bohat he peyara hai aur is k hat me agar phn na hota to r kubsurati badhjati
She is not going to make it out alive. Isn't 49 slashes by the whip the most a human can take before leaving this world?
I would consider fostering her as a spouse. She can cuss all she wants with me.
before we get all preachy, let's look in the mirror at ourselves, shall we?
looks like they are getting loads for there phones
So sad... someone needs to stand up for them.
Completely perplexed by Ms. Miller's comment
it's a peaceful religion though
This is exactly why we need to get the Religious Right out of Congress.
Omg i have to show this to amber, she will freak!
lol-imagine that happening in america!
I'm wondering about the woman who took her phone to court. Did she really have to? Here, if someone curses at us we just curse right back. I didn't know we were telling on people now. Smh.
Officially, 15 of the 19 911 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia. And yet, we white homo-sapiens have punished Irak and Afghanistan.
Human Slavery is still widely practiced in Saudi Arabia and yet all Western governments do support them. Non-Caucasian foreigners in this country are less than nothing. Saudi Arabia is the only country I know of that bans Women from driving. And yet, cars were not there in the 8th century that saws Islam and women were allowed to ride Camels back then. I am not racist and I hate to dislike Saudis for what they are but as long as they have oil to buy the silence of our politicians then they are good to do what they want ! One thing's true, something's wrong !
ikr i was espically surpirised about witchcraft spell.... playing game about old stuff... made a comment above about it ^^^
The soul is created by God, regardless of the name we call him, and is thus perfect and free from ownership by another. Religion, regardless of it's name, is created by man to EXPLAIN God and understand him which we cannot and is thus flawed... all of them. The moment one exhibits any form of hate or oppression in his name is a blaspheme as that is not his will but instead your own.
Great country - NOT! Why they dress like that is silly - although they can look like DALEKS from a distance.

Such a backward and ignorant society.
if theyre haji's, who the hell cares???
Why would you not football tackle and beat the hell out of someone who took your phone from you for that purpose?
dont freak yet :)
about the bad language the only bad words Islam punish with 50 lashes is accusation of adultery without prof
Some words can be an accusation more than swearing in Arabic and if the woman claimed she was joking that is likely the situation here.
This rule was made to:
-prevent accusing women of adultery to trash them or kill them socially, or to win custody...
-As a sign of respect to women’s place in society, family and relations. Because she’s a queen (and even more precious) in Islam everyone should think twice before trashing her
Bythe way, in this Incident the rule was suspended till proving it wasnt a joke.
Just cannot believe how stupid and petty some people are. Everyone argues sometimes, glad i dont live over there.
No way a woman/man or animal should be sentanced to 50 lashes.
+Danika Christensen You are perfectly correct, pretty much all religions are roughly equally full of stupid, dangerous, regressive, and repressive superstition-based practices. It just happens to be that right now, the only really whacked out theocracies we hear much about are the Muslim ones, and it takes a whacked out theocracy to really have the crazy nonsense come to the fore. Pluralistic, at least somewhat rationalistic societies that are of the lineage of the Enlightenment generally push the types of whackos that would bring these sorts of policies in to effect to the fringes, but what with the dominionists like Santorum and Bachmann actually gaining mainstream traction here in the US, we are (quite scarily) closer to this same kind of idiocy here than any of us want to think.
Actually, i reckon the one who complained should get half the lashes. It takes two to argue, so she deserves her share
Oh yeah I forget, we only electrocute the mentality handicap.
+Sol Stephens actually no... I'm very unbiased toward any and all religions. I become frustrated when everyone has these great and wonderful claims of why they do these or those atrocities in gods name. I do not believe in any one religion and thus cannot condone these actions... basically "why can't we all just get along." Haha, get to know me a bit, you'll find you've heard all my preaching already. :)
I hope you know they're not ninjas because then I'd be seriosly conserned. But wow. 50 lashes ??????? That's crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They totally look like ninjas @ William
+Maryam Ibrahim Ironically, you would be whipped in Saudi Arabia for your defense of Saudi Arabia because you used the word shit. And you'd get another 50 lashes for not covering your body, hair and face.

