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People aren't hyped enough about Voice Search in Jelly Bean.

Check out this video. It's not a slick demo, but just some dude trying out a bunch of searches. Incredible. 
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I think we all just realize it won't ever be released to the phones we have now. :D
Why can both iOS and JB understand commands like "turn off wifi" but neither can actually do it?  
+AT&T will probably get around to releasing Jelly Bean around Christmas.
What do you mean? It is supposed to show up on the Galaxy Nexus next month. (Verizon had better not hold it up too much).
Tom Olson
Voice actions were great when they came out years ago (2.1 I believe). It's unfortunate that Google didn't brand/promote it better. Now everyone thinks Siri came first. 9_9
Hmm... can't I do most of that today with Google voice search?  Maybe not as quickly, sometime Google voice search takes 10 seconds to launch, but I think everything else is supported.  Well, not "is it going to rain tomorrow" and then she/it talks back to you..
I have Jelly Bean running on my Galaxy Nexus in the UK, but I have a lot less features than this, is there some major difference depending on location? I cannot ring people or request directions or set reminders... Anyone got more info on why this is?
Way more useful and relevant than the gimmick of the year aka siri.
I've seen siri in action, and it is doing all of these things.  Not sure about the specific items like "foot navigation to xxxx" but yeah, it tells you the weather, looks up numbers, etc..
The most important "calculation" in terms of what will be marketable: "How much should I tip on a bill of $43.75?"
I'd be excited if i could get Jellybean
+Scott Galinac no, the question should be:  "The service was excellent, the waitress as cute as a button, and someone from management came about to see how everything was tasting, so how much should I tip on $43.75?"   Not only do you get the 20% amount to tip (maybe you've decided that your "good tip" rate is 25% so it calculates from that)  but it should launch Google local for the restaurant, give it 5 stars and let you fill in with more details!
"What's the answer to life, the universe, and everything?" ==> "42".  Win!
Tom Lee
Pretty cool, I must say. Wondering if this feature will be integrated into the Nexus 7.
That is most excellent. I have been using some of these commands for quite a long time, but JB and Google Now is definitely a lot more robust.

The Star Trek geek in me thinks the voice is enough like the Enterprise computer to want to upgrade to Jelly Bean right now though
+Pradeep Doddaballapur It works amazing with an English accent, it just doesn't seem to have half the features than in the U, I cannot understand why.
Thanks +Alex Masters. I am a big Google fan, but I cant use half their products as they are US only. I wish they have a more global outlook. 
"Turn on WiFi" - "Setting to vibrate"
Dan O
Some people (me) would be more excited if they made this available on Gingerbread. Also... this guy is FAR better at marketing than the folks who put on Google I/O... jumping out of blimps doesn't compare with REAL news, which for some reason Google brass decided to gloss over and hide... i.e., extremely high quality voice search on Jelly Bean, and the fact that the Nexus 7 is made in the good ol' USA. Oh well!
+Pradeep Doddaballapur (that is one fun last name) They [Google] have to start somewhere...  hard to imagine releasing something that is "Global" everywhere on launch.  Even individual products are released it very specific regions or cities first, like Google Offers, was only available in San Fran, New York, etc... for first several months.
The advantage over Siri in this case is that Google already has all the information it needs--it's just a matter of retrieving it quickly. Looks like they've done that with Jelly Bean.
I just don't want to talk to my phone. I was excited when I could call 1-800-Goog411 years ago. Now I am over it.
Weird places to talk to your phone - in a crowded elevator, on the bus, at dinner.
The technology is way better than Siri as far as performance, accuracy, and the more "human-like" voice. 
Amazing! I'm sure it even attempted to pronounce Manhattan as locals of that area pronounce it.
+Anthony Kelly Tried that to no avail. I assume it's using location data, but that doesn't explain why I wouldn't see a picture of Bill Murray when searching for movies he was in for example. Very Very odd. Also the US voice is really really natural sounding compared to the UK version, which seems very similar to Siri.
That's amazing.  I need to flash my Nexus to 4.1.
+Pradeep Doddaballapur I agree, it is annoying, but it is mainly due to laws outside the US which restrict features such as Google Music and Galaxy Nexus sales via Google Play. But annoying nonetheless.
I also don't think people are hyping the design and aesthetics of the ui in jelly Bean enough, especially Google now. +Matias Duarte has done a fantastic job and I hope he stays with Google for a long time. Side by side photos between jelly Bean and iOS 6 it doesn't compare in my opinion. Jelly been is soo pleasing to look at. Well done Google!
you are right. it's our duty to google to take voice actions and show it to every brainwashed I-sheep out there to get them to see the light.  
+Nathan Ficklin I whole heartedly agree, with Jelly Bean, and ICS for that matter, Google have produced the best mobile UI to to date. iOS feels dated, amateurish and too restricted from a feature perspective.

