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Which animals are OK to kill?

Killing animals is an extremely controversial practice. By controversial, I mean it's an emotionally charged subject with disagreement about what the ethical "rules" are.

For example, many people who eat beef without concern are horrified about the killing of horses for food. So the "rule" is apparently "food" animals are OK to kill, but "sport" animals aren't? Or is it that cows are ugly and horses are "majestic"?

California Fish and Game Commission president Dan Richards is in trouble for killing a mountain lion on a hunting trip. It's legal in Idaho, where he killed, it, but illegal in California, where there's a huge public outcry, with many calling for him to be fired. Most of the people who are upset about this wouldn't have cared at all if he had killed, say, a wild boar. So the "rule" for these people is that "pretty" or "cute" animals shouldn't be killed, but killing ugly ones is OK?

Many people who are OK with the killing of tuna are horrified by the killing of dolphins. Is there an unwritten "rule" that "intelligent" animals are to be spared, but "stupid" ones are OK to kill?

What should the "rules" be for the killing of animals?

Is the visual appeal of animals to humans the right criterion -- we can kill fugly animals but not cute or majestic ones? Is intelligence the right criterion?

What are YOUR "rules" for which animals should never be killed?
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Then let us all go veggie. I'm gonna go veggie now. I have actually started drinking soy milk instead of cow's milk.
My rules are simple. Animals that are close to extinction should never be killed. Only animals with a large and sustainable population should be hunt-able. Also animals that are considered companion animals should not be killed, but only within their respective cultures. I.E. Dogs in the US should not be killed for respect of the local culture. But in other countries where Dog is a food animal not a companion animal, it should be allowed.
Good points. Whats the difference between animals that are pets and the same wild animal (ie: rabbits, cats, etc.)
Animals like cows and pigs, all those who belong to farms and all that kind of stuff, but hunting I don't think that's right...
I believe, killing animals is only justified when it is done in Nature's way. I am vegetarian. But, I will not hesitate in killing animals for food in times of desperate need. Respect them as they are, cuddly or ugly.
Who or what we kill as people does seem to be a matter of some variability and passion and arbitrary distinctions. This could get ugly. Interesting choice of topics though.
Mountain Lions in that section of the world have no compunctions about killing humans...
I don't kill spiders either! they are good cuz they eat those little insects like flies and mosquitos, so annoying!
Wow, great post +Mike Elgan I often think that about people who are up in arms over an abused dog kept in inhumane conditions, but turn their back on the suffering pigs in gestation crates with no room to move.
Animals who are endangered should never, ever be killed. I think chickens and cows aren't going to disappear very soon, so they're safe in that respect (well, not safe from us).

The other issue is on how to kill animals. I'd rather see a farm animal killed quickly for food, than a dog or cat killed for "fun". Animals in the wild are used to violence because survival is a harder in a forest than it is in a city. Domestic dogs and cats grow up unprepared for violence, and it is infinitely cruel to torture them.

I'm an enthusiastic carnivore. My grandparents used to cut a pig each year for Christmas dinner in their back yard when I was a kid, and I remember hating the sound of the animal dying, but I could bear it, because it was over fast. But if I see so much as a picture - never mind including sound - of a cat being trampled by some fetishistic porn star's stilettos, I won't sleep at night.

tl;dr It smacks of arrogance to say that it is morally beneath us to kill other animals, because we're humans and we know better. I don't see anything wrong with killing other animals for food, even clothes, so long as it's done in a way that does not endanger the species. But when it's done out of sadism, it is unpardonable.
Conservation is about the species, not the individual. Hunting licenses are an essential economic tool to ensure the longevity and population security for the species and their ecosystem. As long as the kill does not come from sinister intent, like burning a cat in the street, I think it's fair game when done within the context of the law and the Spirit of hunting. Good topic :)
If an animal is killed, it should be done with respect and kindness. No making them suffer. No prolonging pain. I'm not a fan of the sports hunters, but they play a role in the habitat, as do all hunters. Animal populations would overpopulate without the hunters--and that goes for the prey as well as predator species. In areas where both the natural predators have been eliminated and hunters can't go, this is happening already.
Philosophically? All animals have inherent value (a right to live regardless of use specifically to humans) and deserve to live. Besides, it’s kind of arbitrary that humans are the most powerful species on the planet. What if it were cows farming and killing us?

Pragmatically speaking, however, I wouldn’t think twice before squishing a bug or eating meat. Of course, I could never kill a pet because I think of them as family members and almost anthropomorphize them (pets of the mammalian variety, at least).

Interesting post though! I can’t really come up with a logical corollary between my two perspectives, so I might have to either change my attitudes or my actions…
You are spot-on, I hear plenty of people who don't want to see Bambi killed but are ok with cows. That reminds, I need to make some Bambi chili.
I think any animal should be fair game if and only if it's death is with purpose (other than enjoyment of killing) , except in the case where they are rare or endangered. Period.
It is all a mindset, I love steak but could never watch a cow being slaughtered. I guess its the same with our president if i dont see him or have to listen to him I can pretend he isnt there then l fill my car with gas and that horrible sick feeling comes over me and the awful realization that he actually exists as a human is there, wheres PETA when you need them?
People who bitch about the death of certain Animals but don't care about other Animals should just shut-up!
Population would be my only 'rule'. If something is going to become extinct that should be more of a natural progression not a human made one. I do not count humans as being natural.
This hypocrisy baffles me regularly. The person who is untroubled by eating a tortured and slaughtered cow, pig or lamb but who goes ballistic when she reads about a dog being mistreated. They seem unable to appreciate the cultural basis of their view of dogs and horses as pets, not food.

I'm a vegetarian, so my answer is not to kill any animals for food or sport. Of course, I understand that not everyone has the freedom or desire to live as I do, so I'm not troubled by peole who engage in subsistence hunting. Killing for sport is simply criminal, in my view. 
My rules are: If you're going to eat it, that's fine, if you just want to hang it on the wall, then no, it's not okay. The only time it's okay to kill an animal you aren't going to eat is if it's a predator that is attacking humans, or if overpopulation is causing illness or starvation in the population.
Man should only kill animals for food
Why should plants be eaten without thinking about how they feel about being slaves to a garden?
It's morally acceptable to kill any animal that is not owned by someone else. Owned animals can only be rightfully killed by their owners. Endangered species are owned by zoos, so they're a non-issue.
Seems like "ugly" and "majestic" would be pretty subjective. Most people think doves are not ugly but if you go to Cordoba, Argentina they are hunted because they are considered pests. I don't care for sport hunting but when it comes to hunting for sustenance I know some cultures eat stuff I wouldn't.
I've read about a scientific study about the subject. To sum it up: People were shown photos of either cows or sheeps and then they were given a meal about one of the two. The ones who ate sheep would most likely claim that sheeps are more stupid than cows and the ones who ate cow would say the opposite.

So at the end of the day, it's just a personal (but not necessarily conscious) decision of deciding what is stupid enough to be killed and or eaten. At least for the common animals. For the wild ones, there certainly is a beauty factor implied, as we only see them in documentaries or zoos.
Disney and Pixar choose what animals are viewed as cute and which are food. Kinda sad.
+Mike Elgan Makes me think of George Orwell and Animal Farm where the animals decided!
+Mike Elgan

You are quite correct that these "rules" are actually societal or cultural norms that lack a strict consistent logical or ethical basis. This is also true of much of normative behaviour.

The confusion arises because there are also others that make the case based on an ethical imperative. There are still others that conflate the two. 
Prior to reading all of the comments and joining in the conversation, an important follow-up which is often overlooked is - how large do we require for an organism to be considered an animal? Insects, arachnids, etc... are often killed without the slightest remorse and you could go even smaller with bacteria, etc... so where is that line?

Personally, I try not to kill anything - I shy away from meat, figuring that if I can get the same general sustenance for survival without something having to be killed, that's likely the best practice.
My Ethics:
- If the animal was limited by natural predators long ago, but we've eliminated the predators from the environment, it's OK to eat it. Most farm animals are like so.
- You must let the animal have a normal life outdoors, and kill it swiftly and without prior suffering.
- No killing or hurting animals for fun or vanity. It shows you're a bad person. Work on your self to get rid of such aggression.
I can't answer your question, Mike. When I realized as much a few years back I stopped killing (eating) all of them. Haven't looked back since.
I have heard that on a farm, you don't give a name to anything that is destined to be dinner.

Way back, a friend wanted to have a rabbit as a pet because it was one of few animals that her husband wasn't allergic to. She found it interesting that each book about having a rabbit as a pet had a chapter in the back of recipes.

I have read that some ate seeking to have squirrels and pigeons become acceptable food meats. They were once upon a rural time, but not so much in the last 60-100 years. 
The rules are simple:

- If it is an immediate danger to you or someone else's life
- if it is for food

I do not believe in killing for sport.
Any endangered, intelligent, or cute animals should not be killed.
Killing for sport is just evil.
maybe he could be Fish and Game Commissioner in Idaho and kill whatever cat come his way?
Why is it okay to kill innocent animals after we invade their space? The only animal capable of evil is human. Why is it not okay too kill evil, but it is perfectly fine to kill innocent animals?
I wonder how many people who have ethical issues with the killing of animals have no ethical issues with the killing of unborn humans?
How about killing animals to eat when you need to, but not killing them for sport?
If you can kill an animal, an animal should be allowed to kill you. If a dog bites someone, it gets put down. Why? Kill a dog and you will get a ticket, maybe.
Animals that are raised for food is one thing and I have nothing against that, as it may be... After all, humans have been slaughtering animals for food since the beginning of time.