I agree with you that it's not accurate or right to leap from criticizing a specific case in Saudi Arabia to generalizing about all Muslims. In my experience, the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving, well intentioned people who respect women.
women in the east should try to get out of all this b s
Now there's a good place to test a nuke!
If they still live like that in this day and age, with all that we have in place in regards to human rights, then they want leveling. Will they ever change thier pathetic beliefs? Doubt it!!
if only countries governed by shari'a law could find a way to equitably juggle religion and civil duties.
are you a Muslim? Are you God? No your nothing but a human being like everyone else under your law. Which you said by all parties. And what you just said, you against a pole with100 stripes on your back. Keep your mouth shut as you do on to others, and you shall reap 10 fold. 500
Everyone is missing the extremely obvious here!
What the hell good is a camera phone if you cover your face with a berka all day everyday?
Malik Abdullah please Stop saying bad words even if you’re defending your point of view cause Islam forbid us from arguing with bad words if not arguing it self
You should know that leaving an argue that drag you to this language is conceder strength
And you should know that God doesn’t like bad mouth
Our prophet once was bad mouthed in front of his followers and he didn’t reply bad words with the same, and when one of his friends and followers replied with the same language he left and was upset with him and said that when the devil comes he can’t sit with him .so don’t please use bad words and then use it in the same sentence with Islam because your Islam ask you not to
is camera is all about snap ur face n put it on facebook for update
Don't get me started on what Islam does to people. @hg47
1. This is not about Islam, which is a peace loving religion. This is about their man-made laws.
2. Just because someone doesn't think and act like you do doesn't mean they're uncivilized.
3. Other countries and religions had similar practices and laws before (think Inquisition and Salem Witch Trials).

My point being that societal change doesn't happen overnight and is best brought about by the society in question. Meddling only contradicts the "Let us live the way we want" attitude we are trying to promote.
I truly believe that Islam is not Saudi Arabia or Egypt or wherever. Islam is keen with everything very humbly. If you think I'm a liar; try to research genuine sources by yourself not the biased media and news.

I invite all to see how good/bad Islam is, see it by yourself:
Why islam from my perspective
Once again...religion on the loose.
ungala yapadiga corect panrathu?????????
Is this a nice profile picture?

Hmm, yes not to revealing. Aha.

But seriously, that's just dumb, and sad.
+Deniz Yalbuz aynı mantıka göre bu da ispat oldu kı iyilik çarşaflı bayanlara mahsus değil dır. Çarşaf giyinmesi veya giyinmemesi ayrı mesele buna iyi veya kötu insan olmaktan hiç bağlantı yoktur.
hey neenga mudalla correct aawunga kanda kanda ellam wanangura neenga pesha kudathu
thats just funny where did they get iphone
Is the issue religion or the fact the religious texts are interpreted by humans who choose to (mis)interpret them to support their personal biases and agendas?
I'm thankful every day that I don't live in a radical Muslim country.
They truly are a dysfunctional group of people do they ever think, lashes for such trivial things Mentally dysfunctional people. why do we allow them into Canada.
what about penalty or even arrest for wearing scarf in many countries of Europe?
for god sake leave muslims on his condition , wht ever she want live in a viel or without its her own life, its her decisions how she want live
I pity for these poor women in this picture who are the victims of the primitive Laws and life-style of that country!
Teaches those wrenches how to behave! (Addenium: This comment is sarcastic)
+Ahmed Alkhateeb Individuals who call women "bitches" should be criticized. Judges who sentence women to be whipped for typing the wrong words should be criticized, too.

I don't know who "we" is. My post criticizes neither Muslims nor the people of Saudi Arabia. It criticizes the ignorant and barbaric sentence of a judge.

Do you agree with his ruling, or do you disagree?
Are there any Saudi women reading this post? If so, let's hear from you!
+Muneer Bhatti I personally disagree with France's ban on the wearing of religious symbols. But you failed to mention that their ban also illegalizes Jewish yarmulkes and Christian crosses. Muslims aren't being singled out.

France is more obsessed with equality, and America is more obsessed with liberty, and therefore religious expression (which is divisive and reduces equality) are banned in France and could never be banned in America.
to +Mike Elgan, why do you ask if there are saudi women reading this post? Are you trying to turn this into some sexism bullshit? If this was between two men the result would be the same. Yes you are probably used to your own culture in america where it is acceptable to call each other SOB's and bastards. This is pretty much verbal abuse. We are born with freedom of speech, but as you know freedom of speech can get you in trouble. I think that girl is stupid who got this punishment and shouldn't have said whatever she may have said. Saudis believe in honor. To disrespect our honer we will retaliate if justice is not served and make example of whoever tries to dishonor us.

