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USA men just made the finals in archery.

Their win over South Korea means they'll win a silver medal, at least. 

UPDATE: Italy won the other semi-final, so it will be USA vs. Italy in the final. 

UPDATE: Korea just beat Mexico for the bronze. 

UPDATE: Italy beat the USA for gold. 
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How 'bout that legally blind South Korean archer Im Dong-hyun setting the world record!
This was a GREAT match!
Being blind probably helps him by eliminating other distractions, the Japanese have a form of archery Kyudo  that is much the same, it's about eliminating the "need" to hit the bulls eye and that leads to the ability to do so....a very Zen approach...Go USA! 
Is it really archery when the bow does all the work for you?
^^^ if you think that lets give you a bow and see how you do
It does everything but the most important thing.. it doesn't aim.
These are not a compound bows, so holding position for the release is definitely not easy!
What a great final too, USA almost grabbed the gold. Congrats to Italy.
Oh yes! Italy did it. Good match US, but I liked our normal looking athlets.
While I trust that it works, I really don't get all the equipment on modern bows.
There isn't that much equipment.  Apart from the recurve bow itself, the bits sticking out the front are stabilisers, there's a sight, a plunger and a clicker.
i Cjay
it's pink?
When I taught myself to shoot there wasn't all that junk and I never missed it.
I used to practice Kyudo but never had the time to get good at it. That was with a bare bow but almost 50 years ago.
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