Personally, I do not want to feel dirty by eating meat, that is why I'm a vegetarian, but I don't buy into the politics of veganism...yet... Providing the meat humans are consuming is harvested using humane, sustainable methods and species are not being depleted, but I believe it remains to be seen.
Pat G
Just the tasty ones
Hunting is considered a "noble" sport in some country. It is just disgusting.
What if the rules for killing other animals were also applied to the animal classified as homo sapiens? It's easy to forget that we are nothing more than a small twig on the tree of life.

Would it be ok to manage human populations by hunting to prevent them from over stressing their habitat? "Earn a buck" takes on a whole new meaning then. 
Great question. A couple of people mentioned the biblical references to this. (Animals given to us by God for food). Without a biblical reference in life this and other subjects have no basis for the answers. Only my opinion vs. yours and what makes me uncomfortable defines the answer for all. I am not a vegan by any means; but I can respect those who said they will not ever eat meat again due to their convictions. That makes sense, it is honest and not hypocritical, and in that sense I can appreciate it.
Don't kill endangered animals, females during mating season and gestation periods, no animals that are pets obviously, and eat and use what you kill, no sport killing.
I won't kill them if they look cute. Oh wait..
animals are here for human to enjoy in there natural habitat from a distance if possible...we enjoy there presence and they in turn keep a distance of fear. They know are intentions way before we can reach them. If they attack the point is obvious we wonder to far into there backyard...we would do the same....senseless humans.
Kill 'em till they're endangered or near-extinct, then stop until they're abundant again and then kill 'em again.
Animals are here for our enjoyment and use, it's not like they're all a dwindling species we need to protect. Just like trees - there's nothing wrong with cutting down trees for production they grow back, i mean think about it what would it benefit logging companies to cut every tree down? they're usually great advocates of healthy forestry, the same with hunters. responsible hunters care a lot about the environment, i'd even say that hunters care more about the environment than the so called 'environmental' movement. especially when the 'environmentalists' have many times used actions that endanger humans physically and in other ways. and seriously, animals keep a distance of fear??? how often do you get out???
The animals that try to kill you first in your territory
Having this conversation is a first world luxury.
I grew up in a hunting/agriculture culture of rural PA. Hunting for my family/friends was sport - but you ate what you killed and very little went to waste. No one in our direct circle ever hunted purely for sport. That's how I was raised and I keep to that ethos even though I haven't hunted since I was a teen (it just wasn't my thing - I lack the patience).

I've eaten everything from bear to rattlesnake and I am very aware of where the meat on my table comes from.

As far as rules for which animals can be killed? I don't believe in hunting purely for sport, though culling the herd is necessary for any large population animal (ask any wildlife conservation officer). I wish there was some way to force those who do hunt purely for sport (since it is going to happen regardless) to at least donate the meat from their kills to soup kitchens or something.

Another part to this equation are those creatures who live and even thrive alongside humans. Unfortunately, many of these also carry diseases that can threaten human life and in many cases are not suitable for human consumption. I rarely see rats, skunks, mice, (groundhogs here in PA) and the like lumped into the do not kill category. Thoughts? Justifications?
The Killing any animal should only ocher if a Human is in danger of being killed ! Animal flesh is not needed for our survival anymore . Each of us can use our freedom too chose !!
The more freedom in the world the lease hunger . USA
We can do this for our animal friends and brothers!! 
Nobody has the right to another's life. Therefore, no animals should be killed by those of us who are rational beings. Of course this does not apply to those irrational animals who are incapable of reasoning, since "should" implies "can".
When is okay to kill an animal:

1) to eat (animals kill animals for food so this is natural and not a moral dilemma)
2) self defense (in most cases animals can be repelled in some manner, though)
3) protection of food sources
4) mercy - i.e., the rabid dog
5) population control when natural predators are too deficient to do the job
6) moles ruining a lawn
7) pesky insects - ants are amazing creatures but fire ants and carpenter ants can be a menace; cockroaches may inherit the Earth but for today they're always fair game - certainly mankind will never be able to threaten the durable cockroach with extinction
+Mike Elgan That's a very difficult question to answer and is any answer THE right one or, for that matter, THE wrong one?
I think it's more about the mountain lion being endangered. Boar, cows, horses aren't.
+Kristina B. Rats make excellent pets. They're like mini dogs without the barking. They love you, want to play with you, they learn their names, have personality quirks, etc.
I killed a nine point buck this hunting season. Im eating some of it right now!!! XD
I would say that animals that have greater human-like qualities (e.g. the mentioned dolphins and horses have some human-like characteristics) I wouldn't like it if a chimpanzee was killed but if a deer was killed I would be fine with it. now if the question includes my sister then ya its okay (not really, that was a joke)
Simply put, the death of the animal should have meaningful purpose. It should die either so someone can eat, or so someone doesn't die. I see nothing wrong with hunting animals, and I certainly believe that endangered species should be spared (IE: no hunting, kill it only in life or death situations), but extreme cases aside, I see nothing wrong with hunting for food or slaughtering animals raised for food, and in some cases hunting as population control. Sport hunting, IE: Hunting to take the horns or hides and disposing of the rest of the animal should be strictly prohibited. It's a form of animal cruelty.
Wei Ye
I think the rare animals should not be kills.
Ethical rules that you believe in, are based upon culture you grew up in.
+Kristina B. Wow, that's incredibly disrespectful. I'm okay with rats as pets not being the thing for you, but to be so closed minded as wish them all gone despite the love others have for them is not cool. That aside, they are still part of the ecosystem in the animal kingdom and serve a purpose there. Yeesh.
heres an idea: kill more animals and sell the resources they provide for profit! if people had endangered species farms where they raised the animals from birth in order to sell, there would never be a shortage of animals. people have an incentive to keep them alive now because they money off of it. when's the last chicken shortage we've had again?
i say kill what you want. just as long as its not for vanity. meaning dont shoot a lion then go mount in on your wall. if your going to kill an animal use it! the meat, the fur all of it!
i'm a vegetarian of 19 years who doesn't eat seafood, and is trying all the time to be as vegan as possible. i know it's not for everyone though.. it would be fair, to me, if those who ate meat had to kill it without firearms and clean it themselves.
Yes, there are a lot of intrinsic rules going on, and exposing them won't make them just fizzle out. For instance: Predators already exist in smaller numbers than herbivores, because they depend on the herbivore numbers to exist. Killing a predator, like, say, a puma, has a greater environmental impact than killing a boar.

Intelligence definitely, and rightfully, is a factor that we use when we build our connection to animals. Chimps are as close to us it can get, and killing them feels a lot close to killing a human. Tuna's brain can barely process where it is going and what it is hunting, so eating tuna doesn't feel as awkward as eating dolphins.

In the end, it just sounds fishy for a guy responsible for wild life in California, where it is illegal to kill pumas, to bypass the law by killing pumas out of his state. And I personally think anyone going around shooting cats is a jerk.
I think here is issue is a conservation one. I think it's a perfectly legitimate distinction, on that basis.
I Won't kill/eat the endangered.
I won't kill/eat pets (Creatures capable of loving humans).
Why would you want to kill animlas?! I am a vegetarian!
Critically endangered animals that are either non-predators or can't fit bits of humans into their mouths should not be killed - all the rest are 'fair game' according to my moral sense (or lack thereof).
So we're allowed to hunt animals like Snooki right?
It depends on the population of the animal. If research suggests that there is an overpopulation of, say, mountain lions, and that overpopulation causes a potentially dangerous situation for humans, cattle, and the like, that hunting that animal should be fine. AS LONG AS we have a system where a hunter can kill only bag one per season.
Unfortunately we need to eat to survive. Thus if people eat what they kill, as animals usually do, I find it acceptable - even if I won't have killed that creature. Killing for "sport" is not something I can agree with, even if it is a dumb, ugly, animal. Plants are living also. Living in Santa Cruz my favorite phrase is "Love plants, don't eat them."
I rescued a rattle snake from the horse water (large tub with more gallons of water then I could tip over) and I wasn't going to just let it drown. I made eye contact with it, reached under it with both hands and lifted it out of the water, then placed it on the ground. It took off and slithered almost twenty feet before it turned and looked at me. Noting I wasn't chasing it, it sent me a wave a thanks that filled me with the greatest joy. It then slithered off.
All animals deserve to live. But as I said, we need to eat to survive.
Simple answer. Do you experience pain and fear at the prospect of death? So do all animals. Stop killing them.
the ethical "rules" for killing a cat like that do not aply to any thing. they just need to stop
irish d
i'm against overfishing, killing endangered and animals essential in shaping particular ecosystems, torture, keeping animals in very small spaces, wasting 100 animal lives for 1 piece of fur, animal parts for traditional medicine.
Hi: Any animal that is not harmful and has delicious meat should be killed and eaten. We should consider that we should survive . We should live and let live. I love birds meat. It is very delicious. Limited hunting is OK.
Animals shouldn't be killed if endangered of extinction . Hunting can be healthy to control over population of species . In our case here in southern Quebec ,Canada, the government issues special permits to hunt an extra doe to control the population of deer in the area. Without that measure in place , the deer population would be too much for the food and territory available in certain areas and they would die anyway.
My views on this are the following.
Its all about balance and whether your killing for food, sport, or protection.