I find it funny that media is always focusing on what your culture finds wrong and forget all the good things that are happening in this side of the world.
you always fight for equality but expect women to be treated than a man. im not talking about the casual interactions between each other. Im referring to your courts and government system.
+Wael Ali I've written about Saudi Arabia before, and it seems like every time I do, I hear from a lot of Saudi men and never from Saudi women. I want to hear from Saudi women on this issue.
+Wael Ali You wrote: "also I have a serious question for you people in the western world."

So what's your question?
+Wael Ali "as you know freedom of speech can get you in trouble. "

This is a false statement. Freedom of speech never gets me in trouble.

By what authority do Saudi government officials and judges claim the right to whip people for what they choose to say?
No need to purposely interfere and indulge in women matters trying to become their Savior. when they dont want to. And this news is a made up! I pity how people like You get so specific to the things that are of your interest to point out even when there is no kind of reality and authenticity to be found in such propaganda you support.

So please worry about your own women who are seriously deprived of "care" and dignity they deserve as being a women. Social engineer your society by learning it from Saudi's . You are humans too not animals who are left to do anything in the name of Freedom.
Animals are free, Humans tend not to be and live under acceptable rules.
+Ali Saeed Faridi I'm "interfering" only in my own personal Google+ stream. I read the news, and post and comment on it.

So you're saying that the case I linked to didn't happen?
+Mike Elgan never mind you answered my question in your first reply. I accidentally posted the comment with finishing that comment. Ill ask a different question though. Have you ever been to Saudi? If so when and where? Tell me what you think about saudi from your experience if you had come here.

To get a girls opinion on this will be very difficult. I wish a few give their opinions, but as you may know Google+ isnt that popular here in saudi.

Also about that girl practicing which craft, I think she desserves it for more than a few reasons. The first one of all is deceiving people in the wrong place, secondly its considered a sin to practice which craft and to scam people.

As you may or may not know that each country has its own beliefs and traditions. Unfortunately this is not the way people look at places that are different from them.

In the current times of North America it is considered abuse to say racist, sexist and also negative remarks to the physical appearance. People have committed suicide due to the verbal abuse they have been receiving so what do you propose to stop this hate? Would you be happy if your son or daughter committed suicide or faces deep depression due to some remarks she got from her classmates at school?
i love this stuff,because its a way of living and freedom of thought.
+Mike Elgan Freedom of speech does get you in trouble. I'll list a few examples.
1. Go to the airport and joke about a bomb.
2. Talk negatively or reveal secrets about the company you are working for.
3.Threaten to kill a cop to spice up your day.
4.Go to black gang hangout and drop the N bomb aggressively.
Go try the things I listed above and see how much trouble you can get in. Everything we do or say has consequences. Even companies in north america try to use your Facebook accounts and check your personal information to see what the possibility of the person being a bad choice for them. So please let me know how is my statement false.
+Mike Elgan
"By what authority do Saudi government officials and judges claim the right to whip people for what they choose to say?"You make an argument that has a simple answer. The guide for the laws here is the religion. This is like asking you this ' By what authority do you claim to punish your child for doing bad in school or watching dirty movies?'
By the way I dont want you take this too personal, but like you want us to view your values i want to show your ours.
Crime rate in KSA is pretty darn low. I especially like the law about chopping ones hand if he or she is found guilty of stealing.
Why intervene in the affairs of others .. You are not a member of this community .. I advise you to solve your problems and problems of your community.
Religion will kill us all, I'm sure of it!
for all the people who commented below :
1- the news post linked above is not accurate.
2- i hope you get your facts right before commenting.
thank you
MISUNDERSTANDING and MISINTERPRETATION form what a religion says, takes us to the edge and surely will kill us all and the religion itself and it's purposes.

this link above is for those who are bad mouthing a culture they dont understand. Check the stats before you talk. See the real difference on the rates of crime. See what freedom leaves enables you to do. Larger amount of the society becomes targets for the devil. Saudi is a simple country with an amazing economy. Thankfully it leaves people without the chance of committing sins in our land. People who want to do so can leave and do it on someone else's front yard.