I find it hard to understand how people class it as the world's most advanced mobile OS, have they not used Android? I know a lot of Apple employees who state this and have never spent more than a couple of minutes using Android. Laughable.
+Matthew Couto don't be an imbecile. Not my fault you're an iSheeple. Oh and drop the hate. You'll be a lot happier. 
Still can't add a calendar event can do that via SMS, but not through voice, even on Jellybean. Google Now and voice search are awesome, but voice actions needs more device and and direct OS functionality. Still, this stuff is really exciting!
+Alex Masters I think most people have Android phones that are skinned and in my opinion these skins take away from the beauty of the pure android ui. This is what most people see, which is a shame. Hopefully more people will become educated with the Nexus phones with the launch of the Nexus 7.
But wait, you can't ask it to tell you some dumb ass joke?  Can it tell you if it is raining outside when you are standing next to a window?
Awesome...and yet Google doesn't seem to hype this awesome feature as much as some other companies would have done... To some this would have been the USP of a whole generation of phones..To google its just another cool feature... I am in awe..!!!
Based on the adoption rate of ICS we will see this sometime in the year 2020
At 10%, that's 100,000 new ICS users per day. Against every other Android based device, which could be all sorts of electronic gadget. That is an amazing adoption rate.
siri's got some competition. About time as she's still pretty glitchy. 
Must be this: The people who are easily hyped still buy Apple stuff :-)
+Mike Elgan  This is awesome. But in reality we already have these search features, just without the verbal feedback and the cool card. I ran a search for search on my #droidrazrmaxx  running #ics  with the built in search function and the results are dead on. Now the card does show up in the search result in the browser. You can click on it from there and the layout is very similar.
Why does the Air Canada flight come up before he asks for it at 5:05?
+Alex Masters Just for a split second, it shows AC Flight 761 after United 400 but before his request. The actual request & result is AC 760, so it's not exactly the same.
Someone needs to host a Google Jelly Bean "Now" vs. iPhone Siri duel via Google Hangout.  That would be fun.  Folks attending could pose the voice search/command challenges via chat.
+Kyle Owens Ah I see what you mean. This video has been stitched together to cut out the parts between searches, you'll notice he never presses the mic before he speaks, because those parts have been edited out.

I imagine he tested each example question at least once.
Kids can stop attending schools and colleges? Equip themselves with this and retire early.

How can I retire early with JB?