Killing anything for food is fine. I don't condone killing dogs or horses for meat b/c i've had them as pets BUT there are a lot of them and meat is meat. If you need food and can't afford to get it from the normal list of food animals then fine what ever just dont steal people's pets.

The only problems i have with killing for food are the way the animals for saluter are kept, some are on the endangered list, and even more frightening some are actually harmful to humans. Everyone knows it slaughter house conditions are horrific to say the least, for that reason i disagree with them. I also disagree with the businesses providing the demand for endangered animals in their dishes, such as Sea turtles. I disagree with this for obvious reasons, I want my children and their children to grow up with all of Earth's amazing creatures, and i don't want them to know that we humans are the reason that some are no longer alive. This particular post mentioned Dolphins. I honestly can't recall the chemical they have, but something in them is actually harmful to humans. Though that fact of course isn't stopping the blood bath and from fishermen selling these meats to businesses and feeding it to people in turn making them sick.

A completely different topic on hunting i have a problem with is hunting for sport. I understand that some people want to test their strength and skill but honestly there are different things you can do now a days that test those areas even more then pointing a gun and shooting. Taking a life is taking a life and should never be done lightly, no mater the species.

Hunting to conserve a species is fine. I understand that there at times becomes an over population of animals such as deer. Hunting them to keep them from starving themselves out is completely fine for me. However I do want to point out that part of the reason we now have to do this is b/c we were stupid enough to kill most of the predators that hunt these animals for food.

Hunting for protection is something that I understand as well. I understand that when a bear is attacking your wife and kids you are going to use any force necessary to kill that bear. However killing random predators around your property to protect life stock is NOT the answer. If its a large enough ranch then the government should pay for a large electrified fence to keep your life stock safe. If you just kill the predators then the prey will boom and you'll have to kill the prey or loose your crops. If you keep the predators, keep their natural prey, and put up protection for your life stock them everything should be fine.

I understand my view will probably go against another's but thats life and thats human nature.
After all they have rights to live their life...
We are cautious to not kill beef either. We get our meat wrapped in plastic in the supermarket.
The world (human) population had crossed the figure 7 Billions, and by the end of this millennium it will explode to 10 B. On the other hand, we are eradicating almost every species of wild-life, and eating away millions of domestic ones every day. I don't think that the The Supreme Energy which designs every thing including human and animal shall allow our present unscrupulous way of survival long.
we need to save all the animals , for future generation we should not show them in pics so pls save whether its carnivorous r herbivorous
who are we to decide which animals that god created should go
... The numbers speak for themselves ... In the US alone , some 26.8 billion Animals were killed for food in 1998 . As many as 12% of chickens and 14% of pigs die of stress/injury or diseases b'cause of the appalling conditions of today's factory farms . Animals are also used in commercial pet food , where they find themselves in containers called "4-D bins". The D's stand for the Dead/Dying/Diseased and Disabled individuals who are eaten by our companion Animals . Slaughterhouses are truly "weapons of mass destruction" . We are all in this life together , and if we are not part of the solution , most likely we're part of the problem .Open discussion of all sides will help us make progress . We can't dismiss anyone's point of view by pretending that it does not exist . Ignoring conflicts will not make them disappear ... It is also important to remember that when humans choose to "use" Animals , the Animals invariably have no say in these decisions . They cannot give Their consent . Animals depend on our goodwill & mercy . They depend on humans to have Their best interests in mind .....
I don't think I want to even put my toe in this water but interesting and thought provoking post
Not right to kill anyone or any animal.
I'm vegetarian for health reasons more so than for ethical ones because I understand and appreciate how killing animals is necessary at times. Humans evolved to be and owe much of their success to their omnivorous diet, so as long as the animal was treated decently and killed swiftly there is no problem with it for me (fulfilling the basic expectation for ethical treatment with regards to killing them both on farms and in the wild), and I don't self-righteously criticize others for eating meat. As stated above, self-defense is also a valid reason (although most of us don't encounter catamounts on the way to work so is one justification most of us won't have to rely on). I'm sort of restating previous posts, but coming from a family with a tradition of hunting and fishing, killing for sport can have benefits for the ecosystem as a whole too with regards to overpopulation and invasive species. Yes, killing can be a messy and ethically doubtful action, but to paint the issue with broad strokes and appealing solely to empathy misrepresents the issue and denies positive aspects of it. Ending another living thing's life sucks, and should never be done lightly, but understanding all these things can give us a greater appreciation for both life overall and nature. -End rant.
They all have a right to live.. why to kill?
If you are hunting for any type of deer only hunt for males, as the females keep the population.
ANY.!!!! FORM of hunting... that shall include the Suffering or Death of God's Creatures..merely to satisy their,grissly, of Fun & a Barbaric Legacy..that lives on in the Sick-Perverts that practise such crime.!!!...doris
How bout killing the tastier ones?
"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men." -Alice Walker
My simple rule is "the only reason to kill is protection and Meat".