The reason many people from all over the world come here to work is because there are many great opportunities along as well as a chance to build themselves a home and a business to secure a living for their families. Also the money earned here is guilt free (halal) which is the best income to earn and feed your family with.
plzz stop hating muslims they r also humans like u...... y u dont understand!! they wearing hijab becoz of religion not 4 ninjas or other thing.... n y u shoked +mark amos y they cant use phones? they wer hijab 4 nt other people or man can see her acept own kids n husband..... n in america OMG full naked people u r....
+Mike Elgan if they r nt goob bad people soo y u capture her photo??? they respect our relegion datz y they wear hijab!! n in america naked woman they r!! y u have bad thing about muslims!! tell me becoz of they r mslims.... Auuuuuhh!! how bad mannerd people u r.....
+Matthew Couto I'll ignore your second last post since it made no sense at all. ( i know its not intended for me lol)

Anyway getting to the point. Really i dont care what the reason things are in order wether its for faith or people scared "shitless" as you put it. Here we have something to deter people from doing the bad things which is good. I really i think that men are better then women nor do I think that women are better than men. Answer this for me, Would you want some big guy to have his way with you and go to prison for 5 years years? Or would like that not to happen because he is "scared shitless"?

I think people are misinterpreting this post, this isn't about a women getting punished for swearing. She is getting punished for a hate crime. The same punishment would've been given to a man for the same act.
I dont know where the author got his info from. First time to hear it!!!! Dont believe the press sir
The result is what really matters. Like i showed previously the crime stats between the 2 countries. Maybe witchcraft is real or its not. I think it should be punished not for the magic or the sin (god is the one who punishes for all sins.) I think it should be punished because they charge people high amounts of money, deceive and keep giving them promises. Look at it from my perspective, Imagine a financial agency keeps promising you with profits for your investment as long as you keep adding more, when its time to cash out they disappear.

How do you think these so called witches were discovered? Also if the punishment for this crime is death dont you think it should've been avoided? If they were doing it at the comfort of their own respective homes they wouldn't have faced any problems.

You know Christianity cannot be practiced in public here, but people practice it in their homes where they are not disturbing the public and not trying to convert others to it. You have to understand that Saudi Arabia is the home of the 2 holy mosques. It is our responsibility not to stain the land of islam with the corruption and filth that is outside these walls. We are willing to do what ever is necessary.

Those who try to change this will not succeed, as long as the population is able to fight to protect it.
I’m a Muslim woman and I wear Vail, cover my whole body and I’m proud of it. Couse I can do it freely.
Some members of my family doesn’t even wear hijab and some are actors who are treated respectfully in your countries (sadly unlike me, after wearing my vail)
One uncle of mine is an American and one is German, still when I made my choice to wear Vail they respected my designs like I respect theirs
My Vail only covers the fact that I’m female not the fact that I’m a woman, covers the part of me that holds control over men, so if you are talking to me you have to believe in equality between genders
We talk mind to mind, queen Elethabith was suffering from the same problem when her people thought she had to get married because she is a woman and had to have a husband
In America a beautiful woman will find he way up in her career compared to the woman with less fortune.
But by wearing a Vail I’m forcing whomever talking to me to see me as only... A mind, and with the love of my life (husband) and the respect I have in society were ever I go REALLY who needs the look in men eyes as if I’m something not someone .
Never the less there are some women who are not satisfied by the look in her husband’s eye only and would rather see every man want her , and some men would like to see the envy in other men eyes when they see their woman , well!! It’s up to them...that’s freedom... I wear too much clothes, I’m free... others take their clothes off... they are free... But as a bonus I hope I get Gods love which is my real goal in this short life we waste it fighting,
Being in an open minded family like mine gave me the opportunity to see the positives and negatives of both worlds and I chose wisely so please respect the choice of a covered woman like you respect the one of a naked one.
P.S. Most people aren't afraid, they follow the faith and not care about these crimes since they do not think of doing it since its wrong in the first place. We are happy with where we are.
Do you really think someone will get in lashed for just saying a swear word without directing it at someones honor? In the west honor is not as important as it is in the middle east. I can say swears all i want and i wont get punished. Its when I dishonor someones name and accuse them of acts that are wrong and are disrespectful. These things do cause depression to the victim who unfortunately received these claims. If she was able to prove what she has said is true she would not have been punished.

Like i said to +Mike Elgan before, imagine your child was a victim of verbal abuse that caused him a lot of grief that he/she wasn't able to handle. He/she loses it and commits suicide. This is bullying and it must be justified. People swear all the time but that isn't what she is getting punished for.

This is like running someone over with car cause you are texting someone, then the media says OMG GIRL SENTENCED FOR 25- life in prison for texting while driving. I dont blame people for this misinterpretation, its the media that plays tricks with the words.
Let me ask you this, is it more likely for a someone to commit a crime when the punishment is harsh or easy going? why do you think crime rates are soo high in the US. Crime rates here a very low due to the risk of getting a severe punishment.

