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FPS Russia arms a drone.

I love this guy.

By the way, this "professional Russian" is actually an American named Kyle Myers, and he shoots these videos in the state of Georgia.
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when i discovered his youtube videos last year, i became an instant fan.
FPS Russia rulzz :))))))))
I think this video is a fake. Maybe a Call of Duty promo...
I want a charlenne :D. that looks too stable when shooting.
LOL! I love this guy too. Awesome.
Love this guy... "Don't try this at home, I am professional Russian..." Hah!
This guy gets access to the craziest shit evar!
That was amazing. His one on various shotgun ammo was fantastic as well!
Tim Box
You Americans sure love shooting things.
The probability that this video is fake doesn't prevent somebody from loading a drone with something lightweight and deadly. Explosively Formed Projectiles come to mind. (you lose the drone) Also airborne drones don't have to worry about backblast so recoilless rifles could be made that would minimize gun shock on the platform but that would drive the price up.

Be assured that if it's possible somebody is going to try it out.
Mary M
He is cool even with the phony accent, I added him on my Youtube channel. I like his big guns!
Just need to make it autonomous and connect it to the internet and we have another piece of the skynet puzzle.
No time to lose, join the resistance today. John Connor must survive.
Mary M
Georgia, I did notice a bit of southern twang in that Russian accent :-)
Awesome video and great fun, but think about it for a minute - if some guy on +YouTube can hack something like this together (special effects excepted) then you can bet the weapons research guys are on it in a very real way!
There are already drone platforms capable of supporting weapons; they just haven't been deployed in anger yet!
I like how all his manikins keep explosive charges in their pockets while being fired at.
Mary M
This is not hacked, I added him because I just did a re-design on website for a client that sells exotic ammunition. I've seen it in action, the Dragon's Breath and Bolo rounds, they're not make-believe. My client is due to be on American Gun episode very soon demonstrating these types of ammo.
That was pretty obvious CGI >.>
Not to mention using some simple plumbing tube to supply bullets to the receiver makes no sense whatsever.
nowhere in the state of Georgia has that
Mary M
It's not an ad, he's been posting these vids for a couple years now.
where could i get my hands on something like that?
I like this shoot,s vedeios. Rajendra ,Haridwar, India,ASIA
Eddie N
"In 10 to 15 years' time, shit is going to get very real..."

Where does this guy get the permits to even use these guns?
Aren't half these things illegal for the public to own?
wtf dude thats f'n nuts
+Cherny D. C. Berbesí I. Guns are merely a tool. If you don't like people getting killed, deal with the people who are committing the crime, not the tool. honestly, one could make the argument that the world would be safer if we got rid of car using the same exact argument.
I did hate guns at one point. Thankfully I don't see live gun violence much at all. What I have seen was just stand offs and even one POS pointing a revolver to my face but nothing going off.

I have been unfortunate enough to be near meelee weapon fights. The sound aluminum bats makes off of teenage skills made me realize guns don't kill people, shitbags kill people.
gasoline jugs don't blow up when they're shot at. Also, this guy is pretty relaxed and doesn't even flinch when the quadcopter spins around and aims at him.
To Ian Mckenna

Neither do blow up dolls. He put exploding targets inside of them ( he could not have even had gas in it, could have cut out the back and put the target inside) and he probably had practice.
These explosions are way more meaningful than those in Michael Bay movies
eh, my det cord bazooka will cut and dice that.
That's an awesome fake. Wonder who edited that, it's quite amazing. Lots of love for the details. Cool :)
brilliant i want one for christmas =)
I thought this guy was from the Rep. of Georgia, and living / working in the U.S....hhhhhmmmmm fooled me.
Ha! There's no way this guy is in the US. The DHS would have tracked him down just for owning some of the weapons he uses!

But I gotta admit, wouldn't you just love to shoot some of this stuff?
I want to mount a cannon on one! Oh, wait, I meant Canon...
this guy rocks i want his job/hobbie
Dhat wuz awesome!!!!!
Though I feel bad for that kid.:( That's sad...
This thing is sweet and scary all at the same time. Some nerdy kid getting bullied is gunna make one of these....
need a jabooody dubs 'billy mays' style dubbing of this ;-)
Does Skynet watch YouTube? God I hope not...
"only takes one professional russian" lol
Oh my gosh!!! That thing is awesome with camera....dang that thing rocks
Terminator Flight Pod Model 101
Miles instead of kilometers, squib fragments and mortar streamers in flamey explosions with little camera-obscuring smoke. Not all all fake.
This is nothing but a clever Call of Duty commercial.

It is very well done, but still a fake. A quadcopter with propellers like that would have problems even lifting off something as clunky as that thing - even without the machinegun, the magazine and the 100 rounds of ammo he say it has. How much does 100 rounds actually weigh?

Then you have the problem with recoil - ever shot any kind of weapon at all? Just the recoil would send this quadcopter tumbling... I still have not seen any 100% recoil free machineguns. That kind of gun and size usually takes 9mm rounds. Firing a rocket would not be too problematic - no recoil there if done correct. But try shooting anything with a shell will produce recoil. And the only way to take some of it away is to use some smart mechanics and weight.

Nah - not real. But fun to watch for those playing Call of Duty.
Svein u suck that was epic u say its not real? well everything he does is real ITS A SUBMACHINEGUN FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD
yeah faggots like u always ruin everything
"no, I don't know dows guyz, let's take em out." Cause hey, why not!
Was sure the accent was fake too! This guy is a purveyor of killing machine's and seems to enjoy what they can do to people. And snidely blame the Russians.
yeah, what's up with the whole Russian thing? Doesn't he realize, they don't have cars (Iike that in the background) like that in Russia?
This video is not shot in Georgia.
It is clearly CGI... great viral marketing for Call of Duty.
Good video tough!
I love the epic mealtime video with FPS Russia
umm how can it sneak up on anyone it makes more noise then my snoring dad
The accent is not constant, he sounds like someone from New Jersy.
Oh, right. The STATE of Georgia. Gotcha.
supab yaaaaaa .........
cold war still running
The next step is to take the human out of the equation, interconnecting these gunships with other tactical assets, and then hooking everything into the DARPA mainframe.
If he is an American he's got a good Russian accent ;) and what a toy lol
Regarding the "professional Russian", for a moment I thought he was Russian, but his accent is not genuine - you know he is not Russian the way he pronounces understand or around
Yup, I call fake as well. Cool video though...
+Nicu Zecheru You know better than me, but shouldn't there be a pretty wild variation of dialects in Russia considering its awesome size? Could he be from one of the satellite states and calls himself Russian in the Soviet sense? I have a hard time believing he'd blatantly lie about being Russian, it wouldn't make sense.
Some sad news today about his Manager...
got to love this guy, too bad he is an american playing this role
Way to kill the fun dude. If he wants to act like a Russian let him go balls to the wall
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