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Photo of the Year.

A 27-year-old Chinese woman named Mingmei Li was heart-broken when her fiance broke up with her.

So she put on her wedding dress, strapped plastic bottles full of gasoline to her waist and climbed to the roof of a building where she guzzled beer, smoked cigarettes and generally "lost it," laughing and crying while teetering on the edge.

Firemen rigged a net, then talked her into coming down. She wasn't charged, but will be treated for depression.

But what a picture.

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Wow man.. "f*ck it.. I'm gonna party"
Are you sure this just isn't a shot on the set of Jersey Shore?
+Mike Elgan Heart breaking image but as you say "What a picture!". The sort of capture that every photographer hopes to fall in their lap at some point in their career.
Amazing! Reality > Reality Soaps!
wat is she tryng to prove with lpg cylinder?????????

Hopefully she can get past this
Don't like to judge, but what a picture indeed!
Rae O.
I saw another picture with the same plot, same country and the woman jumped out of the building in her wedding dress, but was fortunately caught.
surprised the gasoline didn't dissolve the bottles..
I thought Chinese women wore red when they get married. Maybe that's what the gasoline is for.

boy that guy dodged a bullet huh
+Mike Elgan got her phone number? Because she may be juuuust crazy enough for me to want to ask her out.
Uhm, or maybe the guy brought this on.
I mean, maybe she was treated really poorly.
You know, with an 8-1 male to female ratio in Chinese schools these days, you'd think any guy getting married would hold on to that woman for dear life.
Wait, the groom lucked out because she was so devoted to him that her broken heart drove her to insanity? Is that the way marriage works now - with only moderate, comfortable levels of passion and devotion? No wonder there's so many divorces.
I don't really think this is the kind of photo that I want to memorialize as the "photo of the year."
Didn't the Chinese invent fireworks? (....ducking for cover)
Lol is it bad I want to party with her up there?
Hey, what's my wife doing up on that roof! 
The dude dodged a bullet. No doubt about that.
Love will make you do crazy things...a broken heart will make you do even crazier things. Eventually she'll look back and know that he wasn't worth all of that destruction.
This might be actually more effective than starting a profile on a dating site to find a next more worthy fellow.

Oh, and...Wonder what the groom/guy was like. Perhaps she hasn't yet realized how she dodged a bullet and is now free to find a more honest quality man now. Just sayin'... we can't judge what we don't know.
Why would a human let another human consume their life to such degree? Talk about being co-dependent.
You know, this gives me a few ideas for my own hypothetical wedding.
The poor girl is grief-stricken... who knows the whole history behind this image!
my fiance recently broke up with me...i feel like doing something like this haha
yep have to agrree with that well done m8
Oh sad. I thought that was beer. I mean really if you're going to spend that much time attaching stuff to you, why not have made it for the twelve pack.
She should find solace in the knowledge that single girls in China are outnumbered by single Chinese boys. It's quite a sad fact actually.
Isn't other peoples suffering just a hoot?
Maybe she worked for FoxConn making Apple things
I know what you mean +Tam mukherjee . The fact that she did not love herself more than her fiancee. One really has to put ones self first to avoid being "owned" by someone else. So so sad.
stands to no descency of any logic ...
sad. no man or woman is worth your life or to show yourself as weak by making this type of display for yourself. as the saying goes..a way to get over a man is to get under another... opps ment "date another" :P
Its kind of sad what lengths girls will go to, to forget what has been done to them needs to refund her money (No Pun Intended with Match in reference to the gasoline or cigarettes)
The question is why the man left her ? and she just shows it to the world why. Can't be mo agree with +malia garza
What do you bet she got laid that night...
Cesar M
What happened to her. Did she just got married and decided to die?
Cesar M
And there is a bomb right next to her
She had to be going through it pretty Bad
A well orchestrated display of depression.
I was worries that she might have blown herself up when I saw the gas cylinder
Just what the internet needs; another exhibitionist. 10 out of 10 for carrying that LPG cylinder up there.
In other words, makes total sense that the fiance broke up with her :/
asians be crazy. I would have given her a cuddle, she just didn't ask.
+Mike Elgan I guess for very this reason the guy broke up with the woman. She might be doing similar stuff while engaged and he must have second thoughts and said bugger all I'm outta here.
they should charge the guy for general irresponsibility too.
No wonder she was dumped, such mental level made her a time-bomb to every one around her.
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