This is the article about the topic from a local news paper in english. They will not include offensive contents but you can see that this is what the article above is about. This is todays date btw.
about the bad language the only bad words Islam punish with 50 lashes is accusation of adultery without prof
Some words can be an accusation more than swearing in Arabic and if the woman claimed she was joking that is likely the situation here
This rule was made to:
-prevent accusing women of adultery to trash them or kill them socially, or to win custody...
-As a sign of respect to women’s place in society, family and relations. Because she’s a queen (and even more precious) in Islam everyone should think twice before trashing her
*By the way, in this Incident the rule was suspended till proving it wasn’t a joke and to give the woman a chance to take her word back
there is civil court here, and corporal punishment is only done to the bigger offenses. I promise you, no one here gets a death sentence for a parking ticket. You can take my word for it.
Parking ticket:

Fee: Your life!

No but seriously, Civil court is there. It really depends on how both parties want to settle the case and what evidence they can bring to the tables. If she apologized before it wouldn't have went to this extreme measure. Unfortunately it did, so it should a lesson to learn from for all people so that history doesn't repeat itself
Well that might be easy for you to say, coming the cultural background that you come from. You have to understand that the culture here is different, words do more that physical pain. You should come here or go to UAE (its a little more open then here) and go hang out with the local females and get more insight from them.
I would think they should also consider cell phones in general to be a form of witchcraft, with the way their society responds to things..
Dang! You all have a lot to say about something so stupid. Who cares? Its like its the first time you all heard about the crazies doing something crazy...
What I don’t get is why they uphold archaic laws yet have to have the latest technology. It’s a bit of a conundrum how they pick and choose what is religiously acceptable and what isn’t. **This is applicable to most – if not all – religions.
^ +Isaac Kirkland This is why G+ needs a -1 button.

I care! Just because they live in another country and just because it's not the only example of things like does not make it any more wrong, nor does it change the fact that they are still a human being and does not in any way deserve this! It's not an isolated case of this sort of thing, but it's never the less horrific!
Well join the US Army -go infantry and transfer into my company and lets go kick the shit out of them! You cannot rationalize with them -they are irrational. If you don't like them beating on themselves do something about it. Words won't do shit. Personally I don't give a damn if they cut each others throats and they all die -too many folks in the world anyway. I'm sure Allah would love to have em all come home... Like I said who cares what the crazies do!
Awesome! keep those women in line!!! </sarcasm>
Dont Judge Islam by such acts or behaviors, take a look at this picture ....... if i am like you i would make a big deal of this just like what you are doing now , but i wouldn't do that , you know why , because ''Islam'' tells me not too , Islam Tells me to respect all religions specially Christianity , if you all know your religion, the bible says if some woman wont cover her hair , shave it, and yet no one has made a comment about that , because real Muslims respect all kinds of people no matter what their race or religion they are. ,,, Take A Look at this picture and reply me if you can +Mike Elgan
+Hussam Damen Your second picture simply points out the common roots of the Abrahamic religions. In fact, my own view is that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all sects of the same religion. They all have the same cast of characters, and originate from the same place.

The Bible is just the Torah with additional material. The Koran is just the Bible re-written and augmented, for the most part, with the addition of many other older pre-Islamic texts.

If you're Muslim, you're essentially Jewish.

The second photo is a visual straw man argument, if directed at me and my post. I didn't say Muslim garb for women = terrorism. That's an absurd claim, and I would never make it. That image has nothing to do with any of the issues I've raised in this post.
I an't make sense of any part of his comment... as usual
+Mike Elgan if the image has nothing to do with the issues you published in the post , how come you published the photo of this Muslim women, you post about some actions that happened in saudi arabia - but can happen anywhere btw- but by publishing this photo you connected Islam to this behaviors,
- what i meant by the photo how come that christian and Jewish Nuns can wear whatever they want and no one comment , but when muslim women wear this , everybody comment '' Ninja'' and all the horrible stuff above , its not fair
- i get from your comment that you've read the torah bible and koran.
Dude , look I'm a muslim from the uk i am just telling you that in islam we believe that christianty and jewdsum are our sister religions and they were sent from God to Muses and jessus as well as many other religions to other prophets. the reason they are the same in our believe is because they r from the same God. to us Mohamed Jessus and Muses are all equal .You can google it to know every thing
ya for the other people i can understand u dont know that such stuff are not a part of our religion Islam. you propbely never heared of Islam except from 9/11 but these stuff are only in saudi it applies on men and women its kinda supports their strick traditions and sauids are pleased with it
+Eng.Adel Al Zahrani You're confused. My posting my own thoughts on my own Google+ stream is not an intervention into the affairs of others. It's a conversation between me and my circle friends.
+Wael Ali And the crime rate in North Korea is lower still. The lowest crime rate in the world is a dungeon where all the prisoners are chained to the wall. Maybe that's what we should all aspire to.
+asmaa alkadi Thanks for chiming in. Do you agree with Saudi laws governing women? For example, do you agree that women should not be legally allowed to drive?
+Mike Elgan Imam Shafi'i said: i never won a discussion with an ignorant, but I Always won when debating a scientist