I don't kill ANYTHING unless it's for defense, or Myself or others are going to eat it. Insects are the exception to the rule, however. If an animal is threatening harm to a human, or a protected animal and killing it the best option. Yes, i would kill it. If i'm going to eat the animal, be it anything from a rodent, to a cat or dog, a deer or a moose, a sheep, cow, goat, horse, chicken, or whatever. I'll kill it and eat it, and not waste it.
In my opinion, the hunting of creatures for sport is NOT ok. But if we are talking about sustenance, that is a different issue. If (when) I hunt, it is a very basic issue. I have respect for that creature, I am not better than it is, I am a part of nature just as it is and IF I am given the opportunity to "take" that creature, I respect the animals giving it's life to feed me, and my family. It is disrespectful to parade around with a trophy hanging on my walls.
You can speak of animals as easily as the plant world. A life has to end to sustain life, it is in the way of nature. All creatures on the earth feed on the death of another. When you pull a carrot from the ground and eat it, you have ended it's life. To think that we are "better" than plant or animal is pure ego and I think the issue at hand is, the continual disrespect of our mother and all of her children
Life feeds on life. There are no rules, in reality. But I would stipulate that we have no call to drive any animal species to extinction, nor should we be cruel when we decide to kill them (unless we don't have much option, like when defending ourselves from them). We should protect the biosphere's genetic heritage.
I believe food for survival is ok but unnessary hunting like that beautiful creature is not something I would do. I also might starve to death before eating a cat.
All non-humans are fair game until they are able and willingly choose to integrate into our societies, including following our rules. I wouldn't eat my dog, part of my family/pack, but I'd eat another pack's dog if it came down to it.
I think the basic rule is cruelty. We should not be cruel any living thing. Yes, we do protect endangered species because some people believe extinction is just too unbearable - although it was happening for many moons before we knew how to track the count of species. But the real issue is cruelty. If you are killing an animal for food or sport, don't cause it to suffer. If you are killing a maggot or spider or blood sucking it quickly. If you are carrying out a death sentence on a human - be humane. Killing is part of how we live. Each of us find things distasteful. I am not a fan of hunting but if I was a guest of a hunter and they sat a plate of deer and rabbit in front of me, I wouldn't judge them. If they told me how they made that deer squirm in pain before it died...I would walk away. That's my rule. And I conveniently keep my head in the proverbial sand and don't want to find out how the chicken or beef in my freezer was killed. I think we are all just a bit hypocritical...don't you? Except Vegans. The ones who don't kill maggots or mosquitoes Naw, even Vegans have to kill fruit flies. We are all just a little bit hypocritical. .
the most important thing is sustainability of the species, as long as the animal is killed humanely it is fine from a core ethical perspective... no one can say that killing one type of animal is ok and another type is wrong on the basis culture or social perception as its just an opinion thing, no culture is right, to say so one is right or and one is wrong is actually hypocritical. The sustainability is the important factor as its our responsibility to steward the conservation of life, so within that you have to consider farming of the species, and 'mass killings' are not good as they severely affect sustainability i.e. fishing nets, ... if they figure out how to farm whales sustainably, then that's fine, or even elephants, as majestic as they are, if they began farming them, then they've actually just saved that species by putting an economic value on it, and sunk money into husbandry and breeding.... ofcourse it has to all be humane.
I understand that Man eats..Flesh.!! and all cultures Eat or.... Worship? whatever Creature they so desire...HOWEVER..!!! my own personal pet peave & the Flesh of a Baby,, or any Young creaturel...Lamb..Veal etc...This i find disgusting to the very ethics of Kill and Consume the Children of any given flock..purely for your selfish,glutunous Pleasures..!!!
+Miguel Eduardo Aguirre Reyes Because plants aren't living things, right? They don't tend to grow and evolve, because that'd be crazy, right? It's not like plants try to stay alive because they aren't, they're just plants. Christ, every fruit, or seed you eat, you're eating a child, and aborting a life, like you would an animal. Being vegetarian is NOT "more humane".
Any animal is ok to kill, as long as you intend to feed yourself with it....
Any slaughter-houses or meat-production companies..that place $$~ PROFIT & EFFICENCY.~$$ .over the needless EXTRA suffering ,these innocent..doomed creatures must endure...need to be taken to the bottom of the nearest field..and Shot like the mindless Rabid Dogs they are..!!
Higher life forms live on lower or simplier life forms this a law of nature!
hey the cutest cat i ever seen!! u know all animals r killed for flesh and for money. so no doubt about the sports animals.
Then what do you eat Amber Klewachuck? Almost everything we, as humans, eat nowdays comes from animals. And it has been proven that hunting, when not shooting everything in sight, is actually beneficial. However, shooting simply to kill, is under no circumstances classified as hunting. It's called killing. And there is a difference between the two. Personally, I hunt. But I don't shoot at every buck or doe I see. The point is to pick off the ones with bad genes so that the good genes will have a better chance at reproducing.
create artificial meat that tastes as good
The Preparation of Flesh in the MUSLIM tradition of..." HALA.".is easily the most...!! sickest form of Barbaric Animal- Cruelty- Crimes we OPENLY tolerate in our lives..~Slitting~ the Throat of a Fear-Ridden beast..that it may watch itself ..BLEED to Death..!! ain't my idea of Religion...!!...doris
I don't believe it has to do so much with the "looks" of the animal as it is the use of it. To kill a boar, you are most likely going to consume it. Did he plan on consuming the mountain lion? Of course not. It was a trophy hunt. And these are tragically sad and unethical. To kill anything for the "fun" of it is just sick and wrong. Eating animals is a whole different ball game.
Other than All that.>>!!! above..Yes ..I do like a nice...Prime Rib dinner.....doris
Can i eat it? will its species die out any time soon? - that's about it really
ahhh, thats not too provoking now right? common sense, common decency, common courtesy for all
To my mind there's no sport in killing a being unable to respond in kind and worst, ignorant of its faith. Even in a bull fight things are skewed in the matador's favour.
The truth is. Killing anything is essentially NOT OK. ANY Animal slaughter is not gud. But its ok if you're used 2 eating an animal. Its fine to eat. But at best try to reduce MEAT eating at ur level best. & NO OTHER ANIMAL KILLING. NEVER FOR SPORTS.
Yes, a very sensible topic. Some time ago a writer asked the same question in his article about killing ravens and doves! People turn their heads away on seeing a dead raven, some even feel happy, because, in some societies, ravens and crows, black and ugly creatures with horrible caws, are bad omen, but on seeing a dead dove, their sympathies suffuse! I, too, wonder why there is such a discrimination?
I belive anything that is alive,deserve to live,there is a cosmic balance that have to be preserve.
Animals are the most precious things god put on this earth and if you kill animals you will be judge and punish by god. so next time you harm beat or kill an animal think twice
Very very good place
& nice pic........................
Butchering animals for food isn't going to stop anytime soon. I don't think totally vegan lifestyle is possible long term because some important proteins are missing (as I understand it). But raising food animals should be done in a more humane way - I think it's important to the animals and to the consumers. Backyard chicken raising seems to be a desire to be connected to the earth and to where our food comes from. That can only be a good thing.
Other animals? Deer hunting is probably necessary given that we've destroyed the prey/predator relationship between deer and wolves/bears/mountain lions. Let someone else weigh in now.
A pig is more intelligent than a cat or dog yet pigs are considered edible animals. I say anything is fair game apart from a human.
Very good questions, +Mike Elgan ; we don't think much about this in our " developed " societies.

From some of my readings, the First Nations would hunt animals for food - only what was needed - and thank the animal for feeding them and their clan. Nothing would be wasted. They also would offer the same respect to trees when stripping only the bark they needed to build their canoes, or strip cedar roots to make baskets and cooking containers.

Perhaps we need to re-think our relationship with nature.
My general rule is the animal that is stupid enough to get caught by me when I'm lost, alone and starving in the jungle is ok to be eaten, but I'll try to kill it as painlessly as possible.

Outside of that small window of meat-eating opportunity, I'm not killing or eating any animals. I'm not saying that I agree with hunting, but I don't see it as being significantly worse than animal husbandry. At least the animals in the jungle have a fighting chance of killing me first.
Why do people assume that just because they don't eat meat they are free from any "animal killing"? Leathers, glue, gelatin, animal foods, medicines, research, and more all include and require the killing of one furry critter or another. I figure so long as a huge majority of the kill is not put to waste and it isn't just sport or trophy hunting then it's ok. I think a lot of consideration need also be placed on the health of the animal population and how its decline/growth with effect the bigger picture. Ultimately we should be responsible and respectful. 
good article but it's really hard to say which animal should kill and which not and for what purpose just for food and just for fun. it involves more complexity than than just rule, culture country and their wild life . and i personally fell their is no need to kill any one .
Mike M
Proven Fact: Eating meat has progressed the evolution of the human brain ( ; Being a vegetarian denies your brain of crucial proteins that are vital for the development of the brain. Vegetarianism is a diet that retards the evolution of the human race as a whole. Survival of the fittest. Take the saying seriously. Harvesting my own meat (hunting) is one of the most human things I have ever done.
Just common sense will just shoot an example why do we have different cloths to wear, to curtain, to wipe cars, and we use it for the same purpose and so are animals.
I'm personally fine with eating horses. I like to ask people in stores where the tuna with dolphins chunks is, but I do that for a reaction.

I have exception with killing two categories of animals for food:

1. Endangered animals with an unsustainable population. This actually includes some types of tuna but not others, some types of chickens but not others, endangered or even threatened - it's well defined.

2. Highly intelligent animals. I consider the great apes at a level to where they should be protected as sentient equals. I group most cetaceans into this group also. This one is a bit fuzzy and it's hard to draw the line, but I without a doubt chimps, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans belong in this group. I leave other apes and other critters open for argument but in my mind these critters have reached a "next level" that needs to be recognized.

Otherwise my rules read "eat what you kill". I don't believe in killing for sport, I believe in taking non-lethal pest deterrents when possible but I recognize that culling of pest must be done. Feral cats are near the top of my "should be culled" list due to the damage they do to ecosystems they are not native to, which includes 95% of the landmass they inhabit. If you kill a critter to eat it please use it's hide for another purpose, a coat, boots, whatever. Eat as much of the animal as you can and share what you can't consume on your own with others. I consider it respectful to the animal. I could think of no greater insult to an animal than to kill it, take its head for a trophy and let the rest rot. If you're going to kill it make its death a benefit for others.

I don't care about local cultural norms. I don't care if a crazy cat lady does live next you, feral cats are feral cats, pets are kept on your property and if you decide to BBQ the feral cats after you cull them to protect the local wildlife and you make a coat from the pelts all the better.

Mountain lions of course are NOT feral house cats. I see no reason to kill a mountain lion except in rare cases of self defense and they usually don't attack humans. I run mountain lions through my normal filter. It's not at the top of my menu and they're native cats, not feral, leave them. The granola state issues are something else all together, I'm almost tempted to say the fruitcake population in California needs culling.

Every person who eats meat should hunt and kill their own animal at least once to remove the "store bought product" illusion. I'm not against meat eating, but I can't stand the consumer culture that's the current norm where people eat animals but have never seen one die at their own hands. You learn to respect your food a little more if you do that correctly. Letting meat go bad in the freezer to me is a horrible sin. I buy meat only in ways I'm certain I will eat it before it expires.

I've eaten donkey before and I liked it.
Mike M
Plenty of deer to go around.
dats why i prefer vegetables rather than killing animals :)
You make a lot of assumptions here. First, how do you know that people in Cali would be ok with killing a wild boar? People who are for the protection of one ENDANGERED species are usually against needless killing of animals anyways.

Second, people don't outcry over dolphins getting killed, because no one actually hunts dolphins. There isn't a market for that. What people are talking about are dolphin TUNA, which are killed by the thousands and also quickly approaching endangered.

Third, most people who are against killing and eating horses aren't against it based on any moral grounds, but on the idea that in our culture it's weird, like eating cat, dog, or giant centipede. Not because we find it morally wrong (though some people might), but because to us, it's just plain gross.

If you really are curious about the truth, you shouldn't ask questions that assume an answer.
Katherine, you assume that he doesnt know as well. Sooo... Pot calling the kettle black here.
Mike M
Eat meat. You are doing the human race a favor. If you do not agree, GTFO of the gene pool!
killing for what purpose? Animals of any kind are provided for us humans for food, aid and company on whatever way you need them or trained them. But how about for entertainment like hunting and killing, this is an abuse of God's gifts.
My issue in the realm of killing any animal is that if it is for food, then so be it. It is nature doing what is meant to be done. Killing in the name of competition would stand, but we seem to be so far from that natural order it makes little to no sense. Killing for sport is pointless and short sighted. How "sporting" is it to take a high powered rifle and shoot any animal, just to waste the meat and "mount it" for display? You want sport killing? Do it with a knife...or better yet, bare hands! That is sporting I tell ya, and WORTH bragging about.

