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Best hiking story ever: Man attacked by a mountain lion is saved by a bear!

A Paradise, California, man named Robert Biggs was hiking in nearby mountains this week when he came upon a bear and her cubs. After watching them from a distance, he said he turned around to walk away only to find himself suddenly under attack by a mountain lion!

Fortunately, he was wearing a large backpack, which the lion latched onto. He tried to dislodge the cat with a rock pick, but without success.

Suddenly, the mother bear "pounced" on the mountain lion, and scuffled with it until it ran away. The bear and cubs wandered off, leaving Biggs conspicuously un-eaten, and with the best hiking story ever.
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Wow, now that is an encounter with nature!
Bears > Cats - this is true in all respects ;-)
Microsoft saved the human lol
We live in Alaska, and that is a great bear story.
Sometimes it's better to be seen as less of a threat than a mountain lion! :)
Survival of the misfittest? :)
Dear lord, he's used up all the nine lives of cats in a 20 miles radius around him...
I wonder if it would have been a rabid raccoon if the bear would have acted.... a raccoon is not that much of a threat to a bear and her cubs as either a human or a mountain lion... hmm? Maybe he should go on another hike! :)
Amazing! He's seen these bears before and has even interacted with them. I'm surprised, yet I suppose I can see why he's not shaken up by the ordeal.
he should watch the vid i just posted above
This was very interesting 
Everything about that story sounds blatantly fake.
It doesn't say what kind of bear, but I have seen some video footage of a group of very friendly and social black bears (, so it is not unlikely that the bear left the guy alone based on his previous contact.
Black bears are also more likely to EAT humans as food unlike Grizzlies that seldom do that...just sayin! :)
Pictures or it didn't happen.
Leo T
+David Kim There's a picture of the guy's arm injuries on the linked page.
I found out a few times having lived in Montana, wildlife, weather. and driving with towns 100's a mile apart, you can never take anything for granted.
Yes it is but black bears are more likely to stalk humans for food much more so than grizzlies.... but bear attacks usually are provoked by human behavior or lack of common sense when in bear country...
last word...Timothy Treadwell ask him about so called friendly bears, all bears in the wild are well wild animals treating them like pets is a great way to shorten your life and theirs...
I think bears are amazing creatures but feeding them and acclimating them to human behavior is wrong. Let them be wild. Bears are smart and adapt to their changing environment quickly especially when it concerns food, bears will not turn down ANY food source whether it be garbage cans, bird feeders or open homes or cars. In bear country proper food storage and waste disposal is the best way to avoid bear encounters that are far more dangerous for the bear than they are for us
I'm with Kristina: when humans start to anthropomorphize the motivations and behaviors of animals they start to make themselves over into lunch. I once had a black bear appear beside me while I was cleaning up a campsite up north. I mean, he practically brushed me aside to get at the food someone had left on the overturned-canoe table. Scariest moment ever. Well, until the fools I was camping with started feeding it by hand. Then I hid behind a tree and waited for the carnage... (unfortunately there was no carnage).
That goes for photographing them also, I read an article a few years ago that illustrates how dangerous that endeavor can be as well.... A man in Alaska decided he was going to get an image of a particular bear even if he had to stalk the bear. He actually drove his car off road to trail this bear, he got his shots but it cost him his life as the last several images from his camera showed. The sequence contained obvious warning signs from the bear that it was not happy with the photographers presence, even though the bear was some distance away it made up the distance faster than the photographer could and the next shot revealed a charging bear in three shots the final shot was a blurry image of the ground.... the camera was found next to the remains of the photographer. Respect wildlife and it will respect a certain point.
at last we see the harmony that we can live together with our animal critters, even though they are rather bg ones!!!
I can see your point..espec ially once they attack you..hey?
What a grizzly tale! I can't imagine how unbearable a mountain lion can be while hiking.
+Don DeCaire: we had a similar incident occur on an isolated roadside in B.C. (Canada). We had stopped next to a meadow to let our Belgian Shepherd out to run for a while. We didn't notice the tiny-looking moose 'way over across the meadow near the tree line. But the dog did LOL. Damn dog made a mad, barking-frenzy dash toward the moose. Got about half-way across the meadow when he realized his mistake and reversed course, heading straight back to us with the now-MUCH-larger enraged moose in hot pursuit, quickly growing bigger and BIGGER. Boy, you never saw anyone pack a dog into a truck and drive away so fast.
Hah! Yes, once a bull got loose near the St. Paul campus of the U of MN (it's the "ag campus" for a reason) and was charging through yards. I thought I'd try to help stop it. It took notice, changed direction, and ran right AT me... It's AMAZING how much bigger that bull got as it came in my direction!
"The mother bear watched while he played paddy cake with its cub". Yeah maybe not.
thats how my cat looks like when he wakes up.
He was just exercising his right to bear arms.
or just a pet bear. duh. obviously way more effective.
Tell your congressperson: Legalize the right to bear bears!
or story is fake or hes one lucky idiot
Saved by the bear, wild life is dangerous thanks to God no blood shed or blood bank, no hiking for me ever!
I think the bear wanted the man all for itself but it all worked out fir him which is great
I always teach the yoots that I work with this: If you’re in the wild and come across a mama bear and her cubs, slap one of the cubs upside the head. This will teach the mother bear that you aren’t to be trifled with …I’m always there for wilderness tips.
Bears are very misunderstood. Whilst aggressive at the usual breeding times and when hungry, just like humans only with more manners, they don't normally attack people unless cornered. What a lovely story and he can now pay the bear back by telling it just as he is.
Well that sounds like an interesting adventure. Wish I were in his shoes :-). Honestly wish I were!
OMG!! First of all and this is just me, I will never in life be where a mountain lion or bear.
Part of the reason lies on that bear feels offended on its own territory and the near-miss victim is lucky to be an observer.
where's the video (prove it)
Like when Godzilla saves Japan from Mothra
I see an made for HBO movie
Wow. Amazing. :) I LOVE animals and nature, especially those animals. After studying those animals and others, that's a weird twist to a story like that. :)
I think they were fighting over who was going to eat him !
No one will ever be able to one-up that man again.
That is the most awesome story i have heard in a long time...kinda makes me miss hiking...
i would be scared and thankful at the same time if a bear saved me!
I would think God sometimes moved in mysterious ways to save people. I have that experience many times, and it helps to strengthened my faith in God. He shows He is merciful although we don't meet His standards. So let us not take things for granted! This indeed is an act of God!
I actually got to see the gentleman that was attacked by the mountain lion on tv when they interviewed him. He was totally shocked, he thought his life was over when the cat grabbed him kinda from back near side n hip n rear and then let loose like he was gonna grab his neck and all of a sudden he saw the bear grabbiing cat off of him, shaking the beejesus out the cat and musta snapped cats neck or back, slam threw cat to ground and turned and walked away....The man said he walked through this area over the past 50 plus years, the bear has always been there probably with her family, the cat was attacking what was safe and normal in her life and family, this man is lucky this momma bear saw him as a friend that passerby and took out cat totally awesome.....thanks momma bear!!!!!
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To K Weiser, if you're using an android phone, just tap 2 times on the bear picture till you see the words "save image" appear in a white window, then tap on save image and the phone will download this pic for you.
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