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Who did Mark Zuckerberg's makeup?

Gizmodo points out that Mark Zuckerberg appears to be wearing a ton of "white eyeshadow" makeup around his eyes in Facebook's pre-IPO "Roadshow" video posted today.

What's going on?
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Nah, it's just "racoon eyes" next to his tan. He's such a pasty white guy that it just looks like white eye shadow.
He-he-he ! Is all that white eyeshadow make-up his version of warpaint for the IPO? :-)
Sleep deprivation. I'd have it before an IPO this big.
Maybe he fell asleep on the beach with his sunglasses on.
LOL. yeah, that's exactly it. Sunglass tan. 
He's the "White Knight" during the day.. As in Bruce Wayne's "Dark Knight" during the night.
... he's tired ... and trying to compensate
aahhaaa he is a geek they tried hiding his black eye circles and I think he did it himself
He is butt-ugly, that's what is going on. He needs all that makeup.
I wonder when he'll publicly admit to Asbergers Syndrome...
How is this news? It's obviously just from being in the sun with sunglasses on.
Facebook's pre-IPO "Roadshow" video translates to "One you guys Bukkake me now".
Got great reviews, apparently, but is way over-priced. Just sayin'.
Oh wait.. that looks like someone threw a chalkboard duster to his face because he was caught sleeping during board meeting, right after he bought Instagram.
Un tan eyes and like...or read more...funny rich...
My bet is sunglass tan (usually my summer look)
this should be on TMZ... not gizmodo... so disappointing...
Any nerd knows that if you spend hours, late night, in front of a monitor/monitors, the next day or few days you have bags under your eyes. Bags under the eyes isn't a good look, and I'm sure they wanted him looking pristine... Boy did that backfire.
He's probably been working really hard and is trying to cover up sleep deprived bruised eyes.
+Mike Elgan Maybe he needs to look a bit older. as an owner of such a big company who will listen to a kid.
Lily L
Makeup containing titanium dioxide to reflect light makes you look good in real life, but with pro photography and filming setups, it can give you those white rings around your eyes. See Nicole Kidman in the New York premier of her movie, Nine.
No, because lack of sleep and thinking of how to change world by facebook and others network, Ok Keep Up the goodwork Mark Z!,
I think he's trying to suck something..look at his mouth.. maybe his own name? lol
My guess is that someone gave him a couple of shiners and he has to cover them up with make-up.
Yes because that's how drag queens come out to world very gradually. First the eye shadow next week lip gloss then a jump to lipstick. Give me break!
Picture of a dartboard if you ask me.
Is he? Or maybe it's just a very faint tan-line from wearing sunglasses outdoors?
Neil B
He is an alien from outer space trying to prove that we are an inferior species by building a website where we now volunteer our whereabouts, interests, and deep thoughts.
J Reese
You know what I really hate? It's not possible for any person in any industry to do anything public without someone criticizing their physical appearance. I know you mean no harm, but what Mark Zuckerberg looks like is not the story here. And if it is, and I was interested, I would go to TMZ. I'll be sure to point out every single imperfection on every picture you post moving forward since you feel the need to do so to others.
isn't it possible that he was in the sun, and was wearing sunglasses ?
Or he just went to the beach and wore sunglasses?
+Scott Hatch Pretty sure it is a sunglass tan. But yeah, seems a bit odd that is ANYONE covering this.
Zuck looks like a good alien costume for MiB
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