I understand how animals for food are killed, and I still eat that hamburger just as happily. Am I evil? No, I am an equal opportunity omnivore. Am I an equal opportunity animal murderer? No. Senseless killing serves no point other than to add additional animals to endangered, if not extinct, lists.
I'd say I agree with many folks above: hunting may be justified, but even then, if one can't pull without it — a hunger, or self-defense. Which, to say, becomes increasingly rare in most countries, and that's a good trend. Even then, I do not have good feelings about whole hunting thing; and of course I despise the 'sport' flavor of it.
If it has hooves, it's dinner. If it has more than 4 legs, it's a pest and should be eradicated. Leave everything else alone...unless it's after you. Then all bets are off.
Killing of most organisms for food would be totally unnecessary if we were not overpopulating the earth the way we are. Humans have this self-righteous entitlement to Earth's resources, including plants, animals, minerals, ores, and elements, and it has led us to this point where we are consuming them faster than they are being replenished. Sooner or later, we are going to have to face the facts: We humans are killing our planet, and before long, we will consume ourselves right out of existence, or at the very least, out of dominance. Whether or not killing an animal for food is "immoral" is irrelevant. We should be more concerned about our own reproductive habits, and whether having more than one child is immoral. I, for one, think that intentionally having more than one child is far more reprehensible than killing an animal for food. After all, that mountain lion would have no qualms about eating any one of us, if it came down to that.
nice picture. animals not be killed, bcoz they also one of the living things in the world...........please save them................ or dont hurt them...
All animals should never be killed
Well, let me turn it arround somewhat and invite you to read "The Tiger", by John Vaillant, for an incredible story about the subject of coexistence with the animal kingdom in one of the few places on earth where much remains untouched by civilization: wild eastern russia. It is a story of survival and vengeance...animal vengeance. Also a story about how the inhabitants of that region actually share their resources and manage to coexist with the most majestic animal on earth, the Amur Tiger.
to quote thoreau; "every creature is better alive than dead" now do i disagree with hunting as a sport? no it's their goddamn given right.but I am concerned about wild life.I can't imagine a world where our wildlife is opinion: hunting is pointless unless you're fucking hungry.get it?!
soooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
"What other animal answers nature, in their own language". John Vaillant, in reference to how Amur Tigers roar back to mother earth when they hear thunder.
It is true that killing animals and feeding on them is a part of larger food chai and complecated food web. But what with so many sophasticated arms and ammunition insted of the primitive ones. Moreover if killing is for food then not a single animal be killed more than ones requirment and females who are pregnent must be avoided. But people who hunt for sports do not follow this
"Is it living? Yes? Then don't kill it."

Thats my rule, the only exception being if that living thing is a serious mortal threat to oneself, in which case self defence is not frowned upon. But try to get away first, murder is an absolute last resort, right?
+Anthony Harrison if he knows that people don't eat horse meat because it's culturally gross and not because of moral reasoning, why does he include it in an argument about moral killing of animals? If he knows that people are upset about tuna getting killed, why does he say they aren't? And how could he know whether or not the same people angry about the mountain lion getting killed wouldn't be upset about a wild boar getting killed? He couldn't possibly know that. I'm not making assumptions- I making a reasoned argument. Learn the difference.
Kill them all if circumstances are right. I.E. mountain lion comes to attack you. Kill it. Your starving to death and the horse is available...kill it. Beef, bison, deer, antelope. boar, chickens. etc taste good and you are hungry. Kill it and eat it.

Don't be disrespectful about it but appreciate the usefulness of the animal. Don't just kill an animal and leave it to waste away (exception being mountain lions etc but even they can be used for fur or whatever)
Don't know if eating plants or animals is ok or not but as Humans we right now have to consume something! So basically we are in a giant social networking place!!
In India, the cow is worshipped as a goddess...
Cows are farmed for food, whereas wild animals are not farmed for killing. Killing for food is ok but killing for so called sport is not. I believe that the American Indian killed buffalo for food and clothing, then along came the white man and killed for money. Now look at the numbers of buffalo left!
Animals kill only for food, whether it be punished for them?
In contrast, humans kill for many reasons, Aidiologiot, conflicting interests, the territory, religious wars, etc ...
So some people consider accidentally "This animal is okay to kill people."
we are also animals, that should be taken into consideration
Killing should never be for "Sport!". the animal values its life just as we do ours. Life is to be revered and preserved. I take photos.
if it was related to intelligence,everyone would be on the table.
Why can't we just obtain licenses to hunt humans instead? Thin the population if I will. Don't like what I'm saying then too bad.
I have nothing against hunting animals if done correctly I just hate people and would love a license to kill some of them. That's all.
Animals should simply never be killed for sport or entertainment. It's revolting and unnecessary. Go hiking, build a birdhouse, or if all else fails go see a shrink.
It's not only IF but HOW.

...and so don't watch 'Earthlings'.
I couldn't watch it all.

Humans suck.
No time to read every comment now. I think it's OK to kill if you are gonna eat. Maybe it's not OK to kill the ones facing extinction.
If they are wild and there are too many according to the state officials I'll hunt it. If it doesn't taste good I'll find someone that likes it and give it to them to eat.
If it is domestic breed enough to eat. That includes horses/dogs and cats. Usually the reason we don't like to kill an animal is because we think it is a pet. Then why breed something for food if no one will eat it. So the rule is if it is domestic breed enough to eat unless no one will eat it then don't breed it.
mark i tend to agree with you in universe every body need a space
Oh but everyone knows the endangered animals are the tastiest!
Animals - irrespective of their looks or behavior- SHOULD NOT be Killed at all.... I am against animal cruelty and killing..and strong supporter of Vegetarian Living!!!
Frankly and horribly enough? There is pretty much only one consideration for me. "Can I eat it?" If it is eddible and I need food, anything in my path might end up killed for food. So I think it is more a set of priorities than a straight rule :

1. Food -- How heavy this concern is depends on level of hunger.
2. Population -- Don't endanger the species of animal.
3. Intelligence, the more intelligent the animal the less likely I am to eat it. (Even to the point where I eat cow before pigmeat per example)
4. Social behavior ... I'd prefer not to eat animals I have socialized with. I can be a big softie like that.
We should not kill any animal for food. Animals should only be killed in self defense.
P Dugai
beautiful ! we shouldn't kill animal at all. Except for self defense but if you're careful, it will not happen.
a very valid question.. excellent point. I have always thought just because animals do not think like we do, doesn't mean they do not have the right to live a full life. From the smallest ant to the largest whale; every living being has the right to choose when to go! hunting for joy/pleasure is the worst ever and most sadistic pastime mankind ever thought of!
Putting aside the question of if we should eat meat or not. If you take the majority premise that you would not eat an endangered species, you would have to take responsibility for its decline.

For example if there was commercial farming of Panda's, they wouldn't be on the endangered list because real money would be going into expanding their population where as at the moment their survival is based on the empathy of a minority that are giving to charity.

Buying black market Panda meat is clearly bad, however a legal farm for rare animals would take many large animals off the endangered list.
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keep killin' em, until they get close to extinction.. --> move on to another species. --> keep killin' em, until they get close to extinction --> move on to another species . . . .
We kill animals that are for food. We should not killed animals that are not for food unless they are sick or in self defense.
If you kill it on purpose you eat it. Then it doesn't go to waste and guards people from killing the wrong animals and for sport. (though people are prone to idiocy and kill for sport alone etc. etc.)
if all naturally, anything that taste good is just fine by me, but most of the "food" (veg's, meats, vegetarian, is all super processed) you get these days is pumped with growth hormones and antibiotics (who knows what the long term exposure to that is, cancer and other stuff come to mind)
Uncle, me! me! me! me! me! It a Snake and an Owl 
I'm not going to eat a Condor for lunch and follow it up with a seal for dinner. But is that only because of the expectations of society and the desire to live in a way that your peers will accept? Or is there something else, perhaps instinctual, that exists in all of us?
No animal should be killed, no matter how big or small. Like the saying goes : "who made you god to say 'I'll take your life from you'?"
If you are not going to eat it don't kill it.

Exception: in New Zealand rabbits don't have any other predator than man so I have shot rabbits for population control reasons.
I have no problem problem eating animals with little or no brain. .like,fish shrimp, cow(the brain of cow is small considering the proportion of its body to the brain) e.t.c.
But i prefer buying from the butchers than killing them myself. 
Zen Red
I think when humans were primitive beings killing was for survival and it was necessary. But now we are supposedly evolved beings that have mastered technology and human love and kindness. By Now we should be realizing that vegetables help us live longer and staying in better health. By now it should not just be the argument of whats right and whats wrong morally. But it should be to EVOLVE as better healthier longer lasting humans.
In antic times, people were horrified by killing cattle. Cows and bulls were their tractors and needed to survive by helping to grow crops. You still find this in India (there are more Indians, btw, than Americans).

