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Beer-filled donuts coming for Father's Day.

A junk food joint called Psycho Donuts is rolling out a Father's Day donut that's filled with Rogue Mocha Porter beer mixed with pastry cream and malt extract. It's then covered in beer nuts and chocolate sauce. 

When did new foods just become vice mash-ups?
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my fiance would love this but he's not a dad :( (yet :) )
Maple bars w/bacon, you know... same aorta killing stuff - yummy, tho!
It looks yummy but I guess it's better to prepare tons of beer and donuts :)
I wanna know how fathers feel with this beer cream donuts :)
Seems like delicious! Pretty good.
you can never eat just one donut especially if it has beer nut on it and chocolate ^.^
oh OK now i get what you mean, we do eat a lot of fat foods and consume them most of the time.
how do people eat donuts filled with beer
if i eat this i'll get fat like a pig!
it tales multiple ones to gain wait and anyway it depends on how many you eat
Sinya Nakata; "Americans take too much sugar."...if you saw the railroad tanker cars here which are full of liquified sugar, you would know how correct you are!  It's definitely becoming a national health concern in the States.
actually it has we've had multiple people die or get sick because of being over wait.
when the  first time i  eat a MACDONLD's hamburger,a beef hamberger ,i decided never eat hamberger forver,thats  disgasting when i first  bited my first hambger 
Sounds horrible!  Take me out for some good Japanese food...
i think a lot of people will actually eat them
oh, so you thought they were nasty,well that;s because they use process meat. 
yes,its convenient ,but not fit for everyone,and i'd rather  spent more time to prepare better food ,it tastes like many other things in them
Yes now i understand that, most Americans consume lots and lots of process food each day in stead making their on food at home,i even do it my self when me and my mom and sister go places we it out at fast food restaurant. 
yeah ,its pleasant experience when u make ur food ,i mean u'll enjoy the process 
I have eaten once or twice a year.
It's father's day.
Thank you! everyone.

Uyen Vu
wo, Ilike it.
Yous should try pretzels with Nutella. Gives you a nice taste.
Daryl Gerard you where are you from
hahahah like you hung isntbi 
for this fathers day, halve his life expectancy!
Where the fuck do I sign up???? Hell yes!! Bout time...
I do not like beer, but that looks delicious, 
i try to make one today???? je je je.....
What is the receipt? Might have to try it.
mouth watering
That actually sounds (and looks) really good - in a totally over-the-top, I'll only eat lettuce and celery for a week to make up for the cholesterol content, way.  I think the junk food mashup trend really start moving with Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby, one of the original B&J flavors. 

Now I want a donut.  Darn it.
+Jim Wood , I used to think that Chubby Hubby ice cream sounded nasty, then I tried it. Think about the richness of the porter with the light and fluffy donut dough and the crunchy peanuts on top. 
not for my dad but man thinking of some
just the animated character homer simpsons reaction to his two favourite things combined into a delicate delight alone makes me giggle
yeaaa.... yummmy ...... ammmmaaa haaa
People eat this stuff?
When I want to taste beer, guess what? I buy a beer. If I'm peckish, I'll get nuts.
(probably less calories too)
No TY, would rather have a guinness filled keg instead, skip the doughnuts :)
As an American who lives outside the USA (and lives the mediterranean diet), I just have to LOL at the "American mindset" and your fatness factor.  It's just friggen sickening.
does it work.    I say for better health   Feeling wellness.
Better Michelle O don't see this...
nah i am fit not FAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Sounds interesting............
Believe me, I can handle this!
I don't say it look no good ..., we want kill the fathers on the some day?
 is looking better...!!!!!!!
                but ..also.. testy.//
Beers r great with dougnuts .....but i dunno if u put them n mixed together ...,kinda weird ....
Killer idea... literally!
I would love to get my hands on one of those!!! But I'm no dad. ( yet ) 
yeah lets give dad a heart attack on fathers day
that donuts a highway to hell :/
Jay K.
It looks delicious, what's the recipe?
+Google+ need to eliminate #whatsHot from the +Android app streamline, I hate to see such posts from my stream #useless
They've just created the Homer Simpson singularity.
I do not find this sickening.  Actually, I kind of find it hard to imagine that most other people outside of the United States would find this friggen sickening.  I guess that might make me an uncultured American.  But regardless, this donut has taken a tasty beer and incorporated it into their recipe and for that I say hurrah.  For all the fuckards out there that say, O, this is so fattening, people have the wherewithal to judge it's caloric content.  It doesn't look like fucking asparagus, you know?  Obviously, the creator of this donut disregarded your metabolism which may or may not fit into your fitness diet, and instead focused on absolute deliciousness.  Personally speaking, I would take this donut over anything at Dunkin' Donuts and that's coming from a person who counts his calories.  Suck it, and by it, I mean that delicious dessert posted above. 
Sounds like Dallas's Hypnotic donuts
Amy Ahn
When are you coming to NY...?
WOW! That's a heart attack on a plate! :o)
Ahhhh, the dangers (and joys) of mixing soooo many good things! Yes, I want one!
I've never found pd to be all that good. Way too busy.
Some people's reaction to the healthy/organic/natural "craze" is to create the most vice-laden foods possible. For example, KFC's Double Down monstrosity, Dunkin's Big Texas Toast Butter extravaganza...Yick.
Ouch!  This makes my diabeatis hurt - Wilford Brimley
Ew.  Heart Attack on a plate that will make you tipsy.
Beeeeer! Doooughnuuts! Big smile... There goes the last 3 years of dieting :-P
Hmm,one totally,and utterly,pissed dad comming up...
At about the same time that someone decided to deep fry twinkies.
Whoever invented this should run for office!!
Your day has finally come, Homer J. Simpson.
Iron City Ricotta filled Crullers with raspberry glazing
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