i was overwhelmed at every time i debate an ignorant , but never by a scientist
I drive my kids to school and with this decision comes more responsibility
One day we were driving in Saudi territory And my husband stated that I can't drive there ,God I was glad that they even took this responsibility off our back , all we have to do is sit and relax.
queens and princesses shouldn't drive . I know you see that as unfair to men who have to do every thing around here ,but that what makes my husband my knight and king.
By the way as a woman I don't drive near other women :
Our response is slower
We are always in a hurry
We are emotionally fragile (pest place to cry is in the car) :)
Even I believe though I think that women who don't have some one to take care of them should be able to drive.
Again it should be a free choice if you want to be treated as a queen or as a slave.
Saudi Arabia's law isn't flawless , cause they are human so I wouldn't dare blindly defend some thing that can be right or wrong . As any smart one wouldn't defend USA's laws for example .
The only laws that can't be wrong is God's law
If I buy a machine so complicated I better read the manual or I'll break it sooner or later , or call the manufacture
God created us and gave us the manual to work our life and sort ourselves ,if we think that we are smarter we will break our life and drive it to sadness .
each day I read these arguments I thank God for my religion , my man, my family ,my society and my freedom of choice.
+Mike Elgan I would never change things to the way you have it in north america. You still didn't answer my question about how you would feel about if your child was abused and no one was able to stop it, then your child then commits suicide? (god forbid it happens)

Your question to me is irrational in my point of view. Its like saying that there is only black or white. There are different shades of grey in between.
+Wael Ali I don't know what you're talking about.

The reason I found this news story interesting is the irony. A woman is using a cell phone, which is a recent, modern, high-tech device. And because she says a cuss word, she's sentenced to lashing, which is a barbaric, cave-man type sentence.

Can you see the irony?
+asmaa alkadi I believe we don't see the world. We only see the world we are conditioned to see.

I believe women are equal to men in general, and can handle cars just fine.

You said: "Again it should be a free choice if you want to be treated as a queen or as a slave."

Unfortunately, in Saudi Arabia, you're a slave. No choice.
+Mike Elgan It is not because she sent swear word, its because she sent insult to the other person. And its an unacceptable accusation attacking the victims honor.