Different times have different emotions.
I don't eat friendly animals.
“In their behavior toward creatures, all men are Nazis" Isaac Bashevis Singer (On Enemies, A Love Story).

The base of the matter is -all living speices were created for a reason. When animals become over-populated for their environment, they commit mass suicide in some cases or become diseased and die or more predators move in. The animal kingdom monitors its own existance as does mankind for example the over population of some countries , such diseases as aids, typhoid or flu epidemics decrease over population as we are not hunted for food,but if mankind doesnt keep his species in check, we will destroy our being. Any meat or vegetable or fruit on this earth was put here for nourishment for another.
I'm a preditarian: I only eat animals that predominately consume other animals for food. That's my moral guideline; can hunters really morally object to being the hunted? I don't think so... And as such I don't get really outraged when a human gets killed by a shark. Practically speaking though, that makes me a pescitarian, as most bony fish are predators. 
I hope you are, but I know you are not. In my view, the natural order of things is for every species to struggle for survival. When something threatens that survival, the species works to eliminate that threat. Or, if an animal needs food, it is natural for the animal to kill another animal for food. That said, we have to also recognize that it is just as natural for humans to act on their natural instinct to kill what threatens them and to kill other animals for food as it is for other animals to act on their natural instinct to attack humans.
My opinion is : the country have to know the case of animals in the country , that mean if "X" have a rare on beers then it shall issued a law about not allowed to kill the beers, .
So i can say we can't issued an international law because each country have a specific status and hava customs and traditions differnt the other country
Animals commiting mass suicide? That's a stretch... It's more like a threshold; A species will end up using their natural resources and die off due to the many different issues caused by starvation, including weaker immune systems that make them vulnerable to sicknesses that would normally be warded off. Of course the human species has long surpassed it's threshold thanks to medicine and our lack of adapting to our environment. Instead, we live on and changes the environment to suit us. Our undoing is our already existing over population and our tug of war we are having against Mother Nature... Guess what, we are winning. Now, back to the animals, it's natural for humans to eat meat... We are omnivores after all (incisors + molars); However, it is never right to mistreat animals. They have just as much of a right to be treated with respect as we do. Treating animals as equals + omnivorous humans + solving over population = Soylent Green. Think about it... And don't worry about a human version of mad cow disease... Just don't eat the brain. Also, dont worry about "toxins" that a body may poses, if you not dead already, then chances are that your safe.
people eat them because they are vegans,
and the sport one are carnivore.

so in my opinion, people think that something that eating meat is not worth to consumed, because they are like humans in general (omnivores)
so they feel that they has been eating his own kind when they eat the sport ones,(IMO)

Other reasons, because they are CUTE :) !
Domestic dogs should NEVER be killed/& or eaten as food for they are much too close to the human race to be considered a food source; I.e. dogs can be trained to obey but they willingly protect, love and are loyal to man, therefore, they should never be betrayed, hurt or killed without spiritual consequences.
Khaled, many a time I killed some beers down my local and was never in trouble for that :P
Kind of off topic. But we do some work on optimizing what species to conserve. The idea being that we don't have the resources to conserve everything, so what should we pick first. Say from a phylogenetic diversity or ecology perspective.

However it is largely just an academic exercise since in practice there is the fuzzy factor. Conserving a cute furry panda is easy to raise money for, but if you want the butt ugly purple dung beetle (made that up btw) to be saved good luck.
Chicken! It's normal and one of favorite meat of Filipinoes.
Perhaps the human meat is much more tasty than the chicken meat, and humans aren't close to extinction. So cannibalism should be the first choice for that smart people who argue this way.

Only an ignorant can't see that humans aren't as different from animals, as they pretend to be. We have no rights against them.
Animals like mosquitos!! 
em..Mike I would like to mention that in the end plants are also 'animals' they do even have 'feelings' and they are reacting to 'pain'(it is different than in so complicated beings as lion or human but it is same rule) so - If people would like to not kill anything we can come to conclusion that we dont have anything to eat. Most of the products are still using animal skin, bones.. same for plants.. it is a huge machine that cannot be stopped. We are animals also, but we need to eat something.. and there is a huge problem - population and also Society and whole human farming system, that need to feed us somehow, Did U tried to imagine what would happen if all supermarkt would be closed forever and nooone will sell any food?for example becouse of bacteria in food that spreaded etc.. what will happen? people will start to kill each other.. and horrible things can happen.. In the end i think we are not suppose to think about if it is good or bad , this is how it is for now, we can just wish that in future we will be able to make food from laboratories (like we do make muscles from feeding growing tissue) however a huge number of humans in entire earth need something to eat and it must be sometihng alive since we do not eat stones oil or iron. We realised that kiling is bad , however we cannot survive without it, for now.

Killing bears etc.. well it is normal that there are different cultures and religions and laws in defferent countries or even states, I think we should just not overreact about it, since people should care about their own interest.If u will look closely people will not disagree with 'kilking animals' but many other things like religion, way of practicing sex and many maaaany other topics, this is because most of people cannot handle their own problems and they are trying to solve it by bringing their own attention and attention of others to themselves and their personal estatements and specially disagrees. so childlish, we can calle it childish behavior,really.

Btw this topic is pretty knows and many times solved, why U haven't made any reaseach instead of popularize your account ? just asking. peace.
My mom told me when I was very young, don't kill any animal unless you plan on eating it. Hunt, fish whatever you like.. But I sure hope you eat what you get, otherwise it's a waste
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When hunger is not the issue, societal norms will be the rule. If in your society, dogs or cats are pets, it repulsive and barbaric to 'slaughter' them. But in countries where the societal norm is cats or dogs are just another harvest, it's okay. However, when hunger, especially mass hunger is involved, even the highest of nations will 'eventually' justify killing and consuming just about everything including their neighbors. All you have to see as examples is study prehistoric Native Americans, WW II enslavement of populations in Europe and the Stella Maris College Rugby Team whose airplane crashed in the Andes.
I think +Nick Weinberg pretty much hits the nail on the head, though I do wonder where his rule lies with the killing of dolphins by Japanese fishermen. Dolphins are not endangered yet they are slaughtered needlessly. I would therefore add to Nick's observation that senseless slaughtering of animals, even if it is in abundance, should be outlawed. I also believe +Chris Cho is correct. I wonder how many meat eaters could bring themselves to taking a cow to a slaughterhouse, killing it, processing it and then eating it? I think so many humans consume meat without any consideration as to how it ended up on their plate. As a sailor my diet is fish and I catch, gut, fillet and eat the fish, and I only kill what I need, I don't fish for game. Yet I have guests on board who, whilst happily eating the fish once it's on their plate, physically throw up at the process of getting it there!
I believe humans have a large population and are far from extinction, so by your rules.......
come on! if you apreciate the animal that will go to heaven (pets), if it is dangerous or harmful will go to hell (plague), and if it is tasty, this will go to the stomach through the kitchen.

Naturally this will vary if you are Christian, Jew, or Taoist.
Am I the only person that finds vegetarians self righteous?
As long as the animal is put to good use I don't see a problem. Killing animals for sport is quite vulgar, a shark for a fin is wasteful, a whale just for oil etc.
if a animal is living it shall never be killed....
how do you know insects do not feel pain?
IMHO in this day and age with species near on verge of extinction we should only eat stuff that is sustainable and farmed unless you have no choice for survival.