Curious, in this video, why did weather in Washington, D.C. show up and at the same time directions to Moscone Center on foot was relevant?
I also think it's awesome. The presentation at Google I/O convinced me already. But probably the most peope are thinking that Googles "Voice Search" would be a cheap clone of Siri, as for example S Voice is one. That it's much more and long time planned (I guess Samsung started working on S Voice two days before the presentation of the S3) as part of Googles Knowledgegraph nobody knows. (Sorry for my bad English)
I really like that it shows the source for each answer.
I use plain voice search often. It is far from perfect but functional. This is going to make me a very happy camper.
Google has a problem when it comes to advertising his features to the non-tech-savvy people, actually, it's not that, it's that Apple knows how to advertise things and does it, Google just uploads videos to YouTube, and that's fine with me.
Voice Search has been in Android since long time ago, but people didn't use it, many haven't even tried it. I use it many times to introduce text, or quick searches (even though it redirects me to the browser to see the answers), I'm looking forward to updating to Jelly Bean.
I think Android had the first piece of voice search, but Siri definitely changed things, now Google is recovering what's his, I love this iOS vs. Android thing :-)
That's fantastic.  I'd be asking "In the Ender's Game universe what was Jane"?
People are plenty hyped. There's talk of Siri death everywhere, lol.
Impressive demo, especially the speed.  Of course, the video makes it seem like Google Now has 100% accuracy, whereas I'm sure there were a lot of bad results edited out of the video.  Time will tell just how many.
Also, hopefully Bluetooth will be FULLY supported for true hands free functionality.
+Tom Olson that may be because the Siri app came out before Voice Actions app...
What is amazing to me, beyond the voice recognition itself, is the prevalence of wikipedia as a source in the results. What a wonderful resource that is.
+Tife Moyela I'm sorry, but that's incorrect. Voice Actions is a feature of Android 2.2 (, thanks Wikipedia). Last I checked, Siri was only available for the iPhone 4S, and Siri's pulled from everything else now. BTW, Voice Actions also has the nice little benefit of not requiring you upgrade your phone to use it (particularly if you root it).

Voice Actions have been rebranded Google Assistant for this new version (Android 4.1), but many of the voice capabilities are available in most Android phones today.
+Brenden N ...He may be looking at it as Siri pre-Apple (April 2010), but Siri was brought by Apple then wasn't really marketed or promoted as Anything until the iPhone 4.
Those contextual searches is the most impressive part of this video..  I also linked it to (gasp) -FB-.
Great product. Man though, that windows sounding tone was annoying. A customizable tone, please!
Hmmmm, did you see in minute 4:09 that "15.5%" appear on screen before the guy starts speaking? Is this a fake?
super amazing .. can't wait to get the jelly bean update.
+Michel Kangro I think your video must have been out of sync with the sound. "What's 15.5 percent of 75.20?" was answered after the question at 4:17.
EDIT: +Michel Kangro I see now that "15.5 percent" does show just before the question is asked. I didn't see it before. My apologies.
Perhaps you suggestion below is correct.
+Tom Olson that's EXACTLY how I was looking at it and for someone who doesn't know what he's talking about, I thought I had made that clear(enough) ^_^.
Siri for iOS was launched Feb 2010. ,was bought by Apple in April 2010 and ceased to function as an app Oct 2011 and as you say Voice launched in August, 6 months after Siri(the application).
No Apple didn't market it until the 4s came out but my point was your statement about Siri not coming first before Voice Actions was incorrect. Would you now agree?
+Fred Gandt Nah, the answer is simpler: The displayed "15.5%" before the voice originated in another attempt to ask this question which failed and which was cut out.

So, only a quarter fake, since failed attempts have been cut out.
+Tife Moyela How about we split the difference on who's right. ;-) The problem is that "Old Siri" no longer exists, and no longer operates on any iPhones (not updated after acquisition, removed as of Oct '11).

"Apple Siri" (initially released Aug '11) is for all intents and purposes a different product - sold by a different company, works on a different set of phones, is a different type of product (integrated vs. independent app), ,operates better, and marketed a gazillion times better. If they left "Old Siri" in older versions of iOS I'd agree with you, but this is a distinctly different product. It's like saying Microsoft Surface has actually been out since 2008 - while technically accurate, they were selling tables the last few years, not tablets.

OTOH Voice Actions (always by Google) never went away, and continues to work on all phones (2.2 and on) that could support it. Don't need any crazy semantic discussion to understand that :-P
+Tom Olson That, I agree with :)
* ...and just when I was simply DYING for a crazy semantic discussion :-P*
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