check out this link,

As you see this is not related to technology. If i wrote a book about someone with accusations and things as such, i would be responsible for my actions unless I can prove it is true. These are all forms of communication wether its the news paper, radio, phone call, email or a text message. They have the same impact to the person who is getting the accusations. It puts the receiving end in a negative situation.
Someone who kills with a weapon is the same as someone who kills un armed.
+Wael Ali They're just words. Her sentence dishonors the whole Saudi judicial system -- the world laughs at those authorities, and looks down on them for the barbaric animals that they are.
+Mike Elgan
so anything that your culture does not approve of is barbaric. How would you like for the whole world to copy the all mighty america. We will survive on wars to "civilize " those poor 3rd worlders to take the burden of the white man your country is so obsessed with. Go look at what is wrong with your country first before pointing fingers at us "animals" if you have sense you will see that the animals are there. Your judicial system is flawed. Those with money can get away with what ever as long as the lawyer is good. Although this is your opinion i have mine too. You can't force your culture on us and we can't force ours on you.
+Mike Elgan
Of course women can handle cars or I would never.. never drive my children to school.
I hoped you read my answer well because my English is poor
The world I lived in expands from USA to Spain to Kuwait...etc (a country every summer)
The world I live in holds my relatives, my brothers and sisters of Adam and eve
Yes in the Arab world the man holds his responsibility completely, feed his family, teach his children, care for the happiness of his wife, and almost every hard work(poor men)
But as women we take care of the matter of the heart
That’s why ADAM was created from earth (to be strong) and EVE was created from the rib that covers his heart(sweet eve) :)
Earlier I said the way I was treated in your country before wearing hijab defer from the way after
But because I don’t like generalizing some solo incidents(unlike some people ) I kept what happened to me so no one will think that all Americans are the same
*hint: I met the strongest believers there (didn’t you meet them?)
What I said about women behind the wheel I’m pretty sure I took it from one of USA standup comedy night (that’s the only way a man can be honest when he talks about women in some countries>>to say it’s a joke)
And return to my poor English (when you say YOU are a slave there) I think that the word “you” refers to women in general? Because YOU didn’t meet me .
I’m only the slave of GOD AND ONLY He can command me .as he command every believer man or a woman.
And to believe is our choice >>see how we chose to be God’s slave freely. And no one else can matter to us.
Now after what you said… can you tell me who is living in a world of press and not in the real world?
My advice as a humble Arabian woman (OK …NOT SO humble) >> come to visit the Arabic world not as a tourist but as humanist, not as judgmental mind but as open minded man and see through a reality glass not pre-written press glass
Couse all I see in all of you is … brothers and sisters in humanity (YOU refer to commenters)
And all I hear from you is: you this... you that (silly “you”) :)
Smile its Sunnah
+John Hansen This isn't about sexism, you are posting in the wrong place. Like i stated before, if this problem was between men it would have been the same result. Try to understand the facts before making a fool out of yourself.
Unbelievable.... but you can see that they all have power in their hands. and this will change history.
She didn't take the phone from her. She took her own phone with the text.
I can simply say, most of those who commented here are FOOLS.
We will meet you on the day of judgment. On that day you all will realize what you were doing/thinking in this world was wrong. Sorry to say frankly :)
+John Hansen : Yes, you are correct, westerners treat their dogs better than Saudi's treat their women. But the western treat their dogs ONLY, not the human.
+John Hansen I am not an apologist. If this is about sexism, how come its a fight between two girls that ended up at court. Have you read the story from the saudi news papers? Or are you just as ignorant as most other people who comment on issues without checking all the sources and getting emotional over it?

I'll give you a tip. If you read a story and want to say something intelligent about the topic, research from all the sources in that area even if its in a different language. We have so many great tools such as google translate. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how many tools you have, unless you know how to use them.

So tell me something, if in Canada the amount of Male prisoners is higher then female by ten times. Does that mean that Canada is unfair to males? You don't like to hear what is to be heard, you like to hear what you want to hear.
I am a male infidel (atheist, specifically) and I have been to Canada. There I was treated as an equal, as was my freedom-loving infidel wife. At no point did I feel like I was leaving my rights and freedoms at the border, and I had no fear that my thoughts or beliefs or words would lead to myself or my wife being beaten. Far from it. The people of Canada appeared to value freedom of thought and expression and belief as much as my wife and I do.
John Hansen:
I heard the word dogs and my heart just Melted.
Sweet dogs, who doesn’t like them?(animals rights is talking) ;)
But wait a minute I didn’t hear you say how do you treat your women? The comparison didn’t mention your women so, are they treated less than your dogs to? Or as equal? Definitely after such comment I don’t think you respect women at all, that’s why I didn’t say MORE.
I’m not talking about the women your society circumstances force them to sell their body or the ones that have to look sexy to get promoted or the ones that had to have a job to feed her children even if she doesn’t like it BECAUSE your community say she had to , or the ones that men usually hide behind equality just to let her do there jobs and share house hold when they have to support her completely. And I’m not going to talk about how women search for a man in your society not the other way around, how do some of you use the word (pick up) as if she is something.
no I’m not asking about those lady’s ,I am asking about the housewives who don’t work and respectfully honored at home
Do you give the time to help her at home after you return from your work?
Do you find the time to listen to her, play with her, talk to her, as an equal mind? to her whatever fantasy she desire Couse you know that she (the moment she married you) agreed you will be her only love, if you do so… then I think you promoted western female to Arabic ones and that lead us to your comparison again.
You think that this treatment is less than how you treat your dogs?
Then shame on you when you don’t do your best to treat your women more than an equal to your pet ….hint: (we are not the ones who dare to call a woman P….)
Couse a woman doesn’t need a stick you throw to keep her busy or happy; she needs your respect, which this comparison shows that you don’t have it towards women
Fortunately no Arabic man (and a MAN in our language is far different from male) can say this comparison about a woman without a punishment
(the bad language case here goes for men and women , couse we belive in equality in rights , but when it comes to hard work men is the ones who carry it all)
DONT GET UPSET, smile you can say whatever you want about women (unless you forgot Arabic women are still... women) Couse you know everything about Arab world, don’t you?
Its freedom of speech isn’t it? So let me compare something to you
We respect EACH OTHER in our Arabic world more than you do in yours (I don’t like bad comparisons) and I definitely don’t like to drag poor dogs in to our useless argument : ) (lack of critical evidence )
Smile, its Sunnah
west treat their women as we treat our dogs. only use them.they sleep with their dogs. but they send their old women in old homes.
+John Hansen bring proof of your logic. Don't just talk about things you learned in your history class about the european kingdoms and think it all applies here. Have lived on this side of the world? How can you speak out on something when you have so little knowledge about the subject. I never thought someone so ignorant would go on and on a subject which they all the can say " you are sexist, and an apologist." Then again, I should have know that ignorant people do ignorant things. Check the two comments above and see what insight other people have.