As for hunting for sport, it is totally unnecessary. Swap a gun for a camera, its a hell of a lot more challenging!
PS: Fab photo! I meant to add in last comment.
My rules are pretty much based on the proved intelligence of the animal. Though i probably would subsist without meat if i had to do the killing myself.
You should not get to be able to kill mountain lions
think funny and lots of beef to eat and they kill the chickens and then mass murder but if I kill a blowtorch to eat (common bird here in Rio Grande do Sul has thousands) ........ I held without bail . then why not arrest these people that kill the poor ox to sell on without the slightest compassion açouge
The reason chickens and cows are in such high proportions is due to the fact that we plan on eating them. The hunters that make up the majority want the animals they hunt to have high numbers. We won't take the last one, we won't take more than we need, we eat all that we take. God gave us the ability to reason, and if we don't control the numbers, we lose more. We were put here to rule over the beast and that means we should take what we need, and give back to those we don't.
My rule is that no animal should be killed. For that, we first have to stop giving the chance for their killing. This is never possible because man can not stop eating animals. :-)
My personal rule in the event I'm in a position to kill an animal is, if i'm hungry, its dead. Cute or not.
very beautiful nature .... all owed to concientizar later maybe our children can not see it
Food or need/use and safety. Btw, where do I get a license to hunt sport hunters ...just the ones that take pleasure from killing without genuine need, mind you.
meat has been eaten since the beginning of time why should it stop now?
very very nice............really fantastic
I think the animal's nervous system is an important criterion here. I d rather eat an animal whose death was quick and painless! The rest is irrelevant from an ethical point of view.
I think any domesticated pet is off limits.
I am really conflicted about this. I don't like the idea that animals die to feed me. I hate that "food animals" are so mistreated during their short, miserable lives. I honestly like ALL animals more than I like most people. That said, they do taste good. I guess it's that carnivore part of my lizard brain in action, but I would like to not eat any animals.
w g
I kill them for food. Sport is the means to the end, food. A nice combination.
My rule is simple: If you kill animals for food, you have not evolved to full intelligence yet...
It's moderns day society where appearance triumphs over everything else. Same with humans ..
I hand raise and kill meat for my family, cows, sheep, pigs. I have thought a lot about this as I am killing animals I am familiar with and respect. I do not think animals are not intelligent; when you handle them every day you learn that they think and to respect them. At the same time I am an omnivore and eat what is best for me...naturally grown meat and vegetables, not processed rubbish. I do not kill for sport...there is no pleasure in taking any life...even of plants. I see people who abhor the eating of meat but who keep pets and consider themselves kind because they treat their pets well. But those animals were taken from their mother at an early age and enslaved (in that their freedom to live a natural life with their own kind has been curtailed); the fact that they are treated kindly does not change that. Yes, I also believe that farming animals involves enslaving them and accept the theory that that has an evolutionary advantage for a species bred by humans. They are owned and of course there were/are human slaves that were treated kindly. Pet owners say their pets love them and that may well be so, but any animal that is trained from an early age will attach itself to a "parent"...just read the work of ethologist Konrad Lorenz.
I am not attacking pet owners, just trying to point out that we are often guilty of abusing animals in some way.
Pet owners also seem to forget that many pets eat meat and for example industrial fishing is carried out in part to provide pet food in spite of the fact that many fish species are over-fished.
Finally, some people say they are vegetarian because they do not want to be responsible for killing sentient animals. How do they KNOW plants are not sentient. A silly proposition perhaps, but not so long ago animals were not considered sentient, and longer ago slavery was accepted because some humans were regarded as barely sentient.
Times, and sensibilities change.
No animal is okay to kill. It breaks my heart when we drive down a country road and I see cattle grazing.
As far as I am concerned only insects like mosquitoes should be killed not any animal....
If you can't tell the difference between killing a mountain lion and a boar, then there's something wrong with you.
Hi, animals that are friendly and serve other purposes like security in case of dogs and and other pets should not be used for food.
As long as you or someone else is eating what you have killed, any animal is fair game as long as some institution is in place to regulate the amount of hunting and/or fishing. Go back in time where you HAD to kill if you wanted to eat and this subject would've been downright hilarious.... although most primitive cultures hold one or two animals in high esteem but you get the point. Would I go hunt and kill something for sport even though the game would be eaten later? The answer for me is no. Would I eat the game that another hunter killed for sport... you better believe it. If I HAVE to kill then I will but if others find it a more interesting practice then have at it. My 2 cents.
why are u seeing us like u want 2 eat us:]
I think hunting for food is perfectly acceptable. I do not think sitting in a stand a quarter of a mile away (or more) from an animal with a high-powered rifle is a sport. If you want to call it a sport then you should be in an arena suited to the animal with no more than a knife or something on your persons to make your "fair" kill.
I trap and kill mice/rats,but it is an outright kill,on vermin,I would not kill for so-called "sport",as that then is a waste of meat!
any animal that causes trouble to land, has large populations, and interacts with people in a negative way are what are considered fair game...deer are the perfect example....even peta reconizes the need to cull population....but in all honesty the hunting and reasons for killing deer are it....that answers your question....
whoa thats a tough one! I'm an animal lover and a vegetarian but I guess ok with killing some bugs out of defense. not concrete about animals being put to sleep when so~called "necessary" either.
The only animals that you can kill are cows,pigs and chickens.
I tend to agree with everything you said and appreciate your thoughtfulness. I would just like to add that the killing of any animal for the sustenance of another or in this case a human should not be looked at as a horrible thing but rather a natural thing. Useless killing for sport in my opinion is disgusting and distasteful to me.
Hunting = murder...mmmmmmmmm, tasty, tasty murder...

Saying hunting = murder means you're trying to out think nature and is a logic flaw. Meat provides essentials to human survival. People who are vegans, and in some respects vegetarians, are allowed to be who they "think" they should be because of science.
feral animals are ok. Self defense is ok.
We don't kill predators for meat (salmon is the exception, as their prey is inexpensive) because to make a habit of it, we would have to feed cats and dogs etc lots of meat, which would make it incredibly expensive. So at some point we domesticated then instead and then decided they're now such good friends that we shouldn't kill them at all. As for most of the other predators, like the mountain lion mentioned, also eagles, bears etc, the food chain is pyramid shaped, so we end up with a few, generally beautiful and extravagant predators at the top, and they're too rare and lovely to kill. Me I'm a vegan so I've wondered about this occasionally, as it seems hypocritical, and this is the rationale I've come up with.
Killing any animal that is an immediate threat is okay. Use best judgement when killing for food. Avoid eating anything that is as smart as or of greater intelligence than you. Kill responsibility
As always rule for one and not for the other so we all turn a blind eye at what's really going on
Or maybe in this case it looks cowardly killing something using a gun when that animal could probably best us in a fight, even if we had a sword or chainsaw or something. Where's the sport in that?
none of the above
you shouldn't kill animals for the joy of killing we should be better than this
People shouldn't refer to intelligence in this debate btw, pigs are smarter than dogs and I think we all know which one of those is more likely to end up on a dinner plate.
you shouldn't kill animals period. but the ones you really shouldn't kill are the endangered ones.
If I'm hungry, I eat.....If I'm in danger, I defend......If I judge...I compare....then I pray.........
Finally, not the topic here, but killing animals isn't generally the problem in our society, it's our factory farmed animals suffering enormously while they're still alive that is the problem. Killing one of those animals is putting it out of its misery and an act of kindness, while committing it to that life in the first place is an act of barbarism. I speak as a relatively intelligent and skeptical person who has done the research and been disgusted and appalled by what I've found, not as someone who dislikes the principle of killing animals for meat.
I think that no animal should be killed for sport. I don't care if it's a pheasant or a mountain lion, humans should not enjoy or feel empowered by killing something with a gun.
I agree that these big cats need to be saved on utmost priority...
tiger lukin awwwwwsssoooooooommmmm......................gr8 photogrphy...
maybe because the animals that we kill for food is more plentiful than other species? People have been eating the same animals for millions of years, so certain animals do seem unappetizing to us.
Don't think its what you kill as much as how. If the animal is not a threat and you kill it for sport then it I'm not much for it. If you're going to kill something, you should intend on using the whole animal.

I had a friend that once said "if we took all the shelter animals and send them to 3Rd world countries, we'd be solving two problems at once" and as much as I love animals, rescue them, and find homes for them, you can't deny That is actually a logical solution.

Killing for sport or because something has outlived it's "usefulness" is a no.
Killing for survival or protection is ok.
And generally, no killing of predatory animals?
hi this is my moms profile i am twelve years old and my name is aliyah i am an animal love. my goals in life are to proceed and become an veteranarian and atleast try to change the worlds perspective of the killing of animals i dont agree with but out of defense that is an different situation but i am stil not saying it is okay.people need to learn to think about if they were that animal and how they would feal to know if they were about to get killed but as an animal you would not understand but you would feal threatened and defensive. life is realy hard for an animal becuase they cant talk and understand like we can but they live the best they can.they eat each other as to though we eat them. i am a strict vegetarian wich means i eat vegetabes and nothing but that. if the world would just think aboout everything and just start eating more vegetables i know that they are not the best tasting thing to eat but you know that they are healthy for you and leads you through a healthy essential life thats just my opinion.please contact me on anything you need to say with this email
Do we really need to kill for our food ? Billions of vegetarians live very well without killing animals for food
+EVA BIASHOP 1: we are omnivores, we need meat to grow properly, especially if you're pregnant, your fetus needs the proteins.
2: think of all the animals that are killed for farm land to grow vegetables now and multiply that by how many people are in the world. The reason why tigers and pandas are going extinct is not because they are being over hunted for food but because their habitats are being destroyed for farm land.
Still seem like a good idea?
Animals are there for our benefit and killing them for practical reasons, such as food, can be just fine. However, we've also got to be good stewards of the earth, and killing animals for no good reason or being cruel to them is certainly an inhuman and bad practice.
I am a hunter. I believe in ethical hunting practices and conservation. I have my own personal rules on hunting, and I realize that others have their own beliefs. I am ok with what others believe, they have that right. My belief is that

1. I only kill what I plan to eat. I never kill for sport.
2. I only shoot at what I know I can kill. If I have a doubt of a clean kill, I do not take a shot. There is no need for an animal to needlessly suffer.
3. I hunt by the rules set for by the Department of Fish and Game. These rules are in place because they have done the research and following the rules keeps the balance in place.

Why do I hunt? Because I believe that it's better to know where my meat comes from. My goal is to eventually know where 100% of my meat comes from, through sustainable farming and hunting practices.

I also know that the states have put millions and millions of dollars into researching how best to manage the wildlife we have. Hunting is absolutely necessary to prevent the overpopulation of specific species. Deer, wild pigs, turkeys and a number of other species would quickly overpopulate and spread mass disease. They would die off in mass starvation. These are facts, you can feel free to do your own research or message me directly and I will provide evidence of these studies.

