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I don't have a good sense of where the people in my circles are. So I'll ask: Where do you live?

I'll go first: I live in a small town in Silicon Valley called Los Gatos, California.

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Seoul, Korea. (As I am the first, this kinda proves Korea has the fastest Internet.)
Mountain View, near Moffett Field
Hello neighbor, I'm in the Cambrian neighborhood of San Jose.
Racine/Milwaukee, WI in summer and Orlando in Winter.
I live in Utica, NY (Upstate NY, about 45minutes east of Syracuse)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates :-)
A small town south of Chicago called Downers Grove...
Toronto, Ont, Canada. But visiting Mt View now.
Just outside Vienna, Austria.
I work in a small town called Los gatos and Live in Cupertino :-)
Shanghai, China
i live in Odense the third biggest town in Denmark, Europe ;)
almost due east of you Mike, in the Sierra foothils below Yosemite
small town, Roseburg, Oregon
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :)
Three places:
Melbourne, Australia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Palo Alto, CA
I love how only the California residents need not mention their state...
Juiz de Fora (half a million city, 3 hours from Rio), Brazil
Hicksville, Ohio. Seriously, it's a real town - look it up :-) On a farm, a tech farm and we are connected. Don't mess with farmers and Amish, west coasters! lol
Out in the west Texas town of El Paso.
I'm just "over the hill" from you, in the One True Surf City, Santa Cruz.
Strumica, Macedonia [South-East Europe]
San Francisco CA.Just moved from Shanghai to San Francisco a couple weeks ago.
Sunny San Diego County - not too far from the Wild Animal Park, fabulous 180° view east. ☼
By the way looking for guest to have on Google+Today Podcast! Let me know if you would like to be on!
Your neighbor in Hayward, CA
Kind of in between living spaces right now but let's say south SF/peninsula-ish.
Masterton New Zealand... but I grew up in El Paso.
Outside of Chicago in Rolling Meadows, IL
Hello neighbor! I live in San Jose, CA.
I'm based out of Seattle, but I've been traveling over 2.5 years. Right now I'm in Portland, next is San Diego.
San Mateo, CA (moving soon to Belmont)
Presently living in Helmsange, Luxembourg as an ex-pat; home base Akron, Ohio
Polo, Illinois. Okay, 2 hours west of Chicago in rural Illinois.
kan kan
Beijing China
A hundred replies in 4 minutes. Is this a record?
I can't remember how to tell if I am in your circle other than the original notification, but I am from Charlotte, NC.
Hey, I'm going to add some of these fine ppl here on to my Circles. I can only guess we are like-minded ppl! :)
This group of people right here might make the sweetest, most representative Circle on G+ ever!
...and another one from San Francisco
Functionally, Seattle/Redmond, Wa. (Having read Mr. Doctorow's Little Brother makes me not want to go into more detail.
Two things. One, I love how many other folks from the Tampa Bay area have spoken up and Two, I love the internationality of it all! Wow!

Ok yes, I posted my location first and then read the previous posts. Sue me.
Mission Viejo, CA (south Orange County)
Just a smidge south of Dallas, if you can call that "living" =(
I'm not in your circle[s] but San Marcos, Austin, Killeen, TX
Adelaide, South Australia
Bahston--or those not familiar w that--Boston.
Right around the corner: Willow Glen (San Jose)
Sydney, Australia - REPREZENT
Calcutta, India. Back in Chicago in a couple of months.
Home is now Stockholm, Sweden. Used to be Denver, CO. Originally from Sweden.
It's "Silicon Valley" of India Bangalore......
Not in your circle either:-) but I live in West San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley).
I'm Italian but I live in Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia
Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia makes your circle very big
Austin, TX but currently in Los Angeles, CA
Long Island, NY (a.k.a. Lawn Guyland, NY) :)
Adelaide, South Australia. Nice sunny winter's day here. :)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA, home of the Gateway Arch. (Not wanting to assume everyone in the world knows where St. Louis is.)
Dallas and sometimes Gun Barrel City, TX
Palos Verdes Peninsula, California... What a great idea to get their places.... impressive!
When I'm not travelling, I'm in the greater Los Angeles region of California. Which is specific enough (and about as specific as I get on the internet).
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
I live in a small village near Brussels in Belgium.
Nanjing China(Work here), Taipei Taiwan(Home)
Southern Alberta, Canada (I Alternate between Calgary and Lethbridge)
Upland, CA
What's up to my california people!
originally from Manila, Philippines, now living outside Chicago, Mundelein IL
A small town in Ariège, France (Pyrénées).
all the way across the Atlantic in Tel Aviv, Israel
Munich, Bavaria (and as i see one of the few german followers) 
I live about ten miles from Los Gatos, at the southern edge of San Jose.
CoMo... Columbia, Missouri... East Campus area, less than a block from the University of Missouri.
Steve K
Quebec, Canada
Spokane, WA when I'm not immersed in my gaming world.
Ari B.
Brooklyn, NY
Not sure if I'm in your circle... I am living in the Bay Area, CA (but I'm from RJ, Brazil)
Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia
shout out from/to Sacramento, CA
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Zwolle, the Netherlands (not in your circle either)
Winthrop, Massachusetts. Originally from Maui.
Taiwan, Republic of China.
Johannesburg, South Africa
City of gold that never sleeps
:) Small city named Aš (read 'ash'), the far west of the Czech Republic (Europe ;-) ).
I live in an even smaller town in wine country called Windsor, CA.
Amman - Jordan ( Middle East )
I can say mine too , but Attention !
This post can be googled , bookmarked , harvested, stored used
Do we all want this ? and know how to protect ourselves.
How many of you have difficult to guess password and not stored in browser
Just in case you want to re-think you can delete your own comment
This looks like a game
Cheers from Mexico
from Spokane, WA, but now live in Xi'an, China

