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Let's see a picture of your grandparent or great-grandparent!

+Tim O'Reilly posted a cool picture of his great grandfather in Ireland. How cool is that?

Let's all post a picture of one of our grandparents or great-grandparents. I'll start.

The woman on the right is my grandmother, Leona. She turns 100 this summer. This picture was taken in my home town, Carpinteria, California, when she was probably about 20. She's with her brother.

Interesting fact about my grandmother: She was California's first female lifeguard -- the original Baywatch Babe.

Your turn!
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Good idea, Mike! I have some pics of my gparents to dig up. You should add a hashtag #gparents so we can easily browse!
She is very pretty. I love her shoes.
Liz C
What a great pic! I may have pics of my grandmothers, will need to conduct a serious hunt at Mom's!
What a lovely powerhouse she must have been at the time, good for her!
I can see where this would be a fascinating topic. My gp/ggp pics are still in a photo album (the old fashioned kind). I have to get them scanned. Thanks for the reminder! ☺
+John Wiar You can also just snap a cell phone picture of the paper photograph. It works great. And, in fact, I believe that's what my picture is.
Mike, thanks for sharing this cute pic. Wow, what a lot of interesting things she has likely seen in 100 years on earth. I can imagine the lovely talks you have with her.
We have scanned a bunch of pictures of our Grandparents and their generation, it is a great way to share with our younger generation.
Awesome picture. My grandma turns 100 today! I'll definitely post up a pic.

That's my Grandpa Watkins. He's 88 and a WWII veteran. He followed the troops at Normandy as an engineer charged with rebuilding bridges the retreating Germans were destroying. He still managed to talk a bomber buddy into stowing away on a bombing run over Germany, sitting the bottom gunner blister and watching the carnage unfold below him.

I am planning a trip to see him soon for a series of interviews which will be submitted to the StoryCorps at the Library of Congress. It's the greatest inheritance I could ask for. 
Here's one of my grandparents.

Lee Field Whitbeck distinguished himself by graduating from Yale at the age of 19, building railroads through Mexico in the days of Pancho Villa and the bandidos, and going on to becoming President of both the national railroad and the electric utility in Guatemala. In later years he was a dairyman with a herd of prize Ayrshire cattle.

Luz Piñol de Whitbeck was from and old and prominent Guatemalan family of French and Spanish extraction. She is the reason her husband became a dairyman in his later years, having purchased a spectacularly beautiful farm in the hills east of Guatemala City with the proceeds of a matured life insurance policy Mr. Whitbeck had contributed to for many years.

These were great people, as are most people's grandparents I'm sure. This picture was taken in 1955 when Mr. and Mrs. Whitbeck traveled from Guatemala to visit their daughter and her family in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Thanks +Harald Tveit Alvestrand, I've added #ancestorpicture to my posts too. This is a great topic to post on, I love family history and the interesting things that our ancestors got up to :-)
So cool. I actually inherited my grandfather's photo album with handwritten notes and all. It's amazing.
We were lucky we had a camera.... Not many from the early 30's & 40's
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