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Pleep o' the Week: Mignon Fogarty!

Each week I find one super awesome person to add to my shared circle of super awesome people.

Click "Add circle" inside the circle below to circle all my recommendations (highly recommended!).

I limit my recommendations to people circled by fewer than 100k people. Once people reach 100k, I remove them from my recommendations -- not because I don't recommend them, but because they no longer need my weekly promotion.

If you've added this circle in the past, go ahead and add it again. Google+ will ignore the people you've already got and add only the new ones.

Where do I find these people? I sift through the profiles of people who make brilliant comments on my posts -- especially those who + my name. So if you want to be recommend by me every week until you're circled by 100k, here's how:

1. Have an awesome stream
2. Comment on my posts
3. + my name to draw my attention to your comments.

* * *

This week's Pleep o' the Week is +Mignon Fogarty, otherwise known as the notorious "Grammar Girl." I've been a huge fan of her awesome podcast for at least five years. She educates people about grammar and style and how to write both better and correctly.

That's why I'm thrilled to discover that she's an active and prolific Google+ user!

Fewer than 2,700 circles? Not on my watch! Everybody circle Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty!

* * *

I also do a streaming hangout each week Thursdays at 9am Pacific with some of the greatest people in specific subject areas. The ultimate product of this process is a shared circle. So here are my "Flying Circles" for you to circle, if you're interested in these topics:

Hangout Innovators

Opinionated CES Attendees

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This to me, is like Noblesse Oblige in the digital era, ty for being a good "lord".
Lucai J
Some familiar faces there, i much rather the smaller shared circles. I made the mistake of adding a 300+ one and it was counterproductive is pretty much every way. I would even wager to say, this kind of recommendation from someone who understands the platform as it is and where's it's going, holds more weight then google recommended users list as well!
+Mike Elgan yes but you have a HUGE platform, and since a G+ page is like your personal brand, by using your HUGE platform to help others garner a larger platform you are increasing not only the value of G+ as a network, but also the value of yours and your Pleep o the Weeks networks. I think that behavior perfectly emulates Noblesse Oblige. :) So thank you.
+Lucas Johnson Most people I'm recommending are in fewer than 3,000 circles. Google+ has 90 million users. They can't be familiar to THAT many people... : )
Lucai J
+William Tatum I don't know for sure, but i think Mike's intent is to benefit the people who follow him into having a better experience on here rather than doing so for the sole purpose of boosting their numbers. I think it's a combination of both but considering that the recommended users that google suggest that are largely misguided, i'll personally vouch for +Johnathan Chung and +Monika MHz both posting great content, encouraging in depth conversations... and well... +Rob Michael and i were hanging at my studio yesterday and has been a great friend ever since i moved to SF so i better vouch for him too hah
+Mike Elgan I can see why my post is annoying ...but if I can help even one uncircled +er I have done my part ;)
+Lucas Johnson
The Oxford English Dictionary says that the term "suggests noble ancestry constrains to honorable behavior; privilege entails to responsibility". Being a noble meant that one had responsibilities to lead, manage and so on. One was not to simply spend one's time in idle pursuits.

From my perspective, doing the shared circle thing from a position of "nobility"(today I think having 400k followers is about as close to nobility as exists in the digital world) is not just using the network for idle dicking around but is as you eloquently put it,mike is "benefiting[adding value] the people who follow him into having a better experience on here rather than doing so for the sole purpose of boosting their numbers." On the boosting of numbers vs better experience I think that is a chick and egg question.
:D Thanks everyone! +Mike Elgan and +Lucas Johnson . Your recommendations mean a lot! My return user engagement has been a bit low lately so I look forward to having more of that! :)
I feel so un-cool now. Sniffle.

/me takes her chocolate and goes home
Mr. Mike Elgan+ I would not visit profile of Mignon Fogarty(she teaches,and I am tired of learning and particularly, grammer) :)
Thanks for suggesting name(with most useful information), and adding my name, I am here to enjoy, find few easy moment, hence no information in my profile, Please do not promote me- some kidding and little my desire truely. :)
Oh yes, dear. I would feel much more cool. And I could pretend that I'm better dressed, too.
This is a really cool idea +Mike Elgan, you are really interacting and promoting people in the G+ community!
Thanks a million, +Mike Elgan! I've been hanging out here just doing my thing, and one of the hardest parts has been finding people to follow. It takes a lot of browsing and clicking to see who people are and what they post about. I'll be watching for your future recommendations.
+Mike Elgan thanks for sharing.
+Lucas Johnson I have added a bunch of shared Circles but kept them as unique separate circles so I can then prune them or limit them accordingly. For this Circle I named it "Mike Elgan - worth following"
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