Why US nuns should leave the Catholic church and form their own sect.

The Vatican issued a harsh rebuke this week of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an organization representing about 80 percent of all Catholic nuns in America.

The reason is that the nuns had failed to make the opposition to abortion and gay marriage central to their agenda, and instead had been wasting their time on irrelevant objectives like helping the poor.

The Vatican also reprimanded the women for failing to obey the men. The Vatican flatly said that bishops alone "are the church's authentic teachers of faith and morals." Only men are allowed to become priests and bishops.

The Pope has given American nuns two choices:

1. Shut up, learn their place, obey the men, stop helping the poor so much and start focusing on the control of other people's sexuality; or

2. Break away from the church and form an organization that's in line with the values they believe in their heart are the true values of Christianity.

Which choice would Jesus advise?


(Pic props to Rockstar Games)
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