(this is really cool to see this huge list of places)
This begs for a feature request: in addition to places you live, show places your circled live. Of course a lot of them would show up in the state of Decline To...but it could still be cool...
In Louisville, the trunk of someone's car. Send help.
Los Altos, I found you in the "nearby" section on the Android app. The check in at Santana Row caught my eye. I have photographed the same Tesla.
South East London, England - guess we have the slowest internet :)
Purmerend, Netherlands (10 Miles north of Amsterdam)
I live in a small town in middle Tennessee called Estill Springs. You've never heard of it. No one has. For reference sake, let's just say I live near Nashville, since I do most of my business there.
A tiny dot on the map called Nyora, 100 kms East of Melbourne, Victoria. Australia
Mike, since there is a limit of 500 messages per post and you have a lot of visitors from the other side of the pond, it would be interesting if you ask the same question in 12 hrs to see if you get more comments from the Americas when this part of the globe is not in bed.
Sonoma County, California, specifically, Windsor.
Old Town neighborhood in Chicago IL
Washington DC, attending American University for a MA in International Economic Relations
Johnsburg, IL - Smack dab in the middle between Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison.
I'm currently in a nomadic situation between Baltic (Poland) and Adriatic sea (Croatia)....And perhaps in a couple of months the North sea (Holland), too :)
I live in Ahmedabad, A city in Gujarat India
Alps, South of France
TEXAS! Brenham, to be exact. Where my 3rd coast peeps at?
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic!!
I'm on the edge of the Cotswolds, in the UK.
Paul P.
Germany, Leverkusen
Sweden, Örnsköldsvik, in the world heritage area, the high coast (höga kusten in Swedish).
Ken W
San Diego, CA
southeastern suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand :)
Odessa, UA, on the coast of the Black Sea
I'm from Oakland, California. I go to school in Rochester, New York. And, I'm currently messaging you from work in Augsburg, Germany, where I'm living for this summer.
We're practically neighbors... I live just up the hill overlooking Los Gatos nearer to Boulder Creek, CA :)
D Boyd
Orange County, CA
Am I the first one from Croatia?
Jia Li
China~But not now work in U.A.E
Gangwon province, South Korea. 17km south of the DMZ on the Sea of Japan.
beautiful, downtown Homer, Alaska
Nieuwegein, Netherlands/ Schwerin, Germany
Brookfield Illinois USA. A suburb of Chicago
Mountain View, CA - just up the 85 :)
Small village, rural West Lancashire, UK
I'm not in your circles but you're in mine and I'm in Hampshire, England
San Diego, CA (@UCSD)...soon to move to State College, PA (@PSU)
Approx 17 miles north-east from you.
As +Tulek Behar mentioned, unfortunately this list can be easily harvested and miss-used. That's why I'm protected by the #1 Security Risk Management company in the world! Let me know if you want to get the same protection too.
hello !! ... i am from the Philippines
Hutchinson, Minnesota - 60 miles west of Minneapolis
Netcong New Jersey (Northwestern part of the state)
Paul P.
Germany: Leverkusen near by cologne
I didn't realize this was a really old #necropost when I commented earlier, I wonder if I had already answered it over a year ago. Time to scroll.
Paul P.
lol now i see it too^^ 2011 :D
Didn't have to scroll that far at all 9 comments and a year and couple months between my answers.
We should keep the link and post once a year, just to keep the thread alive! :-D +Cliff Roth 
In live in Old Town a neighborhood on the near North side of Chicago, IL.
This just popped into my feed, as it did for others, despite its age. So I'll answer, Seattle, WA.
Haha I just realized I had commented on this back in 2011, also. Ahhh oh well.
Pearisburg VA. Where they filmed the movie dirty dancing.
I answered once before, but where this country is going? I have no idea now.
Im from Boulder Creek until 3 years ago 
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