Pleep o' the Week: Mignon Fogarty!

Each week I find one super awesome person to add to my shared circle of super awesome people.

Click "Add circle" inside the circle below to circle all my recommendations (highly recommended!).

I limit my recommendations to people circled by fewer than 100k people. Once people reach 100k, I remove them from my recommendations -- not because I don't recommend them, but because they no longer need my weekly promotion.

If you've added this circle in the past, go ahead and add it again. Google+ will ignore the people you've already got and add only the new ones.

Where do I find these people? I sift through the profiles of people who make brilliant comments on my posts -- especially those who + my name. So if you want to be recommend by me every week until you're circled by 100k, here's how:

1. Have an awesome stream
2. Comment on my posts
3. + my name to draw my attention to your comments.

* * *

This week's Pleep o' the Week is +Mignon Fogarty, otherwise known as the notorious "Grammar Girl." I've been a huge fan of her awesome podcast for at least five years. She educates people about grammar and style and how to write both better and correctly.

That's why I'm thrilled to discover that she's an active and prolific Google+ user!

Fewer than 2,700 circles? Not on my watch! Everybody circle Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty!

* * *

I also do a streaming hangout each week Thursdays at 9am Pacific with some of the greatest people in specific subject areas. The ultimate product of this process is a shared circle. So here are my "Flying Circles" for you to circle, if you're interested in these topics:

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