Hunting is not to blame for most of today's animal extinctions or endangerment. Fact is, overpopulation of ecosystems is the #1 leading cause, by a significant gap. If you care about saving animals, this is where you start. Work to protect ecosystems.

Not every hunter shares my beliefs. In fact, I realize there is a high percentage of hunters who publicly say they do, but do not practice these things, or do not really understand conservation and ethical hunting. I think the answer is proper education for both hunters and non-hunters.
It is wrong to kills any animals....they have the right to lives just like us....if you have been attacks by one then it is self defense .....otherwise i just wishes we leave them alone...
Scott C
I'm not about to read 450+ posts to make sure I don't repeat someone, but I'll put my 2¢ out there: in my current line of work, geophysical surveying, we end up in wilderness areas a lot. Most of the time, we just scare animals away if they get near our equipment. In Canada, they have what they affectionately call "bear bangers" -- firecrackers used to scare overly curious bears away from us.

However, the bottom line is, our equipment -- and more importantly, our lives -- are more valuable than any animal, regardless of cuteness or intelligence factor (or indeed, endangerment.) Some surveys see us carrying rifles -- for example, in regions where bears are just coming out of hibernation (read: they're hungry and in a foul mood.) If they get too aggressive, we shoot to kill. Also, story goes (so I hear), that some animals, like Polar Bears, are shot on sight. Those bears apparently go after their prey relentlessly and cannot be dissuaded by anything (firecrackers, rocks, shouting or whatever) so as a precaution they're taken down before they even think about going after a crew member. The principal is that it's a matter of safety.

For me, personally, I don't kill things. Sure, I've had my moments as a kid, catching mice around the house, but I generally just don't -- I usually don't have a reason to -- however I wouldn't hesitate if I actually did. I'm not about to judge others for doing so -- animals kill each other all the time, after all. The one thing I have a problem with is if people kill senselessly -- if someone kills an animal (read: deliberately, as in hunting), they should make use of the animal in some way and not be wasteful.
thats beautiful...looks so relaxed or it see's a food
We kill all the wolves, then get mad the deer population is up, so we kill all the deer, all while continuously spreading into their territory building homes and businesses
pretty simple rules, you can kill it if you eat it, or of it presents a threat to your health
you can kill an animal for food, safety or as a means of euthanasia, that's the only criteria I got.
except for human beings, it is okay to kill any animal that you're going to eat personally as well as any animal that is about to eat you. but it is not okay to kill any animal other than in these two cases. and by except for human beings, i mean, it is okay to kill any human being any time and any where for any reason.
The human is the highest life form, the top of the food chain, as such we are allowed to eat any animal we desire. Killing for sport without eating the game is the problem.
* obviously self defense is fine.
the most intelligent ones should be killed first, start with humans...
its a number game! if a particular species getting extinct then there is a concern to save it. we use pesticides and kill the lower strata of life in millions.. right? but they keep coming back..... so the opinion is different... when an animal is harmless, you don't mind taking its side. if the same mountain tiger came to Newyork city people's opinion on the animal will change....
dam i am soooo hungry i could eat a horse
It comes down to intent. Killing just to kill is not right. It's sick and bloodthirsty.
*Killing for food- I don't approve of sport-only killing. If you're going hunting and you enjoy it.. great as long as you eat what you kill.
*Mercy/safety killings. If the lovely cat in the picture started attacking people, it would probably be best for all involved to put him down. *Old/sick pets are humanely put down to end an existence of pain. We even have a law that allows legally killing other people- self defense.
it would have been more proper to say "hunt" not "kill" +Mike Elgan like how lions hunt animals to eat. But imho hunting for sport makes no sense and has no real place in human culture and cows are not hunted like that cat in your picture they are slaughtered.
1.) Animals ARE NOT PEOPLE! Down with evolutionistic thinking!
2.) Fuckly can have Grace to learn in fugly people but don't take away the right of the women saying she has to fuck the fugly's. Fucking is a privilege, not a grace thing.
3.) Human Rights outweight Animal Rights on extinction as always. How come people are trying to undo those laws to preserve species, and why are the Public Universities wanting to relable a person to degradation! Think about it....
4.) Food necitates that if we are not farming our land, and nothing is growing from the farms from which we are growing, cattle usually are raised, horses preserved for round ups. So no, horses are strong and do hard work, race work, and have been our loaders and unloaders if our tractors are unaffordable, and/or unable to get to a job especially for the privately owned small farmer. Natural foods should be preserved before dealing with salvaging prey for food and not people as food for prey.
5.) Law of sin n death always apply, however, always refer to Noah and the Ark being preserved and the Ark of the covenant's. Arc being a circle like a cycle of and let live...give and give but keep enough for the and thine in one's own family. Take up arms to protect it always to fight to the death if necessary.
6.) Justice for all...(for all who believe was the Christian Flag, not the Pledge of Allegence to the US, however, "In God We Trust" for our money and trade if we cannot bartyer.

Can't believe the world is so neglected and/or evil but it is!
You should not kill endangered animals. That's it. Wild boars are fine to kill because it is not endangered, while mountain lions are endangered. It's not a matter of appearance.
+Doris Reeves-Reid 1. well, about Noah and the Ark, if there were 100 donkeys, umm, one pair was saved and 98 died.
simplicity is evident. God didn't kill them, but they simply died. =) or ummm ... were those donkeys sinners ?
I believe, sadly, humans are generally selfish. They like to use some animals for pets, use some animals for sport, use some animals to take photos of and admire because they're pretty or majestic, and use some animals for food because they taste good. Not so long ago, we used to think of other races in the same way - to be exploited, enslaved, etc. I hope this will change. Personally, I prefer not to kill animals, so I eat (mostly and increasingly) vegetarian.
Well thank goodness we all have a choice and can choose to do what we want without the will of others being forced on us... well that is soon changing as the beliefs of others are being legislated into law keep your beliefs to yourselves...
I think the only animals that shouldn't be killed are humans. As for the actual killing goes, I'm not a huge fan of 'sport' killing. If you hunt deer so you can eat it with your family and mount it on your wall, I see that as a cultural thing. If you just go out in the woods and shoot as many as you can, I'm not for that. Oddly enough I am fairly sure that him killing that mountain lion, actually saved many more than anyone complaining about him killing it did. As humans we keep things that have value to us, if cows were not eaten or worshiped do you really think they would exist today? and if they did would they be on the endangered list? The people guiding these hunters in most cases will try their hardest to keep alive the animals with value. It is a crazy idea but it works the same with trees, the more paper you use the more trees we get. Simply supply and demand.
We are. All animals. (Killinng a animal is not easy)..
What would be fascinating would be to poll all the people here who oppose killing animals and see what their position is on unborn humans. Just to see the statements side by side. I'm not assuming anything about you if you're opposed to killing animals, but it's just occurring to me that the political leanings of people heavily oriented toward animal rights, at lest in America, are at least in stereotype, but I think probably in scientific reality, commonly aligned with those that believe abortion should be legal.

In both cases you have something that is helpless, not (legally at least) a human, but (arguably) alive.

Also, I should point out that I can see a position someone might have where they wouldn't do X but that believe X should not be illegal. (I hold many such positions myself, actually.)
I think it would be interesting to poll those who use the term "unborn humans" about their views on the death penalty.  Just musing...
you never know. A Native American may shapeshift then your killing a human. Have Faith belive in the unknown. However arial gun killing of wolves is soo sacriligous you Sarah are an ass for passing it. I say it stops NOW.
Carm N
I love to hunt but I draw the line at big cats
no animal are OK to be killed by humans
Manushian animals ne allam konnu thinnukazhiyumbol manushiane (human beeings)thinnu thudangum appol ariyam jeevante vila
 humanbeeings are not nonveg. understand ????????????.
any think will created by Allah .Nothing is useless in the world .Every thing is usefull for human
All has a purpose in this life from the beginning to the end without it the world has never be hour home. Love, Respect,care. For all is one being in these unverse
According to me, all dangerous animals or birds need to killed - street dogs (the most scary thing now) are the ones that needs real attention. People don't get out of their house after 8 or 9PM (Bangalore, India), if u don't have a car - no walking/cycling/biking - they come and attack u from a side and pull you down and start eating u right there. All this stupid animal welfarists will kill u, if u hurt a dog but will smile when a group of dogs tear your flesh at the roadside. Everyday there are so much of dog-bites. Even night-police have stopped going out due to this. But everybody wants to butcher the so harmless goat/cows which have been giving you milk throughout your life, and they never attack you. So in general, its just about killing animals which will never harm you - If it's harmful or a killer beast, don't touch it (or in fact protect it - ignore the fact that these are at the top of food chain and there are no other creature that can harm it). That's the golden rule according to the butcher community!
Simple...Eat or be Eatin, just readjust your pooping schedule that you don't get yours mixed with his, so if a rifle is involved, who poops first?
Killing just for sport is wrong and disrespectful---if you're not going to eat it, why kill it? It's a living creature and it's not our right to go killing it just because we can. It's a waste.
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