In order to have a valuable argument you must have knowledge of the topic. Not just trying to shape the story how ever you want.

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."
-Winston Churchill
وَتِلْكَ الْأَمْثَالُ نَضْرِبُهَا لِلنَّاسِ ۖ وَمَا يَعْقِلُهَا إِلَّا الْعَالِمُونَ ﴿٤٣﴾

"And these examples We put forward for mankind, but none will understand them except those who have knowledge." (Anekbut: 43)
فَبِمَا رَحْمَةٍ مِّنَ اللَّـهِ لِنتَ لَهُمْ ۖ وَلَوْ كُنتَ فَظًّا غَلِيظَ الْقَلْبِ لَانفَضُّوا مِنْ حَوْلِكَ

"And by the Mercy of Allah, you dealt with them gently. And if you had been severe and harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from about you." He has told him and made it clear that gentleness and mercy brings people close .
So please to all those who defend their believes harshly, there are better ways than bad words or comparisons that may hurt others.
In the end... sorry if I hurt anyone by mistake when I tried to clear an idea, my only intend was to give you a chance to hear the truth from an Arabian woman.
and if you open your mind you'll see that every place in the world has it's good and bad issues ,the Problem is with humans who insist to fight Gods plan rather than focusing on enriching the earth and build a peaceful future to all of us
smile its sunnah
wow thats long canvo but i want to make it clear the mals in saudi arabia who not married didnt see a woman in there lives in real except there family and people in middle east dont take sex education (in good way) thats why there look is completely defferent than yours they say there point with out experience why because islam is 100% true so they dont need the they really think that women who not wearing this clothes all men well staring at her in porny way because thats what islam makes them understand.and these clothes burned them when they wear it in summer like god told them to wear these clothes then god put the summer to make them sweat and burned also less of hearing and breathing because these clothes cover there nose and eyers then health and Psychological problem for sure out of natural that god creat it. the problem is because of these stuff saudi arabia have the highest number of gays and gays in islam must be punished hardly so islam Contradicts himself its out of sense
they are comfortable because they do what islam told them and what islam told them is wrong and out of natural in the end islam is brain washer
Mashallah.....Well Done My Sisters..... Hats Off.......Love You.......
Should I start telling the true stories of thousand many rapes occuring everyday in the Western countries, even in schools(by teachers themselves) and should I say something about the TEEN(10+ actually) SEX INDUSTRY in USA and other CIVILIZED states.
WHY are MUSLIM people so backward thinking still , in this day and age . WHY do woman allow themselves to be treated like shit in this culture , I just don't understand this . AND who says that east is moral and west is infidels , but at the same time they are killing eachother just to reach the west . NO , I just think that muslim men like that religion because it keeps woman down thus making it easier for the man to feel superior , how pathetic ! WE men in the west believe woman and men are equal . christians aren't threatened by their woman . We are secure in our manhood , so we don't believe that GOD wanted woman treated like animals. So that is why I think MUSLIMS are cowards that have to degrade their woman to feel better about themselves , PIGS !!!
John tippet, you my friend, are a very strange and deluded individual. Who'd want to be Muslim or God, neither are real, infact both are fictional stories for small, narrow minded and cruel little parasites with very little else to do with thier time. Get a life and live it before you go see your 70 Virgins dipped in honey!
odin drecrees those who hide have something to hide.
bien sur monsieur ne parler pas a des choses que vous ne senter et ne connait  pas merci mec
Saudi Judge might/might not have erred about lashing for abusive language, but witchcraft is a full assault on the victim and has  ramifications;hence punishment is due ,if and only if ,proved guilty.
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